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What a year it’s been!
The last year has been a difficult time for most and the global economy is in unprecedented turmoil. The credit crunch was just the beginning. Now we are in the grip of what the International Monetary Fund is calling the 'Great Recession'. So how did this happen? In short, interest rates were kept too low for too long by the world's central banks. This allowed banks to lend recklessly which in turn created a series of bubbles in the markets, the biggest of which was the global housing boom. When American subprime borrowers (people with poor credit ratings) started defaulting on their mortgages in huge numbers, the fact that banks had over-reached themselves became clear and the credit bubble burst. Governments have tried to keep the financial crisis under control by printing money (quantitative easing), propping up banks and slashing interest rates. Many people don't believe that any of these measures are wise or helpful - in fact they could end up prolonging the agony of the recession as they'll get in the way of a much-needed correction. The big question is how do you invest in such tough times? Well, the good news is that falling prices and panic selling mean there are bargains to be had out there. And here at Lifetime Financial Services Ltd we are constantly on the look out for the very best opportunities this recession - and the government's selfserving reactions to it - are going to present. With this in mind Graham has been researching Fund Allocations, and has found a regulated fund management company specialising in absolute return investment management services to institutions, professional trustees, private wealth managers, advisers & wealthy families, Saltus Partners LLP. See further information inside regarding The Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund.

Saltus Partners LLP


New ISA limits for the over 50‘s


True Potential


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A year with its ups and downs.

Special points of interest:  Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund ISA‘s for over 50‘s True Potential A Bereavement Guide Care Home Fees Contact details

We would like to wish all our clients a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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Updating our Business practices
It‘s the same old story in most places of business. Too much paper! When you have processed it, where do you store it? Then you find out how long it has to be kept, and suddenly your store room is bigger than ‗The Big Yellow Storage Company‘ And what about the ‗Green effect‘ So during the last year we have been researching ways of processing our paper to reduce storage and give our clients a more professional access to their assets, investments, pensions, and personal information. We also wanted a way of gathering information that would prove to be quicker and more effective, with everything in one place and accessible anywhere by both ourselves and you. We have been fortunate in finding True Potential to help us achieve our goals and have started to use this service as the main system for information gathering.

Further details regarding True Potential LLP can be found inside.

Saltus Partners LLP
Saltus Partners LLP is a Londonbased FSA-regulated fund management company specialising in absolute return investment management services to institutions, professional trustees, private wealth managers, select advisers & wealthy families. Smart but prudent investing is not simply about where the highest returns can be achieved. This is why Saltus talk in terms of optimising risk-adjusted returns. This simply means identifying the sweet spot where they can secure consistent returns which are better than the long term return from equities, but with much less volatility or risk. They believe that diversifying investments across asset classes is one important step in managing risk. Traditional investment portfolios for wealthy investors have typically been confined to a blend of equities, bonds and cash. Saltus invest in traditional and alternative asset classes based on their individual merits, without the constraints imposed by specific benchmarks. Saltus‘ funds provide institutions and private wealth managers with access to some of the world‘s best performing managers and investment opportunities. Saltus has constructed a range of funds each of which has either a global single asset class focus, such as private equity and real estate, or a multi-asset class focus which holds a carefully structured and managed range of asset classes. Graham Gardner has been looking for funds that are structured to provide the investor liquidity even in asset classes which typically require funds to be committed for longer time periods, with Tax efficiency also optimised so that tax paying investors benefit from enhanced net returns. He found this with The Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund, which is as close as you will get to Discretionary Fund Management without any extra cost. The Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund is an absolute return orientated multi-manager fund which seeks to return UK Libor +3% on a rolling 12-month basis. Asset allocation is not dictated by an arbitrary benchmark, but is managed dynamically based on the individual merits of each asset class. The fund invests in traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds, as well as alternative asset classes such as private equity, global real estate, and hedge funds. The fund seeks out the best manager talent within each asset class to achieve its objective

Keep your investments safe

of producing consistent returns for the lowest possible amount of risk.

Some of our clients have already transferred their investments to The Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund, and should you also wish to benefit from this product, be sure to call us on 01424 772444 to request further information.

Saltus‘ funds provide institutions and private wealth managers with access to some of the world‘s best performing managers and investment opportunities.

