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I will apply formative assessment and evaluate strategy in my year



Formative assessment is helping the teacher to know what students

is achieving from the lesson and show the teacher what students
need (Greenstein.2010).
To use the feedback in guiding the students improvement in the
ongoing teaching (University.n.d.)
Using formative assessment is evidence of learning which show
that students are learning (Greenstein. 2010).
Measuring the learning of the objective of the lesson

My aim from using formative assessment is to support my lesson plan,

and it is evidence that I listen and check the whole class. I believe that
every student should be engaged in the lesson and by using formative
assessment, I can tell that the students are participating. From my
previous experiment, I wasnt sure about students understanding and if
they are achieving the learning objective of the lesson. For that, I want to
apply it and find if it will help me in the lessons.

Planning for learning

Supports learning effectively through each stage of the

The formative assessment is helping the teacher to manage the lesson. When
she is asking questions or applying activity after each stage, she will find if there
are students who still not sure about the information. Then she will repeat the
misconception to them. Also, that will help her for planning her next lesson.

Monitoring and assessment

Uses informal and formal assessments, as appropriate, to

diagnose student learning needs and support the continuous
development of all children.

Shows advanced skills in record keeping and using various

types of assessments.
For applying formative assessment is need the checklist and observing the
students. Also, at the start of the lesson the teacher can implement a quiz about
the last lesson which also can be used as a reference to know where the students


Uses classroom observation, information about children,

pedagogical knowledge and research as sources for active
critical research.

The formative assessment is my action research title which I want to

find if it effect on students learning or not.


I will use questions and observation to check students learning.

I tend to ask questions about the pictures of the new vocabulary to see if
the students know this word before or it is new for them.
I went to check for each students her answers and correct the answer
using red pen.

In first five minute will be a review for last class and it I will mark it.

When the last class is have new information, I will be applying a quiz to
find if students understand or they need more explanation.

Using checklist.

I will start using check list for next semester which be including the name
of the students, the answer correct or not and general notice from the

Test students orally

When I finish explanation, I will be asking the quiet students mostly to

check their understanding and write it in the checklist.

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assessment. ASCD.
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My MST formative assessment which I the one who correct it.

My formative assessment about the last class

Checking for students paragraph and use a checklist

Correcting My MST reading quiz