A volunteei's uuiue


Bakai is not only Senegal's capital but also a capital foi all of West Afiica in many
ways. With Fiench colonial heiitage anu othei inteinational cultuial influence,
Bakai has the potential to be a woilu-class city.

It is a city with some of the best Senegal has to offei, but in many iespects, the
woist too. Bakai has iestauiants, a vibiant nightlife, a beautiful coastline, anu a
wealth of histoiy: it also has ciime, oveipopulation, pooi sanitation, pollution,
anu othei pioblems not founu so acutely in the countiysiue.

At some point in youi seivice, you will come to Bakai, anu so we hope that the
infoimation in this guiue will help make youi time heie as well spent anu
enjoyable as possible.

Iustin Lanu

Petei Tieut
Kamatane Saaie uoiy & Bakai


Safety anu Secuiity S
Tiavel within Bakai 4
Tiavel out of Bakai 6
Foou anu Biink 7
Naps 12
Shopping 1S
Things to Bo anu See 16
Biiectoiy 18
Places to Stay 22
Impoitant Contacts 2S


Bakai piesents a numbei of secuiity situations that any visitoi shoulu consiuei. It
is geneially safe compaieu to othei cities of its size, but you stick out anu people
think you'ie loaueu. With common sense, you can avoiu many pioblems.
Scamm¢rs tiy to tiick you into giving them something. Know that stiangeis
uon't evei actually give you stuff foi fiee, anu people with convincing stoiies
piobably also have convincing police iecoius.Togolese "uiabetics" incluueu.
Pickpock¢ts thiive on taking things fiom you when you'ie not looking, so keep
an eye out. Be especially aleit when anyone uoes something stiange (benuing
uown to tie his shoes iight in fiont of you, giabbing onto youi pant leg, saying
you'ie in a huiiy¡angiy¡iacist, etc.) because he may be tiying to seive as a
uistiaction while his buuuy nabs youi wallet.
Mugg¢rs get you when no one is aiounu to help. Senegalese people aie geneially
quite helpful of a peison in uistiess, so obviously choose the laige avenue ovei
the uaik alley. In ceitain places at ceitain times (night), just take the taxi uespite
the uiivei's taking auvantage of you foi an extia Suu F.
D¢monstrations and Riots happen fiom time to time, anu sometimes police will
uispeise people with teai gas. It's always a goou iuea to keep some uistance fiom
any laige ciowu, anu know that people tenu to uemonstiate neai the 0niveisity,
Naichés Sanuaga anu Tilene, Centenaiie, anu the uianue Nosquée.
Keep in minu these geneial pointeis to avoiu oi minimize pioblems.
• Don't carry mucb casb or a cr¢dit card: take what you expect to use.
• Don't carry around your passport: a copy of it will suffice.
• Do carry id¢ntification around witb you: in Senegal, a policeman can
uetain you foi up to 48 houis if you fail to pioviue piopei iuentification.
• Don't do anytbing tbat mak¢s you mor¢ of a targ¢t: have a small amount
of money in youi hanu when you pay 1uuF foi you banana, not a wau of 1uk
bills. Ieweliy anu othei accessoiies make people think you'ie iichei.
• Stay awar¢ of your surroundings and walk witb a purpos¢: tiy to know
wheie you'ie going befoie you go. Bon't talk on the phone while walking
uown the stieet, as it will uistiact you anu make you stanu out moie.
• Wb¢n you'r¢ drunk, people notice you: when they steal youi wallet, you
won't notice the theft until aftei they aie long gone.

Bakai offeis seveial tianspoitation options foi getting aiounu the city, vaiying in
piice anu quality. Tiavel can be time consuming anu often fiustiating, but it has
become easiei uue to iecent impiovements to some of the city's majoi ioauways.

Two kinus: the blue anu yellow cor ropiJe, anu
laigei white cor anu mini-cor. These aie the
cheapest moue of tianspoitation in the city,
costing between Su to 2uuF. Listen to the
uestinations calleu out by the appientice to
finu out wheie one is going.

Clando ] Croup Taxi
A 'clanuo' is an unlicenseu (clanuestine) taxi. It can be a cheap anu, uepenuing on
how quickly the cai fills up, veiy quick tiip. They tenu to follow fixeu ioutes,
although sometimes you can get the uiivei to stiay slightly off couise. They aie
often founu at RTS, Ave. Lamine uueye (neai uowntown), Libeité vI (at bus
teiminal anu iounuabout), anu in fiont of Staue L.S.S. in Patte u'0ie. Listen to the
uiivei calling out the enu uestination.

Bevelopeu as a substitute to cai iapiues anu
Nuiaga Nuiayes, the AFT0 buses aie opeiateu
by a hanuful of tianspoit enteipiises. Nuch
smallei than the conventional BBBbuses,
these white anu blue buses get ciowueu veiy
quickly, but have an extensive netwoik baseu
out of uaiage Peteisen.

Dakar D¢m Dikk Bus
Typically a cheap anu ieliable tianspoitation
option, the BBB buses have a numbei of ioutes,
coveiing much of Bakai anu its subuibs. Buiing
peak peiiou, buses tenu to be ciowueu anu can be
veiy slow. 0n Sunuays anu holiuays, scheuules anu
ioutes change. uo to foi moie
By fai the most expensive option,taxis vaiy in conuition, anu theii uiiveis vaiy in
theii knowleuge of the city anu customei seivice. Faies aie up to negotiation,
anu often one must baigain with seveial uiiveis befoie getting a faii piice. As a
iule of thumb, uiviue the city into thiee sections÷uowntown (Plateau-Neuina),
miutown (Neimoz-Libeité) anu uptown (Ngoi-Yoff)÷ anu figuie that foi an
aveiage tiip, paying up to 1,uuu F is faii within one section, 1,Suu F acioss two,
anu 2,uuu F acioss thiee. Suu F is ieasonable foi just a few blocks: 2,Suu F is the
most one shoulu evei pay. Biiveis like to gouge clients at night anu at expensive
locations, but as with all baigaining, a fiienuly attituue will giease the wheels.

