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Turtle Mountain Petition of January 7, 1891

This document lists the signatories to the Turtle Mountain Band Land Claim of January 7,
1891. In the document they appoint John B. Bottineau, Attorney and Turtle Mountain
Band member as counselor and attorney for the band.
Ayabe-way-we-tung, Little Shell, Head Chief, age 50

Chief Little Shell (State Historical Society of North Dakota B-307)

Tebish-koo-go-shik, Red Bear, 2nd Chief, age 59

Chief Red Bear (State Historical Society of North Dakota A-6743)

Mesko-pe-naice, Red Thunder, Sub-Chief, age 87

Chief Red Thunder (State Historical Society of North Dakota D-498)

Kah-giunee-was, Son of Red Thunder, a Brave, age 28
Way-windje-gah-bow, Le grot Affair, Sub-Chief, age 58
Osh-kee-na wince, age 28
Pay-bah-mash, age 30
Sas-swain, Henri Poitra, age 50, b. 1841
Boinance, Jean Baptiste Davis, age 71, b. 1820
Kag-kay-dway-was-kung, William Davis, age 68, b. 1823
Signatories: Alphabetical

Allarie, Louis, b. 1857

Baston, Alexander Wah-poohk, b. 1865
Bonneau, Magloire, b. 1852
Bouvier, Cassimire, b. 1847
Dauphinais, Francois, b. 1846
Davis, Alexander, b. 1855
Davis, Francis Na-pugg, b. 1873
Davis, Jean Baptiste Jr. b. 1850
Davis, Jerome Nah-pugg-ozhoo-gan, age 41, b. 1850
Davis, Louis Kay-payshk, b. 1858
Delorme, Bernard, b. 1856
Demontigny, Charles Pah-pe-tchee, b. 1831
Demontigny, Patrice, b. 1855
Desnarios, Joseph, b. 1836
Ducharme, Laurent, b. 1861
Falcon, Elie, b. 1847
Falcon, Jobe, b. 1855
Fayant, Louis J. Odjoon, b. 1828
Fayant, St. Pierre, b. 1870
Flamand, Peter, b. 1864
Fleuri, Joseph, b. 1827
Fleurie, Andre Tchee-Kanie, b. 1862
Flueri, William, b. 1870
Godon, Louis Osh-pih-kah-kahn, age 54, b. 1837
Grandbois, Patrice, b. 1863
Grandbois, Paul, b. 1863
Gunville (Gonneville), Alexis, b. 1809
Hollard, William, b. 1867
Jannotte, Aleck, b. 1872
Jannotte, Alex Ahk-ew-win-ne-ne b. 1838
Jannotte, Cuthbert Big-gee, b. 1869
Jannotte, Gaspard Osh-kee-nee-gy b. 1862
Jannotte, Joseph, b. 1867
Jannotte, Pierre Nob-bance, age 60, b. 1831
Jeannotte, Jean Baptiste, b. 1855
Jeannotte, John Ka-Pisississit, b. 1873
La Rocque, Alex Kah-hag-Kamihk, b. 1849
Lafontaine, Louis, b. 1847
LaFontaine, Peter, b. 1867
Lafournaise, Patrice, b. 1866
Lafreniere, Leon, b. 1857
Langan, Francois, b. 1844
Langan, Joseph, b. 1856
Langen, Diome, b. 1857
Langie, Jean Baptiste Coton-nah-hais b. 1842

Langie, Jean Baptiste, b. 1856

Larocque, Olivier Pe-kins-see, b. 1863
Laroque, James Pah-pihk, b. 1866
Lavallee, Louis We-don, b. 1859
Laverdure, Pierre Opoh-quay-shekan-omah-kah-mino-she-yit b. 1838
Laviolette, Albert, b. 1871
Laviolette, Charles Sho-nanim, b. 1852
Laviolette, Jacob, b. 1871
Laviolette, Jean Baptiste Wah-poos, b. 1827
Lefort, Augustine, b. 1867
Malleterre, Jerome b. 1850
Malleterre, Zacharie b. 1858
Morin, Alexandre, b. 1836
Morin, Antoine, b. 1833
Morin, Francois Kah-gan-aish, b.1836
Morin, Isidore, b. 1870
Morin, Jean Baptiste b. 1879
Morin, Louis, b. 1842
Morin, Roger, b. 1864
Morrisseau, Joseph In-nini-wish b. 1871
Morrisseau, Patrice, b. 1863
Mulliaterre, Napoleon, b. 1867
Patenaud, Charles In-ne-ne-wish, b. 1837
Patenaud, Cuthbert Sag-ge-mais, b. 1834
Patenaude, Francois, b. 1867
Patenaude, Samson, b. 1869
Paul, Joseph, b. 1868
Poitra, Bastien, b. 1851
Poitra, Charles, b. 1866
Poitras, Joseph Kah-ge-zheh-kadt, 1863
Poitras, Joseph Tchee-gasson, b. 1858
Poitras, Napoleon, b. 1870
Richard, Hyacinth, b.1865
Richard, Louis, b. 1837
Richard, William Poikine, b. 1867
Ross, Charles (fils), b. 1869
Ross, Charles b. 1834
Ross, William Too-toosh, b. 1872
Short, Daniel, b. 1863
Short, Roderick, b. 1860
Slater, James, b. 1849
Soine, Francois, b. 1864
St. Germain, Andre Wah-be-de, b. 1839
St. Germain, Pierre, b. 1866
St. Jermain, France, b. 1867
Swan, Frederick Boyish, b. 1855

Zaste, Alexandre, b. 1841

Pierre Laverdure
Charles Bottineau
Henri, Poitrat

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute