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President-elect Donald Trump on

Stephen Hawking just gave humanity a due date for finding another planet
US President-elect Donald Trump will keep his vow to deport millions
of undocumented migrants from the US, he said in an interview to be
broadcast on Sunday. He said up to three million people could be removed
after he takes office.
[Stephen Hawking just gave humanity a due date for finding another planet.
If humanity survives the rise of artificial intelligence (of Trump), the ravages
of climate change and the threat of nuclear terrorism in the next century, it
doesn't mean we're home free, according to Stephen Hawking.
The renowned theoretical physicist has gone as far as providing humanity
with a deadline for finding another planet to colonize: We have 1,000
Remaining on Earth any longer, Hawking believes, places humanity at
great risk of encountering another mass extinction.
We must ... continue to go into space for the future of humanity, the 74year-old Cambridge professor said during a speech Tuesday at Oxford
University Union, according to the Daily Express.]
"What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and
have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these

people, probably two million, it could be even three million -- we are getting
them out of our country / or find another planet to colonize (them),"
Trump [could have] said in an excerpt released ahead of broadcast
by CBS's 60 Minutes program on Sunday night.
Such a promise was directly at odds with remarks made by House
Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday. Ryan told CNN's 'State of the Union' on
Sunday said that mass deportation isn't a focus of Republicans alone right
now. Stephen Hawking also recommends the same! Find the planet to go.
Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own
and locate the new planet we need to go. Find the planet to go!
"I think we should put people's minds at ease on mass deportation,
because the top priority is really border security (or to find the planet to
go.)," Ryan said.
Before we have a chance to relocate, Hawking says, we'll first need to
create the technology.
No 'wall' on the US-Mexico border, Trump sir, let us build TRUMP
TOWERS on Planet Earth-2!
Donald Trump on Sunday also said the barrier to be erected on the
US border with Mexico may not consist entirely of brick and mortar, and
that fencing could be used in some areas.
"There could be some fencing," Trump told CBS in his first primetime interview since being elected president last week.

"But a wall is not appropriate. Im sure of this, it's called space

aviation construction of interplanetary Trump Shuttle." he added.
Trump had made security not just at the US-Mexico border but for all
mankind a central plank of his post - presidential campaign, which resulted
after his last Tuesday's election victory against his Democratic rival Hillary
During the campaign, Trump repeatedly promised not to make
Mexico pay for any border wall, part of his plan to not to toughen
immigration law but secure the tickets on the interplanetary Trump Shuttle.

Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States,
being elected on 9 Nov.
"The Donald"
Nicknamed The Donald, Trump is well-known for his flamboyant
personality. He is a proven master at commanding media exposure. His
admirers cite how he stands out from the others and he speaks his mind.
He criticizes others publicly and exploits his know it all intellect. He is a
consummate self-promoter who understands the power of branding. The
name "Trump" always appears in the name of his buildings.
The Apprentice
Trump was host and producer of NBCs reality series The Apprentice,
where several lucky candidates fight to become part of his organization.
Each week, one contestant is asked by Trump to leave with the nowfamiliar, "You're fired!" (Trump has filed a trademark claim on the phrase).
Trump was paid a mere $50,000 per episode for the first season but
eventually commanded a reported $3 million per episode.
Family Life:
In 1977 Trump married fashion model Ivana Zelnikova, and they
have three children: Donald, Jr. (1977), Ivanka (1981) and Eric (1984).
They were divorced in 1992.
In 1993, he married actress Marla Maples, and together they have
one child, Tiffany (1993). They divorced in 1999.

In 1999, he began dating model Melania Knavs, and they were

married in 2005.
Books and More: Donald has written several best-selling books detailing
his career and the business wisdom he has acquired, including:
Trump: The Art of the Deal
Trump: Surviving at the Top
Trump: The Art of Survival
Trump: Think Like a Billionaire - Everything You Need To Know About
Success, Real Estate, and Life
Political Donald:
Although he earlier claimed to have no interest in politics, Trump -- at one
point a registered Democrat -- announced his Presidential candidacy as a
Republican in 2015, eventually winning the party's nomination.
Team Trump:
Reince Priebus who was long standing head of the Republican National
Committee will be Chief of Staff. He may be tasked with negotiating with
Congress, executive branch agencies, and external political groups to
implement Mr. Trumps agenda. Steve Bannon, (who was accused as
being a potential racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist and prone to conspiracy
theorizing), will be his Chief Strategist and Senior Counsellor. Mr. Trump
has indicated that Mr. Bannon and Mr. Priebus will be equal partners to
transform the federal government.

Donald Trump would be the 45th president of the United States.
"Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division," Trump
told in the early hours of Wednesday [9 Nov.] in New York.
"I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all
Americans," he declared, in a conciliatory address.
He paid tribute to his defeated opponent and thanked his staff.
"Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of
time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our
country," he said of Hillary Clinton.
Russias leader Vladimir Putin offered warm congratulations and
seized on the opportunity to urge Trump to help him get "US-Russia
relations out of their critical condition."
EU leaders Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker invited him to
an EU-US summit at his "earliest convenience" to seek reassurance
about trans-Atlantic ties.
Trump, spoke during the campaign of making US allies take a
bigger share of the Western security burden. "US leadership is
more important than ever.", the NATO head Jens Stoltenberg
warned him
Trump openly courted Putin during the race, called US support for
NATO allies in Europe into question.
He suggested that South Korea and Japan should develop their
own nuclear weapons.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reacted to Trump's election by