Did you know that from October 2009 the ISA allowance for over 50s increased to £10,200, £5,100 of which can be saved into a cash ISA. If you're under 50, you'll have to Just to recap and for those clients new to ISA‘s......ISA allowances let each adult in the UK invest up to £7,200 per tax year into the tax efficient ISA that shields investments against income tax and capital gains tax. This can be in the form of a cash ISA and/or a stocks and shares Any savings or investments must be made by 5 April, the end of the tax year. Crucially, unused allowances (or portions of them) don't rollover; they are lost for good. This means an ISA should always be wait until next tax year (commencing 6 April 2010) to take advantage of the extended limits. Be sure to make the most of this tax savings benefit by calling 01424 772444 and requesting further information, before the end of this tax year 05 April 2010. ISA - up to £3,600 in cash, and the remainder in stocks and shares, or the entire amount in stocks and shares. the first place any savings go, as after the tax year ends, any savings or investments stay within the tax-free ISA wrapper for the future, where they'll continue to earn interest.

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True Potential LLP
At Lifetime Financial Services Ltd we have always had our own bespoke systems in place, but what we were missing was an opportunity to organise everything easily. This is where True Potential came in. From our first demonstration of the system it was immediately apparent that this was something that would give us the opportunity to organise our entire practice in one place and, having seen other solutions in action, would also allow us to run every part of our advice process – no more clicking in and out of different programs. Since we implemented True Potential things are starting to become much easier and we are now feeling that we are in control. Everything is now in one place and accessible anywhere. Our working practices now flow and it is a simple process to access what we want, when we want. Paper is now limited in our office and we have managed to dispose of reams of notes and files. We definitely won‘t be needing ‗The Big Yellow Storage Company‘ Before we began using it we had a back-office system that was heavily paper based and offered us no linkage into our point of sale processes. This was the first thing that appealed to us with True Potential; a joined up, elecOur clients will be able to connect to their portfolios online via the True Potential clientsite and we have started to roll out this system. We will gradually advise clients of their login details, this will give you access to all personal information Lifetime Financial Services hold on your behalf. True Potential will detail your portfolios, pensions, insurance policies and of Help to create a paperless office course any ongoing work we may be processing. It will also allow you to securely contact us via email with any instructions or queries you may have. Vital in a time of postal strikes and late deliveries during the Christmas period. Please contact us on 01424 772444 should you require further information on this service or indeed request details of your login prior to our notification. tronic process that gave Lifetime Financial Services Ltd all the information we needed in one place. This linkage also meant that we could share information with our clients.

STOP PRESS Latest Tranche of Guaranteed Bond “True Potential will detail your portfolios, pensions, insurance policies and of course any ongoing work we may be processing.” 1.88% three months, 2.00% six months 2.25% 1 Year 2.50% 18 Months ALL NET OF FEES AND BASIC RATE TAX Higher Rate for Larger Sums-(e.g. 4.00% AER equivalent for higher rate tax-payer)

Care Home Fees
As our older population increases so does the number of older people who own their own homes and consequently fail the means test for care and have to pay for it themselves. In fact the most recent research by the Liberal Democrats states that 70,000 homes are sold each year to pay for care. Despite this very few people seek professional advice on what is probably one of the largest financial commitments they have ever made - paying care home fees. Whether you are being funded by the State or paying privately for your care there is much to know to ensure you get what you are rightfully entitled to in the way of local authority or NHS or welfare benefits. There are also specially designed financial products that can undertake to meet the shortfall in income to cover the cost of care at the outset often requiring just a part of your capital to be utilised to meet care costs releasing the remainder for We will be reporting on this important subject in our the eventual inheritance that so many older people wish to leave.

Caring for our loved ones

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Christmas 2009

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We pay particular attention to the elderly who may need extra time and a sympathetic ear, and welcome the association with other professionals or family attorneys. We are totally independent. ―This is why many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years, also introducing us to family and friends .‖ Graham Gardner, Managing Director

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Being Prepared: A Bereavement Guide
This guide has been arranged to ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for death. It covers the practical concerns at what can be a difficult time. With information designed to support your loved ones whilst dealing with their loss. With some effort now we can ensure that your wishes will be met and your loved ones will know exactly what your wishes are and how to deal with your estate in an organised manner. They will be grieving for their loss and at such times it can be difficult for our loved ones to know exactly where to find all those important papers. With this guide we can ensure that you can ‗die tidily‘, which in turn will save your loved ones unnecessary grief and hopefully time and money. There is of course, some preparation, and to assist with this you will find various lists to be completed and kept safely, but where they can be found easily.

Being Prepared

Included is also practical information for both yourself and your loved ones to help before and after death.

Be sure to obtain your copy by calling 01424 772444 or emailing

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