Bella Swan’s Point of View

“Bella, Emmett.. Im leaving in five!” Grandpa shouted from the kitchen. Yo, ssup! My name is Isabella Swan but call me Bella otherwise I’ll kill you. Haha, Just kidding.. That’s Grandpa Charlie. He is Police Chief of the Town Forks. I’ve been living with him and Emmett since three years ago . Nobody knew the real reason for all this but me. I’d just wanted to be close to a guy I’d really like since I was a kid. But, technically, he moved to a boarding school but his family is here. His sister, Alice Cullen , and his adopted brother and sister, Jasper and Rosalie Hale – twins are my bestest friends , and Emmett, of course. Emmett is my cousin that been living with my grandpa since he was a kid. I’d only came here in a holiday when I was a kid but now I am glad I moved here. Emmett and I are more like siblings , we’re always there for each other, sometimes we argued but things will work out again between us. He and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice are together ,though. And, I, of course are the only one who’ve been single and never been kiss and never been touch before. Im still waiting for ‘him’ to come back. And, I had a feeling he will , soon.. Oh- by the way, me,Alice and ‘the guy’ are 17 , yeah- they’re twins too. Jasper , Rosalie and Emmett are 18.. Alright, lets get back to the story, shall we.. As usual , Emmett and I raced down the stairs to the kitchen, laughing. “Good morning, grandpa! ” yelled both of us at the same time.

“ Good morning.. Guys, how many times do I have to tell you no running in the house. You’re not a kids anymore especially you Emmett..” “Sorry , grandpa.. ” “Anyway, I had to get to the office, now.. I had a night shift so I wont be home till tomorrow. So , don’t do anything reckless while im gone.” Emmett grinned. “Don’t worry about it gramps.. do we ever let you down ?” hmmwith Emmetts around, theres always something bad going to happen, trust me.. As if grandpa could read my mind, he gave him a disbelief look. “- k , don’t answer that.”. Haha, thought soo. I giggled, “Don’t worry about it, grandpa.. We promise we wont do anything reckless.” He smiled, “ That’s my girl. So… are you guys excited to see Edward coming back?” I picked up my glass of milk while I asked, “…Edward who?” Grandpa seem confused, “Edward Cullen.” I choked out the milk I’d just drink. Emmett pat my back. Then, asked/yelled at the same time, “ What?! When?!” “he came back yesterday. I thought you already know about this. Aren’t Alice text or call you or anything to tell you?” “ No, she didn’t!” I was angry and frustrated. Why that little pixie! “ And, neither do Rose and Jazz!” whoa- Emmett sorta looked mad, too. Apparently, he doesnt like people keeping things from him. “Calm down, guys! Maybe, you guys can meet him at school today.” Yeah – that’s right. We sighed. “ Sure.” “Alright, imma head out , now.” I gave him a hug before he head out. “ Bye, grandpa. See you tomorrow.” He hug me back . “Bye,guys.. See ya..” I watched grandpa’s cruiser pulled out of the drive way and went back to the kitchen, still dazed and shocked. “ Hey, you okay?

“- Huh? Yeah, sure.” “ Well, we still had another half an hour till school start.. So, imma go take a shower. After we get there, im gonna have a word with them.” I nodded, “Me too.” I’d already shower and ready so while I waited for Emmett I decided to pay a little visit to my treehouse at the back of the house before went to school. The treehouse isbig, my grandpa and my dad had built it for us since we’re a kids. It can still fits all of us inside of it. Sometimes, we hang out here playing and had a sleepover for all of us. I’d started to think it as my third house. It had a couch, a small refrigerator, my guitar and a keyboard and also a pictures of all of us when we’re kids. My most favourite picture is the one me and the guy I liked, Edward. Yeah- its him. I looked at picture. There were two kids, a girl and a boy, arms around each other’s shoulder. But, the most favourite one of all is when we hugged each other and Edward kissed me on the cheek while I had the biggest goofy smiled on my face, and a missing tooth. I suddenly felt tears roll down my face.. “Hey, sis.. Com’on, lets go.” I quickly wiped the tears away. “ Huh? ..A-Alright..” “Are you crying ?” He rushed over and hugged me tight. “Whats wrong?” He asked . “N-Nothing , Emm. Just remember the good old days when we were kids.” He smiled, “ Yeaa, the greatest memory of our lifes. I don’t think I will ever forget about it even if I try too.” “ Me either.” We stayed like that for a moment then pulled away. “Com’on- He looked at his watch . –Oh-No! We’re only got ten minutes to get to school. Lets go.” We ran to his jeep and drove off to school. Why do I suddenly feel like im going to throw up? Does that mean im nervous ? for what? I’d felt butterfly filled my stomach as we

