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File: b1cc0494d40ed07 .jpg (15.67 KB, 520x292, 130:73, assange.jpg)
Google has grown so strong now they are toppling governments around the world - Assange
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:46:54 ID: 0e57a2 No.8261978

Assange: 'Google is not what it seems'

>Julian Assange cautioned all of us a while back, in the vein of revelations similar to those provided by Edward Snowden, that Google the insidious
search engine with a reputation for powering humanity's research plays the dark hand role in furthering U.S. imperialism and foreign policy agendas.
>Now, as the Wikileaks founder faces days of questioning by a Swedish special prosecutor over rape allegations inside his Ecuadorian Embassy
haven in London today and particularly in wake of the presidential election Assange's warning Google "is not what it seems" must be revisited.
>Under intense scrutiny by the U.S. State Department for several controversial Wikileaks' publications of leaked documents in 2011, Assange first
met Google Executive Chairman, then-CEO, Eric Schmidt, who approached the political refugee under the premise of a new book. Schmidt, whose
worth Forbes estimates exceeds $11 billion, partnered with Council on Foreign Relations and State Department veteran, Jared Cohen, for the work,
tentatively titled The Empire of the Mind and asked Assange for an interview.
http s://
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:51:12 ID: 087c78 No.8262014
First for dead.

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:51:15 ID: c38198 No.8262015

File: 5659f58e2ddd710 .jpg (138.69 KB, 1000x888, 125:111, jewlge.jpg)

Are you faggots going to stop using their products now?

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:51:34 ID: d7b4e2 No.8262019
Serious question: am I really any less of a chump if I use Bing or the Duck?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:56:38 ID: c38198 No.8262065
File: 53925f3a3e25680 .jpg (150.76 KB, 756x469, 108:67, censorship.jpg)

I'm not a big fan of duckduckgo, it doesn't seem to have enough web crawlers or the right algorithm, but Bing is a huge improvement over
Google in web searches (still Micro$oft). Google image search might be better. Use TinEye or some other image reverse lookup before
using Google.
I bet you use Chrome.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:58:16 ID: 87fee1 No.8262076
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 04:58:18 ID: d7b4e2 No.8262077
Switched to firefucks last month. Out of the frying pan, into the fire?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:04:47 ID: 19ee7c No.8262134
File: fdfa6c8cfc902ca .png (373.72 KB, 507x508, 507:508, sam.png)

Anyone use Qwant? Is that still an uncompromised one?

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:18:51 ID: 3f69d9 No.8262273
So what's the story with the hash and shit not matching? Wikileaks confirmed compromised and Assange confirmed quadrapelic hooked up
to a pain amplifier?

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:20:31 ID: 3a38b6 No.8262287

This is the only decent search engine.
Searx isn't bad either.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:20:48 ID: a44c1c No.8262290
Google works for Trump now.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:22:29 ID: bf83b7 No.8262317
Reminder to use startpage for searches. Don't use Google services. Remember, if a product is free, you're the product. Google is an
advertising company.
You should all be running Firefox or a derivative, not using gmail for anything important, etc.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:23:29 ID: 127dfb No.8262330
Last time this topic came up Qwant and startpage were agreed to be the best alternatives.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:23:48 ID: 465b48 No.8262335
is there any problem with Startpage?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:29:04 ID: c38198 No.8262380
It's good, just make sure you use POST instead of GET for your searches otherwise it might as well just be duckduckgo (.com?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:29:25 ID: 808e22 No.8262381
File: d664f6f71c3f578 .png (19.93 KB, 340x105, 68:21, seamonkey_logo.png)

>using a Firefox derivative
>not using a Netscape Navigator derivative
smh tbh fam
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:29:47 ID: 3a38b6 No.8262385
The motto doesn't always hold in my opinion.
Take the wealth of free software. Most of the best software compilers are completely free and you aren't the product.
What you need to watch out for is large corporations offering free products. Then the motto holds.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:32:25 ID: fb3a3d No.8262405
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:34:53 ID: 8904e4 No.8262427
CuckCuckShlomo is run by a jew who sends all your data to government bodies.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:37:20 ID: 6c02f4 No.8262444
I have used startpage and ixquick for years. Both MUST be supplemented with google/bing searches. You want /pol/ related .pdf? startpage
and ixquick will rarely return what you are looking for, yet jewgle somehow produces those results. What about googling an address for
some doxing? For whatever reason (maybe google maps?) starpage and ixquick will not produce the same sort of relevant results. Same
thing for torrents, even with cencorship and delisting google still brings better results.
The weirdest part is both startpage and ixquick claim to use Google services to augment their search engines which would imply they
should produce better results, not worse. I can't be the only anon to have noticed this.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:38:52 ID: ba094a No.8262462
do you have to ask?

