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November 20, 2016

Christ the King Sunday

Mass Schedule
Saturday 5PM
Sunday 8AM & 10AM
Served by:
Fr. Anthony R. Lipari, FCM

Franciscan Community of Mercy

Fr. Miguel Fernandez, N/FCM

Associate Pastor

Fr. Drew Miller

Associate Pastor

Sr. Donna Lombardi, N/FCM

Pastoral Associate
Family Faith Formation

Karen Suter

Parish Administrator

Wendy and Mike Melly

Parish Council Leaders

An All Inclusive Independent Catholic Community,

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place

A Shepherds View
November 1920th
5PM Malachy McCool
10AM John Weaver, Sr.
November 26th27th

Franciscan Reflections
St Francis of Assisi used to state
firmly that we should desire the
grace of prayer above everything else, and in every way possible he would encourage his
brothers and sisters to the zealous practice of prayer. It was his conviction that no one could make progress in
the service of God without it.
-St Bonaventure"

Saints of the Week

November 22: Cecilia, virgin &
Martyr (+230AD)
November 23: Clement I, pope & martyr
Columbanus, abbot; (+615)
Blessed Miguel Agustin
Pro, priest & martyr (+1927)
November 24: Andrew Dung-Lac, priest
and companions, martyrs
November 25: Catherine of Alexandria,
virgin & martyr (+305)

Today is the Feast of Christ the

King! It's the culmination of everything written and said about
Jesus since we began the 2016
Liturgical Year last Thanksgiving
Weekend. We were people of
Hope celebrating Advent; a
people who celebrate the Lord
born into our lives during the Christmas Season; a people of Repentance during Lent; an
Easter people celebrating Resurrection, and a
people called to listen, follow, and teach by word
and example throughout Ordinary Time. What a
year this has been at Good Shepherd! Coming
upon our first anniversary at our new home, we
are, indeed a Eucharistic People!! We've met
challenges and have been affected by some losses of some important members of our parish.
Through all of the hard times we've proven we
are a people of compassion and perseverance
and faith! We've grown and grown; more Masses,
more Staff, more parishioners....all eager for the
Good News of the King of our hearts, minds and
All of this is because we believe in this Sunday's Second Reading from St Paul. I encourage
you to read it over and over again! The Lord is
the KING of Heaven and Earth. He is our reason
to live. He is what makes us live and share. He is
also the way that leads us to the new Liturgical
Year of 2017 which starts NEXT SUNDAY---The
First Sunday of Advent 2017!! Say so long for the
Green of Ordinary Time, look forward to the
Sarum Blue of Advent which represents hope; the
color of the night turning into day. Let us continue our journeys with the life, the Gospel, and the
King----our GOOD SHEPHERD----Jesus, the

Live Jesus in our hearts,


Adult Faith Formation

with Fr. Anthony
Monday evenings at 7PM - downstairs
All are welcome!

Bible Study with Fr. Drew

Friday evenings 7PM
DownstairsAll are welcome!

Family Faith Formation

Next Sunday, November 27th
Following 10AM Mass

Do We Think That We Change Gods

What do we think were doing when a we kneel
down at the childs bedside and say together, God
bless grandma and grandpa and God help Uncle
Harry find a job? Or what is the point of our reader or
singer coming forward each Sunday and asking the
assembly to pray for this, that and the other thing?
There are lots of valid ways to think about praying
for someone or something. One beginning point is the
psalms. What strikes me if I recite these ancient Jewish
prayers that became the core of the Christian prayer
book is this: The person who wrote these prayers was
never hesitant to point out to God the urgent concerns
of the day. Never. The psalms are full of: Please do this.
Do that! Do it now!
And for centuries the churches hardly ever gathered
without a time for naming the needs of that day.
Mornings, evenings, Sundays. Always the Christians
rolled out their list of urgent concerns: peace, health,
good weather, strength in the face of hardship, the
This kind of praying was thought of as something a
baptized person had to do. It was, in fact, something
the unbaptized catechumens were not allowed to do.
They couldnt do eucharist, they couldnt give the
peace greeting, and they had to be sent out before the
baptized people did those intercession prayers.

(Change Gods Mind? Continued)

It was that important.

But what did they think they were doing? Probably
one thing was this: They thought that the church, the
body of Christ, was here to shout in Gods ear on behalf of all the helpless people, on behalf of the earth
itself, on behalf of the living and the dead. Jesus had
prayed and now the body of Christ would pray. I dont
think ordinary Christians got too wrapped up in questions of what it meant. They just did it. Somebody had
to keep reminding God (thats not such a strange way
to think: just check out the psalms) that all was not
well. Remember us, remember the poor, remember the
No one ever said: It isnt working, folks, lets quit. We
pray and pray and there are still poor people, still sick
people, still all kinds of evil. But interceding was what
Christians didlike living thankfully, like sharing with
those in need. The baptized were trained in this kind of
So are we. In our parish book of prayer, in our book
of the names of the dead, with our children at bedside
each night, with the sick when we visit them, by ourselvesand here in our liturgy every Sunday week after week. Year after year, can we get louder? Put more
of our heart and soul in these prayers?
Copyright 2001 Archdiocese of Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 1800 North
Hermitage Avenue, Chicago IL 606221101; 18009331800; Text by Gabe
Huck. Art by Luba Lukova. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Toms River Interfaith Clergy Association Interfaith

Service in which we all give thanks together.

November 20 at 4PM
Christ Episcopal Church
415 Washington Street

O God, when I have food,

help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work,
help me to remember the jobless;

Parish Christmas Party

December 18th

The Park Pavillion

Seaside Park, NJ
(above the Sawmill)
$40 pp
Buffet Dinner - Cash Bar
For reservagtions contact
Karen at 732-279-3867
or via email at: at

7-night Cruise to Bermuda September 2017

Ship name: Celebrity Summit

2017 Sail Date: September 3rd
Destination: Bermuda
Departure Port: Cape Liberty, NJ
Pricing: (per person):

Ocean View Concierge Veranda


Taxes, fees and port expenses: $195.10 not included

in price.
Contact Donna Lombardi at 732-597-2273 or email: for questions or reservations!
Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, for cruise only on select sailings and stateroom categories. Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional. For new reservations only.
Subject to availability. Certain restrictions apply. Prices include Non Commissionable Cruise
Fare and are quoted in US Dollars. All itineraries and prices are subject to change without
notice. 2016 Celebrity Cruises Inc.

When I have a home,

help me to remember those who have no home at all;
When I am without pain,
help me to remember those who suffer,
And remembering,
help me to destroy my complacency;
bestir my compassion,
and be concerned enough to help;
By word and deed,
those who cry out for what we take for granted.
Angelina, one of our teen
parishioners, is involved in a fundraising project to benefit homeless families seeking shelter. Tabs are redeemed at the Recycling Center for
cash which is then applied toward the
cost of temporary housing for local
families. Please bring your tabs to
church and drop in our container in the entrance hall.

Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve
4pm and 10pm
Christmas Day
If you are interested in obtaining a Mass Card or placing an intention, please see Karen or Donna after mass OR send an email to:
with your request or with any questions. The cost is $10. Cash or
checks can be given to Donna or Karen at the time of your request
or payment can be made by credit card or Paypal via our website: