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Suppose Melissa Chung asks you whether

health nursing is a profession. What qualifies an
activity as a
a. Members supervise other people.
b. Members use a distinct body of knowledge.
c. Members enjoy good working conditions.
d. Members receive relatively high pay.
2. Nursing is changing because social change
affects care.
Which of the following is a trend that is occurring
in nursing
because of social change?
a. Children are treated in emergent care clinics, so
nurses are
hardly needed.
b. Immunizations are now available for all
childhood infectious
c. The use of skilled technology has made nursing
care more
d. Pregnant women are so healthy today that they
rarely need
prenatal care.
3. What is a legal implication pertinent to
maternal and child
a. Informed consent is rarely needed as children
are unable to
understand this.
b. All adolescents over age 14 are able to sign
consent for
their own health care.
c. Children who feel they have been wronged can
sue years
into the future.
d. Pregnant women are not legally mandated to
protect the
health of their fetus.
4. While she is in the hospital, Maria Rodriques
makes the following
statements. Which is the best example of
a. My doctor is funny; he tells jokes and makes me
b. Im glad Im Mexican because all Mexicans are
c. Im sure my leg will heal quickly; Im always
d. I like Mexican food, although not if it tastes too


Maria Rodriques is the 12-year-old student you

met at the
beginning of the chapter. Which statement by her
is the best
example of ethnocentrism?
a. My school, Stevens Park, is the best in the city.

b. Many schools in my city have good soccer

c. Children from many cultures attend my school.
d. I want to go to a public, not a private, college
6. The Hanovan family was a single-parent family
before Mrs.
Hanovan remarried. What is a common concern of
a. Reading disorders are common.
b. Finances are inadequate.
c. Children miss many days of school.
d. Children do not know any other family like
7. Mrs. Hanovan serves many roles in her family.
If, when you
talk to Carey, her 10-year-old son, she interrupts
to say,
Dont tell our family secrets, she is fulfilling
what family role?
a. Decision-maker
b. Gatekeeper
c. Problem-solver
d. Safety officer
8. The Hanovan family consists of two parents
plus Carey, age
10, and Brian, 2. Mrs. Hanovan is 5 months
pregnant. Which of
Duvalls family life stages is the family currently
a. Pregnancy stage
b. Preschool stage
c. School-age stage
d. Launching stage
9. You need to schedule a first home visit for Lee
Puente following
a hospital stay. When is a first home-care visit
a. Within 1 hour after discharge
b. Within 24 hours after discharge
c. Within 4 days after discharge
d. Within 1 week of discharge
10. In the middle of a visit to Lee Puentes home,
her former
boyfriend arrives and threatens you and Lee.
What would be
your best action?
a. Tell him that threatening someone is not
mature behavior
and he should stop.
b. Suggest that Lee change all of her home locks
so this man
cannot visit again.
c. Leave the home and notify your agency that
you were in unsafe
d. Call 911 and report that you and a client are