How does a plasma consumables function?

You can see the changes in world with latest and new technologies and designs. There is a tough competition between the builders for constructing modern style buildings. The same goes for manufacturing the car and other vehicles. The plasma cutter is applied for cutting equipments like metals. When an inert gas is blasted through nozzle at extreme speed, an electrical arc is formed on the surface which is being cut and turning some gas to plasma. These is adequately hot for melting and metal cutting and are fast for blowing the molten metals from the cut. The cutting machines are also used for plasma arc welding and other applicators.

How to use a plasma cutter on metals? When the gases are over heated the molecules are broken by the energized electrons to form an ionized gas. These are also referred as plasma. Usually nitrogen is applied on cutting machines and air is used for hand held machine. When compressed air is passed forcefully through nozzle and electric arc then a plasma jet is created. This electric arc is heated in very high temperature which causes the air to ionize. Then the plasma stream is passed though the vent of nozzle which increases the temperature to 30,000°F. The velocity of this is 20,000 ft. /s. Now the plasma comes out through the nozzle and adjoins the metals. The plasma arc is retained by completing the electrical circuit. The metal is cut when the high velocity of power is passed through the plasma arc. Plasma torch: Plasma torch consist of three tubes made out of quartz. The tubes are known as injector, outer tube and middle tube. The tubes can be either interconnected or can stand on their own. There are three types of gases which help in forming the plasma torch. There are some points to be considered while purchasing

Plasma torches: • • Value of the plasma torch. Durability of the cutters

The merit of plasma cutting machines is the speed. These can cut more than five times faster than normal cutting machines. Another advantage is when cut with cutting machine the inner surface of metal stays cool. Where as with other cutters there is a risk of catching flames. These machines cutters do need high voltage electricity for functioning. You can find three varieties of metal cutting – compact type, low amp and high amp style. The former type are very easy to carry and can cut all kind of metal. They can also remove spot welds. The second type uses up to 230V outlet and resembles the mig welders. The latter type is utilized for heavy duty applicators. You need to prepare yourself with insulated boots and gloves while working. Always work in open space because these cutters produce many toxic fumes. Source:

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