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A Cinderella Story
By: Taylor Piesco

Once upon on a time, in a far, far away land

Okay maybe Tampa isnt that far and there are no castles But anyway

This young boy named Nathan started his junior year at USF in an Organic
Chemistry class with 400 students.

One day a cute girl named Kristin started to notice Nathan in class and
thought he was cute.

The only issue was that they could never be together, because they were so incredibly different.
Nathan was incredibly popular, and the quarterback on the Football Team, while Kristin did
nothing but study, and spent every spare moment that she had in the library.

Kristin longed to spend time with the Football players, and would cheer for
them at every game, but how would they notice her in a crowd of thousands?

While sitting in the library after the first day of classes, Kristin got a text that
had been sent out to all the students with a GPA over 3.5, inviting her to a
formal event the next day, where she could mingle with other smart
students. A Facebook link was included in the text.

Figuring that it wouldnt hurt to meet other high achievers, Kristin marked
herself as Going on the page. It might be exciting, and it wouldnt hurt her
to leave the library once in a while.

That night, Kristin set out her cutest outfit for the next day, snapping a selfie and putting it on her
Snapchat Story. She was so excited, and just couldnt wait.

That next morning, Kristin went out for an early morning run, just to rid her
of her nerves about that night.

She returned to her dorm, sweating and panting, red-faced. She heard peals
of cruel laughter through her suite door. Pushing her door open, she saw all
of her clothes, including the outfit that she had so carefully laid out for that
night laying on the floor, ripped and in tatters.

Running into her room, she cried and cried, her red face growing even
redder. Her roommate burst into the room after class, stopping in her tracks
when she saw Kristin. Pulling her into a hug, her roommate dried her tears.
Theyre all just mean people. She consoled Kristin. Look, you can borrow
some of my clothes.

Kristin borrows clothes and goes to the event.

Hes there, but she drops out of Orgo because her scholarships hadnt come

He goes through the whole Facebook event, looking for her, but shes
deactivated her Facebook as she feels so bad about the fact that all her
friends are in school and shes jealous.

But her friend hears about his search, and gives him her number.

He texts her, and she texts him back.

They now have a 20 day Snapchat streak

Nathan snapped her and told her to meet him after the football game so they
could finally meet.

Kristin waited for an hour and was about to give up and go home when it
started raining.

Suddenly he walked out and ran to her and kissed her.

Then they lived happily ever after.

The Cinder Maid (Europe)

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Cinderella is a timeless tale that has been retold in many different
ways. The two versions of Cinderella mentioned above and my version have
two main things in common. The first thing that they have in common is that
they all have a young woman who less fortunate than the others around her.
The second thing that they both have in common are that the young woman
and young man meet at a dance or ball. Throughout writing my story, I tried
to make the story as modern as possible. Many fairy tales tend to appeal to a
younger audience but when I was planning mine I wanted to appeal to my
age group.
My story is a wonder tale. The plot of my story is very simple and direct
to make sure my reader is not getting lost in details and their imaginations
are able to run wild. My language helps aid the oral tradition of the tradition
Cinderella story. The message of the story is that against all odds love will
find a way. The illustrations add to the story because it helps those who are
not similar with verbiage used understand the story. All three stories that I
read were written in cultural norms from the culture it was written in. My
story was also written in cultural norms from the culture it was written in, my