insisting that his country and the United States are "unshakeable
One ally took heart from Trump's win. Israeli Education Minister
Naftali Bennett said it guaranteed that his state would never have to
accept the idea of an independent Palestine.
Trump, a businessman turned TV star turned-politico -- who has
never before held elected office -- will become commander-in-chief
of the world's sole true superpower on January 20.
Trump's message was embraced by a large section of America's
white majority who has grown disgruntled by the scope of social
and economic change in the last eight years.
He has alternate experience and is well known for running beauty
pageants and starring on his reality television series "The
Apprentice" as he is for building his property business, hence
Trump would be the oldest and constructive thinker ever elected
And, unique in modern US political history, he refused to release his
tax returns -- leaving a question mark over how much, if any, tax he
has paid while running a global empire. Catch and impeach him.
But the biggest upset came on 8 Nov. Tuesday, as he swept to
victory through a series of hard-fought wins in battleground states
from Florida to Ohio. He amassed at least 290 electoral votes to
Trump has an uneasy relationship with the broader Republican
Party, but it will have full control of Congress and he will be able to
appoint a ninth Supreme Court justice to a vacant seat on the
bench, deciding the balance of the body.

Data available begins to paint a picture of how Trump managed to

win the election, which began the race as an outsider discredited for
his lack of experience before convincing the Republican Party and
then the nation of his abilities
According to exit polls and result data, he appears to have
successfully wooed key swing states and also fought off Clinton's
attempts to win the youth vote. Young voters are much more likely to
vote Democrat than Republican; however Clinton got just 55 per cent
of the youth vote compared to the 63 per cent her predecessor
Obama garnered.
As results came in for key swing state Florida early on, the very real
prospect of a Trump success became apparent. He beat Clinton by a
tiny margin of 2.4 per cent, aided by a split of the left-wing vote which
saw a crucial 3.1 per cent of votes go to liberal candidate Gary
History may remember the moment Clinton lost Florida as the
moment she lost Ohio. As a key state, Trump won Ohio.
Demographics for the state are in his favour, with the local population
being whiter and less education on average than the rest of the
country. The state previously supported Obama by 48 per cent, but
his Democratic successor Clinton failed to win voters support. Trump
beat Clinton by a country mile, gaining close to a ten point lead.
North Carolina: Trump soared to victory here, beating Clinton 51.3
per cent to her 45.9 per cent. The traditional white Republican state
has a history of supporting GOP candidates but it was feared Trump
would be seen as too far a break from traditional candidates.

However, the connected results show his campaign succeeded in

winning round traditional Republican voters in the end.
Wisconsin: The state has been historically a solid Democrat safe
seat. It is primarily white and highly educated. However, voters did
not connect with Clintons message and instead plumped for Trump
with 49.3 per cent of votes, compared to Clintons 45.6 per cent.
YOUTH VOTE: Exit polls suggest Clinton did not succeed in winning
the youth vote, to the extent that her predecessor did. 55 per cent of
young people aged 18-29 supported her, far short of the 63 per cent
support which contributed to Obama's victory in 2012.
Ottawa, Ontario - November 9, 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke today with Donald J. Trump, the
President-elect of the United States of America to congratulate him
on his election victory. The Prime Minister and the President-elect
reiterated the importance of the Canada-United States bilateral
relationship, and discussed various areas of mutual interest. The
Prime Minister invited the President-elect to visit Canada at his
earliest opportunity. The President-elect offered the same to the
Prime Minister.
Trump had lambasted China throughout the U.S. election campaign,
drumming up headlines with his pledges to slap 45 percent tariffs on
imported Chinese goods and to label the country a currency
manipulator on his first day in office. Xi had congratulated Trump in a
message delivered shortly after his surprise election victory last week
and told him that the issues facing the world's two largest economies,
from climate change and global trade to the security balance in the
Asia-Pacific would need be discussed.

Trump criticized U.S. allies, including Japan, for free-riding on U.S.

security guarantees, in the face of a rising China and volatile North
Chinese President Xi Jinping called U.S. President-elect Donald
Trump and congratulated him on his victory. Cooperation is the only
choice for relations between the two countries, he told Trump.
Beijing hopes for stability as it faces daunting reform challenges at
home, a slowing economy, and a leadership reshuffle of its own that
will put new party elite around Xi in late 2017
"The Facts prove that cooperation is the only correct choice for China
and the United States, told Xi in the call he made to Trump on
Monday from China.
"The two sides must strengthen coordination, promote the two
countries' economic development and global economic growth,
expand all areas of exchange and cooperation, ensure the two
countries' people obtain more tangible benefits, and push for better
development going forward in China-U.S. relations," Xi said,
educating Trump.
Trump told Xi he was willing to work with China to strengthen
cooperation and U.S.-China relations can "definitely achieve greater
development". The two agreed to maintain close communication and
meet soon.
China has also signaled it will promote plans for regional trade
integration, vowing to seek support for a Beijing-backed Asia-Pacific
free trade area at a summit in Peru later this December.




Learn from your past and plan for your future.

If you are right you got to take a stand or else people
will run all over you
Trump delegated most of the work to people but was
in touch with them constantly with all. He always was
updated about what was done.
Ensured to managed and remove some time for family.
Respect talented people and stick with them.
Move quickly and decisively when the time is right.
If you are going to be thinking anyways, you might as
well thing big.
Size people quickly
Its not how many hours you work; its about how much
work you get done while you are working.
Next to loyalty, toughness is the most important thing
in the world.
Always under promise and over deliver.