P¢ac¢ Corps
Downtown Lib¢rté VI Patt¢ d'Ui¢
Mini Car, DDD
7 {Aéroport)
Via Patt¢
Mini Car
Mini Car, DDD
7 {Aéroport)
Mini Car DDD 7 Taxi Taxi
Pompi¢rs Taxi Walk or Taxi Taxi DDD 5
Airport Mini Car
Taxi or DDD
Taxi or via
Patt¢ d'Ui¢
Mini Car
Lib¢rté VI
Via Patt¢
DDD 9 or
Car Rapid¢
Sabm Mini Car
DDD 1, 4, 7,
8, 23
AFTU 29 or
DDD 23
Patt¢ d'Ui¢ Mini Car
DDD 5 or
Croup Taxi
Car Rapid¢

: These aie not the only options available, but they tiy to balance efficiency,
cost, anu hassle. Theie aie always ways to avoiu paying foi a taxi between two
points, but sometimes, public tianspoit takes too much time anu causes
fiustiation. Conveisely, one can always take a taxi to save time, but sometimes
theie's a compaiable public tianspoit alteinative foi a tenth of the piice.

Bakai is a tiavel hub foi Senegal as well as West Afiica, anu also offeis uiiect
seivice to Euiope anu the 0.S. Below, you finu many of the options neeueu to get
aiounu Senegal as well as tiaveling abioau.

uaiage Pompieis, locateu at the base of the Autoioute, is the main embaikation
point to get a sept-ploce oi cor heaueu to locations in Senegal anu a few in
neighboiing countiies. Bewaie of scammeis anu pickpockets.
Patte u'0ieis the inteisection on the noith enu of the Autoioute. It is closei to the
office anu Libeity vI than Pompieis, anu hascaisgoing to Thies anu Nboui.

The tiain station in Bakai, at Place ue Bamako (Boulevaiu ue la Libeiation x Rue
Ioiis) has seivice to Thies anu Bamako, Nali. The Nali tiain, neithei safe noi fast,
uepaits Weunesuay anu Satuiuay at 1u a.m. The Thies tiain comes to Bakai
eveiy weekuay moining at 7:uu a.m., anu ietuins in the evening at S:uu p.m. Fiist
class faie is 12Su F: seconu 7Su F. Infoimation is available at SS-849-4646.

ueneially, aiilines uo not peimit Inteinet
ieseivations foi flights oiiginating fiom Bakai.
Theiefoie, you'll neeu to use one of the aiiline
offices oi tiavel agencies locateu in the
uiiectoiy section. It is a goou iuea to check
web piices befoie buying youi ticket though.

To go to Ziguinchoi fiom Bakai, take the Aline
Sitoé Biotto.She leaves fiom the Poit on Tuesuay
anu Fiiuay evenings, anu uepaits Ziguinchoi on
Sunuay anu Thuisuay afteinoons (aiiivals aie
the following moining). Boaiuing in Bakai is
between S:uu p.m. anu 6:Su p.m. 0ne-way faies
foi iesiuents (biing youi Corte J´lJentité
J´Ftronqer ieceipt) cost as little as 1u,Suu F foi
an aimchaii anu up to 26,Suu F foi a 2-peison
cabin. Foi moie infoimation, call SS-849-489S.
Be suie to ieseive tickets in auvance.

With stieet ceeb, gouimet Fiench faie, anu authentic Chinese cuisine,Bakai offeis
a gieat vaiiety of uining options not founu elsewheie in the countiy. Customei
seivice, howevei, often iemains at Senegal's woefully low stanuaiu. Nost hotels
at the enu of the guiue have piicey, uecent iestauiants as well.

Volunt¢¢r Favorit¢s
Le Biuew
Chez Elias
Aux Fins Palais
La ualette
Les uiillauins
Bu's Iiang Xi Cuisine
Le Iaiuin Thaïlanuais
La Naiée (Chez Auji)
Le Ryau
Times Café
0SAIB Ceeb Shack