nearly reach the school. Emmett park his jeep at the usual spot, I ran quickly into the school to search for Alice. I found her standing outside the main office. “Allie, is it true?” “About what?” she’d put on the innocent face, again. I rolled my eyes. “Edward..” “Oh- umm,yeah.. Uh- actually I wanted it to be a surprise for you guys but-” she shrugged. “How long have you been keeping this?” I asked. “Umm- about two weeks??” “Two weeks?! ” “Uh-huh- She nodded. –sorry ,I’d just thought it was a good surprise for you..” Yeah- it is.. Shut up, brain! I sighed. “Where is he?” “he’s in the office taking his schedule. He said he can’t wait to meet you..- Really? Oh-Joyyy! I wanted to dance, jump, scream and shout but instead I just smiled. –but, he has changed a bit now, bells..” that got me stop from hyperventilating. “ What do you mean?” “ Well- when my dad first got a call from his school, he got in trouble about something, he tried to talked him into this but Edward only begged to come home. When he’d arrived, he barely talked to us or even smiled. But, when I mentioned about you, that’s the longest sentences he ever said, ‘ I cant wait to meet her. I hope she still remember me..’- here we go again. The happy dance! Yipppeee! Lalalaladidididadaddu.. ok- stop! Maybe, this might be the year that I finally get to be with him. I smiled at the thought. –Hello?! Earth to Bella! ” She waved her hand infront of my face . I didn’t realized it until I’d heard the first bell rang. “I gotta go. I cant be late for English again or else Matts going to give me double detention. I cant handle anymore detention.” “Alright, I guess you guys can meet at lunch then.”

“Okay, Wait –no, I cant! I’d still got my last detention, remember?” Shit! How can I forget bout that ! “Oh- yeah.. Well, maybe you guys will get a few class together. I mean, who knows, right?” “Hope so. Bye, Allie.. See you later.” I kissed her cheek and ran to my class.. Matt, my English teacher were already there.. I know, we’re not supposed to call our teacher by their first name but I hate this teacher. One time, when I was really paying attention to what he’d teached (Umm- usually im not okay), he yelled at me for staring at him the whole time saying im giving him the ‘googoo eyes’.. I know, right! Ewwww… “Ms.Swan, glad to see you’re just in time for our lesson. I hope you’ll repeat this behaviour often than before..” I grinned at him. “ Don’t get your hopes up, Matt.” He glared at me. Laughter echoed the classroom.. The first few classes flew past in a blur. I’d kept thinking about Edward, how his going to look like, but of course I had a feeling he must be as handsome as his father, Carlisle. And, Alice said he’s changed. Well , I hope not into something bad. But, nomatter what it is, I’ll try my best to get the real Edward back. Everytime the bell rang, I ran to my next class to see if he was there but no sign at all. And now, the bell rang for a lunchtime, which means detention for me. Atleast, it was my last one. Screw those ‘Victoria’s Gang’ for causing me to get detention . oh- well, might as well end this soon. I went to Mrs. Goff’s class to start my detention. I take out my homework so I could be done with it and get past the time soon. (Usually, I don’t even bother to check on my homework. ) I was actually glad my homework was done at the same time the bell rang. I went to my next class, Biology.. Sigh..