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:54:10 ID: 8924df No.8262589

File: a26530fab62d3ba .mp4 (740.21 KB, 400x300, File: ab0e00fda737e7e .gif (2.48 MB, 440x440, 1:1,
4:3, 5647f4.mp4)


>muslims are the true feminists
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:56:14 ID: fed647 No.8262607
Reading about western feminists who convert to islam in the name of feminism keeps me warm at night
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:58:15 ID: a4ec6e No.8262619
You're not.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:00:35 ID: db0355 No.8262633
File: cddf19791248410 .png (362.11 KB, 687x500, 687:500, money-bags.png)

Has anyone heard of the XYZ case?
It all seems to be written by the lawyers and PR of the companies who are making the accusations, so take it with a grain of salt.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:01:07 ID: 31f67a No.8262642
is he alive? anyone have any clue if assange is even alive still?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:02:57 ID: 4b7a33 No.8262656
I'll bite He did an interview on the US elections jackass. I don't know why he'd be killed now that the damage is done.

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:06:34 ID: a8e603 No.8262697

File: 80915ba5530412c .gif (62.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1451336450645.gif)

>it's fucking real
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:12:31 ID: 31f67a No.8262736
how long ago was that? whats your most recent source on seeing him alive.
any source?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:15:32 ID: 4b7fd6 No.8262769
You haven't been paying much attention have you?
See this for starters:
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:17:59 ID: 4b7fd6 No.8262782
He was referring to the Pilger interview.
Could be legit, but it is suspicious. Gavin's death wasn't brought up which is odd, so it could be a retroactive cut. An unreleased interview
patched together with questions crafted to suit old answers.
There is no solid PoL for Assange at this point of time.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:20:16 ID: 493070 No.8262795
Startpage uses Google for results.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:21:13 ID: 493070 No.8262809
Yeah but Bing would just switch to Google mode if it ever got big.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:30:54 ID: d2f77b No.8262890
if google can topple governments, why can't we?
let's start with Israel
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:31:47 ID: a03445 No.8262896
Gee how surprising is it? Jewgle is practically an extension of the CIA and NSA. It doesn't even try to hide it. Why do you think its parent
company is called Alphabet?
Just use Choose whatever the fuck source search engines you want it to go through in the prefences.

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:36:53 ID: 5cddb4 No.8262935

File: ea3636c8b0e3edb .jpg (74.86 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, terminator.jpg)

>Assange: 'Google is not what it seems'
You mean it's not an all-powerful, super-intelligent, self-aware AI that will eventually start churning out killer robots to end humanity?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:46:06 ID: 654f9c No.8263011
When Google Met Wikileaks is a must read for everyone on /pol/. They're deeply connected to the deep state.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:59:08 ID: c94af2 No.8263089
Yes, completely true. Google still gives the best searches.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:12:57 ID: 9b4f1c No.8263179
Thank you America.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:25:15 ID: c42bad No.8263285
Take from that what you will.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:34:28 ID: 61adff No.8263353
File: 06a2aadac3074c3 .jpg (56.79 KB, 500x315, 100:63, Bolsheviks-cut3.jpg)

Scary shit. All these sinister Jews not even in their conniving prime, Brin looks like a classic bolshevik.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:41:01 ID: 00505d No.8263395
owned by soros, thats a no go for me.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:49:53 ID: afbaf9 No.8263452
Another thing I've noticed: Startpage/ixquick image searches lag to hell, are they just using some sort of shitty mechanism to load the
thumbnails or what? Google Images is snappy and pristine as much as I hate to admit it.

