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Abbie Voorhies

Media Plan Assignment

Media Plan for Greenstar Bikes to Reach “Super Greenies”
Target Segmentation Summary
Target Psychographic Summary

Strong desire to buy luxury items that are better for
the environment

Enjoys being outside, doing activities that are ecofriendly

Enjoys gardening, bicycling, staying active and

Desire to have second homes

Enjoys online news information and being up to date
with local and current events

Target’s Demographic Summary

Gender: Male/or Female: Gravitates toward

Martial Status: Married

Age Range: (35-50) Generation X

HH Income: $100,000 +

Education: Advanced education, multiple degrees,
current and up to date on local events

Target’s Geographic Summary

1st DMA: Portland, OR
2nd DMA: San Diego, CA
3rd DMA: Denver, CO

Analysis of Greenstar Bikes
Company Overview
The client for this research is Greenstar Bikes. Greenstar Bike’s
overall mission is to “build and manufacture affordable, quality
Bamboo bikes using environmentally and socially responsible materials
and practices” (Greenstarbikes). The company focuses their business
around their core values, which are “social responsibility,
environmental stewardship, high quality yet affordable”
(Greenstarbikes). The company believes in following their core values
so strongly and that is why they have matched Bamboo material to
help connect what they believe to what their customers want.
Greenstar Bikes started developing their process of building
handmade bikes out of Bamboo during the timeframe of fall 2010.
There are four main reasons based off their core values as to why
Greenstar Bikes chose to start with the material of Bamboo.
The first reason is “exceptional properties” (Greenstarbikes).
Bamboo is “lighter than steal, stronger and more cost effective than
aluminum and just as light as carbon” (Greenstarbikes). Because of
the exceptional properties, Bamboo gives riders a smoother
transportation as it releases natural vibrations while still being
responsive to the rider.

The second reason is the material is Eco-friendly. It is fast
growing grass that can grow up to three feet in a single day. Farmers
can harvest the grass every year unlike tress that can only be
harvested every 10-15 years (Greenstarbike). Bamboo is “clean
growing” the only thing Bamboo needs is “dirt, water, and sun”
(Greenstarbikes). The plant is good for the soil as it grows the same
way a person’s law would grow. With that being said it prevents “soil
erosion, reverses soil depletion and benefits the entire ecosystem”
(Greenstarbikes). The best part about Bamboo is that it can continue to
keep growing after you cut off what you need. It does not need to be
chopped or dug up after using the plant just one time. It can be used
multiple times.
The third reason is that it is socially responsible. The practice of
farming Bamboo does not harm the environment. Again all Bamboo
needs is dirt, water and sunlight. There is no large machinery required
when harvesting Bamboo, which cuts down pollution. The grass is very
low maintenance. There is no “plowing, no reseeding and no soil
reclamation” (Greenstarbikes). Bamboo is known to help breathing
according the Greenstar Bikes as it said to be one of the best carbon
dioxide absorbing plant in the world (Greenstarbikes). It is socially
responsible as every person growing Bamboo helps better the
ecosystem whiling making revenue and not destroying the
environment all at the same time.

The last main reason is that it is one of kind. It is simply
“uniquely beautiful” (Greenstarbikes). The natural wood grain in every
Greenstar bike is different. There is no bike exactly like any other
Bamboo bike. The bike is clean, and well designed with natural effects.
The bike also produces “rich” colors to help attract consumers with the
harmony of the wood grain. The bike comes in green, blue, and white.
The colors portray earth colors to help connect consumers to the bike.
After final consideration of the material Bamboo, the company’s
first shot at actually building their product; Bamboo bike was in 2012.
Greenstar Bikes chose to start with a hybrid road/mountain bike to get
better results as the bike could then be placed in many different
environments to see all the functions the bike entails from different
The company continued to improve and advanced their practices
as they hit round two of the building process of the Bamboo bike. The
main focus in round two was the cost. Was their target audience going
to be able to afford this ecofriendly enjoyable ride? Greenstar Bikes
started to overcome many barriers time after time whiling keeping cost
in the back of their mind. The company started to dig around and find
ecofriendly materials that could start replacing parts in the bike. They
started with “aluminum lugs.” Unfortunately the company did not
strive from that result. The bike part, the “locks in place” or is the “rear
axle” often called the chain stay was to “squishy” for their liking. The

bike needed to be more sturdy and stiff while still being responsive to
its rider (John).
The company continued to strive for success as they hit round
three of the building process of the Bamboo bike in the winter of 2012
(Greenstarbikes). The next material used to keep cost down was
recycled aluminum for certain parts of the bike. This was entitled to
help create a greater result in stiffness and responsive function. This
allowed the Bamboo to distribute natural vibrations (Greenstarbikes).
The final step to complete the building of the Bamboo bike was to
practice and test the frame through many different fatigue and stress
test that the company could possibly take the bike through
(Greenstarbikes). The bike was then completed as mentioned before in
the winter of 2012.
The company sells two kinds of bikes which are, single speed and
hybrid. The names of the two bikes are Ecoforce 1 and EcoCross
Hybrid. The main product the analysis will be over will be the singlespeed Ecoforce 1 Bamboo bike.

Ecoforce 1
Ecoforce 1 is a single speed bike. The bike is made out of
Bamboo material that has reversible rear hubs that are fixed-geared.
The bike comes in three colors, blue, green, and white. The colors are
earth tones, which relate well to their target audience of super

greenies who love their earth. The bike also comes in four different
sizes. This reversible rear hub that switches to a fixed gear bicycle lets
the rider increase his or her maneuverability and the lightness of their
bike. The bike is also more mechanically and environmental efficient
because there are fewer parts resulting in the single geared. The fixedgear gives the rider more “direct” power that transfer from the rider to
the bicycle.
The Ecoforce 1 has a very stiff frame thanks to the Bamboo
material. The Bamboo material allows for a smoother transportation as
it releases natural vibrations rather than steel or other materials. The
material is also affordable and Eco-friendly which is why this bike is
driven for eco-friendly, super greenie bike riders. The bike is
lightweight so their consumers to do not have to haul around a heavy
object. The frames weigh less than four pounds. The entire bike itself
weight about 20 pounds.
Greenstar Bikes list a chart for Ecoforce 1 that provides different
height measurements and frame sizes to help connect a cyclist to their
personal own Bamboo Ecoforce 1 bike. The chart also provides a
cyclist the geometry of the bike and certain angles and standpoints a
cyclist would normally perform.
The Ecoforce 1 bike ranges from $499+ but the average seems
to be $500 (Markham). A competitors review from Tree Hugger named
Derek claims this new Bamboo bike could be everlasting key to a

“reliable, affordable, sustainable transportation” (Markham). A review
from Philip on the site listed the Bamboo bike to be 5 stars along with a
strong emphasis on Lightweight and a great price (Markham).
Ecoforce 1 Target Audience: “Super Greenies”
Super Greenies are individuals who partake in “10 or more green
actives, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries, or re-using
grocery store bags on a regular basis” (Scarborough). They are highincome consumers who like to spend their money on luxury items that
are Eco-friendly and help keep them active, healthy, and up to date on
local and current news and events (Scarborough). Super Greenies tend
to live in cities like Portland, San Diego, and Denver because they can
enjoy the outdoors and activities that involve being outside in the
environment. Those cities tend to have warm weather, which is great
for bicycling.
Psychographic Elements of “Super Greenies”
Psychographic elements are the driving force of the target
audience. Super Greenies like to spend their money on luxury items.
They are the top spenders in all retail categories according to the
article by Scarborough. Super Greenies purchase major household
items which include high priced TV’s, cameras, mattresses which are
all top of the line luxury items. The targeted area in which Super
Greenies seem to spend most of their money on is cosmetics,

