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Mise En Scene Analysis Of Titanic Film Studies Essay

'Titanic' in qualitative perspectives from the five mise-en-scene elements

(Acting style, setting, space, costume and lighting) and also the focus group
to find out ideological elements that portrayed in this film.
Setting can be used to amplify character's emotions or the dominant mood of a film; it also
can establish aspects of the character. In the film 'Titanic', there were only two settings in this
movie, the salvage ship, and also the RMS Titanic. The salvage ship was most taken place at
the beginning part of the film. This is the working place of the treasure hunter Brock Lovett
and his team members who explored the wreck of the RMS. "Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean;
they are searching for a necklace named 'the Heart of the Ocean'. They have found out a sketch
of a nude woman wearing it, the date was writing at the sketch - April 14, 1912, which was the
night the RMS Titanic sinking by hit the iceberg. The old Rose Dawson has recognized the
nude woman in the sketch is her. So, she and her granddaughter visit the treasure hunter Brock
Lovett and his team on this salvage ship. Rose recalls her memories about the RMS Titanic
while answering question from Brock Lovett. So, this setting is the secondary setting in this
film, the main setting is the RMS Titanic.
The main setting RMS Titanic is consists of indoor and outdoor. The indoor of RMS Titanic
got several levels; the upper level is the extravagant hall, restaurant, church, VIP room and so
on. It has created a sense of high class culture; audiences will feel that the upper level is for the
higher level and rich people. The lower level is slightly contrast with the higher level, the
restaurant and room of the lower level is obviously low standard, not much decoration, the
upper level's room is big and have the king size bed, but the lower level's room is small and
only have the double-decker bed set, so each small room need to fit a few people, it has created
a sense of the place for lower level or poor people.
The outdoor of the RMS Titanic is showing the grand of the ship. Several scene was taken
place at the outdoor of RMS Titanic which is the scene that the main character Jack was so
excited to get into the RMS Titanic, he shout out 'I am the king of the world'. The scene that
the main character Rose want to commit suicide to jump into the sea, Jack was stop him and
says 'You jump I jump', the dialogue was memorable. The flying scene that the main character
Rose was holding by Jack, standing high and Rose says 'I can fly', this is one of the memorable
romantic scene that was taken place at the outdoor of RMS Titanic.
The acting style refers to the character acting in the film, which is the actor or actress in the
film. The acting style is important because the actor/actress is the only element has movement
in the scene. There have three main characters in this film which is Jack Dawson, Rose DeWitt
Bukater, and Caledon Nathan "Cal" Hockley. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, Jack is a
penniless Wisconsin man who has toured various parts of the world, primarily Paris. At the
beginning of this film, Jack has wins two third-class tickets onto the RMS Titanic in a poker
game and travels with his friend Fabrizio. He is attracted to Rose at first sight and meets her

when she wants to jump into the sea to commit suicide. This accident enables him to mix with
the first-class passengers for a night, and also starts a love story with another main character,
Rose DeWitt Bukater was acted by Kate Winslet. Rose is a 17-year-old girl in this film, she is
originally from Philadelphia, in order to maintain their high-class status, she forced into an
engagement to 30-year-old Caledon Hockley 'Cal' after her father's death had left the family
debt-ridden. Rose boards the RMS Titanic with her fianc Cal and her mother Ruth, as a firstclass passenger, and she meets Jack and starts their love story on the ship. Another main
character is Caledon Nathan 'Cal' Hockley acted by Billy Zane. He is Rose's 30-year-old fianc,
and he is the main antagonist of this film. His characteristic is arrogant and snobbish. The
relationship of Rose and Jack was made him increasingly embarrassed, jealous, and cruel. He
was commits suicide after losing his fortune in the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Besides that, the
supporting characters also playing an important role in this film. They are Rose Dawson
Calvert, Brock Lovett, Ruth DeWitt Bukater, and also Margaret Brown.
Gloria Stuart as Rose Dawson Calvert, she is the character of 100-year-old Rose. She gives
Brock Lovett some information regarding to the "Heart of the Ocean". She tells the story of her
time aboard the ship; she is the one who narrate in this story. Brock Lovett was acted by Bill
Paxton, he is a treasure hunter that looking for the "Heart of the Ocean" in the sketch that found
from the present RMS Titanic. This character was wild ambition, but he later reflects at the end
of the film, says he has never understood the story of Titanic until he hears Rose's story.
Ruth DeWitt Bukater is Rose's mother, acted by Frances Fisher. She is Rose's widowed mother;
she arranges Rose engagement to Cal in order to maintain her family's high-class status after
her husband died. She believes that social position is more important than her daughter. She
looks down to Jack, although he saved her daughter's life. This character was created a sense
of arrogant and selfish. Brown, acted by Kathy Bates. Because of her sudden wealth, she is
looked down by other first-class women, including Ruth, Rose's. She is never looks down and
friendly to Jack, she lends Jack a tuxedo when he is invited to dinner in the first-class dining
saloon. Her friendly was created the sense of positive to this character.