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:51:09 ID: bc9925 No.8263456

mr assange should know better.
whatever lpage and sbrin ever were, they were chums. the rubes in the room that, for time, dared to go it alone mostly because no one
wanted to buy their shit. same model everywhere (incubator, ycombinator, reddit, blah blah blah)(make something, tech wizardry it all over
the place with showboating, sell it off or ipo it, and either walk off with the cash from helping banks introduce more debntz-shilling-9000 or
get hired into a company that actually can meet payroll without 'angel' investors). the difference was simple: they used university grants and
personnel to build servers. massive massive walls of servers. when they started, without even cases or cooling. we all watched them rise,
and they had our praise for the context and times of the era. because they actually built something, and used a jew101 university govt tax
payer sideshunt like the 'good old days', they got around alot of the jews in the tech world right when the tech investment bubble petscom
nonsense was already imploding.
so, to be clear, they are what they are.
and to be clear, they lost. they got ousted. lesser jews + a taste of fame and catapulted into the highest light for all other jews and jewry to
come feast on their ignorance. jewtits and divorce, divide and conquer, distrust, fud, and endless mystery finance plotting. with some good
old govt takeover via alphabet corp.
all brought to you by Eric Schmidt. the same agent who fucked tex, who fucked novell, who fucked sun, who fucked google, who fucked
several university schools' tech grads simultaneously with the whole no-cold-calls shit. eschmidt learned his first trick fucking over mike
lesk, and then took after good old steve jobsonian's business assholery - leaving not even the kitchen sink in his cannibalistic wake. now,
yes, each and every one of those players and companies and hoards of neets did quite 'deserve' to get fucked they left themselves wide
open, were clueless of the world, and doomed from the start their ships were lies, they believed them, and they dutifully grew like good
crops for harvest. which eschmidt did.
what google is, is beholden. a great momentary resurgence of freedom and release from the horrors of the 1980/90/00 grid locks. and with
this carrot, the unspeakable unstoppable monster of 'dont-be-evil-haha-wut' they are today. same with the lot of most of tech. same with
assange, if he's not careful, and doesn't shut his fucking mouth if the only thing that's going to come out of it is kikespam and misdirection.
alphabet. eric schmidt. nsa AND fbi. obongo shillary central. it is in the network. google is a node. alphabet is the umbrella. universities
across the globe (canada, usa, uk, spain, italy, cyprus seem most afflicted, in that order) are their 'drug money' aka liquidity for transaction
exchange, personnel, assets, scabs, and first-look of tech ideas/utility to thieve.
>muh macros
>stop products
i know i'm worked up, but you need to shut your mouth. do i care if you get some grain of sand right? do i care if you get what needs to be
done at the end? do i? fucking do i?
no. i don't.
because what you're pointing at is fucking horse blinder spectacular craptacular bread and circuses.
shut your mouth.
if you had any sense at all, you'd point out only the truth: if you don't build servers, if you don't build services, if you don't build infrastructure,
if you always perpetually sharecrop, you don't get to have a fucking say. cloudflare. amazon ec2. rackspace. akamai. farms and farms of
datacenters. they largely run on what google made, which they slowly took over all competitors with because who can fucking compete
against university? when you can't name the jew? alphabet is simply the admittance they confession of what schmidt turned it into.
god damn hell of others. that's what we're stuck in now. fuck microsoft and at&t are becoming viable alternatives to this mess that's how
far sunk into regression and dead end all of this shit is.
i dare you, you faggot, try. try. try to stop using 'their' products. it doesn't matter that they stole the wealth through legal money lending. it
doesn't matter that they'll get some debt prostitute to kick your door down with. all that matters to you is your muh products asshattery.
build servers. build services. shut the fuck up. get back to work. and keep your work for you and yours. the end.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:01:42 ID: bc9925 No.8263528
i'd just like to add, google now sucks. so does every search 'engine'. pagerank doesn't work if the librarians of the net don't do topsite
topcircle webring etc. what page rank exploited, was the librarian work of 100 thousand neets organizing the madness of lies and theft from
truth and production. you go look now, and pagerank is practically useless. patented, used to create walls adwords adsense additive
gateway access, like all classic jewry of all time.
the best lie it ever told was that we needed it. unfortunately, it was the server and services. the servers from us. and the services, also from
us (open source gplv2 v3 any one? any one remember? any of you remember why it happend? tivo my ass, we all knew that was the lie we
could speak because no one could face the music of what redhat was doing, and google catapulted into the stratosphere).
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:01:49 ID: ace40f No.8263529
"Don't be evil"
> cause we're the good guys!
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:03:42 ID: a00d8b No.8263541
>plays the dark hand role in furthering U.S. imperialism and foreign policy agendas.
That would not be bad, if they would not be anti-white

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:06:08 ID: ace40f No.8263554

By the way:
> number of the beast is 666
I thought it was computers generally.. but it might be more specific.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:06:19 ID: 02e79f No.8263556
>"Don't be evil"
>cause we want a monopoly on it
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:19:05 ID: 524b20 No.8263622
I don't care what you faggots think, we should nationalize google and split it up. It's a threat to national security.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:33:42 ID: bc9925 No.8263700
the threat to national security is debt prostitution. what good did it do to try to break up microsoft? what good will it do to try and break up
google? alphabet might be able to be broken down, but with the way everything is becoming arab-ized, it's more of a computer-internet than
a collection-of-shops. nevermind the work needed to disentangle, even if all the courts and cops weren't debt prostitutes subverting your split
what are you going to buy a piece with? your son? your daughter? maybe an arm or two?
how you are going to break up the las vegas data centers? the reno data centers? maybe might as well just pitch a tent on the roof, for all
the fat lot of good non-ownership will do you. and since you'll need kike-currency-gifts, you'll probably loose your tent. also, it's in a desert,
bring a trailer to wealth-transfer to the bank, they'll get more use out of it's resale.
mirror maze.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 09:09:06 ID: de2fc3 No.8263896
Don't forget if you type in "European peoples art" into google image you get all black people.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 09:22:25 ID: 698940 No.8263947
File: aa12aa2a06396dd .jpg (99.5 KB, 425x300, 17:12, 1374892350812.jpg)

>tfw Yahoo! was one of the go-to search engines back in the day
>along comes google and everyone mysteriously flocks to it
Yahoo is still largely popular in Japan, more than jewgle is. Not only that but pretty much everything you can get from's
auctions and stores is only for their country. It's like their own nationalist website. I had to use a proxy service (they order/bid on the item
and ship it to you) to get my dakimakura.
Sucks to live in the mass gulag of the western world.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 09:29:16 ID: 54db6e No.8263982
There really is no other alternative. But that doesn't matter, what does is to spread the memes that big corporations like Google are not to
be trusted. Even if we give them money and fame, what Jews really want are our trust and brain. As this election showed, throwing all their
money and fame doesn't mean shit when the people don't buy their BS. Their money is useless on a world where every day people trust
them less and less. And the best part is that they have been using the same tactics for so long they don't have any idea what the fuck is
going on.
There will come a day when we go from one in three Americans not trusting in MSM, to all Americans not trusting them. There will come a
day when all Americans stop trusting Hollywood and the rest of the entertaiment media, even if keep giving them their money, they will not
have their trust. Then there will come a day when no leftist has the trust of the people, not even small artists and proffesors. And finally,
there will come a day when no Jew is trusted in America and Europe, and finally we will have our restoration again.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 09:33:24 ID: ed1ea4 No.8264002

File: 07ac723ce8faf89 .jpg (56.46 KB, 465x632, 465:632, BOLT7XKCIAEFRll.jpg)

>I had to use a proxy service to get my dakimakura.
How about you get fit, marry and make white children instead, you fucking degenerate?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:01:29 ID: bc9925 No.8264141
>yahoo search engine
> is useful to japs
the first is incorrect. yahoo is a webring. more specifically, yahoo originated just after the webrings and bbs revolution, and before the google
revolution. they used book marks. they achieved rank and index via manual discovery, yellowbook business subscription, and ad or dollar
rated placement. their advantage was their categories design, which was not open to any ad or dollar manipulation. though i scarcely think
they realized this at the time they were just doing what men do and bringing order to what was theirs: category map. the content was still
the second is correct. this design, being low maintenance and non-active/mutating/trendtracking, is normal. a trendtracking algorithm would
be webrings, but this limits to single category (ie one ring). this design also lends itself to an element more unique to jap: their selfprotection from their closer relatives uses keiretsu monopolies. which is what follows, rather than open bookmarking in maintained
categories. you need look no further than their trade data to see this as clear as day.
the category controlled manual index with subscription content is viable for less churn, more mega-corp/govt control environments. japan's
datacenters are also limited, as they direct resources poorly (economic stagflation before google arrived, can only fund despondent men to
build yahoo model and have japancake feminists funnel entries into it). this exacerbates the stuck-in-time effect. incidentally, their nearomnipotent 8yo speak and language symbols mean computers can't divine content by crawling moonspeak pages as well. less need too,
considering significantly less server space across japnet.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:06:27 ID: 1e9ca9 No.8264162
How is one more private than the other? With SSL both the request URI and the request body (POST data) are encrypted, so the only
relevant parties are the endpoints. The two endpoints will always know what you are searching for regardless of what request method is
used. You're just moving the search parameters from the request line to the request body.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:11:54 ID: 1688e0 No.8264188
Reminder to root your phone, get adaway, and flash it with an AOSP based ROM.
never install gapps, it's pure cancer in every sense of the word.
cyanogen does some tracking for software statistics but it isn't as bad as far as I'm aware. it also keeps some jewgle shit, see
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:13:30 ID: bc9925 No.8264195
/aside: if you happen to remember, yahoo was peddled at the time of encarta, netscape navigator, win3.11/95/98 and novell. they were part
of that era, and were pushed heavily by education market. apple was pushing macintoshes of various designs linked by appletalk and
beginning to support ip/ethernet, and needed a nice familiar feel/face. hence their 'encyclopedia' like category memetic similarity, instead of
going with aol's closed campus focus. essentially, yahoo never stood on its own beyond a brief moment near their beginning; they needed
education market k12 to push them, since universities didn't need them (already had library edu journal etc), yahoo felt more of a toy for
toddlernet, and webrings/topsites did a much better job for everyone else. yahoo always needed a contrived space cut out for them.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:14:32 ID: 101f75 No.8264200
If it's not already obvious, Google deliberately fucks them over. I'll always try Startpage first, but then when it doesn't work I'm back to
fucking Google. Keikaku doori.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:23:59 ID: bc9925 No.8264239

note: everyone's code bases are getting worse. doesn't matter where you look. cyanogen, bless their efforts, can only bring order to so
much designatedcode. the libshit pottering liars have destabilized and added telemetry to the full stack from recovery to rom, and the tools
as well. i've had success with in place apk editing to remove versioning restrictions, resurrecting old libs etc. even with this, the real time
cpu in some phones gives undue priority to cell comms, won't obey rank priority or rule. device emulation doesn't pick it up, but actual field
test shows the packets that aren't part of the real time radio leaving on said real time radio and not obeying nor reporting to the rom.
what a mess.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 11:02:17 ID: 1688e0 No.8264347
I don't program at all so I don't see it from a devs perspective, just as a guy that likes some privacy. I just don't trust the phones or their
software in any way.
it's a fucking shame so many decent apps and features NEED play services to run correctly. stuff like trusted agents would be great but, it
doesn't work without that shit.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 11:14:27 ID: 84c457 No.8264383
Google, whose Chair Eric Schmidt helped to design Hillary's campaign, has infiltrated the Trump FTC transition team
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 11:48:28 ID: f4254b No.8264504
nope, it's just kikes.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 11:53:19 ID: b53f74 No.8264530
He's alive.
It's doesn't matter, no one posts WL threads because there is a dedicated leftist shill group that impotently screams that Assange is dead.
They do no bring any facts or reason whatsoever. But what do you expect from brainless leftist livestock?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 12:16:29 ID: f4254b No.8264634
>no one posts WL threads
you mean except for the stickied wl thread right?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 12:18:48 ID: 5f7e00 No.8264648
if you think the word
is correct for a known neocon then you're mistaken. they're playing 4d chess a pawn like that wouldn't go unnoticed
Wikileaks is just redpilling normies
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 12:34:07 ID: c679d3 No.8264721
>i know i'm worked up, but you need to shut your mouth
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 12:35:04 ID: 22cd6a No.8264729
>everyone's code bases are getting worse
Most solutions I've encountered in my work history have been exploitable in some fashion. When they are not, it is because the platform
protected the developer from making a mistake.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:10:14 ID: 6b3365 No.8264848

File: 9681b0f9fdf6715 .jpg (174.3 KB, 1349x658, 1349:658, european_peoples_art.jpg)

>It's true

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:51:33 ID: 1d43f1 No.8265072
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:53:04 ID: 75797e No.8265082

>inb4 Google takes over an entire american state with the help of lefties irredentists and starts creating the multicultural Google Empire.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:53:51 ID: 75797e No.8265086
This is one of the reasons i switched to DuckDuckGo.
DDG doesn't block piracy websites either :3
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:01:14 ID: 36cb1d No.8265134
that would be the good ending
the bad ending would be eugenics to transform us into a true slave caste
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:09:53 ID: 36cb1d No.8265181
that would be bad because that's jewish thing to do. that's exactly what you're trying to remove from the government isn't it? (((foreign)))
influence I mean.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:15:24 ID: 304e2a No.8265201
You dont pay for startpage either. And results are from google too. Its like choosing who will sell your data.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:32:54 ID: f39c84 No.8265278
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:47:11 ID: 972b53 No.8265343
>moving from one jew controlled service to another
Just use Searx.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:55:07 ID: d5a3ce No.8265384