perfumes, and skin care. These individuals spend $500 plus on certain
goods and luxuries than the average adult in just that category.
Super Greenies like to take care of the environment and their
health. They enjoy going to the gym and being active outside along
with giving back to the community. They rank more than the average
person to belong to a gym along with consuming food that is healthy
for you. The drinks that Super Greenies drink are normally naturally
healthy. Tea ranks to be 139 in the Scarborough chart. They are 90%
more likely to volunteer than the average adult.
The individuals relax by taking in cultural and outdoor activities.
The number one activity Super Greenies partake in according he
Scarborough is gardening. The next highest activity is volunteering
which trickles behind at 50%. These unique individuals also enjoy art
museums and live theatre as it ranks the highest in the chart of
Super Greenies find ways to transport themselves without
hurting the environment. They are three times more likely to bike than
the average adult. Driving is still the highest transportation for Super
Greenies. The Scarborough chart explains that 93% drive, 18% bike,
13% carpool, 12% take the bus and 7% find a taxi (Scarborough). An
interesting find is that more than half, 71% of Super Greenies are more
likely to have or purchase a foreign luxury vehicle (Marketingcharts).

Super Greenies like to be involved in their community along with
volunteering. They are likely to be Politically active and likely to vote.
They strive off of knowing the current and local events and news
(Scarborough). They seem to be very Democratic but the next highest
ranking is Independent but still drifts close to Democratic. The
reasoning behind putting voter data in the psychographic area is
because voting partakes in what Super Greenies are interested in and
how they view and focus their belief over certain topics. As mentioned
before Super Greenies like to be involved as they are three times more
likely to be involved contribute to political organizations or clubs more
than the average adult (Scarborough).
Super Greenies are heavy online users. They like to spend time
on the Internet and have digital high end products. According to the
article in marketing charts. Many of them get their local and current
information online. 69% of Super Greenies have checked the local
weather just in the past 30 days more than 51% more than the
average person. They enjoy outdoors so they like to be current with
the weather to plan their activates outside. Super Greenies check the
local traffic online, which results in 231% higher than the average rate
Super Greenies love their Facebook as they rank 51% more likely
than the average adult to visit their Facebook in the past 30 days
(Scarborough). The next highest social share Super Greenies rank high

in is LinkedIn. They are jut about three times more likely to use
LinkedIn than the average adult (Scarborough). The three lowest social
medias are MySpace, Twitter and Plaxo (Scarborough). They enjoy
being up to date as the charts from Scarborough show but not much of
a drama invested person as MySpace, Twitter and Plaxo rank low. They
like to find their local news, weather and information quickly. They do
not like to consume their daily life wrapped up on social media content.
They would much rather be enjoying the outdoors.
Super Greenies find their information online as it was stated
above but they also enjoy daily life TV channels. The number one top
rated channel that Super Greenies watch from the Scarborough article
is the cooking channel. The other TV shows relate to the news, for
example MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN (Scarborough). Although you wont
find Super Greenies burring themselves in channels like Hulu as much
as actually going to a movie theatre or art museum. They like to go out
and be involved. They only spend 12% visiting Hulu website compared
to visiting Newspaper websites that keep them up to date with their
local news.
Demographic Elements of “Super Greenies”
According to class notes the Census Bureau collects data on individuals
that relate to demographic characteristics. For example they gather
information over gender, race, income, age range, marital, income,
and level of education. The article from Scarborough states that Super

Greenies tend to be members of the Generations X. The age range for
them is 35-50 (Scarborough). The source Mohai, stated that Super
Greenies are geared to be more females than males. Super Greenies
can be women or men though there was no strong distinct separation.
The article from Scarborough said that Super Greenies are found
to buy more expensive cosmetic items, which results to why Super
Greenies are geared toward the female side. Gender and martial status
did not rank as high in numbers of being significant during my research
as much as income and education. It is who is willing to pay more to
protect the environment and people who have more money often result
in paying more to protect the environment.
Super Greenies are very well educated. They rank to be the
highest individuals with multiple degrees or advanced education. They
also like to keep their money in check so they have the luxury of
buying the top end eco-friendly items. They are more likely than the
average human to be the country’s top income earners (Scarborough).
Many will find Super Greenies purchasing a second home, as it is a
desired want. The reasoning behind placing the desire to have a
second home in demographic is because Super Greenies find they
gravitate towards warmer weather so they can be outside and enjoy
the environment.
Super Greenies age ranges from 35-50. They are called to be the
generation x. The years they were born range from early 1960’s to