L¢ Blu¢ Not¢: Iazz bai with a goou vaiiety of uinnei options.
Rte. Je Nqor x Rte. Jes AlmoJies. Nqor. SS-820-4SS1
La Briocb¢ Doré¢: A goou iange of foou: quick anu ielatively inexpensive: not
amazing, but the foou is ieliably goou, which is saying a lot in Bakai: ueliveiy.
Nqor Croisement. Nqor . SS-820-S920;
Other Iocutlonx: Rte. Je 0uokom. Hermoz . SS-860-4SSS;
Socre Coeur. SS-867-4746;Ave. Je lo République. Ploteou.
Cb¢z Fatou: A simple, moueiately piiceu menu: gieat foi a sunset uiink.
Rte Je Club HeJ {0ceonfront rooJ). AlmoJies. SS-820-9208
Dakar Susbi: Becent sushi with uecent piices.
Route Jes AlmoJies. SS 820 72 69
El Toro: Spanish tapas anu S,uuu F pitcheis of Sangiia make foi a ielaxing
afteinoon: the steak is quite goou: look foi the big bull sign out fiont.
Rte. Je l´Aéroport. Nqor
Frat¢lli's: Bakai's closest Staibucks imitatoi, biing a book anu enjoy the coffee.
Route Jes AlmoJies. bv tbe Fricsson office
La Crain¢ d'Ur: Excellent bakeiy with butteiy cioissants anu othei bakeu tieats.
Rte. Je Nqor neor Nqor Sbell Stotion, Ngoi . SS-820-8S7S
Indiana: Inuian foou: S,uuu F lunch buffet: you may wait a while to get all you
can eat: sometimes they saciifice quality foi quantity.
Rte. Je Nqor neor Nqor Sbell stotion. Nqor. 77-4SS-1986
L¢ Lodg¢: Fine Fiench cuisine with gieat uesseit: expensive: prix fixe option.
Rte.Je HeriJien PrésiJent. AlmoJies. SS-869-0S42
La Maré¢ {Cb¢z Adji): Excellent seafoou on the euge of the Atlantic: the mussels
aie amazing when in season (late uiy season): go at sunset foi the full expeiience.
Pointe Jes AlmoJies. SS-820-9426
L¢ Mogador: Swanky bai anu excellent Fiench cuisine.
Rte. Jes AlmoJies. SS-820-0402
Prainba: Lunchtime ciepe iestauiant with an ocean vista anu fiienuly
management: the buckwheat ciepes aie inteiesting: the Noioccan tea is peifect.
Rte. Je Club HeJ {0ceonfront rooJ). AlmoJies. 77-S0S-4089
L¢ Ryad: Noioccan iestauiant wheie the foou anu seivice aieexcellent.
Rte. Je HeriJien PrésiJent. AlmoJies. SS-820-9969
Sañ Brasil: Biazilan foou in a gaiuen setting: pizza (uinnei only).
Bv tbe Sbell Stotion in Nqor. SS-820-0942
USAID C¢¢b Sback: Excellent stieet foou with a vaiiety of uishes: open Ramauan.
Nqor. bv tbe beocb porkinq lot.
L'Arc ¢n Ci¢l: Inexpensive pizzas anu hambuigeis.
Rte. Je 0uokom. Ienêtre Hermoz {Neor Club Atlontique). SS-860-892S
Ca¢sars: Pizzas, salaus, panini, fiieu chicken, anu the Chakala Buigei: ueliveiy.
Hermoz. Ave. Cbeikb Anto Biop x Rue Fl EoJi lbrobimo Niosse. SS-864-SS6S
Other locutlonx: Sobm. SS-842-S00S
Bowntown. S0 BoulevorJ Je lo République. SS-82S-8400
Cb¢z Mimi: Casual Italian anu giilleu foou.
Rte. Je 0uokom nortb of vBN intersection. Ionn ResiJence. SS-824-86S1
L'Ecol¢ Castronomiqu¢: A thiee-couise Fiench lunch at a hospitality school:
fine-uining quality with a shoit suivey at the enu foi euucational puiposes.
16b Rue Je KolJo. SS-869-929S
L¢ )ardin Tbaïlandais: uieat Thai foou: a calming atmospheie, inuooi anu out.
10 Rue Je Ziquincbor. Point F. SS-82S-S8SS
Lalib¢la: Ethiopian foou in a comfoitable iooftop setting: Peace Coips uiscount!
Rue Je louqo. Point F. 77-S10-1S69
N¢w Africa Bar: uieat setting, pool table, slightly piicey but goou foou.
liberté vl Fxtension x Ave. Biol Biop. SS-827-SS71
Radisson BLU: 2 Restauiants (Italian anu giill): gieat but can get expensive.
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest. SS-869-SSSS
Rally¢ Pizzas: Pizza, salaus, pasta: buy ten pizzas anu get one fiee: ueliveiy.
Bieuppeul. SS-864-SS0S
Sav¢urs d'Asi¢: Asian uishes, gieat foi take-out¡ueliveiy Chinese.
21 rue Je Tbonn; Toke rooJ ot le Reqol toworJs tbe vBN. SS-824-S662
Vounda Bar: Atop the uoethe Institute , this bai affoius a uiffeient view of Point
E: alteinate Sunuays host an impiessive buffet biunch (booking auviseu).
Piscine 0lvmpique onqle Rue Biourbel. 77-S60-2160
Cb¢z Al¢x: Bocksiue bai (take a taxi)with local flavoi, laughs anu 8uu F big Flags.
Hole 1. BlvJ. Je lo liberotion. Ploteou. 76-S9S-1112
Al-Andaloss: Some of the best Neai-Eastein foouin the city anu a gieat
atmospheie to match: no alcohol seiveu but one can oiuei a hookah: ueliveiy.
24 Rue SonJinieri. Ploteou. SS-82S-14 2S
Ali Baba: With the loss of Auonis, it's the place foi fast foou on the Ponty aftei
houis, i.e., it's not necessaiily the best, but it's theie.
2SAvenue 6eorqes PompiJou. Ploteou. SS-822-S297
Arirang: Iapanese anu Koiean foou, incluuing sushi, sashimi, anu tempuia:
piivate iooms make foi an intimate meal: moueiate to expensive.
1S7 Rue Cornot. Ploteou. SS-842-00S8
L¢ Bambou: Fiench foou seiveu the iight way: uelicious but expensive.
19 Rue victor Euqo. Ploteou. SS-822-064S
L¢ Bid¢w d¢ l'Institut Francais: An excellent, comfoitable outuooi setting: best
hambuigeis in Bakai (lunch only): a gieat place foi a ielaxing uiink, uay oi night.
89 Rue Iosepb I.T. 6omis. Ploteou. SS-82S-1908