>is there any problem with Startpage?
Startpage is a proxy for Google so you're still using Google but indirectly. (not which is now just a copy of is a meta search engine using Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc. all search engines except Google. is pretty good, it's a meta search engine that includes Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. and each result has a link to It's
slightly faster than IxQuick and it's better organized.
Qwant is a good idea but it hasn't delivered yet.
>Another thing I've noticed: Startpage/ixquick image searches lag to hell, are they just using some sort of shitty mechanism to load the
thumbnails or what?
Every time you use Startpage or IxQuick (.com or .eu) you're going through their proxy which anonymizes their users so I guess it's always
going to be slower than using Google or Bing directly.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:57:09 ID: d5a3ce No.8265396
>You dont pay for startpage either.
They have a paid e-mail service focused on privacy, it's called Startmail
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:15:16 ID: 1688e0 No.8268554
File: c4446ce192c23a5 .jpg (202.17 File:
5f38ae4f715ab87 .png
KB, 915x1375, 183:275, duck.jpg)
(2.03 MB,

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:18:16 ID: 449976 No.8268590
Searx, Startpage, DuckDuckGo and Ixquick all banned at my workplace. Crazy.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:23:26 ID: 9017c6 No.8268631
File: a75567321f643e9 .png (97.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 067957865856858.png)

How bout searx? I only use google if i can't find something on searx. though may stop using google entirely.

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Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:33:46 ID: 2bf712 No.8268732

I actually dont use alot of digital security. If the police are ever foolish enough to enter my property they will die in droves from the traps
Also, they would have no heavy vehicle support as my property is 40 square miles of tundra and shitty mud.
I have to use a dogsled in winter to travel the 120 miles to the nearest airport.
I just said fuck it, and picked physical security, underground bunkers and remoteness to protect myself.
I havent seen the sun since 2012 when the NDAA allowed indefinite detention.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:42:55 ID: 474dbd No.8268836
We Shadowrun now.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:44:28 ID: b92b03 No.8268857
Very smug kikes.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 21:50:32 ID: ce062e No.8268935
Metafree is dangerous too. WebKit is such an example. All cooperate to supplant Text as the No. 1 Medium of the web. Now they put all
new features into Chrome and FF gets funded to prohibit monopoly charges. Web workers, service workers and websockets. An insidious
site could probably place some service worker in the background to "notify you of news", but in fact it tests something completely different.
Remember css history attack? Innocuous css could be used to find out which sites you visited. wtf.
Let Aaron *!!* speak in and
archived in
This site should use those techniques to store archived sites as an opt-in. Hash an mhtml and store it decentralized in browsers. I would
opt in, I don't give a rats ass about the state tracking me.
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 14:27:42 ID: 2f0ff3 No.8276944
Trump intends to bring antitrust charges against Google. I swear, that man knew the truth about EVERYTHING!!!
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 16:47:33 ID: 7a8b14 No.8277895
All hail the God Emperor!
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 17:17:48 ID: 93534f No.8278098
>Wikileaks founder faces days of questioning by a Swedish special prosecutor over rape allegations inside his Ecuadorian Embassy haven
in London today
we all know this isn't true bc Assange was abducted - and probably murdered - by reptilian aliens from planet x, under the orders of lord
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 17:23:26 ID: 8dca1a No.8278138
Google is and always has been a deep state appendage.
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 17:24:17 ID: 8dca1a No.8278146
Deeply connected = created by
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 17:26:30 ID: ce7c66 No.8278164
Hello camouflage cap man.
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 17:27:54 ID: 189db6 No.8278173
File: c366c5769760d4c .mp4 (1.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, trump entrance.mp4)

If you get up the balls to go through with killing yourself on inauguration day, make sure to periscope it and post the link here.

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Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 19:00:12 ID: 24d70a No.8278888

File: 8b1def650b017e1 .jpg (7.52 KB, 236x213, 236:213, 555.jpg)

Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 19:13:57 ID: f6c39d No.8279017
I use DDG, sometimes Yandex. Works good enough for me.
Maybe I'll add Yahoo back in the mix, just for old time's sake.
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 20:04:12 ID: 782746 No.8279513
File: ab9100d49046307 .jpg (42.11 KB, 490x610, 49:61, We conductor now.jpg)


smack lips


Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 20:08:34 ID: a288df No.8279551
>use POST instead of GET
Anonymous 11/17/16 (Thu) 21:00:35 ID: 1b483e No.8280078
File: d483ddfdae36f97 .jpg (168.78 KB, 1482x1149, 494:383, 1441522448054-2.jpg)



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