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On Saturday, November 5, 2016, California State Senator Joel Anderson of
California’s 38th District named nonprofit organization Embrace
( Founder, Sean Sheppard, a California State Hero.
Sean was 1 of approximately 15 other “heroes” to be recognized and receive a
California State Senate Proclamation.
38th District constituent Daisy Tate proposed the idea to honor California
Heroes, which eventually became Senate Concurrent Resolution 97. The
legislation’s measure is the first in the nation to annually recognize a specific
month as California Heroes Month. The resolution is a way to honor local
everyday heroes in the California community. Senator Anderson’s website
defines these heroes as those who actively take selfless actions to help their
neighbor in need, and inspire others to become involved as well.

Sean Sheppard receiving a California Heroes Month award from Senator Joel Anderson

Sean was recognized for the 13 years Embrace has mobilized college students to
serve less fortunate members of civilian and veteran communities by serving
homeless veterans and civilians and remodeling the homes of disabled veteran
home owners. Sean was nominated by Dr. Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer
at San Diego State.

Sean Sheppard with Senator Joel Anderson and San Diego State University Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Aaron

“Superman’s most critical characteristic was not his superhuman strength, it
was his willingness to help people in need,” said Sheppard. “With that, I am
extremely humbled to be considered worthy to be among such inspirational
people who have also devoted their lives to effectively help people in need. I
wouldn’t be recognized, and I wouldn’t be leading an organization, without
tens of thousands of volunteers deciding over the years that Embrace was the
organization through which they serve the community. ”
Thanks to Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the Home Depot Foundation, SDG&E and
the Jack In The Box Foundation, at the time of this release, Sean is currently
leading an effort with the Home Depot Foundation to remodel the home of a
disabled Navy Veteran in Escondido, CA, Embrace’s 11th such remodel.
This Sunday, November 20, 2016 Sean will be leading Embrace's second
annual Stretch 4 Vets event that raises funds for their home remodel program,
Healing Our Heroes' Homes. To donate please click here.

About Embrace

Founded in 2000, Embrace uses community service to bring diverse groups of people
together to bring about social wellness in our society. The organization focuses on
the utilization of college students and recent graduates to develop their leadership
qualities and remedy community problems such as health disparities and homelessness on
a volunteer basis. Founder Sean Sheppard's ultimate goal is to bring about legislation that
makes community service mandatory for all college students that attend state funded
institutions of higher education.

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