10:42 pm, 6/4/2010 3rd, Mayan day 9 Offering or Water

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♥ This video Note: This one is different. I’m not putting any links in to distract from what’s here ;) ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ Blip.tv channel :) Do you realize that there are only 511 days left in the Mayan calendar? That’s pretty striking, pretty interesting. Over the several thousand years it covers - over 4 thousand, I think - it is now 99.9727% complete. Wow! That leaves .0273% left to go. Points to ponder. Now, don’t let fear arise, over this or anything else I say. Fear is just a trap, my friends. It really is time to look it right in the eye, and say Boo! I promise, it will run away. There is really nothing to it. Just a paper tiger. Now, you know the secret, by now, if you’ve been here before: enter heart space. That’s it. There’s a certain timing that’s involved, however, and you don’t wait until you’re positively terrified, facing some terrible physical danger, then all of a sudden decide it’s time to drop down into your heart. While that’s an absolutely magnificent thing to do at anytime, it works a good bit better if you get some practice with it, first. It doesn’t take much, really. Make one really good connection with heart space, and you’ll just know. You’ll know it is quite impossible for fear of any kind to come knocking in there. Ain’t happenin’ - cuz it can’t. Now, the best thing to do right now would be to drop down into heart. I feel some of you trying to understand this with your minds, and that just won’t work. This isn’t mind stuff. Sorry, I can’t

explain that. It’s just how it is. Enter the Kingdom of Heart if you want to understand this stuff, and connect with it. A real experiential ride is available to you here, if you are ready for that. You can’t force yourself, though. Either you are or you aren’t. About the only thing I’ve found we have much control and say so over is our will, and what we do with that. When you combine your will with the intent behind it, you’ve got the core of your power, right there... and it’s serious. It’s not trivial. Now, on the surface it’s going to look trivial - at first. You’re going to say, “Okay, what do I need to do to change things for myself. I want a better life. I want clairvoyance, I want intuition, I want to be able to merge with the planet, the sun, or something. Tell me what to do.” Yeah, I hear you. I hear that a lot, so let’s look at it. First of all, just who is talking, there? What part of you is asking those questions? This is critically important, because the foundation of every question is the questioner. Who is asking? This is no small question. As you may have guessed — or leaped out ahead to see — this takes us right to the “Who am I” or “What am I” question. Now there’s a big one for you. And if you think you’re going to get very far on the spiritual path, or seeking higher consciousness, without addressing this very issue, well... good luck with that. You see, you could solve all the questions, the really big ones, in Cosmos, and be nowhere, if you don’t know who you are. How is that? Well, think about it. I ask you to build me a house. You build me a house. Oh, but I forgot to tell you, I’m an ant. Yeah, the insect kind. Now, what use have I for what you built? What good is it? It gets down to perspective. Most things do, eventually... so why not start right out with that, and address it. Every question you ask refers back to you. Without some bead on the you, some definition of who, or at least what you are, then all answers are useless – well, let’s just say they’re of highly questionable value. Some of them might well be wonderful — but how can you know which ones, when they’re tethered to nothing? Who are you?

What are you? Yeah, I feel you coming unstuck, out there, beginning to float about, kind of rudderless, realizing the depth of this perspective thing - or beginning to. It’s really, really huge, my friends. It’s not just some neat, esoteric, finger-up-the-nose waste-of-time question that naked sages in Himalayan caves ask themselves endlessly. It has a bit more relevance to “real life” than that. Apologies to the cave dwellers – I know you’re relevant, too. :) Okay, it’s good that you’re floating around; coming unstuck, that’s what it is. You’re beginning to come unstuck from that oh, so solid-seeming definition of the self you came to this with. Now, admit it - you really don’t know who you are, do you? The really brave ones don’t – and, they’ll be able to admit it. That takes real guts. It scares the you-know-what out of mind. Mind is the one apparatus in our being that really wants to know things. Mind thinks that’s its mission in life – to know and to come to know things. That’s its purpose. Well, that’s fine. I’ve got nothing against that. It’s a perfectly good aim — for mind — not for you. Let that settle in just a bit — for mind, but not for you. Mind is quite welcome to go off in search of ultimate Truth, and all that. That’s fine. You can let it. You don’t have to go along for that ride, however. You already know ultimate Truth - you’ve just been hiding it from yourself. You really knew it, all along. No, don’t ask. That’s just mind. Do, please stay in the heart. Let mind wonder about things all it wants. Just allow it, but don’t get so caught up into it, see? Begin to step back, and dis-identify from your mind. If you can do this, you’ll quickly realize that mind isn’t you. Oh it is you, to the extent that it forms part of your 3D equipment. I’ll give you that. Mind is a component of your 3D experience, and a very important one, at that. Mind is not useless nor wrong nor worthless, or anything like that.

No, mind is fine. That’s not the issue. Now, settle back down into heart, and I’ll continue. Or, you can just turn it off for now; come back, later. That may be the best thing, actually. That’s how I do these things. But, for the rest of them who are either ready, or so locked into mind that they just can’t stop themselves, let’s move on. So, mind is fine. It is perfectly alright that mind goes around trying to solve all the problems of the world and the universe, trying to uncover the deepest and most exciting of understandings that exist. That is just fine. I’ve got no problem with it. Mind does that, you see. That’s how it’s designed. But stay in heart, and hear this - that’s not you. You can step back from mind, and simply watch it in action. You don’t have to participate. This is one of the most hidden yet eventually obvious secrets around. Mind is great, mind is wonderful, mind does all these really neat things – or really frustrating, ones, depending on your way of viewing it. Mind is perfectly wonderful. That’s a given. Okay, have we got that? There’s nothing wrong with mind, or with having one. Just be with that a few moments. Let it sink in. Mind is wonderful. Now, that’s one side of the coin, and a perfectly valid one. Let’s look at the other side for a few minutes. Mind is a pain in the a**. It is through mind that we get in the most trouble, both personally and collectively. It is through mind that we are easily misled. Now, let me repeat that last sentence: It is through mind that we are easily misled. Would you agree? Do you see how it’s us thinking we actually know something that so often sets us up for the fall? Murphy steps in - darn that Murphy. Ego and arrogance rest so firmly on their foundation of mind. Well, but let’s look at it just a bit closer. “It is through mind that we are easily misled.” Yes, mind is also the playground of the Illuminati, of the power elite who like to think they’re running the

whole show, on planet Earth - and they have been. Mind is their main base of operations. But let’s go even deeper than that. “It is through mind that we are easily misled.” Did you notice the duality built in to that sentence? It presumes a twoness - a you and a mind. It separates one out from the other. “It is through mind - the one - that we - the two - are so easily misled” There, I bet you’ve got it, now. I’m going to let that marinate, there within you for a while, while I take a little detour, here. Don’t worry, marinating with deep concepts is a good thing. There will be work, ongoing, there inside, while we go off and take this little detour. Why am I doing this? Why did I interrupt myself? Well, first of all, it is clear, already, that the YouTube 10-minute thing is quite shot – there’s no way this little discussion will fit into that particular container. So, to heck with it. But it’s more than that, of course. It’s because some of you have gone off into fuzzy thinking. Suddenly, you found your minds not able to work at their most efficient - you weren’t able to think clearly. I’m giving you time, here, to collect yourselves back into heart, because that’s where you need to be. No, I’m not every going to try to explain it. I don’t need to — I just know, and you do, too, on another level of your being. This is what comes of trying to screw in a screw with a hammer. Mind is the wrong tool to use to try to understand this stuff. It just doesn’t compute. And what turns up is this fuzzy thinking sort of thing. The mind seems to go to oatmeal mush, or endlessly tangled spaghetti strings, or something – anything but useful. It just fizzles out – goes out of phase, or something. Now, if you’d just let that go - whatever thoughts you were trying to have around this, just let that go, you’d be fine, again. Just plop your attention back down into your chest, empty your mind — or ignore it, more likely — and just be, for a minute. That’s all. Just let

