smc PMR penang 2010 SET 1 Paper 1

Questions 1-10 are based on the information given.

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1. What are the girls doing in the picture? A Baking B Sewing C Cooking D Sweeping Results of a survey in S.M.K. Setia Qualities of a Leader Very Important Honesty 100% Capability 90% Experience 40% Caring Spirit 100% Appearance 10% Family Background 10% Wealthy Background 10% Age 9% Not Important 0% 10% 60% 0% 90% 90% 90% 91%

3. What nutrients in the juice can improve one’s health? A Pomegranates. B Mangosteen husks. C Artificial sweeteners. D Antioxidants and vitamin C. Expiry Date : 01. 07. 2009 timeless As Timeless Readers’ Circle member, you get to enjoy RM 3 off and 20% discount on your first purchase with us. Kindly present this voucher at any Timeless bookstores in Malaysia to enjoy the privileges. 4. What is the advantage of being a Timeless Readers’ Circle member? One can enjoy RM3 off A with any purchase. B and 20% discount after first purchase. C and 20% discount upon first purchase. D with purchase done before 01 July 2009.

2. According to the above survey, the most important leadership qualities are A capability and age. B wealth and good looks. C honesty and a caring spirit. D family background and experience.

smc PMR penang 2010
5. In the cartoon strip above, the lady finds her son’s behaviour A cool. B intelligent. C emotional. D unacceptable. Year 2007 Number of students enrolled 30 000

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8. How would the readers feel after reading this news? A Happy B Confuse C Comfortable D Compassionate




2006 SCHOOL SMK St SMK John Sri Aman SMK D. SMK Jaya Taman Utama SMK Raja Harun

10 000

15 000

18 000

22 000 Win 6 1 20 2 2 6 1 2 5 1 4 4 6 2 18

Number of students in SMK Seri Puteri 6. Based on the table above, what is the total number of students studying at the school in 2004 and 2005? A 15 000 B 18 000 C 30 000 D 33 000

Draw Points

9. Which two schools will be in the final round? A SMK St John and SMK Sri Aman. B SMK Sri Aman and SMK D. Jaya. C SMK St John and SMK Raja Harun. D SMK D. Jaya and SMK Taman Utama.

Hotel Review Casablanca Hotel Review by Peter Hook, New Zealand The hotel is located out of the city which is perfect for those who seek quietness after a long day of travel. It is only a 4-minute walk from the nearest shops and 3 minutes to the beach. The staff is friendly. The only shortcoming is that it is not easy to get a cab and it often costs a bomb when we manage to get one. 7. From the hotel review above, we can conclude that the hotel is suitable for those who A like shopping. B like friendly staff. C prefer a tranquil stay. D do not like to take cabs.

“Our unsung heroes in the fight for a cleaner environment.”

10. The workers in the picture work hard and A feel satisfied with their work. B are highly paid for their work. C are always treated like heroes. D their efforts are often unnoticed.

smc PMR penang 2010 Questions 11 – 18 are based on the following text.
21. follow suit A use the same suit B do the same action C imitate to make fun D stand behind the other

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Sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun by (11) light and protecting the eyes (12) harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Research (13) that long term exposure to UV rays (14) lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer around the eyelids. (15) , when you leave Questions 22 – 24 your house, make sure that you wear sunglasses. When you buy sunglasses, opt for those that have labels that tell you how Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning (16) UV radiation the lenses of the sunglasses reflect. Experts say that a for the phrases that are good pair of sunglasses is one that blocks out 99 to 100% of both UV-A underlined. and UV-B rays. You should also consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat (17) your sunglasses. This will help to block the sunlight from overhead. The risk of sun-related eye problems (18) higher for people who spend long hours in Tillaga : Hassan, by hook or by crook (22) you must get the field ready this evening. The the sun and those who have had cataract surgery or have certain retina sports practice starts tomorrow. I need extra sand for the long jump pit. disorders. Hassan : I'll do my best. About the long jump pit, I'll keep that in mind. (23) 11. A filter B filters C filtered D filtering 12. A on B at C by D from 13. A show B shows C shown D showed 14. A can B must C need D should 15. A So B Then C Until D Because 16. A any B much C some D many 17. A with B from C along D without 18. A is B are C was D were Tillaga : Thanks, Hassan. Now, I can take it easy (24) as I know you will get the field ready. Bye! 22. by hook or by crook A do it now B use the tape C sooner or later D no matter what it takes 23. keep that in mind . A recall. B store it. C receive. D remember. 24. take it easy A cry B smile C relax D laugh