mid 1970’s (Fry). Generation X seems to be called the “middle child” of
the generations. It is not as large as the Millennials and the Baby
Boomers. The reason that they are smaller than the Millennials is
because the generation span of generation x is 16 years while the
generation span for Millennials is 17 years (Fry). Super Greenies were
born in the time frame where Americas were having fewer children
than decades before them.
The Census Bureau indicated that Generation X will peak at 65.8
million in 2018. They will outnumber the Baby Boomers and will
continue to grow for a few more years after them (Fry).
The next demographic characteristic that separates Super
Greenies is the average household income. The average household
income is $100k and above (Scarborough). As Super Greenies take
their finances seriously they invest early in IRA, which stands for
individual retirement accounts. They are 80% more likely than the
average adult to even think about IRA. They are also higher on the
charts to invest in bonds and stock markets. They are very well
educated which makes sense as to why they invest and keep track of
their earnings and money so they have the ability to buy the higher
end organic food and luxury items that are Eco-friendly. They will pay
more for an item that keeps the ecosystem clean than a product that
harms the environment. They are able to do that because they are well
educated with advanced degrees (Scarborough).

Geographic Choices for “Super Greenies”
Super Greenies tend to live in areas where they can enjoy the
outdoors and do their daily activities outside They seem to gravitate
towards warm climate. The top three DMA where Super Greenies live
according the Scarborough chart is San Francisco ranking at 17%,
Settle, WA ranking at 13% and Portland, OR ranking at 11% of the
population that are Super Greenies in San Diego, CA.
The main three DMA that I chose are Portland, Denver, and
San Diego because from the article of travel channel it listed all three
of those cities to include some sort of cyclist trail or event that they are
known for. I want to hit my target audience that are interested in bikes
and that is why I did not chose the highest ranking San Francisco
because it did not seem to gravitate towards cycling.
This first city I wanted to start with was Portland. They rank
11% on the Scarborough chart. Portland as been known for cycling of
the US according to the travelchannel website. Portland has the
highest capita of cyclist in the United States. The city attracts Super
Greenies to this area as they can ride their bikes for transportation or
walk and enjoy the outdoors without harming the environment. There
are many bike trails for cyclist to ride on along with mountain trials
that navigate Super Greenies toward their preferred preferences.
Portland gives cyclist options.

The next city I chose is San Diego. They rank at 11% of Super
Greenies are in their population. The reasoning behind choosing San
Diego is because the weather is “pleasant all year around.” Individuals
can ride their bike or walk and do outdoor activities. Sand Diego also
has a bike share program that offers 1,800 bikes and 180 bikes in 180
stations all around the city. Again the city makes it easy accessible for
Super Greenies to attract to this area because of the nice weather and
easy access to bikes and trails and path (travelchannel).
The last DMA I chose to pick was Denver. They have more than
over a hundred miles of bike paths and trails that attract Super
Greenies. They have over 300 days of sunshine, which helps being
outside more attractive (Travelchannel). The weather is not as nice all
year round as San Diego and that is why Colorado is placed after San
Diego. Denver offers a 24-hour bike station where individuals can
swipe their card and grab a bike while hooking it back up to a station
for rental return. This makes it easier for individuals to use resources
that are non harmful to the environment dealing with transportation
and because they have quick and easy access to them. The bike can
also take them anywhere they want to go while not having to get stuck
behind traffic.