go of all that, and just be. There’s a really fine experience here for you, to be had, if you’ll just quit fighting this, and follow instructions. I don’t bite, you know. I’m not dangerous, I promise. Put your angels on guard, if you like — say a quick little prayer, or something. That’s fine. I realize mind is really getting frightened, right about now, in more than a few of you. Please know that’s normal. Mind might even be kind of freaking out. That’s okay, too. Yes, I know this sounds frankly crazy. That’s because you’re still in the head, and not in your heart. I mean it, man. Just drop down and let the fuck go. Let go! ~~~~~~~~~~ Now, just be. That’s all. Just be. No particular thoughts, no goals, no agendas, no aims. Just pure being. No expectations, no demands, no nothing. Get used to that. Just aimless, empty being. Free as a cloud to sail around, wherever it’s blown. Just purely free. No thoughts, no tethers, no rules, no obligations, no nothing at all... Just for these few moments, let’s just be, together. Center down, deeper and deeper into that internal chest cavity — that heart space. Just put your attention there. Just be there No more than that. Now, some of you are probably getting a little dizzy, at this point. That’s okay. You’re the braver ones, perhaps. You’re able to let go sufficiently to have that non-tethered experience. Just be with it. No rush. We’re not going anywhere. We’re already right where we need to be, doing right what we need to be doing which, you guessed it — is nothing. Okay, now just observe the self. Just back off, a little, from this experience, and begin watching your self go through it. Just observe. Note any fears, any thoughts, and in particular, watch those emotions, for they’re there.

You may not be used to having these feelings, or having much of any feelings at all — especially if you’re a man — so part of you may be blocking them pretty strongly... but they’re there. Just look. You can see. You’re bigger than that. In this state, you’ve made contact with whatever it is that’s bigger than anything anyone can throw at you. You’re in charge here. Right when it may seem you’re at your weakest, your most confused or even delirious, you’re really not. Just look at that. No need to do anything. We’re not changing you, or anything like that. We’re just having a moment or two of being, and mostly people today don’t have or give themselves opportunity to just be. Always there’s doing. That endless, intense push to be doing. Not a moment to really rest, and just be. Well, we’re doing that, now. Just being. How’s it feeling? Are you getting a little bit adjusted to it, to the newness, the strangeness of just being, quite untethered to anything else, whatsoever? It’s really odd, isn’t it? It feels so odd, perhaps simply because we never give ourselves time or leisure to just let go, like this. We’re always wearing our persona, our mask, our outer personality and our roles and all that. Our lives are built around endless expectations — yours, mine, ours theirs, and those over there, who knows whose. Prisoners of expectations, both within and without. Well, that’s how we may have looked at it, up to now, but I challenge that. What if I say that it’s really not so? What then? Will your world collapse? It might, you know. Could you handle that? Are you up to it? Feel free to back out at any time. None compels, now or ever, in the Tour Guide services I provide. These are experiences, experiential trips that are offered, here. There really is a ride, and you really can come along on it, any time you like. The one requirement, if you don’t want to fall off the roller coaster,

though, is that you remain in the heart. That’s it. Everything else will pretty much take care of itself. Now, you’ve just got to attend to my voice, and just be. Those are the two main requirements. They’ll get you there. Furthermore, the “there” they get you to will be constantly changing. Nothing in heart is ever static. You’ll never have the same trip twice. Kind of hard on a Tour Guide’s mission. Makes for a pretty funny brochure, but we’ll get to that one, later. Right now I’m going to reintroduce that sentence that got us all started off on this trip, way up above. Do you remember it? “It is through mind that we are easily misled” If you are in heart now — and most of you are — you are in the proper position to examine this sentence, and the concepts it carries. At the very least, it separates us — the we — out from mind. It is through mind that we are easily misled. Just that. You are not your mind. You have a mind. You use it for certain things. It does not form the basis for your existence. It is merely a tool that you use — for you are far greater than that. The You that you are could not possibly be contained in such a puny container as anyone’s mind. I don’t care if we’re talking Einstein to the nth degree, here. Mind is not a sufficient container for man - for people. Sweet heart, You are magnificent. Mind is wonderful, and all that, like a nice fancy set of Craftsman tools are wonderful. They’re really special, there in their nice double-decker craftsman tool box. Really special. But they’re not you. You are special beyond your wildest imagination. You are special beyond special beyond any concept of special you may have. We have to break out of these boxes they’ve had us contained in for the last so many millennia. This waking up stuff is one huge deal. It’s frankly, unimaginable. Now, don’t let mind come back in — not just yet. Stay in heart for just a little while longer. Give yourself a real break from mind. Give mind a break from your constant supervision, for heaven’s