Questions 19 - 21 Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Suresh : After that explanation by you, I now see the light (19) and can imagine how the telephone works. Guan : Now I am going to seize the opportunity (20) of the special Merdeka offer and install that broadband that I had wanted to do so earlier. Suresh : I think I shall follow suit (21) and not be left behind in this age of technology
19. see the light A am in the brightness B begin to understand C see the light above me D can switch on the light 20. to seize the opportunity A to be greedy B to take advantage C to be right in front D to be the first to do

smc PMR penang 2010
Questions 25 – 28 are based on the following article.

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27. The word excessive tells us that greenhouse gases is present in _______ amounts. A fixed B large C limited D varying 28. Global warming has brought about changes in A fuel use. B weather pattern. C transport pattern. D energy production.

Global Warming: Causes and Effects Earth temperature has been rising at the rate of 1 degree Questions 29 – 34 are based on the following extract. Fahrenheit in the last 50 years. The past 50 years of warming has been attributed to human activities. During the last The next morning, the children woke up early. They were 100 years, global sea levels have risen between 4 – 8 hungry. They looked inches. for food all morning but the hours went by and they found Greenhouse gases nothing to eat. Then that rise into the suddenly, they saw a clump of trees with red and green atmosphere trap the fruits hanging from the sun’s energy and branches. Samad was overjoyed. prevent heat from ‘Samad!’ yelled Minah, ‘Don’t eat them. They might be escaping. These are poisonous!’ caused by large scale But Samad did not listen to her. He started to eat the fruits. use of fuels in A few seconds vehicles and later, Minah joined him. For a long time, Minah and Samad factories. sat in the shade of the Local changes include increasingly hot weather and trees. The trees had saved their lives. thunderstorms. After a while Minah started to stuff some of the fruits into Damaging storms, droughts and other weather-related her pockets. phenomenon cause an increase in Suddenly, Samad began to feel nervous. The bushes and economic and health problems. Warmer weather provides breeding grounds for insects such trees were silent, but Samad was afraid. He crept back to his sister. as malaria-carrying ‘Minah!’ he whispered. ‘I think someone is watching us.’ mosquitoes. ‘What?’ said Minah. ‘Someone’s watching us? Where?’ Burning fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil products 29. The word they in the passage refers to the produces A trees. greenhouse gases B fruits. in excessive C leaves. D bushes. amount.
30. Why didn’t Samad listen to Minah? A He was hungry. B He was trying to be rude. C He was angry with Minah. D He did not like being told what to do. 31. How had the trees saved the children? A By providing food. B By providing shelter. C By giving them a place to rest. D By protecting them from danger. 32. Samad felt nervous because A they were lost in the forest. B he was afraid of the wild animals. C they had not eaten for a few days. D he felt someone was watching them.

25. What is the weather phenomenon that has been happening in the last fifty years? A Falling sea level. B Global warming. C Increase in rainfall. D Increase in diseases. 26.Which of the following is not a fuel? A Oil B Coal C Natural gases D Greenhouse gases

smc PMR penang 2010

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“Alright,” he said at last, “cover the poor man with earth and let 33. ‘What? Someone’s watching us?’ How did Minah feel when she said no more be said. But one memorial I will give him. This was once a this? A Upset happy village. Now it is a place of death. Blood was spilt in B Shocked the village C Unhappy street. The smell of death is in the air. Black flies are D Delighted everywhere. I 34. Based on the passage above, what quality best describes Minah? will call this village Dalat, flies, so nobody shall ever A Stubborn forget!” B Persistent Heidi Munan C Intelligent
D Responsible

Questions 35 – 37 are based on the following poem. The Lake Isle of Innisfree I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made, Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey bee And live alone in the bee-loud glade. And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow, Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings; There midnight’s all glimmer; and noon a purple glow And evening full of the linnet’s wings. I will arise and go now, for always night and day I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey, I hear it in the deep heart’s core. William Butler Yeats
35. The persona’s cabin is made of A brick and mortar. B clay and wattles. C wood and leaves. D mud and branches. 36. He will plant _______ and keep_______. A beans, bees B fruits, cows C peas, rabbits D greens, birds 37. What is the main theme of this poem? A City life is stressful. B Insects are noisy creatures. C Islands are always peaceful and calm. D There is peace and tranquillity in nature. 38. The phrase ‘the poor man’ in the extract refers to A Umat B Galau C Lutong 39. What is the memorial that Galau gave Umat? A A good burial. B A memorial pole. C A mourning in his heart. D The name Dalat for the village. 40. Which of the following does not describe the village? A Blood on the street. B Black flies everywhere. C Smell of death in the river. D Happiness among the villagers.