How Target Aligns with Ecoforce 1 Features

Super Greenies spend their time outdoors doing activities that
do not harm the environment. They enjoy paying more money to keep
the ecosystem clean. Ecoforce 1 is made out of Bamboo, which is the
very first reason as to why Super Greenies match so well with this
product. Bamboo only requires dirt, sunlight, and water. There is no
pesticides, no herbicides or fertilizers so it does not harm the soil.
Bamboo is also good for the air as it is one of the best carbon-dioxide
absorbing plants in the world. Super Greenies connect well with that
aspect because they want to live, breathe, and eat healthy while
protecting and betting the environment.
The second reason why Ecoforce 1 connects well with Super
Greenies is because they enjoy bicycling and being outside. About
43% more Super Greenies bike than the average rate (Scarborough).
Greenstar Bikes obviously wants to connect people who enjoy bicycling
because all their products are bikes. The factor of price also plays a
major role in this section. The retail price is $499, which may seem
expensive for the average American but take into consideration that
their income earnings rank higher than the average. They produce in
ranges from 100K and above. The Ecoforce 1 is slightly on the more
affordable and lower side for these Super Greenies (Scarborough).
They will be more willing to buy this bike because one it is good for the
environment and two so far the price is on the reasonable lower side.

Ecoforce 1 has great features for people who enjoy being outside
and riding their bikes. The bike offers single geared which makes it
easier and lighter for the individual riding the bike. The bike Ecofriendly colors, green, blue and white attract the Super Greenies, as
they are earth tone colors. The wood grain gives the bike a unique
texture, which makes every Ecoforce 1 bike different than other bikes
and other Ecoforce 1’s (Greenstarbikes).

Media Plan Targeted to Reach “Super Greenies”
Magazines provide greater benefits for the client Greenstar Bike to
reach their target audience of Super Greenies. Magazines give visual,
vibrant and informative information that is static for the Super Greenie
to retain and want. The information over the product does not
disappear as it would if it was on the radio. Greenstar would be able to
list the charts and measurements for Ecoforce 1, which would make
the ad more personalable to the Super Greenie that is interested. The
Super Greenie target audience already has an interest in being
outdoors, bicycling and protecting the earth by using Eco-friendly
products. I have matched magazine and radio stations that correspond
with Super Greenies interests.

Media Type Priority:

For the target audience of Super Greenies the priority of choice
for media type was going to be radio at first but into further research
the priority choice changed to magazines. Looking into the radio side it
seemed more Eco-Friendly for the Super Greenie target audience.
There were only sound waves that were being released into the
environment. But radio did only reach a limited part of the Super
Greenie audience along with just a certain time frame. It also could not
let Super Greenies see the actual product of Ecoforce 1, which is why I
switched over to magazine to allow more benefits to connect the
product and Super Greenies together.
Super Greenies care for the environment and many might find a
magazine “wasteful,” since magazines are made from paper and paper
is made out of trees which results in harming the environment by
reducing the amount of oxygen but paper is recycle. The one negative
part is the harmful ink.
Magazines can reach a larger number of Super Greenies by
having one or more Super Green activity that they enjoy. They can
have an all in one home garden, cooking, bicycling magazine that
reaches more Super Greenies. Making magazines a priority the Super
Greenie can visually see the Ecoforce 1 bike and picture them self with
the product from the visual the magazine has created. The magazine
also gives viewers static information. The information will never
disappear like radio does.

Specific Media Choices:
Magazine Choices:

Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening is a magazine that has “highly engaged audience”
that spends on average 12.4 hours per week gardening, completes
more than six gardening projects per year on the average rate.
According to the SRDS book Fine Gardening it is a magazine for
“hands-on people who love to get their hands in the dirt” (SRDS.)
According to the Scarborough article it ranks 68% of Super Greenies
enjoy gardening. Super Greenies are 54% more likely to garden than
the average adult. Which is why Fine Gardening makes a perfect Match
for Super Greenies because they rank gardening to be their number
one activity.
Fine Gardening can also be viewed online and Super Greenies tend
to get their information, weather details, and other news related topics
online. The online demographics Fine Gardening media kits states that
80% of their consumers are female. Super Greenies tend to lean more
toward the female gender, which is another correspondent.
The average house hold income Fine Gardening states is to be
around $113K, which runs close to the average house hold income
Scarborough listed which is $100k plus. Fine Gardening also listed that
61% of their consumers are educated and graduated from college.
Super Greenies rank the highest in advanced education, which is

another reason why Fine Gardening makes a perfect match for Super
Super Greenies do not spend a lot of their time on Twitter or
Instagram but they do spend time on Facebook, which Fine Gardening
ranks their Facebook page to be the highest social share for their
company. Super Greenies can connect online with Fine Gardening their
favorite social media and that is a plus because it is already in their
daily routine of checking their Facebook.
This magazine will run 1 time in the months of May and June. It is a
bi-monthly purchase. The scheduling strategy will be continuity
because it is bi-monthly so I want it to reach all the days possible
because it is ran every other month. An article from The Old Farmer’s
Almanac list the months May and June to be the mid months of when
gardening season is most popular. The ad will cost $10,110 and will be
on the inside and one page with four color to let the viewers get a
visual and vibrant picture of the Ecoforce 1.

E Magazine
“The E Magazine contains information, news and commentary on
environmental issues for benefit of the general public” (SRDS EMagazine). The articles in the E magazine feature organic and Ecofriendly views which connect well with Super Greenie environmental
lovers. The magazine will be one page and will run two times, as it is

bi-monthly. The magazine will run in the months of March-April, which
is a special that features “Earth Day Issues,” and it will also run in MayJune’s special feature “Spring Issue.” Those two special features
connect well with Super Greenies because Super Greenies love the
Earth and spring is uprising which means Super Greenies get to enjoy
gardening and outdoor activities. The scheduling strategy will be
bursting because they are events and special features that are taking
place in the magazine and in the world like “Earth Day.”
The ad will be one page four color and will run two times. The
discount of the ads is in a bundle of three. For every 1,000 people it
will be $55.94. The total cost of the campaign as it is inserted three
times will be $7,832. Since it is published bi- monthly Greenstar bikes
will miss one month but the client will save money and also let their ad
run twice. It is a better deal for the client and their product.
Experience Life: Healthy.Happy. For Real.
I chose Experience Life because the profile from SRDS
Experience Life covered some basics characters of Super Greenies. “It
is a guide to a healthy way of life. The magazine emphasizes on
fitness, nutrition and how to have a more balanced life to create
happiness” (SRDS Experience Life). The magazine also covers healthy
foods, fitness gear, natural health and beauty products.
Super Greenies like to be active and healthy they are 61% more
likely to belong to a gym (Scarborough). Since they enjoy working out

there would be no better time then to throw the Bamboo bike into the
mix of exercises.
They tend to buy more organic foods, which is why Experience
Life connects well because there is fitness and nutrition information for
them to engage in. The next reason for choosing this magazine is
because Super Greenies rank the highest number in purchasing
cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care. Beauty products are covered in
Experience Life, which connects the two together.
The media kit for Experience life also connects the age range for
their target audience, which matches with the time frame of Super
Greenies. The media kit gives a chart that 65% of their readers
Experience being the top ranked read out of the last four issues. Below
is the chart that shows the percentages.

The media kit for Experience life also states that they reach 65%
women and 35% men so the magazine is geared more towards women
and Super Greenies seem to be more women then men so that is a
good match as well.
This ad will run 3 times in one time frame of special features and
two regular months. It is published 10 times a year. The scheduling
strategy will be continuity because the months are consecutive and the
client Greenstar Bike can get their moneys worth out of all three
months. The one special feature is “All Clear” in the month of May.
This feature talks about going green according to the media kit for
Experience. The next two months the ad will be ran in is April and June.
The ad will be one full page with four color on the inside page of the
magazine. It will cost $31.82 for every 1,000 people.
I chose this magazine as a match for Super Greenies and the
Bamboo bike because the magazine is all about people who love to
ride, learning new information over cycling, need fitness gear or help
with their techniques. It also covers “various facets of the cycling life”
(SRDS Bicycling). The product of Greenstar Bikes is the Ecoforce 1,
which is a bike, which connects well with the magazine considering it
talks about bikes. I choose to put bicycling a little bit lower on the list
because this magazine only hits the Super Greenies that are already
interested in bicycling rather than targeting a new Super Greenie who

would like to purchase a bike because they saw it while reading
another magazine. Bicycling is still an important media vehicle though
because it does let the cyclist know of the “hot, new Bamboo Bike” on
the product line.
This ad will be 4-color at a 1 of a page. I choose to make this one
full page because this magazine will be in competition with other bikes
since I will be running this ad in the “Buyer’s Guide special feature so it
needs to stand out and vibrant as possible. The ad will run one time in
the month of April because in the media kit of Bicycling, it says that in
April the issue featured is “Buyer’s Guide. In that issue it talks about
“bicycling answers to the perennial question “what bike should I buy.”
Placing the Bamboo bike in the month of the Buyer’s Guide would be a
perfect time to showcase all the special features the Bamboo bike has
to offer. It is also an opportunity to show case their bike against their
competitors to show just how Eco-Friendly and smooth riding Ecoforce
1 is. The scheduling strategy will be bursting because there is a
special event-taking place in the magazine as the month is listed
special feature.
The Bicycling media kit also connects Super Greenies to this
magazine because the age range is 25-54 which in the range of the
generation x. The average household income is $103K, which
connects well because the average household income according to
Scarborough is $100K.

I chose to use PLENTY (it’s easy being green) because its
editorial profile from SRDS Magazine Consumers states it focuses on
the “intersection and influence of the environment on all aspects of
personal lifestyles, food, home, design, fashion, outdoor adventure,
auto/travel, and innovative technology. All those categories touch on
some basic feature of a Super Greenie. There is a picture of an
ecofriendly car placed on the front of the magazine, which easily right
away targets Super Greenies because they love the environment.
Placing the Bamboo ecofriendly bike connects with the ecofriendly
magazine and its new products as it reaches a broad audience of
different activities of a Super Greenie.
An interesting insight is their media kit is also Super Greenie. It
says on the front page when you open the media kit that “we
encourage you to use this document as an electronic file to save
paper, we understand that sometimes a hard copy is helpful to review.
I you do choose to print this media kit, we suggest you save ink my
printing in gray scale.”
The media kit says 70% of their readers are female which most
Super Greenies tend to be. The demographics of the media kit also
include that their median household income number is 105K, which is
relatively close to the Scarborough article average the median

household income to be 100K. The psychographics listed on their
media kit is 92% of them buy organic products and 97% of their
readers make purchases based on a company’s environmental
This ad will be one full page with four color and will be positioned
on the inside of the magazine. Most of these magazines have a basic
Eco-Friendly cover, which is highly likely Super Greenies, will pick up
the magazine because it has a visual balance of broad activities which
is why there is no emphasis of placing the ad on the fourth cover of the
magazine. The client can save money but still let their ad be impactful.
The ad will run three times in the months of April- May, which is a
special feature of “Green Fest Go Green Expo” which corresponds with
the Bamboo bike because the Bamboo material is Eco-friendly and the
product is trying to explain they “went green.” The ad will also run in
the month of Jun and July because their special feature is “Outdoor
Retailer.” It will cost $97.00 every 1,000 people. The scheduling
strategy will be flighting the on/off approach. This magazine will run 3
times but the magazine is run bi-monthly. The client can save money
but still have their ad shown by doing the flighting approach, as the
timeframe is only a three-month period. The ad will be ran 2 weeks on,
2 weeks off, and 2 weeks on. This will let the client be able to issue the
ad in every month since it will be ran three times.
Positively Green

I choose this magazine because in the SRDS Positively green
article reads it “for today’s woman who are interested in living a
greener, healthier life.” Most Super Greenies are female and partake in
living a healthy green life. The product the magazine features is EcoFriendly products which fits well with putting the Bamboo bike in this
Eco-Friendly magazine.
This ad will be full color and on the 4th cover page. It will run one
time in the month of May. It is published quarterly. I chose to put this
ad on the 4th cover because the magazine does provide Eco-Friendly
products but it also has numerous categories in the magazine that
connect with Super Greenies. Placing the bike on the 4th cover will
make the bike stand out from all the other Eco-Friendly Products. I will
only be running this ad one time though because the magazine is only
targeted towards women, which misses the males that are “Super
Greenies.” The scheduling strategy will be bursting because it is on the
4th cover that sells Eco-Friendly products. The ad only has one month
so it needs to be one strong ad of bursting.

