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Isshys Biology Class

To know, To Care, To Act

I am very excited to get to know you all this year. This biology class
will be unlike any science class you have ever had before. Whether
you hate biology or absolutely love it, I am sure you will leave with a
greater appreciation towards. My job is to not only help you learn
the biological topics I will be covering this year, but you help you
apply the knowledge you learn with year in caring actions to make a
positive impact on the communities you live in. Knowledge is power!

Class Overview

The units covered in this class will be:

1st Quarter
o Nature of Science
o Biochemistry
o Macromolecules and Cellular Organelles
2 Quarter
o Cellular Energy and Processes
o Cellular respiration
o Photosynthesis
3rd Quarter
o DNA: Molecular Basis of Heredity
o RNA and Gene Expression
o Inheritance
4 Quarter
o Natural Selection
o Classification
o Ecology

Grades are weighted as follows:
Tests and Tier 2 assignments:
Science Notebook and Tier 1 assignments, lab reports:
Being on time and Participation
Numerical Scale Reporting Grade
90-100 A
80-89 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
59-0 F


Grading Rules
You must earn a 70% (C) or higher in Biology to move on to the next
science class
Biology is required for graduation in this school.
Late work is excepted with a personal or medical emergency,
otherwise no late work is accepted. Forgetting your work at home is
not a valid excuse.
Any work turned in one week late will be reduced by 50%
All missing/late/absent work is due by its unit exam.
Any attempt at copying/cheating will result in zero credit for that
Test corrections or exam curves will be made available after
reviewing the class average.

Class Rules
1) Be Ready to Go
Be in class when the bell rings. If you are late, I may let you
enter, if you enter quietly without disturbing my lesson.
Come with your science notebook and a writing utensil. If you do
not have one, you can borrow one from me. But if you fail to
return it, the penalty is a box of #2 pencils by the end of the
2) Participate
I use a lot of hands on learning techniques in my classroom, so
be prepared to get up, and make discoveries in science!
This will not be a class in which you will be taking notes every
single lecture.
I will often times let you use your electronics during project
times. But if I see you on anything other than project related
work more than 3 times during the project, you will no longer be
allowed to use any electronic resources for the remainder of the
3) Be Safe
This is a science classroom, so no running is allowed at any
Do not crowd around the lab benches. Tampering with gas valves
and lab equipment will result in being moved to the front of the
Follow all lab safety procedures which will be discussed in the
first week of school.
During field trips and out of class activities, stay with the group
at all times. Failure to comply will result in being unable to attend
future field trips.


First Offense- Warning

Second Offense- Private conference with the teacher afterschool

Third Offense- Call to parents
Fourth Offense- Referral to the Assistant Principal
Any severe offense can skip all these steps and be directed straight to
the principal.

Students are expected to keep a science notebook just for this Biology
class. It is expected to be organized with a table of contents corresponding to
each topic. There will be quarterly graded notebook checks.

Absences due to family, personal, or medical emergencies will be taken into
consideration when grading. Excessive unexcused absences will result in a
negative impact on your grade.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to reach out to me via email, or
upon your return to receive your make up work. I will not personally come to

Tardy Students
The school policy is to send any tardy student without a pass to sweep.
Students must be in their seat and silent within the moment the final bell

Make-up Work
If you missed class, email me at to receive copies of
your missed work. I will respond to you by days end and you will have 2 days
to complete the work you missed.
If you are unable to email me, meet with me when you return and I will
provide you with your missing work.
If you need to make up a quiz, test or lab you will need to schedule a time
afterschool or at lunch with me.

Bathroom Passes
I do not give out bathroom passes. Students can ask and will almost always
be allowed to go. Simple rule: if you abuse this privilege I will take it away
from you.

Extra Help
If you need extra help on any project or assignment in class, raise your hand
without hesitation. If you need help on anything, be it completing an
assignment, doing well on a project or exam or just bringing your grade up,
come to me at the end of class and we can schedule an appointment.

Contacting Me
Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am here to help you succeed in
this class and prepare you for your future. This class is revolved around
helping you become a more productive member of society, so please reach
out without hesitation. You can stop by my classroom after class, or send me
an email, whatever is convenient for you.

School Phone: 555-555-5555


Syllabus Agreement
Due at the end of the first week of school
Please sign below and return to me by Friday, showing that you have read
and agreed to this syllabus, which is an agreement between you and I.
Student Name (Print Clearly) __________________________________________


Student Signature ___________________________________Date____________

I am very excited to be working with your child this year. I would love to
work with you to create a really positive year filled with valuable learning
experience for your child. Feel free to contact me at any time over any issue.
You can reach me through my email:
Always helpful for the classroom (Thank you in advance!):
A box of Kleenex
Hand sanitizer
Counter Wipes
Guardian Name (Print) ___________________________________________________
An email address you would like me to use to contact you:
Guardian Signature ___________________________________Date______________