sake. You’d be amazed at the wonderful work it could do if you weren’t always breathing down its neck, all the time. Way too close, there. Just like you don’t have to beat your heart, create your new cells, or be the traffic cop for which hairs are coming and going, you don’t have to supervise your mind. It has way more fantastic powers than you give it a right to have – to be. Conscious mind is a lousy limiter on the real power of the whole, complete mind. But let’s not get off into that, into definitions of complete mind... or definitions of any kind. Definitions are limiting. They’re things of mind. Right now, we’re unlimited. Some of us are experiencing their first real taste of what real freedom feels like, unencumbered by the burdensome mind. It’s a trip, for sure. To just be. No aims, no needs, no desires, no questions, and no expectations. To just be, and be content, more than content with and in the midst of that. Pure being. This is closer to the real state, to the real being of You than you’ve been before in this lifetime, for some. Only it’s a sensing, much more than a doing, or a knowing. You just get the sense of it, of things. It’s not emotions, exactly – not that. It’s certainly not thoughts; not at all. So what is it? I don’t recommend you try to define it, because as soon as you start to do that, you’ve invited the mind right back in. We’re all addicted to mind, in a way. We think we can’t leave home without it — but we can. We can go out trippin, any time we wish, because we’re not that. We’re not tied to nor defined by mind. It’s just that what we are is something that mind can’t even approach, much less understand or define... and that drives it crazy — a little bit crazy. Well, you’re going to have to help mind get over that, because it’s one of those things that just is. It is what it is, mind, and that’s that. There’s no explaining it, no understanding it, no matter what you do, no matter how many ways you go about it. You can’t win. Now, when you get out of here, out of this state, you can choose to go

off, pursuing some of mind’s goals, chasing your tail, trying to come up with some understanding of what just happened, here. I wish you well with that. If that’s what you want to do, then do it. That may be part of the learning experience. You may have to prove it to yourself, that it just can’t be done. You will be at it for many years, though. This is no small little mountain you’re tackling, here. And do consider this: no mind has ever won the battle against this. Again, I would say you’re using a hammer to solder a circuit. Good luck with that. The thing is, though, and if you ‘learn’ anything from this exercise, let it be this — you’ve got to follow your heart. We’ve just been in an exercise to simply unplug from the mind. We just got out from under mind’s dominance of the identity, for perhaps the first time in this life, or several – or many [lifetimes]. The challenge, now, is to begin identifying mind when it’s acting. Now that you’ve had a taste of what can only be called non-mind, you know what it feels like. Oh, it will always feel different — no two experiences are ever the same — but you know what it’s like to be released from the control, the absolute rigid dominance of your mind. That is priceless. I hate to bring you out of it, but I’m going to begin to close the experience now, and bring you slowly back into mind... only not quite. Stay with me, now, and stay in heart. There’s no need to leave there, ever again. Oh, the mind will come in, and interfere with the purity of this state, again and again, it’s true. But that need not phase you; need not throw you out of heart space – out of your own heart. You can actually take up a position in this, the Kingdom of Heart, and begin to defend it, to begin to determine that this is where you’d like to be, or at least to come and explore, now and then. It’s a tough place, at first, to be functional from – functional in 3D, that is. You’re functioning on a much higher level, here; it’s just new. So at first, it may have such a strangeness to it that you’ll want to give it your full attention, and not divide that attention up with anything mundane or physical. That’s fine. It doesn’t matter.