As I sat on my seat, Jessica came to sit next to my single open seat. That’s right, in this class, I was the only one who don’t have a lab partner. Cool, eh? I don’t mind about it because I was kinda good at this subject.. kinda.. “Bella! Have you seen the new guy at school?!” Jeez, im right here Jess! No need to shout! “No… why?” why did she want to talked to me about this. She knows that im not that type of girl.. “Oh- you should see him. He is H-O-T! HOT! Im think im gonna go ask him out..” Owwwkayyyy, whatever u say jess.. Poor guy, he don’t know what he got himself into.. “K… Goodluck..” She chuckled. “ Who needs luck when you got good looks.” Emmm, no offense but sometimes she talks like Bitch. Just when she started to talk about the new guy again the door open, Mr. Banner walked in, followed by a guy with familiar looks. Hmmm.. “Good afternoon, class..” “That’s him..” Jessica whispered before when back to her own seat. No kidding, he is the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen. Hold up! What about Edward, you fool! Riggght… But, somehow his face kinda remind me of someone. Those smooth-bronze hair, pale skin and those green eyes –wait a minute! Those green eyes?! I could recognize the green eyes where ever I go. He cant be… Can he? His tall now and had a muscular body. But, not as big as Emmett.. “ Alright, class. This is Edward Cullen. Your new classmates.” Oh Sweet Lord! Its really him!! I cant believe I say this to myself but Bella, you’re slowww.. I’d heard giggling and flirting from the girls and guys sending glared to Edward. I rolled my eyes. He just smiled and nodded to the class but somehow those smiled aren’t right, he was forcing it. “Edward, you could sit next to Isabella Swan at the back. Isabella, please put up your hand.” I sighed and do as he said.

“Jeez, how many times did I have to tell you Mr.B., call me Bella..” Mr.B glared at me but I just grinned at him. He turn to Edward. “Edward, you can sit next to her but if you find any trouble with your lab partner, don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll arrange your seat with someone else.” He assured him. I rolled my eyes. “hellooo. Im right here..” I waved my hand in the air to get Mr.B’s attention. “Yes, I know. That’s why I want you to behave for this new student. Are we clear?” I rolled my eyes and sighed. “ Yes, Mr.B. Im not that bad.” I whispered at the last part. Mr.B motioned him to have a seat. As he walked closer, I became more nervous. I don’t know why. I felt my forehead is sweating. Ewww. He sat on the empty seat next to me, I saw all the girls were throwing glares at me. If I didn’t felt so nervous I would’ve yelled at them by now but instead I just ignored them. Now, should I introduce myself or just go and hug him telling we were best childhood friends. Nahh. I don’t even dare to look at him. Class were already started but I cant seem to focus on anything. I don’t even feel comfortable sitting here anymore. Sigh. My bestfriend also known as the guy I’d liked So much were sitting next to me but we didn’t even talk, hug , smile or look at each other. Maybe, Alice is just lying to me. If he cant wait to meet me, then why didn’t he talked to me now or even smiled or give me any sign that he knew me. I sometimes cant help myself from peeking at him, glad he didn’t see it though. He somehow didn’t look quite relax either. He pressed his lips in a tight line like he did everytime he got nervous or frustrated. Didn’t he recognize me at all? Flashback: This is when we’re 11.

It was summer holiday so I was glad I got to spend my holiday in Forks. “Bella, you’re here!” Emmett rushed quickly and swept me off my feet and spinned me around. I laughed hysterically. “Glad to see you too, Emmy.” After he put me down we ran to the treehouse and started playing. I’d missed this treehouse when I was at home, we cant find anything like this in a big city. But, I missed my friends and cousin here so much more. I wonder where they were? “Hey, where are the others?” I asked , feeling quite silence here than the usual. “Oh- Rosey, Jazz and Alice went shopping with their mom. They wanted to buy you a gift and Edward still had his piano lesson going on at his house so..” he shrugged. “Oh, well..” I wonder how good Edward is by now. I bet his amazing. Okay, I admit, I do had a little crush on him. He is cute, sweet, kind, funny and a talented boy. Also, he had the most beautiful emerald eyes I’d ever seen. I was surprised at first that he told me I was the first person who complimented him. Well, those who cant see it are definitely blind. Honk! Honk! A car horn sounded infront of grandpa’s house. We ran to the front to see who it was. There was a very familiar boy running out from the car with an adult chasing him from behind. I nearly scream when I saw that was Edward. He rushed to us, taking our hands and pulled us towards the treehouse. He closed the door as soon as we’re inside. “ Eddie!” Emmett hissed but Edward hushed him quitely. It looks like we were hiding from the guy who was chasing him before. “Edward Cullen! You better come out here right now or I will call your parents to get you themselves !” the guy shouted from outside the treehouse. “ Edward Cullen! I warn you come out here right now or I’ll leave you here!” We kept quiet for another five minutes until,

