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Checklist Abel Tasman 2016

I have started packing and will be ready on Monday 5 .
I have checked that I have all my essential items.
I understand that all my personal effects are to be fully contained in my daypack
and ONE other bag. Nothing will be tied onto either of these bags.
I have given Mrs Borgonje 50 cents for my shower on Friday.
All my gear is labelled including my plastic plate, and eating utensils.
I am not taking any money, sharp knives, junk food, matches, confectionery, mobile
phone or other electronic device (cameras are ok).
I know to take a large packed lunch on Sunday with a morning and afternoon snack.
I have a waterproof jacket that is large enough and will keep me dry in a downpour.
When I arrive at school my essential items will be ready for inspection.
I have had the health update below completed and given it to Mrs Borgonje.
I have paid the complete $410.00 for the trip.
I will bring any medication I need to take and labelled it and give it to Carole on
I have RSVPd for the Year 8 Formal. My parents know the food arrangements.
I have given my 5 year old photo to Mrs Borgonje
I will be in the hall by 6.00am on Monday the 5 December.
I will bring in my baking and take to the school office on Friday 2 December
I will hand this form in to the office by next Tuesday.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Health update (Must be completed by everyone)
Are there any health concerns or issues since the last health form was completed.
No / yes (give details)

I give permission for you to give my child Panadol if require or felt necessary Yes/ No

I have organised transport for my child to School,

then to the Bluebridge Ferry Terminal on Monday 5th
December and for the pick up from the Bluebridge
Ferry Terminal at 5.30pm on Saturday 10th
Thank you ,
Annette Borgonje