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X-ray Diffraction

Homework 1 Solution (Chapter 1)

1. (a) Find and calculate the mass and linear absorption coefficients of lead (Pb)
under Mo K radiation. (b) Plot the ratio of transmitted to incident intensity vs.
thickness for the lead sheet under the Mo K radiation in a thickness range from 0
to 0.02 mm.

2. Filters for Co K radiation are usually made of iron oxide (Fe2O3) powder rather
than iron foil. What is the intensity ratio of Co K to Co K in the filtered beam?
Given that the density of Fe2O3 is 5.242 g/cm3, and assume the filter thickness is
0.0018 cm.

3. A copper-target x-ray tube is operated at 40,000 volts and 25 mA. The efficiency
of an x-ray tube is so low that, for all practical purposes, one may assume that all
the input energy goes into heating the target. If there were no dissipation of heat
by water-cooling or any other means of heat transfer, how long would it take for a
copper target of 100 g to melt? Note that the melting point of copper is 1083 oC,
mean specific heat is 6.65 calmol-1oC-1, latent heat of fusion is 3220 calmole-1.