You’re going to watch all of your values changing, now. No, don’t let that frighten you – or you’ll find yourself ousted from heart so quickly, your head will spin. No fear. Remember that – this is a place, a sacred space, really, of no fear, whatsoever. Not even a twinge. If you feel any fear, you’re not here. One of my favorite sentences, when I was just getting used to abiding in heart space was, “It is what it is.” Just that. “It is what it is” You’d be surprised at what comfort resides in those five words. It is what it is. It doesn’t matter what you, or I , or someone else, or history, or the whole world, or aliens from another planet think of anything. What is, simply is, and there’s just no arguing with that. “I don’t know,” was of course another top favorite sentence. I still use it often. That one’s so very powerful. I’ve sung its praises often enough, before, but you’ll find that, depending on the depth of your experience, here, everything you ever heard before will sound somehow different. Sometimes the differences will be subtle, and sometimes they will be readily apparent, and major differences. What you thought meant one thing, you now see meant something entirely different, perhaps having nothing at all to do with your first assumption about it. It’s mind boggling. Get used to having your mind boggled. This is a good stage, a good phase for the mind, as well. Again and again, mind is likely to want to freak out over this. It will be tempted to fear, again and again, because it’s had a planetary sized rug just pulled out from under it. Everything it thought it ever knew just went to ashes, and up in smoke. What’s a poor mind to do, anyway? My suggestion is to treat mind both firmly, and with kid gloves during this time, which — don’t ask, for there’s no telling how long the adjustment — if that’s what you call it — will take. We just can’t know. It’s different for everyone, anyway. Look at it like this: You’re getting this done ahead of the crowd. At some point in this massive awakening that we’re all going through,

with 2012 and 2013 almost upon us, and all that, everyone is going to go through this, or something similar. Well, when the masses get around to it, you will already have found your sea legs, so to speak, so you’ll make an excellent tour guide. You’ll actually be very useful, I’m betting. Just the stabilization of your consciousness that’s ongoing, right now, will be helpful to everyone else [in all of Cosmos]. We’re all far more connected than 99% of us realize, just now. The many and manifold ways that we’re one are going to freak a lot of people out. Telepathy ain’t even the half of it. There’s way more than that. But you can’t rush this stuff. It has its own pace, and it’s largely a matter of learning to go along with the flow... of learning to be danced, and to just let that be, to let that flow along. Words will frequently drive you batty, as you try to put them together to explain to someone — or even just in your journal — what’s going on with your self. What the heck just happened, for instance? Well, be cautions about going there. Watch out for mind entering in to such things. It will try to. It can’t help it. That’s what mind’s for, that’s what mind is, as far as it knows. Just be gentle with mind. Don’t be harsh or critical. You’ll do a lot of just observing. It’s the very best thing you can do, probably. I don’t know. It’s time for you to be connected with your inner Kingdom – not with me. Heck, we’re already connected, anyway. All are one, remember, but you and I are more one, especially. We’ve shared a most special experience, the experience of real oneness, outside of mind – that would be inside the Kingdom of Heart. You’ve maybe had a first taste of what that’s like, what it might be like. That’s depending on how much you were able to relax, to let go... and ultimately, to disidentify from your mind. Its a scary proposition, initially – and for quite some time, actually. Every mind is different, but it takes varying amounts of time and TLC to help mind through the transition that’s before it. It just lost dominance over your life, you see. It lost a lot more

than that, but that one is major. Mind just saw how it is no longer in control of you. It thought it had you. It thought it WAS you. So this is a major shock, a major upset for the mind. So please be generous with yourself over this. Don’t be mean or cruel to yourself in any way. No criticism or pushing and pulling of any kind is called for, here. Just a gentle beingness - that’s what we need to step up into. The whole foundation of the Kingdom of Heart is a Love so Cosmic that no words can even begin to touch it — much less contain it. You’ll be beginning to see that [Love] appearing, here and there, in your life, now. The veil’s been rent. It can’t be put back together. You’ve seen through it, and so nevermore will things be just the same for you, ever again. This is a major initiation, at least for mind, if nothing else. Try not to do too much thinking, okay? That’s part of being gentle on yourself. Whatever you are, it’s way bigger and better than just mind, so it’s time to be the kind, loving parent or guardian to mind, and don’t let it do too much tail chasing. Give it a break from the hamster cage wheel, whenever you notice it overdoing it, overtaxing itself, there. Mind must gently be introduced to the new reality, and a big component of that is that mind simply cannot understand this. There is no need to set off on an expedition to Mount Everest or Kailasa or whatever mountain mind thinks needs to be conquered. Mind is not used to being told it can’t do something. This is traumatizing. It requires a period of adjustment. This is a time of completion for you. Your use of the mind, in the old way, has come to an end. Actually, more accurately, mind was using you, but that’s neither here nor there, at this point. The point is that the old way is over. You’ve entered the new. You are and will be taking up a completely different relationship to mind in the days and times, ahead. You are finding a new you, that you perhaps didn’t even know existed. This is heady stuff. It is entirely amazing. Prepare to be amazed, again and again, endlessly.

Think back to my journals, now, where you’ve heard me say, again and endlessly again, “What is new, what is different, now, today? What has changed since yesterday?” How constantly I would say this. How constantly I was amazed, completely amazed at the changes taking place, and at the ever newness of life, presenting itself before me. It’s never-ending — at least, that’s how it has seemed, to me. But don’t expect anyone else’s experience to mirror yours. You are unique, and it is not possible that another being, anywhere, could be having your experience. You’re the only one qualified to do that. It’s strictly up to you, what you do with that... or rather, I hope, what you don’t do with it. Just let it be. You’re a being, now, not a doing. I could go on and on, endlessly, with this, and some of you need to go on and do other things. Stay in heart as much as you are able. Let that be your constant desire and intent – to occupy heart space, to live up to the highest and best you can conceive. Let that drive you, for a while. Let it do so, in place of the mind. The mind is learning to take a back seat, for a time. Whether it may, at some point, come back up into the passenger seat, and ride next to you, or closer to you, once again, is a moot point. It doesn’t matter. It isn’t possible to know. Don’t waste any time on it. It is what it is, will be what it will be, and it doesn’t matter what you think of that. It just is. You are a sovereign, a king or a queen, now. You have just stepped up to your throne, and sat down for a short while in it. I won’t ask you “what do you think?” because I don’t care. Pretty soon you won’t care, or care so much what you think, either. It just doesn’t matter so much anymore... if it matters at all. You just don’t see things the same, any more. Don’t expect to. I recommend you journal at least some of this. Do what you can to get some of it down either on paper or electronically, in some way. Your conscious state will be somewhat — or even quite — variable, for the foreseeable future. Just remember to go with the flow, and stay in the heart.

You might want to make yourself stickers, to put special phrases on, to help anchor you to this state, as you go forward. At times it will seem very much like Alice in Wonderland or through the looking glass. It will all seem so strange. Well, get this — that is mind, experiencing that. That is not you. This is not at all strange to you. You are not that, remember. That is a part of you, a component or tool that you use, but you are not mind. It is mind that will be having the challenges with all of this. It is mind that feels threatened by it. It is mind who feels it’s had its throne and dominion pulled out from under it. It is mind that is having, maybe, a hard time with some of this. So just be gentle, be loving with you, and with mind. Be merciful, my friends. Be kind. Be kind to yourself. Do your very best to be true to the highest and best in you – of you. It’s time to start letting that part reign, and be in charge, for a change. Time to kick the usurper off the throne, but do it respectfully. Remember, mind is not the enemy. So, I’ll close with our little sentence, that began this whole journey, in a way, and it’s this: “It is through mind that we are easily misled.” Just be alert. Thank you. Namaste. ~~~~~~~~~~~ TAGS journal, awaken or enlighten, trip experience, Kingdom of Heart, fear, drop down, question and questioner, who am I, higher consciousness, spiritual path, Source or God, perspective or vision, disidentify from mind, Illuminati or controllers, duality and separation, attention and intent, aimless empty nothing, observe or watch, expectations, beyond imagination, definitions, addicted to mind, boggled, tour guides, Love and Light, sovereign reign

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