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Chapter 2 Consumer Research

Consumer Behavior Sangobion

1. Problem Statement:
Sangobion is a drug usually perceived as prescribed drug in Pakistan.
However it may also be taken in daily dose. It is recommended to
create product awareness among people about requirement of iron per
day and use of Sangobion in their daily use and to promote Sangobion
as over the counter drug. Research is to be conducted to find out
campaign focus area and how the campaign be directed.

2. Research Objective:
To find out level of awareness among people about iron deficiency,
daily requirement of iron in human body and Sangobion as cure to iron

3. Secondary Data

According to Merck representative, currently more than 93% of

sales are on prescription. Only 7% is over the counter sales.
Recommended intake of iron for men is 10mg and for women is
15mg per day.
Sangobion is one of the leading product in Pakistan prescribed by
doctors to cure iron deficiency and related problems

4. Primary Data
Research Techniques:
Following research techniques are used:

Observational Research

5. Survey
In order to understand awareness of general public regarding subject
matter, questionnaire is developed. Main focus of the questionnaire is
to collect data about what percentage of people in general population
has awareness about iron deficiency and its curing products available
in market. Data is collected both personally and online via google
forms. Survey form and results attached herewith. Synopsis of survey is
discussed below:

Total 38 people participated in the survey out of which 42% are

women and 57% are men.
Participants were from various aspects of life including students,
engineers, Pharmacists, House wives etc
More than 57% people think that apple contain highest iron
content which is wrong

Chapter 2 Consumer Research

Consumer Behavior Sangobion

More than 97% people dont know about daily requirement of iron
for healthy body.
Only 15% of people know about Sangobion as iron deficiency
curing product.

6. Observational Research
For in-depth understanding of the topic observational research is also
to be carried out. This includes discussion with doctors, medical staff
and patients. More over markets other than Pakistan are also observed
for such campaigns. Following are results concluded from observational

Sangobion is one of the best treatment available for iron

deficiency especially Sangiobion syrup is best for children.
Mothers are very much concerned about iron deficiency in their
kids. However one misconception found is that milk can fulfill iron
requirements in a body.
Use of Sangobion without doctors prescription is very rare.
Some other countries including Indonesia and India Merck is
promoting Sangobion as Over the Counter Drug via
advertisements focusing athletes, kids and women.

7. Conclusion:

Based on the survey and observational research, following are

conclusions and recommendations:
Doctors should be targeted to prescribe use of Sangobion in daily
Campaign should focus in creating awareness about iron
requirements in body, effects of iron deficiency, and iron enriched
Aggressive advertisement should be carried out to introduce
Sangobion among general public. This campaign should focus
women especially mothers and young generation.
Detailed survey should also be carried out to get clearer picture.