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Forum Based

mentors, expertssuggesting what to do

scope in fields
what actually happens atr ground level
people who are pursuing this
interest explained
what to do and what it really is
conduction personal/ vground sesions to apply to particular internship/mentor
time management system(time exams submissions)
people from particular universities pool their resources
various extra curriculars
people can have suggestions for their particular institution/ ways to improve
meetup with proffesionals
app for charity
hold petitions get people to sign them
results stuff to be declared transparently
hold sessions
offer online courses with certification
meetup with people with similar interests
provide feedback, solutions, petitions
maintain online library with relevant books to be accessed by members of said co
link with ngo, provide certification, personal video
inter school exchange
sex ed, drug abuse,(q&a)
election(bg check, policies for candidates, compare)
optiion for online polls
rallies info online