PS 46:1

Dear Friends and Family,
Ivory Soap used to advertise with this slogan,
“Ivory Soap is 100 % Pure.” Now, that I’ve been
around a lot longer, I have noticed the word
“Pure” is sometimes applied to anything that is
uncontaminated, unclean and/or without dross or
refined to its original state.

Blessed: Being blessed is not temporary or a
feeling of happiness. This is a state of well-being
and belonging to those who are in an intimate
relationship to God.
“They shall see His Face, and His Name will be on
their foreheads.” Revelation 22:4

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see
God.” Matthew 5:8

It will be the greatest blessing for those who are
on this pursuit to see God because when they
enter heaven, God will look upon His redeemed
people with favor and delight and they will be full
of peace and joy!

When the Refuge staff
teaches or counsels the
residents and community
counselees, we strive to keep
our words free of lies,
flattery, exaggerations and
insincerity as the Bible teaches. And, we pray for His
power, wisdom and love to
flow through us imperfect
beings to those who are seeking God’s will in their lives.

This Easter season was a beautiful time at the
Refuge and especially for
welcomed two of our
daughters down “to help”
their Mama after my hand
surgery. Another daughter
is coming this month to
check up on me. I do not
deserve such a loving
family who constantly
forgives my busy-ness.

Heart: Proverbs refers to the heart as being the
center of one’s inner life and orientation to God
from which a person does all thinking, feeling, and

Now, during these winter months in Vero Beach,
we also are enjoying our friends down from the
north. Please make plans to attend one of our
luncheons at the Refuge while you’re here. Thanks
again to all the physicians, our sponsors and to
almost 100 people who were in attendance at our
Annual Physicians’ Luncheon. God blessed us with
pure joy!
Serving and loving Him with you all,

Pure: Greek definitions:
modest, perfect and clean”



“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow
the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23
The pure in heart are those who pursue purity and
right standing with God. Many women come to
the Refuge in search of the answers to the worldly
pursuits that are affecting every area of their lives.


We eken d Retr e at

Volunteer Spotlight
We are so grateful for our many volunteers who give so
much of their time and talents to help this ministry run.
Recently we had a wonderful group of men from Christ By
The Sea pressure clean and paint the
exterior of our buildings. Shown here
are Jim Seaton, Phil
Marshall and John
Miller doing the last
of the touch up to
shutters. It was a
beautiful day and
we were blessed by
the hard work and
great attitudes of
John Miller
these men. If you
desire to be
the Women’s
Phil Marshall
Refuge, please
contact our office. These are just
a few areas you can help: Resale
Store, Office, Events, Fundraising
and Workdays. Find out more by
calling 772-770-4424.
Jim Seaton

A weekend retreat provides a time for women to get away
from the stress of work, family and life to focus on renewing their relationship with God. The retreat begins on
Thursday evening May 19th and ends Saturday afternoon
May 21st. During the weekend we have teachings on:

Identity in Christ



Anger Management

Temperament Analysis

Additionally each woman is offered individual counseling
sessions. We are pleased to offer these weekend retreats
for Christian Women’s groups, mothers and adult
daughters, as well as individuals. Cost is $100. Call today
to reserve a weekend for you or your group.


People from all over our community have found our
many support groups helpful in healing from past
woundedness. Under a caring facilitator, they are
given the opportunity to share with and encourage
each other in a safe environment.
Overcomers is held every Monday evening from
7—8:30 pm. Women are invited to join at any time.
Anger Management will start Friday, May 13th at 3-5
pm for six weeks. Cost is $30 including book.
Shelter from the Storm, a women's support group for
survivors of sexual abuse begins April 6th at 3-5 pm for
12 weeks on Wednesdays. Cost is $50 including book.
Conquering Codependency a 12 week class starting
June 29th for 12 weeks from 3-5 pm on Wednesdays.
Cost is $50 including book.
A Bible study is held every Friday morning from 8:3010am. Free and all are welcome.

Pictured front row: Dr. Diego Maldonado, Dr. Edward Murphy,
Dr. Patrick Ottuso, Dr. Raul Storey and Dr. Cara Yergen; back
row - Dr. Ray Della Porta, Dr. Katharine Lum, Dr. Alan Durkin
(Premier Sponsor), Dr. Nancy Cho and Dr. John Atwater

Woman’s Refuge of Vero Beach held its 17th annual
Physician’s Symposium and Luncheon at Quail Valley
River Club on March 4, 2016. A prestigious panel of local
doctors answered audience generated questions, moderated by Dr. Alan Durkin of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery,
the event’s premier sponsor and coordinator. A full
house of attendees helped make this the most successful
luncheon to date for Women’s Refuge.
We love sharing what God is doing here at the Women’s Refuge.
If you want to be removed from our mailing list or prefer to
receive it via email, please contact our office so we can
accommodate you. womensrefugevb@att.net ● 772-770-4424