"Tb¢ Blu¢ Box" C¢¢b Sback: Excellent Naafe anu a gieat Ceeb u Yapp.
Rue Honet. neor Avenue IoiJberbe. ocross from tbe 6ronJe Hosquée. Ploteou
La Boulang¢ri¢ Uri¢ntal¢: Consistently gieat Lebanese foou with uishes anu
sanuwiches foi eat-in oi take-out: the quintessential go-to iestauiant: ueliveiy
60 Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. SS-842-2172
Café )ournal: A quaint Senegalese cafe oveilooking the stieet below: wi-fi.
27 Ave. IoiJberbe. Ploteou. SS-82S-48S2
Café d¢ Rom¢: Italian cuisine, incluuing gieat pasta uishes: inuooi anu outuooi
seating available anu both aie pleasant: moueiate to expensive.
S2 BoulevorJ Je lo République. Ploteou. SS-82S-2610
L¢ Capriccio Café: 0uaint little coffee shop wheie one can uisappeai.
10 Rue AbJou Korim Bourqi. Ploteou. 76-411-S790
Cb¢z Elias: Belicious fast foou that is consistently goou anu seiveu by a fiienuly
staff: fiee wi-fi makes this one of the best fast foou ueals in Bakai.
81 bis Ave. Pevtovin. Ploteou. SS-842-84S9
Aux Fins Palais: 0pscale bakeiy with a gieat bieakfast: the ice cieam (in take-
out containeis only) is iich: the bieau is the best in the city.
97 Ave. Pevtovin. Ploteou. SS-82S-444S
Cb¢z Loutcba: The menu ieaus like a novel: theie aie huge poitions of
Senegalese anu Cape veiuian cuisine: foou is ieliable anu atmospheie is genial.
101 Rue Houssé Biop. Ploteou. SS-821-2102
L¢ Cosy: 0pscale iestauiant with excellent seivice: expensive.
Rue le Bontec.Ploteou. SS-82S-0606
L¢ Dragon: uoou vietnamese foou at a uecent piice: ueliveiy.
SS Rue Iules Ierrv. Ploteou. SS-821-6676
L¢ Fouk¢t: Nightly salsa uancing to the tune of an 8-piece banu (aftei miunight).
BuilJinq Hoqinot. Ave. Je lo République. Ploteou
La Fourcb¢tt¢: Fiench anu Tex-Nex in a chic setting: somewhat expensive.
4 Rue Porent. Ploteou. SS-821-8887
Fuji: 0ffeis the best sushi anu sake in Bakai: expensive, as all seafoou is flown in
fiom Iapan, but nonetheless a tieat: call foi ieseivations.
19 Rue victor Euqo. Ploteou, SS-821-6uuu
La Cal¢tt¢: Belicious bieau, pastiies, anu high quality ice cieam (even if you can't
get two flavois on one cone!): upstaiis boasts an excellent iestauiant.
16 Ave. 6eorqes PompiJou. Ploteou. SS-821-SS40
Hot¢l Canalé {Bar l¢ Cr¢n¢ll¢): Bappy houi with half-piiceu uiinks uaily 6-8
p.m.: goou foou anu wi-fi: a PCvstanuaiu foi yeais.
S8 Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. Ploteou. SS-889-4444
L¢s Crilladins: The pizza is the closest thing to piopei Ameiican pizza in Bakai.
4 Ave. A.K. Bourqi. Ploteou. SS-821-S8S9
Hu's )iang Xi Cuisin¢: The foou is authentic anu excellent: eithei go with
someone who speaks Chinese oi point at pictuies anu smile.
6ibroltor. villo S11. bv tbe 2nJ rotorv of Ave. Je 6oulle. 77-44S-62S7
L¢ Layal: Lebanese foou offeiing goou quality anu value: ueliveiy.
40 Rue Ju Br Tbeze. Ploteou. SS-842-7S1S
R¢staurant Marrak¢cb: uieat tajines, Noioccan pastiies anu amazing ius
J´omonJe: inteiioi iecently ieuone to be waim anu welcoming: moueiate piice.
10SAve. Pevtovin. Ploteou. SS-821-911S
M¢zzo: Subuueu inteiioi with iespectable Italian foou: goou gnocchi: ueliveiy.
26 Rue Iules Ierrv. Ploteou. SS-822-S888
N'Ic¢ Cr¢am: Laigest selection of ice cieam in Bakai: milkshakes too!: ueliveiy.
97 Ave. Pevtovin. SS-82S-SS4S
L'Uzio: Swanky iestauiant anu bai offeiing Fiench cuisine anu expensive uiinks.
21 Rue victor Euqo. Ploteou. SS-82S-8787
La Palm¢rai¢: uieat meals: Belgian beei: wi-fi but "it's not an office" say the staff.
20 Ave. 6eorqes PompiJou. Ploteou. SS-821-1S94
La Piazza: Italian foou: theii calzones aie filleu to buisting with cheese.
S BoulevorJ Je lo République. Ploteou. SS-842-720S
L¢ S¢oul: Koiean cuisine in a ielaxing couityaiu: the soups aie filling anu
uelicious: the iestauiant is moueiately expensive.
7S Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. Ploteou. SS-822-9000
S¢v¢n: Restauiant uownstaiis, but the place to hang is the upstaiis lounge with
its comfy couches: happy houi that beats uienelle's piices.
SS Rue Iules Ierrv. Ploteou. SS-821-6676
Tim¢s Caf¢: 0pscale, Ameiican-themeu uinei¡coffee shop: sanuwiches aie tasty:
smoothies anu milkshakes aie ieliable anu iefieshing.
27 Ave. PrésiJent léopolJ SéJor Senqbor. Ploteou. SS-821-2168
L¢ Toukol¢ur: To entei Toukouleui is to step into an oasis offeiing some of the
best foou in Bakai: it's expensive but heie a fine uinnei is woith the piice.
122 Rue Housse Biop. SS-821-S19S
Viking: Small siuewalk seating aiea, which is a iaiity in this city: if you feel like
uiinking, oiuei a giiaffe of beei: live music: excellent sanuwiches.
21 Ave. 6eorqes PompiJou. Ploteou. 77-S1S-2268
L¢ Zaïka Atlantic: Recently ienovateu, this place has the best Inuian foou in the
city: you pay foi the flavoi, though, as poitions aie micioscopic.
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest. SoumbéJioune. SS-82S-SSS8




