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Culture is like a blueprint that you can know the resemblance of the past into
the present. Eat, pray, love is a great movie displaying the different cultures on the different
corners of the world. The movie centered on, Elizabeth Gilbert, a confused woman whom she
doesnt feel contented on her relationships. She filed immediately a divorce on her husband after
a huge problem that seems can be solved if just talked thoroughly. In that scene, we can
conceptualize the culture in United States of America. Divorce is so easy to get like your just
filling up a lotto ticket. If they got tired and felt like exhausted on their marriage, they can choose
to just easily give it up, since divorce was legal.
After her divorce she planned for a trip for the whole year to wind up a bit for her past
relationships and find herself and cure her damaged heart. She planned to visit Rome to find her
appetite again on food, prayed for the supreme being in India and to end her trip, she will find
the inner peace and true love, the balance of love on Bali, Indonesia.
After Elizabeth Gilbert broke up with her newly found boyfriend, David went straight
up for her trip into Italy. The culture of Italy is very rich since Italy have their own language,
Italian. They seem like jolly persons and value the every joy in life. Dolce Far Niente are the
phrase Italians always says which means sweet doing nothing. And when you utters a word or
got angry in Italian, you must accompany it with hand gestures. Food is also the one that
describe the beauty of Italy. Its the most prominent and tangible culture of Italy.

Second, Liz went to India. Religious beliefs and silence are evident on India. They
preserve their culture of loving and controlling oneself. But Tulsi, friend of Liz was on arranged
marriage. It was seen on the movie when Liz retreated on a temple and learned how to meditate.
Shes also not familiar on their activities that she even fell asleep while meditating. Selfless act
was also a devotion to truly find oneself. The physical and noticeable thing on the culture of
India is their care on elephants. They also have a statue named Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.
The dress of the bride and the groom signifies the enriched culture of India.

Liz final destination was on to Bali, Indonesia. There she went to Katut, an old
men telling prophecies on her life. She also found her balance and most of all she learned to trust
again and found the love of her life. Indonesia showed their culture for being hospitable into
foreigners. Indonesians also loves nature and was seen on where Liz resided on during her stay
in Indonesia. They also care much for their family evident on the family of Wayan that Liz
helped to have her own house. Material Culture can also be seen that they use herbal as medicine
to cure wounds and even hangover when Liz partied hard with Felipe.
The movie ends as Liz truly accepts and face her past and gained herself back
through her journey and learned to open up, trust and love again.

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