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ADISESH MULTITEK ( Service Centre )
46 mectur road kpn travels building,erode pin code-638011,landmark- near bus sta
Contact Person: Mr Kishore
Phone: 8925999244
After the earth dies, some 5 billion years from now, after it s burned to a crisp,
or even swallowed by the Sun, there will be other worlds and stars and galaxies
coming into being and they will know nothing of a place once called Earth." - C
arl Sagan.
cvv 737
Visa 4591530001666810
Valid 11 2022


Franklin: Hi
Reliance Live Chat: Connection established.
Reliance Live Chat: Initiating Call, Please Wait.
Reliance Live Chat: Welcome to Reliance Live Chat
Reliance Live Chat:
Reliance Live Chat: Connecting... An agent will be with you shortly.
Reliance Live Chat: Welcome to Reliance Live Chat.
Abhijeet: Are you online?
Franklin: good evening sir
Abhijeet: Let me confirm your number is 9382877114, is it correct?
Abhijeet: Good Evening! Franklin, Let me confirm your number is 9382877114, is i
t correct?
Franklin: of course. this is my number
Abhijeet: How may I assist you?
Franklin: sir, i have recharged my cdma data card with rs 999

911. May I know which network mode you have selected? . we are in the process of upgrading our network. 999/. Kottai Street. please check the server Franklin: this message is showing and not connecting Abhijeet: Okay. Franklin: remote computer didn't work. please Abhijeet: As I have checked your recharge of Rs.168/29. Coimbatore Taluk. Abhijeet: Please be online. Abhijeet: Please be online.4/55. Coimbatore Abhijeet: Door No. Franklin: Abhijeet: Franklin: Abhijeet: Abhijeet: yes dindigal. Abhijeet: The 4G services are not yet started for your circle.155/1. Thider Nagar. Franklin: yeah sure Abhijeet: Thank you for being online. Abhijeet: Please go through the above list and let me know whether any of the ab ove location is near by your location. unfortunately cdma service is stopped by reliance Franklin: is there any way to get benefit with the spent money rs 999 Franklin: i also registered for 4g wi pod Franklin: i got the wi pod and 4g sim is still not activated Abhijeet: Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.Franklin: but. Franklin: but sir. Abhijeet: We will inform you shortly in few days. I am requestting you to please connect the data card to the syste m and try to connect now. Abhijeet: May I know your current location? Franklin: tamilnadu. Abhijeet: So that I can assist you for the same.6248 01. Abhijeet: So that I can assist you for the same.odayar Kulam Street. Ayyalur Village. Franklin: help me to get access to successfully done. Thiruvallur District 601 204 Abhijeet: S> No. why my cdma data card is not working. Abhijeet: So that I can assist you for the same. Pazharverkadu Village & Post. i can access internet Franklin: what about my rs 999 Abhijeet: Thank you for being online. Abhijeet: May I know do you have the data card with you right now? Franklin: why i can't connect to hsd Franklin: yes Franklin: anything do i want to do? Abhijeet: Please connect the data card to the system and try to connect now. May I know the distance from your location to this location? 132 km Okay. till that if it works. Abhijeet: S F Nos. Franklin: i don't want to waste rs 999 Abhijeet: Okay.157/1 & 157/2. Franklin: i have been using Reliance 3 data card Franklin: will it connect if try Abhijeet: Please connect the data card to the system and try to connect now. Ponneri Talu k. Cheyyur Taluk Abhijeet: S. Dindigul District . Franklin: there is no tower in it Franklin: not connecting Abhijeet: Sir. Ku vathur . Abhijeet: Request you to please wait for some time. Vedasandur Taluk. Kalapatty Franklin: ok Abhijeet: Currently. S. Erode district Abhijeet: Okay.

Abhijeet: Is there anything else apart from this I may help you with? Franklin: thank you so much for your valuable response sir Franklin: thank you Abhijeet: You are welcome. your complaint number is . Abhijeet: I am taking your complaint for this issue. no data is been received Franklin: again got disconnected Abhijeet: May I know how many signal bars are you getting in hybrid mode? Franklin: all the five signal bars Franklin: after getting connected and automatically getting disconnected Abhijeet: Okay. i'm currently in Erode Abhijeet: Okay. high speed 1x. Abhijeet: May I know your alternate contact number? Franklin: my alternate contact number is 9600671820 Franklin: Airtel Abhijeet: May I know the OS that you are using? Franklin: windows 8 Abhijeet: May I know the desktop/laptop make and model? Franklin: dell inspiron Abhijeet: May I know the complete address with pin code where you are facing the issue? Franklin: Door no:36. Have a pleasant evening. hybrid. Abhijeet: Request you to please select the hybrid mode as network mode now. reliance 3 Franklin: i always use reliance 3 Franklin: is there any problem in my network Abhijeet: May I know are you currently in Chennai? Franklin: no. Franklin: Z symbol is coming in the tower bars Franklin: what is it mean Franklin: excuse me sir. Abhijeet: Please be online. NGO Colony. Franklin: sure. ask them call afternoon 3 PM Abhijeet: Sure sir. Franklin: no data is received in between the connection Abhijeet: Request you to please be online. Erode-638009 Abhijeet: May I know the preferable timing to call you? Franklin: everyday afternoon 3 '0' clock Abhijeet: Thank you for providing the information. Reliance Live Chat: Chat disconnected which of the following is not typically a benefit of dynamic linking? i) reduction in overall program execution time.247873950. I have mentioned it in your complaint.Franklin: reliance 3 Franklin: i have three modes. Franklin: i have choosen hybrid Franklin: now it got connected but. . It was a pleasure to assist you. request you to accept / Pick-up the call as this will be wit h regards to the service request which you have registered with us. Franklin: i'll note it sir Abhijeet: Our technical team will call you from any of these numbers (022-303883 03 & 022-30326200). Franklin: i'll be sir Franklin: without internet frustrating sir Abhijeet: Sir. 2nd Street. Abhijeet: Thank you for choosing Reliance. Bye. r u there Abhijeet: May I know your alternate contact number? Abhijeet: Sorry we do not have the details for that symbol. Abhijeet: It will be resolved within 3 days. https://www. iii) reduction in overall space consumption on editing honest tech tvr karunakaran.ii) reduction in overall space consumption in iV) reduction in the cost of software Ticket no (blocked) 00016080600002600713 EA364022951 debut video capture alluma dolluma neundo . 1) I and IV 3) II and III 2) I only 4) IV only is the answer .com/watch?v=r-L53zOYzUg https://search.s asakalathur sbi ac:32923186046 8675154813 +91 080567 73394 https://www.