Lighting is emphasizing on the texture, distance, mood, shape, season, glamour, time of day
or night. In this analysis, we have divided the movie as three part, which is the beginning part
(The salvage ship is using the submarine to treasure hunting at RMS Titanic that under the sea),
rising action part (When Rose aboard to the Titanic and meet Jack), the climax and ending part
(after the Titanic hit the iceberg).so, the beginning part mostly used the low key lighting when
treasure hunting the RMS Titanic that under the sea, the low key lighting was created the mood
of under the sea, they only used the spotlight of submarine to illuminate some part of the RMS
Titanic, it has convey the sense of the sadness and loneliness of the RMS Titanic.
The rising action part is after the main character Rose aboard to the Titanic and meets Jack; we
can see the high key with yellow lighting at the upper level on the ship. This created the sense
of high-culture and extravagant to the scene. For example, the scene of Jack first step into the
lobby of the upper class level, the high-key lighting has contrasting the lower level with normal
lighting. So, audiences can feel the extravagant of the upper level and also the simple and crude

of the lower level. The scene of the working place for the worker is using lower key lighting,
it's conveys the working environment of the lowest level at the time.
The climax part is after the Titanic hit the iceberg and going to sinking. Most of the scene is
used the low-key lighting in order to conveys the sense of the death of Titanic. This is strongly
contrasting with the grand and extravagant of the Titanic, showing how the Titanic has been
destroyed and how the human try to survive in this happening. Because the RMS Titanic is at
the center of Atlantic Ocean, and it's on midnight, so the environment around the Titanic is
dark, and also the Titanic was sinking, so the lighting will be darker by step-by-step.

Costume refers to the clothes that the characters wearing in the scene, make-ups also
categorized under this element. The main character Jack Dawson has wearing at least two
costumes in this film which are the Bib shirt ensemble that include the bid shirt, corduroy pants
and suspenders, this created the sense of character that the lower standard traveler. Jack was
wearing the tuxedo set that borrowed from Madam Molly when he is invited to dinner in the
first-class dining saloon.
Besides that, the main character Rose DeWitt Bukater has changed at least seven different
costume in this film, most of her costume is extravagant Victorian dress and aristocrat costume
in order to portrayed her as the higher-class people in the film. The antagonist character in this
film Cal is always wearing the gentlemen suit and tuxedo in order to make him look more highclass in the film.
For the supporting cast such like the Rose's mother, Madam Molly and also others high-level
ladies, they are wearing caroler costume which include a hat, this is popular to the high-level
ladies at the time, for the gentlemen in this drama was wearing gentlemen costume in this film.
Low-level ladies and gentlemen are wearing the suit and dress with low quality. And also the
ship crews are wearing their uniform at all the time.
The space arrangement refers to the depth, proximity, size and proportions of the places
and objects in a scene that can be manipulated through the camera position, camera shot and
so on. There have few interesting scene in this film has been taken for the analysis. The first
scene that Rose recall back is Rose going aboard to the Titanic, the detail shot from high angle
to her costumer, telling audience that Rose is belongs to the privileged class, this shot has
enhanced the meaning by the voice-over which is 'To me it was a slave ship taking me back to
America in chains. Outwardly I was everything a well-brought-up girl should be. Inside I was
screaming.' Everyone looked Titanic as a dream but not to Rose.
The shot of the Titanic cross the sea and overstep others small boat in the sea has created the
meaning that the Titanic is grand. During the night, Rose running out from the restaurant and
wants to jump out from the ship, the high angle shots has appears to make a contrast of the
large of sea and the small of human. When Jack first time enter the first class lobby, the tilt up
to the ceiling and follow shot of Jack has created the sense that the first class lobby is tall and
wide, which means extravagant and also contrasting with the lower-class. The shot that Jack
drawing the Rose's nude pictures, close-up to their Rose's eyes to convey the sense of Rose are
feeling sweet and she is willing to be naked in front of the guys who she loved.