Questions 38 – 40 are based on the extract from the short story ‘How Dalat Got Its Name’. “Brother, I think they are right,” Lutong said gently. “Poor Umat was our brother, but he does not deserve a memorial pole. Let us just mourn him in our hearts.” Galau thought about this, hiding his face with his hands.

smc PMR penang 2010

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·elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting ·make sure it is not less than 120 words

KERTAS 2 Section A : Guided Writing [30 marks] [Time suggested : 40 minutes] 1.
You received a postcard from your cousin who stays in Sandakan. Using all the information given below, write a letter accepting his invitation to spend a one-week holiday with him and his family in Sandakan.

Information :Venue 1 - Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre - watch - Orang Utans’ behaviour – playing, eating - Information Hall - add knowledge and information on their history, habits - buy souvenirs Venue 2 - Crocodile Farm - many species of crocodiles - watch crocodile-feeding session - special crocodile performance - other animal species – birds, monkeys, fish - buy souvenirs Venue 3 - Selingan Turtle Island - watch turtles lay eggs - release of newly-hatched young turtles - snorkeling Venue 4 - Seafood outlets - cheap and fresh Venue 5 - Pasir Putih Beach - beautiful and peaceful - picnic - beach walk When writing your letter: ·use the correct format ·use all the information given

smc PMR penang 2010

Latih tubi -1 To ensure safety when going online, never give out personal ... Section C : Novel [ 10 marks ] [ Time suggested : 20 minutes ] The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language.

Section B : Summary [10 marks]
[Time suggested : 30 minutes] Read the passage and complete the following task.

More and more teenagers are logging on to the Novels: internet every day. Although the Internet is a great source for research projects and other 1. Potato People - Angela Wright information, there are also dangers involved with surfing the Web. The person you meet online 2. Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe may not be who or what he or she claims to 3. The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux be. Someone who says that he is a 15-year-old boy may actually be a 50-year-old man pretending to be a teen for inappropriate reasons, 4. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson such as to send pornography materials or to lure teens into unsafe situations. Never give out personal information, such as your5. The Prisoner of Zenda - Anthony Hope Hawkins name, home address or phone number, the name of your school, photographs, Based on one of the novels above, write on any credit card numbers or the names of your parents without permission from your parents. Do one of the following themes. not agree to meet the person without any adult accompanying you. Do not give out your Give evidence from the novel to support your password to anyone. In chat rooms, use a name answer. that is not gender-specific so you are less likely to a. hope b. friendship receive pornographic materials or other c. good against evil forms of harassment. If you do receive Your response should be: pornographic materials, report it to the local ·in not less than 50 words police ·in continuous writing form (not note form) department. Write a summary on how to stay safe on the Internet. Your summary must: · not be more than 60 words, including the 10 words given below · be in continuous writing (not note form) · be written in one paragraph Use your own words as far as possible without changing its original meaning. Begin your summary as follows :

smc PMR penang 2010
C removed D implemented

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SET 2 Paper 1
Questions 1-10 are based on the information given.

I Accident Rates In Pasfr Gudang from January to June 2008 I

Questions 1-10 are based on the information given.

4 According to the graph, the highest accident rate involves A motorists. B pedestrians. C lorry drivers. D motorcyclists.

1. Based on the newspaper headlines, the word nabbed means A filled B seized C arrested D convicted

If undelivered, please return to this address: 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor. Please infonn us of any change of address
2 Which of the following statement best explains the note above? A Please change your address. B Please return this letter to the address stated. C Infonn them of your new address if you have moved. D Infonn them if you have moved to 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru.

- Preferably Female. - Minimum SPM or equivalent qualification. - Can speak and write in Bahasa Malaysia & English. - Applicants must be computer literate. - Able to work independently.

5 The applicants for this job must A have worked as a clerk B be able to repair computers C be able to work on their own D have working experience
6 You will not find a place for 500 metres ahead.

