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Name_________________________ Date__________________

5th Grade STEM Projects

Each nine weeks you will be responsible for doing an activity that connects you with the
wonderful world of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

There are different

activities to choose from. You will need to complete one activity each nine weeks. Each activity
will be graded using the STEM Rubric you have been given.

You will have several weeks to

complete the activity, but dont wait until the last minute to complete the work. These projects
are at home projects.

Parents and family members are encouraged to assist you with the

research and learning experience.

Each nine weeks, you will receive a packet with different

activities. You will need to let me know which activity you will be working on. You may turn in
your project before the due date, if you finish it ahead of time.
***Students are responsible for keeping this packet and will not be given any
additional copies. This project can

be found on the FOCUS website if students

misplace their copy. ***

Please check off all the parts that you have completed and respond to the questions.


My STEM project is completed on time. It is due:

December 9, 2016.
I have listed the number of the activity, my name, and the date.
I have given a reason that I chose this activity.
I have explained what I did and how I did it.
I have summarized what I learned. My work is neat and has been checked

for spelling and grammar.

______ My activity shows planning and organization.
_______I have represented my findings in the correct for way for my specific technology
My project took me about ____________________________ hours/days to complete.
Who helped me with this project and how did they help?
Is there anything you could do to improve on this activity? Please explain.

This is a list of the second nine weeks Technology Activities. Choose only one.
Parents must sign below the project their child wants to do. Once signed, students
must not change to another project.
1. Interview 2 people from two different generations. It can be an older sibling/cousin/friend,
someone who is 16-21
years old and a parent, or it can be a parent and a grandparent. Ask
them the following questions plus 3 of your own and present your answers on a PowerPoint or as
a written report. Questions and answers must be shown. Be sure your summary paragraph
compares the two generations answers.

What was the first piece of technology you remember using?

Which of todays technology is the most challenging for you to use?
What do you like the most about using technology, what do you like the least?
What technology do you use on a daily basis that you did not have as a child?
How do you think technology will change in the next 10 years?
___________________________________ Parent signature

2. Create a movie using Windows Moviemaker that illustrates the history of your favorite
technology. Your movie must be at least 5 minutes long and contain the following:

titles and captions
actual photographs as well as photographs from internet sites
visual effect
You will be provided with written directions for using Windows Moviemaker if you
decide to do this project.
___________________________________ Parent signature

3. Create a timeline that illustrates the evolution of the Cell Phone. This can be a poster or a
PowerPoint. Your
timeline should begin in 1973 and end in 2015. It should include a
minimum of 15 specific dates with written details showing major changes and updates to this
technology, pictures, and a title. Students who choose this project should check with their teacher
for correct timeline organization.
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4. Create an animated PowerPoint that reports on how technology is used in education. This
project should include:

A minimum of 10 slides, not including the Title slide. Each slide must have some type of
animation and sound. Be sure your animation and sound enhance and support your
Pictures with detailed captions explaining how the technology is used in schools
slide transition

different slide layouts

This website has an easy to follow tutorial to help get you started:
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5. Using the results from a survey conducted at school, students will create an Excel
Spreadsheet and 2 different types of graphs. Students will ask their classmates as well as
students in one other class the following question: Which type of technology do you use most
often; a hand-held electronic game, a cell-phone, a tablet or a desk-top computer? Students
must create a survey sheet with which to tally results. This will be turned in along
with a copy of the spreadsheet and both graphs. The summary paragraph should include
an analysis of the results. Students who choose this project will get a set of instructions for
using Excel.

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STEM Rubric
Make sure you have completed all of these requirements
to receive full credit for your project!
Name: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________
Poster or PowerPoint with name, date, project number, Title

5 points_______

Reason that this project was chosen

4 point ________*

(1 paragraph written)

Explanation of what you did & how you did it (1 paragraph written) 4 points ________*
Summary; what you learned (1 paragraph written)

4 points ________*

Neatly done with few or no spelling errors

4 points________

Activity shows planning and organization- took some time to complete

2 points ________

Project turned in on time

2 points________

Oral presentation of the activity (tell/ show what you did)

5 points________

(30 possible points)

Total points________


*** These 3 paragraphs make up almost half of your grade. They must be well-written
and include specific details.