Radio Choices:
The first DMA that will be targeted towards is Portland, OR.
According to the Nielsen ratings they listed Portland to have the radio
station “variety.” Variety is ranked to be the top listed type of music

that Super Greenies listen to According to the Scarborough article. I
chose KBOO-FM as the radio station as it will be played in the AM in the
time frame of 6am -10am when Super Greenies are own their way to
work. It will be inserted 400 times because it is the most popular type
of music Super Greenies listen to. It will cost $8.37 to reach 1000
listeners. The scheduling strategy will be continuity and be run in the
months of April, May, and June. The reason for choosing continuity is
because the variety format is ranked to be the most popular format
amongst Super Greenies.

The next station I chose is still going to be in Portland as they have
Adult Contemporary. According to the All Business article is says that
Adult Contemporary is primarily to women ages 35-44, which is an
exact, match to a Super Greenie according to research. They are
mostly women and are in the generation x age range. This format
began in 1970 and has replaced middle of the road stations (Lariviere).
The Scarborough article listed that Adult Contemporary ranks fourth in
the most popular music stations. Adult Contemporary does include
modern as it has “six different flavors of contemporary” (Lariviere).
This station will be played during Super Greenies drive home around
the time frame of 3-7 pm when Super Greenies are in the mind set of
winding down for the day. There will be 300 insertions costing $8.77

per 1000 people. The scheduling strategy will be continuity and will run
in the months of April, May, and June all the time. I choose to use
continuity because this format is super popular format for Super
The next station will be located in the DMA; Denver Colorado.
The station will be Album Adult Alternative as it is ranked to be the
second top popular type of music Super Greenies listen to stated by
the Scarborough article. The format is described to be a station that
plays largely current music which tends to appeal more to adults than
to teenagers (Radio Format Guide). The format plays whether single
releases and popular album tracks that are drawn from rock, modern
rock, etc. (Radio Format Guide). The format will be played in the
morning time from 6am to 10am to catch Super Greenies are there
way to work in the months of April, May, and June. There will be 250
insertions. The reason behind putting the formats in the morning time
is because most Super Greenies like to spend their time outdoors or
doing things that are good for the environment so it might be hard to
catch a Super Greenie who is always on the go. They have to find a
way to work so placing the format on the radio on their favorite station
and music type fits well. The scheduling strategy behind this format
will be flighting because this can save the client money as it cost $9.73
to reach 1,000 people. The on/off approach will brainwash Super

Greenies into thinking the ad is continuously run but in reality in played
every two week in the months of April, May and June.
The last radio station format is Classic hits. The format is described to
be based in the “60’s 70’s and 80’s rock music but with a softer tempo
only played by the Classic Rock artists” (Classic Hits). According to the
Scarborough report classic hits was a popular format for Super
Greenies. It ranked after variety, adult contemporary and Album Adult
Alternative, which is why the number of insertions, which is 200, is less
than the other radio stations. It is still a corresponding format just not
as impactful as the other three stations because the other three have a
higher rating in popularity. This station will be played in the morning
time when Super Greenies are driving to work. The station is a soft
tempo, which could potentially be a relaxing radio station they would
listen to before a busy day. This format will run in the months of April,
May, and June. The scheduling strategy will be flighting, the off and on
approach. This will save money, as the radio format will cost $9.96 to
reach 1,000 people.
The total campaign will cost Greenstar Bike $900,882 to display their
ads in 6 magazines and 4 radio vehicles. There will be a total of 1,161
insertions of the different formats totaled. It will take $73.95 on
average to reach 1,000 people.


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