u1. Al Anualoss
u2. Aiiiang
uS. Aux Fins Palais¡N'Ice Cieam
u4. Le Biuew ue l'Institut
uS. La Boulangeiie 0iientale
u6. Caesai's
u7. Café ue Rome
u8. Casino (Scoie)
u9. Chez Elias
1u. La Fouichette
11. La ualette
12. uanale's
1S. Les uiillauins
14. Kaujinol Station
1S. Naiiakech
16. 0ceanium
17. La Piazza
18. Le Seoul
19. Le Toukouleui
2u. 0S Embassy
21. Le viking



Theie aie seveial types of venues foi youi shopping neeus in Bakai. Some will
iesemble what you'ie useu to in the 0.S., with supeimaikets anu mini-maits, as
well as some specialty stoies. Theie aie also moie tiauitional-style maikets that
offei theii own type of seivice.
Casino {Scor¢): With the same atmospheie as any othei supeimaiket, Casino
offeis a wiue iange of foous (meats, cheeses, bakeiy items, piouuce) as well as
many householu goous. Expect to pay a high piice foi impoiteu goous, anu local
items often have a slight maikup ovei theii piices elsewheie.
Ploteou. Ave. Sorrout {Eosson ll). SS-82S-1727
Sobm {HéJino). Ave. Cbeikb Anto Biop. SS-82S-409S
Bokor Citv {Nqor). Rte. Je Nqor

Royal 7-7: A well stockeu stoie, with a nice meats section (WAIST hot uogs'
souice) anu Inuian items. Fiesh piouuce solu just outsiue the uooi.
Nqor. between tbe Briocbe Borée onJ tbe Sbell Stotion on tbe Rte. Je l´Aéroport.
Yoff. riqbt bv tbe oirport on tbe Rte Je l´Aéroport.
Cbocom¢ntb¢: Impoiteu canuy galoie, solu by the pounu (well, giam).
42 Ave. victor Euqo. Ploteou. SS-82S-68S8

CitySport: Spoiting goous stoie, with offeiings fiom appaiel to equestiian geai.
Sobm 6olerie. Ave. Cbeikb Anto Biop. HéJino. SS-842-S990
Pontv. 46 Ave. 6eorqes PompiJou. SS-842-98SS
BoulevorJ Je lo République. SS-842-S988
Bokor Citv {Nqor). Rte. Je Nqor

D¢cot¢x: Laigest selection of fabiic in Bakai anu without the hassle of Sanuaga.
62 Ave. Bloise Bioqne. Ploteou. SS-82S-7SS0

Librari¢ aux Quatr¢ V¢nts: Fiench bookstoie with a gieat selection.
SS Rue Iélix Ioure. Ploteou. SS-822-1S46
Rte. Je 0uokom. Hermoz {neor tbe Flton Stotion). SS-869-10S7

Urca: This is the Beu, Bath anu Beyonu of Senegal: the piices aie highei than
you'll finu with a stieet venuoi, but the quality is similaily highei.
7S Ave. Bloise Bioqne. Ploteou. SS-842-S179

Sandaga: Bakai's main maiket, with almost
anything you neeu oi want. In auuition to the
main builuing, stalls line all the stieets in the
aiea. 0uite ciowueu with buyeis anu selleis,
Sanuaga is also a haven foi thieves anu cheats,
so just walk in theie looking like you know
what you'ie uoing.
lntersection of Aves. lomine 6ueve. Pevtovin. Fmile
BoJione. onJ Pontv.

K¢rm¢l: Bon't let the caiousel uesign fool
you, this maiket is no joke. Theie aie
butcheis, fish anu shellfish, piouuce, anu
also spices anu ianuom items one woulun't
necessaiily expect to finu in Bakai. Aiounu
the maiket piopei, theie aie a numbei of
people selling ait anu othei ciafts, anu they
want youi business.
Iust off Ave. Sorrout {Eosson ll). ot tbe intersection
of Rue le Bontec onJ Rue Coille

Ngor Mark¢t: This small maiket has fiesh piouuce anu othei basic items. Piices
may be slightly highei heie than in laigei maikets, but it's a neighboihoou
maiket that's not fiequenteu by touiists so theie is no hassle.
Across from tbe PC 0ffice. in tbe miJJle of tbe swomp,surfoce of Hors {roinv,Jrv seoson).

Fugg-)aay: a tiaveling seconu-hanu clothes maiket. Specializes in westein-style
clothing, but also has shoes anu othei householu goous.
Hon: StoJe lSS Porkinq lot in Potte J´0ie; Tues: Yoff; WeJ: Sobm; Sot: liberté vl

Soumbédioun¢Fisb Mark¢t: The piemiei
maiket in Bakai foi fiesh seafoou. Boats stait
pulling in aiounu S:uu p.m.
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest x BlvJ. Je lo 6ueule Topée

Soumbédioun¢ Artisanal Villag¢: Like the
name implies, this is a piime location foi aits
anu ciafts fiom all ovei. The main uiawback is the hassle you get fiom venuois:
the place is quite touiisty so you get the common tieatment. With that saiu, the
selection of goous is quite impiessive.
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest x BlvJ. Je lo 6ueule Topée

Am¢rican Club {Club Atlantiqu¢)(
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest {Ienetre Hermoz). SS-82S-9226
While the pool alone makes a tiip to this family clubwoithwhile, othei activitiessuch as
ping-pong, volleyball, anu tennis sweeten the ueal. The bai sometimes has impoiteu beei,
anu the Shauy Shack can always impiess. Nonthly events incluue tiivia, taco bai, anu
happy houi. Aumission is fiee foi PCvs, anu is a piivilege, so please act iespectably.

