How to install and use Zawgyi Myanmar Font

1. Download Zawgyi Myanmar font and keyboard driver here. 2. Find and Unzip the downloaded file 3. If you know how to unzip the zipped file, skipped to Step 4.. Otherwise read on. a. How to unzip downloaded file i. You need to have file compression software to zip or unzip the file. ii. If you have winzip or similar software, you can use it to unzip iii. Otherwise download z-zip application here iv. Double click on 7z444.exe

v. Click Install

vi. Click Finish

vii. Right click on the downloaded file

viii. Select 7-Zip, then select “Extrace to”ZawGyiFont\” and it will create a “ZawGyiFont” folder.

4. Installing ZawGyi Myanmar Font i. Inside the folder, you will see the following.

ii. Click “Start” then “Setting” and select “Control Panel”

iii. Double click on “Font” folder.

iv. Copy the “Zawgyi-One-20051130.ttf” file and paste it to the “Font” folder above and finish the font installation.

5. Keyboard Driver Installation a. Open the “ZawgyiKb_installer_I” folder under “ZawGyiFont”Folder

b. Double Click “ZawgyiKb.msi” file and installation is completed.

c. You sill need to set up Zawgyi Myanmar Keyboard driver to type using Zawgyi Myanmar font.

6. ZawGyi Myanmar keyboard setup a. For Windows 2000 i. In Control Panel, double click on “Regional Options”

ii. Click on “Input Locales” tab and click “Add”

iii. In the Keyboard Layout/IME: drop down menu, select “Zawgyi Myanmar Unicode Keyboard” and Click “Ok” then Click “OK” on “Regional Options” window

iv. Keyboard installation completed.

b. Windows XP i. Open “Regional and Language Options” in the Control Panel

ii. Click on “languages” Tab and click “Details”

iii. Click “Add”

iv. Check “Keyboard layout/IME: check mark and select “Zawgyi Myanmar Unicode Keyboard” from the drop down list and press “Ok”

v. Press “Ok” on “Text Services and Input Languages” window and press “Ok” on Regional and language Options” window 7. Testing Zawgyi Myanmar Font a. Open a blank word document. b. Select Zawgyi-One in “Font” drop down list. c. Type some words, and try Ctrl+Shift OR Alt+Shift to toggle between Burmese and English. (NOTE: Either Ctrl+Shift OR Alt+Shift will work as toggle mode. You can set up this key combo as the way you want by pressing “Change Key Sequence” button in Input Locales

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