“Fine! Have it your way then, Im Leaving!!” Edward peeked at him from the window and sure enough he was leaving. He sighed in relief. “Finally..” Suddenly he ran towards me and gave me a big hug, I was speechless at first then I hug him back unwillingly to let him go. “BB, I miss you! Im glad you’re back.. I really do. I’ve been waiting for you all month.” He kissed my cheek before pulling away. The look on his face shows everything. “I missed you, too, Edward. And, I’ ve been waiting for this day to come since I leaved the last time. ” I kissed his cheek and both us immediately turn red. He is so cute! In the corner, I heard Emmett started make a gagging noise to annoy us again but we just ignored him. “Bb, can you ask your parents to stay here for a little while? I dont want you to leave so quickly.” He said. Awww! I smiled. “Well then Edward, I’ve got good news for you..” His face immediately lighten up. He nodded to let me continued, “ I already asked my parents about that , anddddd-” “Yesssss, B?” “They said yes and they let me stay here for the whole summer!” I yelled. He was quite for a second before suddenly broke into a huge grinned. “Yayy!!” he jumped, shouted, and ran to Emmett to give him a big bear hug who was shocked before ran back to me, swept me off my feet and spinned me around. I laughed. “ Im glad someones happy , though. I thought for a second there you’re already forgot about me.” That made him stop. As he put me back down he put both of his palms on my cheeks. “How can you think that? I will always remember you nomatter what happens and just remember…you are special, in my heart..” I smiled and nodded. Don’t know what exactly I’ve to answer for that. Oh-Lord. How can a eleven years old boy can be this sweet and romantic. You are special to me too, Edward..

So, that’s when I find out that I Isabella Marie Swan is inlove with Edward Anthony Cullen. End of flashback. I suddenly felt tears of anger coming out but I fought it and win. The bell rang made me jumped out of my seat, I packed my stuff and quickly ran to my last class. I changed into my P.E shirt and went to play basketball. I concentrated on it to try to keep ‘him’ Out of my mind. I somehow score two balls and won. But, as usual, I’d fell down, a lot and sometimes I even bring people down with me, even my own teammate. Oh-well, they didn’t mind it as long as we win the game anyway. When the bell rang, I’d changed back to my own clothes and head to Emmett’s jeep. Suprisingly, he is already there waiting for me with a pouted face. I open the door and jump in, “Hey… What wrong?” I asked, although I already knew the answer. One word, Rosalie. He just shook his head, still pouting. “Rose?” He sighed and nodded. “Don’t worry, whatever it is Im sure you guys will make it up, Again.” He was quiet until on the way home, he asked, “….So, you already talk to Eddie?” “…No.” I looked down at my shoes. I dont want to start the conversation about the guy who forgotton about his bestfriend. We continued the silence until Emmett stopped the jeep infront of the house. He seems to know that I am upset about something. He turn to face me, “ Sweety, whats wrong?” he asked, concerned. I shook my head, “..Nothing.” He sighed in frustrated sound, “ Is it about those ‘Victoria’s Gang’, again?! I swear if it is then I would kill them!” He was angry. Nobody likes when Emmett is angry. “No, its not them.” “Then, who? Don’t tell me its nothing! Cause it doesn’t seems like it !” He yelled. I sighed and jumped out of the jeep.

“Hey, where are you going?!” “Leave me alone!!” I finally yelled and ran to the treehouse. I fell on the couch, crying. I don’t even know what I was crying about, but I surely didn’t want to cry Edward! Minutes passed when I suddenly felt someone pulling me into a hug. I realized it is Emmett. “Sweety, Im sorry I yelled at you.” I cant help myself but cry in his shoulder. “ Shhh..Shhh. Its alright.. Im sorry..” I shook my head. “ N-No, I-Its not-t you..” I sobbs. “Shh.. Whatever it is Im sure it’ll be okay.” After the sobbs went down a little, we pulled away. “Now, lets go eat.” “Im not hungry.” Yeahh, I’d lose my appetite a while ago. “Then, what do you want to do?” He asked, still concerned. “I just wanna hang out here for a little while..” “K.. Do you want me to stay with you?” “No, thanks anyway.. I want to be alone.” “Okay, then call me if you need anything.” I smiled and nodded, assured him that I am fine here. He head back to the house.

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