Coré¢ Island
The biggest toui uestination in Bakai. Boasts a
gieatei iole than histoiy seems to waiiant, but it
is an impiessive uestination nonetheless. While
many of the museums have limiteu houis, the
best time to see the islanu is in the evening aftei
most touiists anu venuois leave, oi in the
moining befoie they aiiive. Feiiies aie locateu
at the poit.

Hot¢l Indép¢ndanc¢
2 Ploce Je l´lnJépenJonce
Not well known by most, but offeis one of the best views of the city fiom the ioof of the
hotel. While it is iecommenueu that you puichase a uiink fiom the bai, you may want to
stay away fiom jumping into the iooftop pool.

IFAN African Art Mus¢um (
1 Ploce Soweto. SS-82S-9268
This museum of West Afiican aitis woith a visit, anu even if its exhibits aie seiiously
unueifunueu, it offeis the iaie expeiience of looking at ait without uemanuing puichase.

Institut Francais (www.institutfi-uakai.oig)
89 Rue Iosepb I.T. 6omis. SS-82S-0S20
The foimei Fiench Cultuial Centei, the Institut offeis
events incluuing film, music, anu ait neaily eveiy uay in
its gaiuen couityaiu. Check the website foi an upuateu
piogiam. In auuition to its ielaxeu outuooi theatie, the
Institut has a iestauiant anu bai with a gieat

)ust 4 U (
S Ave. Cbeikb Anto Biop . SS-824-S2S0
0ne of Bakai's best live music venues. Acts iange fiom small weekly jazz banus to laigei
gioups such as 0ichestia Baobab anu Waflash. Typically has live music eveiy night.
Îl¢ d¢ la Mad¢l¢in¢
Ierrv ot SoumbeJioune. Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest
0nlike anywheie else in Senegal, this national
paik pioviues gieat swimming hiking, anu biiu
watching. Be suie to biing a picnic, watei, stuiuy
sanuals, cameia, anu sunscieen. The cost is S,uuu
F pei peison.

Mam¢ll¢s Ligbtbous¢
uieat views of the city, anu if the lighthouse is open, the
keepeis, who speak Pulaai, can give you a toui anu you
can see the tiny anu huge light bulbs useu to guiue boats
at night. Walking, iunning, biking oi hiking up anu uown
the hill is gieat exeicise.

Ngor Island
0ne of the bettei beaches in Bakai, the islanu
offeis gieat views anu giilleu seafoou (finu Name
Samba's shack). Swimming is goou, but waves
aie weak. The beach is often ciowueu on the
weekenus anu holiuays, anu uuiing the summei
when stuuents aie on vacation. Rounu-tiip tiavel
bypiroqueis Suu F. The ielatively calm wateis
between Ngoi village anu the islanu aie goou
conuitions to tiain foi the Bakai-uoiee swim.

Uc¢anium (www.oceanium.oig)
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe Fst. SS-822-2441
Bakai's main SC0BA uiving outfittei, with kayaking anu fishing too. The fiist Satuiuay of
the month, they host the Koul uiaoul paity.

Kadjinol Station {
Ave. Sorrout x Solvo. Ploteou. SS-842-8662
Inuooi¡outuooi movie theatie with a cozy setting. Foou anu iefieshments available too.

Parc For¢sti¢r d¢ Hann
Rte. Je Iront Je Terre {Eonn). SS-8S2-S87S
If you aie up foi an auventuie, it is iecommenueu that you check out the zoo. Eveiy new
tiip always seems to pioviue excitement anu a new hole in the cages. 0pen uaily fiom 1u
am - 12 pm anu S pm - 6:Su pm, closeu Nonuays.

Trampolin¢ "Kay Bond¢"
Rte. Je lo Cornicbe 0uest
Foi Suu F, you can jump on laige tiampolines oveilooking the Atlantic.

Air Alg¢ri¢ (
2 Ploce Je l"inJépenJonce. SS-82S-SS48. SS-82S-8081

Air Europa (www.aii-euiopa)
7 Rue Kleber x Robert Belmos. SS-822-0299

Air Franc¢ (
47 Ave. Eosson ll. SS-8S9-7777. SS-820-8121

Air Ivoir¢ (
12 Allée Robert Belmos. SS-889-0280. SS-889-0281

Air S¢n¢gal Int¢rnational (
4S Ave. Albert Sorrout. SS-86S-2242

Alitalia (
S Ave. 6eorqes PompiJou. SS-849-9900

B¢llvi¢w Airlin¢s (
77 AbmoJou Assone NJove. SS-842-6S81

B¢nin Colf Air (

Compagni¢ A¢ri¢nn¢ du Mali (
4 Rue Iocques Buqnicourt {ex ov. Kleber). SS-82S-8287

Corsair (
SS-8S9-4447. SS-8S9-444S. SS-8S9-4444

D¢lta (
19 Rue Porcboppe. SS-849-69SS

Etbiopian (www.ethiopianaiilines)
lmmeuble lo RotonJe. Rue Ju Br. Tbeze. SS-82S-SSS2

Royal Air Maroc (
1 Ploce Je l´lnJépenJonce. SS-849-4747. SS-849-4748

Saudia Airlin¢s (
Ploce Je l'lnJépenJonce x Rue Holenfont. SS-82S-1S00

Slok Air Int¢rnational (
Rte. Je l´Aéroport. 0uest Ioire No S. SS-820-6071. SS-820-0794

SN Bruss¢ls (
Rue AmoJou Assone NJove x Bocteur Tbeze. SS-82S-0460

Soutb African Airways (
S Yoff viroqe. Rte. Je l´Aeroport. SS-869-4000

TACV-Cabo V¢rd¢ Airlin¢s (
10S Rue Housse Biop x AmoJou Assone NJove. SS-821-S968. 77-6S9-4607