The shot that tilt up to Rose that inside the save boat and tilt up to Jack that still at the ship,
showing their eye contact and Rose thinking to going back to the ship. This scene is touching
and created the meaning that they are not willing to separate. After the ship sank, Rose was
lying on the wood. The tilt down shot created the meaning that human is the smallest item in
the nature. At the end, close-up to the eyes of older Rose after she finished the story, this make
a sense of vicissitudes of time, Rose has been old, but she is still remember the happening of
the unforgettable night.
These five mise-en-scene elements (setting, acting style, costume, space arrangement and
lighting) are well done in the film 'Titanic', this is deserved to be the best Oscar's film of the
year. Based on this analysis, this has achieved the objective of find out the five mise-en-scene
elements those are seen in the film 'Titanic'.

How Mise-en-scene proved to be important in film making? (These following

themes will help you identify the imp. Of mise-en-scene from the perspective
Theme 1: The most preferred mise-en-scene element when viewing a film
M1: I am most preferred acting style. Because a good acting style can lead the movie into
higher level and credit for the whole artwork. For example in the film 'Titanic', Jack is trying
hard to protect Rose and completed the mission impossible. I am most not preferred lighting
when viewing a film.
F1: Acting style. This is because if the actor and actress acting style are very poor, I will have
no interest in it. But I am more preferred to costume when I am watching 'Titanic', because it
can let me know about the costumes of last century of England and differences of costumes
between rich and poor people. I am not preferred the space arrangement when viewing a film.
F2: I am preferred acting style, setting and costume. Because those others elements only can
guide audience fall into their movie. When jack hug rose in front of the ship, the scene very
nice and romantic where fulfilled the 5 elements of mise-en-scene. I am not preferred space
F3: Agree! I am preferred acting style but not preferred space arrangement. Because the acting
style of character can enhance the storyline of film. But when I watching the film 'Titanic', I
am more preferred the setting in this film. The setting in the film that mostly is in the ship is
suitable and luxurious setting, show the social status of some character.
F4: I am agree with F3, I am preferred the setting when viewing a film. I like the setting of the
movie because I like the titanic cruise. I am not preferred to the lighting.

Theme 2: Ideological elements portrayed in the film 'Titanic'

M1: There have race studies, class studies, and postcolonial studies that portrayed in the film
'Titanic'. The most memorable for me is class studies, lower class people playing lousy
instrumental and sing local song under the ship. High class people play violin, piano and etc.
F1: There have Class Studies that I have found in the film 'Titanic'. Class studies is memorable
to me because in this film always show that different class of people will get different treatment.
F2: Race studies were portrayed in this film, because it shows the different races in the ship.
F3: Class studies. Because this film has shows social status obviously through their lifestyle.
And it also shows that same social status should be group together.
F4: Same with M1, F1 and F3. Class studies is portrayed in this film because the status symbol
in the movie is being portray most of the time especially the higher class will look down at the
lower class.

Theme 3: The most memorable scene in the film 'Titanic'

M1: The most memorable scene for me is Jack let's Rose lying on wood but he die in the cold
ocean. Feel touching, romantic and scarifies and this man are strong without worry shake
attack. Their acting is too real like suffering plight; audience can feel the pain and sadness.
There also have others memorable scene such as drawing naked body, make love inside the
car, you jump I'm jump.
F1: The most memorable for me is after the ship sank, when Jack and Rose in the sea, because
Jack is very mighty, he allow Rose go up to the float board that only can support one person
and keep remind Rose that, she need to live and can't die. He still holds Rose's hand tightly,
although he is died. It really very touches. The lighting and acting style are credited. This is
because at this scene, the lighting only focuses on Jack and Rose face. So that, we can more
focus on their face expression to more get into the storyline. An old couple hugs together and
lying down on bed, when Jack and Rose dance at the lower class party also memorable to me.
F2: I still remember the scene that both of them hug in front of the ship, having sex in a car,
Jack drew Rose's naked body and Jack slowly freezing to die in the iceberg ocean. The most
memorable scene for me is when Jack hug Rose in front of the ship, because the scene very
nice and romantic where fulfilled the 5 elements of mise-en-scene.
F3: Scene of conversation between Jack and Rose when the ship sinking. Because the words
that spoken by Jack is touching, I am feeling sad because they are going to apart forever. The
setting has did well because there is spectacular during the ship is sinking.
F4: The ship torn into two and everyone is falling from the ship. It is very spectacular. The
acting style of the main character is good in this scene. They act very real although I know it
is not real.

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