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Diamond 53

Bulk Carrier Design

Classification by DNV

Main features
DIAMOND 53 is a new generation, geared,
wide hatched, 54,000 DWT Handymax Bulk
Carrier with double hull.
Designed to accommodate the latest trends
and developments within the Handymax
bulk carrier trade, extensive focus has been
dedicated to:

Seaworthy and efficient

hull lines
Optimised hull lines
Minimum power required and fuel
Efficient rudder and skeg design
Very good manoeuvrability and
excellent course stability

Crew comfort

Efficient cargo handling

Spacious and well designed

accommondation for maximum crew

4 sets of level luffing cargo cranes

prepared for grab operation

Accommodation for 25 persons

Cargo crane SWL of 36 tonnes

End-folding, double skin,
hydraulically operated cargo hold
hatch covers

Easy and fast cargo

discharge and hold cleaning

Environmentally friendly

Maintenance friendly

Wide range of cargo


Low emission machinery

Heavy fuel oil stored in deep tanks in
engine room with cofferdams towards
ship side to minimise risk of oil spill

Permanent access for survey of

steel structure

All typical bulk cargoes

Double side and corrugated cargo

hold bulkheads provide flush holds
to ensure easy and fast discharge
and cleaning

Double hull provide a secondary barrier against accidental water ingress

Ballast piping and valves arranged in

double bottom pipe duct for easy
access and minimum maintenance

Superior steel coil loading (2 tier of 25

tonnes per coil in all cargo holds)

Wide hatches for easy cargo spotting

Permanent cargo hold lighting

Service piping arranged in wing tank

pipe duct to minimise maintenance
and risk of cargo damage
2 coat epoxy paint system in ballast tanks

Engine room bulkhead A60 insulated

Forecastle provides green water

protection and reserve bouyancy
Protected underdeck passage to
Hullgirder and transverse bulkheads
strengthend to withstand cargo hold

economical operation / maintenance

environmental friendliness
loading flexibility and robustness
future regulations for Bulk Carriers

Diamond 53 has been designed by Carl Bro

following extensive consultations with DNV
for structural and regulatory issues and
Graig from an operational view to secure a
balance between theoretical and commercially practical aspects.


3d illustrations and layout:

General arrangement



Service speed (Scantling draft; incl. 15% sea margin)

14.0 knots

HFO consumption (LCV 40.200 kJ/kg, +5% tolerance) :

M/E consumption
AUX/E consumption

30.9 t/day
2.5 t/day

Total consumption at sea

33.4 t/day

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