TAP Air Portugal (
Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. SS-821-S460. SS-821-006S

Tunis Air (
24 Ave. léopolJ SéJor Senqbor. SS-82S-14SS. SS-82S-702S

Virgin Nig¢ria (
22 Rue Je Tbonn

CBAU {ATMs acc¢pt Visa):
Hoin Broncb. Ploce Je l'lnJépenJonce. Ploteou. SS-849-9696
Aqence Nqor. neor Sbell Stotion. SS-849-9S1S

Crédit Agricol¢:
Ploce Je l'lnJépenJonce. Ploteou. SS-8S9-S6S6
Porcelles Assoinies. neor Potte J'0ie. SS-8S9-S6S6

Ecobank {good for cbanging mon¢y: bas a pr¢f¢rr¢d
¢xcbang¢ rat¢ if you bring a form sign¢d by tb¢ AU):
Ploce Je l'lnJépenJonce

SCBS {ATMs acc¢pt Visa)
71 Ave. Pevtovin. Ploteou. SS-8S9-SS00
SS Rue Cornot X Ploce Je l'lnJépenJonce. Ploteou. SS-842-S0S9
Rte. Je Nqor X Rte. Jes AlmoJies. SS-820-S1S2
Terminus liberte v. SS-824-9148

Burkina Faso
Socré Cour S Fxtension vBN n°10628. SS-860-4280 , SS-860-4281

1S7 Rue Ioespb I.T. 6omis. SS-849-0292

Cap¢ V¢rd¢
S BlvJ. Biilv Hbove - lmmeuble IobJ 1Seme étoqe. SS-821-187S

Cboncellerie: 22. Rue Briere Je l´lle. SS-889-2474

24 BoulevorJ Hortin lutber Kinq. SS-821-9896

1 Rue Fl EoJii AmoJou Assone NJove . SS-8S9-S100

Hermoz 2eme Porte. villo No. 7606. SS-86S-22S4

Cambia {Tb¢)
11 Rue Je Tbionq. SS-821-72S0

lot 27 Porcelle B - AlmoJies. SS-869-1990

Point F. Rue 7 onqle B & B. SS-824-8606

Point F. Rue 6 onqle B. SS-824-S922

S Ploce Je l'lnJépenJonce. lmmeuble SBlE. SS-82S-8SSS

Ivory Coast
Ave. Biroqo Biop. S. N. Toll x 6. Point F villo n°42S2. SS-869-0270

Rte. Jes AlmoJies. bv HériJien . SS-820-6S61 , SS-820-6S62

Cornicbe 0uest N° 2S. Ionn ResiJence. SS-824-62S0 , SS-824-62S2

S7 BoulevorJ Cborles Je 6oulle. SS-82S-SS44 , SS-82S-SS49

Ave. Cbeikb Anto Biop x Bourquibo. SS-824-6927 , SS-82S-7021
Rte. Je 0uokom. Ioce Centre Je Tronsfusion. SS-824-4S97

Soutb Africa (
Hermoz SuJ lot n°S lotissement Fcole Je Police. SS-86S-19S9

Allées SevJou Nourou Toll. SS-82S-4690 , SS-82S-4747

Unit¢d Kingdom (
20 Rue Ju Bocteur 6uillet. SS 82S 7S 92. SS 82S 99 71

If you happen to be in Bakai foi meuical ieasons, you may have
appointments at some offices in the city. Beie is a list of some of the
moie common ones:
Bio 24, 1S Bis Rue St-Hicbel {ex. Br. Tbeze). Ploteou. SS-SS9-S1S1
It's the lab that Peace Coips uses most often foi tests.

Cliniqu¢ d¢ la Mad¢l¢in¢, 1S Ave. Jes Iombors. SS-889-9470
A ueimatologist who knows his stuff.

Dr. Kbali Abou Kbalil,16 Rue Colbert. Ploteou. SS-822-92S2
0ne of the two uentists that you'u visit foi eithei youi miu-seivice
appointment oi othei neeus.

Dr. Soul¢yman¢ Cb¢badi, 1S Rue victor Euqo. SS-821-949S
A ueimatologist who knows his stuff.

Dakar Voyag¢s (
29 Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. SS-82S-S704. SS-82S-S706

Mboup Voyag¢s (
2 Ploce Je l´lnJépenJonce. SS-821-816S. SS-822-S14S

R¢lax Voyag¢s (
Rue S11. Yoff lovene. Rte. Je l´Aéroport. SS-820-1S82
This is Peace Coips¡Senegal's tiavel agency. 0ffeis a S,uuu F pei peison
aiipoit pick-up¡uiop-off seivice.

Satguru Trav¢l & Tours S¢rvic¢ (
HéJino - SoumbéJioune. Rue 66 x Cornicbe 0uest. SS-82S-7040
Fiee aiipoit pick-up¡uiop-off foi PCvs: no cieuit caius


This hotel section is uiviueu into two sections: moie mouestly piiceu
options that aie all uecent, anu high-enu hotels that, while moie
expensive than compaiable hotels in the 0.S., can be quite iefieshing.

Al Baraka - SS Rue AbJou Korim Bourqi. Ploteou. SS-822-SSS2
0ffeis a Peace Coips uiscount of 24,uuu F foi a uouble ioom anu slightly moie foi
a tiiple: iooms aie spacious anu have iefiigeiatois: some iooms offei balconies.

Ali Baba - 2S Ave. 6eorqes PompiJou. Ploteou
Locateu above the iestauiant Ali Baba, it offeis typically clean iooms between
8,uuu anu 1u,uuu F: aii conuitioning is not available.

Aub¢rg¢ du Plat¢au - Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. Ploteou. SS-821-24S2
0ne block fiom uanalé, iates aie 2u,uuu F a night: this aubeige sleeps S to 8
people: comes with aii-conuitioning, a kitchen anu a living ioom.

Aub¢rg¢ d¢ la M¢r - Nqor viroqe. SS-820-8781
Nice yet simple looking place to stay with fiee wiieless inteinet anu pool: single
iooms iange fiom 17,uuu to 2S,uuu F anu uouble iooms iange fiom 22,uuu to
27,uuu F. (http:¡¡¡)

Calao - Rte. Je Nqor. SS-820-0S40
A cool place to go when family oi fiienus aie in town: offeis inuiviuual bungalow
piactically on top of the ocean: aiounu S6,uuu F foi two people.

Cb¢z Doudou - Nqor Areo. 77-S19-0869
0ffeis gieat seivice anu clean iooms: iates iange fiom 1u,uuu to 14,uuu F a night:
if aiiangeu in auvance, they offei aiipoit uiop-off¡pickup.

Hot¢l Farid - S1 Rue vincens. Ploteou. SS-82S-612S
Clean hotel with ioom iates ianging fiom 27,Suu F foi a classic single ioom to
42,uuu F foi a tiiple supeiioi ioom: fiee wiieless inteinet. (

Hot¢l Canalé - S8 Rue AmoJou Assone NJove. Ploteou. SS-889-4444
A go-to place foi PCvs with guests: offeis clean iooms, wiieless inteinet, anu
pioximity to to happy houi between 6 anu 8 pm: iooms stait aiounu 2S,uuu F.

Uc¢anic - 9 Rue Je Tbonn. Ploteou. SS-822-2044
0ffeis iooms ianging fiom appioximately 21,uuu F foi a single to S6,8uu F foi a
quauiuple. Wiieless inteinet. 0ffeis uiscounts uepenuing on the nights stayeu.

Hot¢l Savana - Route Je lo Cornicbe Fst.Pointe BernorJ. Ploteou. SS-849-4242
Nice Rooms, amazing foou, an 0lympic-size pool anu a bai oveilooking the ocean:
often the hotel chosen foi Peace Coips confeience attenuees: nightly iates
between Su,uuu anu 1uu,uuu F pei night.

T¢rrou-Bi - Route Je lo Cornicbe 0uest. Ionn. SS-8S9-90S9
This hotel complex boasts of a piivate beach, a heateu swimming pool, casino,
maiina, uisco, S iestauiants, anu 2 bais: an ultia-mouein (peihaps too mouein)
uécoi: iooms iun between 7u,uuu anu 1Su,uuu F pei night.

Pullman Dakar T¢ranga Hot¢l - 10 Rue Colbert. Ploteou. SS-889-2200
The olu Sofitel was upgiaueu to the Pullman in 2uu9: fabulous infinity pool next
to the ocean, uecent iooms: iooms cost 7u,uuu to 1uu,uuu F pei night.

Hot¢l Lagon II - Route Je lo Cornicbe Fst, Plateau
0ne of the oluei, nicei hotels: the staff is gieat anu its eclectic iooms, amenities
anu iestauiant all complement its seasiue setting: 6u,uuu to 2uu,uuu F pei night.

L¢ Méridi¢n Présid¢nt-Route Jes AlmoJies. SS-869-6969
Theii claim of being a "S-stai" hotel falls shoit of expectations, but the pool, bai,
piivate beach, golf couise, anu soft-seive ice cieam aie all quite goou: iooms cost
between 8u,uuu anu 1uu,uuu F pei night.

Radisson Blu - Route Je lo Cornicbe 0uest. SS-869-SSSS
The newest hotel in Bakai, it's quite the populai uestination foi Bakai's moveis
anu shakeis: with a giant infinity pool, bai, iecieational facility, shopping centei
(in piogiess) spa, anu Italian iestauiant, it has some of the best facilities aiounu:
1uu,uuu to 1Su,uuu F pei night.

Hot¢l Sokbamon - BlvJ Roosevelt x Ave. Nelson HonJelo. SS-889-7100
A boutique hotel with an unusual cave-like iestauiant cut into the cliffs. The
awkwaiuly slopeu ueck at the euge of the cliff is a fine place to spenu an evening
sipping a uiink anu watching the sunset oi the planes fly in. 6u,uuu to 1uu,uuu F
pei night

uenuaimeiie: 8u-uuu-2u2u 0peiatoi: 16
Police: 17 Biiectoiy: 1212
Sapeuis-Pompieis: 18

AJJrexx Phone
Almauies Lot N¡1 TF 2S2S1 0ffice SS-8S9-7S7S
B.P. 2SS4 Fax SS-8S9-7S8u
Bakai, Sénégal Neu 0ffice SS-8S9-7S7u
Web Neu Emeigency 77-6S9-8711
http:¡¡www.pcsenegal.oig Safety& Secuiity 77-S29-889S
Countiy Biiectoi 77-6S7-47u4

Kuoluck KeJouqou
SS-941-S842 (Bouse) SS-98S-1Su7 (Bouse)
77-6S7-4278 (Cell) 77-6S8-S69S (Cell)
KolJu NJloum
SS-996-1S19 (Bouse) SS 96S-Su12 (Bouse)
77-6S7-4281 (Cell) 77 6S7-4282 (Cell)
1umbu Ðukur - Ilberté VI
SS-981-1S88 (Bouse) SS-827-1S9S (Bouse)
77-6S7-428S (Cell)

AJJrexx Phone
18, Ave. Iean XXIII SS-829-21uu (Switchboaiu)
B.P. 49 SS-829-22u9 (Naiine Post 1)
Bakai, Sénégal

AJJrexx Phone
Petit Ngoi (behinu Botel Biaiama) SS-869-61uu
B.P. 49
Bakai, Sénégal

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