Putting up a fight against Aedes In the fir~t of a series of campaigns planned for the city and its outlaying areas, Deputy Federal Territory Minister, Datuk M. Saravanan, kicked off a campaign by spraying insect repellent on a giant-sized replica of Aedes aegypti mosquito, the cause of dengue fever, witnessed by more than 200 villagers. (Malay Mail, June 6th, 2008)

A resting B parking C buying food D making phone calls

3 The phrase kicked off in the article means A repelled B launched

7 Which of the following statements best explains the advertisement above? A You will get free candy when you buy Applemints sugar. B You will get free sugar when you buy this candy. C This candy contains free sugar. D This candy contains no sugar.

smc PMR penang 2010
8 What is the boy trying to do? A He is giving an excuse for failing his exam. B He is involved in a fight to get an A. C He is trying very hard to get an F. D He is striving to get an A. 9 From the text message, we know that the sender A is infOlming the recipient that he is invited by the Universal Studio B is expeliencing a wonderful time at the Universal Studio C is wishing that the recipient likes the Universal Studio D is planning to have fun at the Universal Studio 10 Based on the advertisement above. which of the following statement is true? A AirTran flies only to Kuching. B You can phone to make bookings. C The travel period lasts three months. D A flight to and fro Kota Kinabalu costs RM19.
awrehen C ISwhereas D lioAAtrtle 16 many B

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mbuotre mbuecahuse D ElAAoatsitng 17 Tlosseat B Eloatsse C Eloatsing pwAArehvoent 18 B prevents whom pwrehvicehnted pwrehvoesnetion 12/1 @2008 Hak Cipta JPNJ [Lihat sebelah



SULIT Questions 19-21

8 Read the conversation and choose the best meaning for each of the underlined phrases. Hakim is describing a football match to his friend, Alex. Hakim Questions 11- 18are based on the following text Alex ----------B~~~kf~--; t - -;~d~~-tdh~--b~;- Hakim Alex Hakim t~t~r-t~---i d ~Y.-Why-----------------6 Y It was a great game, Alex. The Portugal team burst into (19) the -b;~~kf~~tfield with so much energy. The Switzerland team had important? Apart from providing you with energy, a healthy a hard time breakfast gives you _ defending. (12) other benefits. ____ (13) breakfast will keep you from getting too hungry. How did Nuno Gomez play? Check out (20) his amazing flicks and kicks on the This helps intern et. _____ (14) overeating later during the day. Yes, I will. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism (15) Christiano Ronaldo scored the winning goal. He really eating a good breakfast will give your metabolism a boost. Skipping stood out(21) breakfast is a common strategy for in that match. losing weight (16) it is definitely not a smart one. There is 19 burst into no evidence that A wandered into proves skipping breakfast will help you (17) weight. B strolled into Studies show that most C walked into , people (18) skip breakfast tend to eat more calorie-dense D ran into food throughout the 12/1 © 2008 Hak Cipta JPNJ SULIT day.


y~~- ;


So, it is important you have a well-balanced breakfast. You MOZ@C will be surprised how MOZ@C much better you can perform. 9
1--SULIT 1--------------------------------------------------------------------.------------------------------------------

wAaAesre 15 wyaest B

Questions 22-24 Read the speech below and choose the best

smc PMR penang 2010

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meaningfor the phrases underlined. Spell it Right (game show) Dear students. Top 10 Hits (repeat) The PMR examination is around the corner (22). I'm I love Jeanie (comedy) sure all of you are Afternoon News burning the midnight oil (23). Some may study for Chinese serial - Desire of Life (Episode 110) hours. Others may study only for 25 How long is the 'Malaysia Today' programme? two or three hours a day. Students, the most important A 3 hours and 55 minutes thing is not to study at the B 3 hours and 45 minutes eleventh hour (24). Do not push too hard on yourself. C 3 hours and 30 minutes I would like to take this D 3 hours and 15 minutes opportunity to wish all of you good luck. 26 Which of the following has been shown before? 22 around the corner A Top 10 Hits A B I Love Jeanie recently C Ironman B D Malaysia Today next month 27 People would most probably win prizes in C A Spell It Right commg soon B I Love Jeanie D C Chinese Serial in a week's time D Cook with Chef Wan 23 burning the midnight oil 28 How many times is the news read? A studying late at night A Two B burdening yourself B Three C looking forward to success C Four D working hard to succeed D Five eleventh hour24 12/1 © 2008 Hak Cipta JPNJ SULIT early A MOZ@C the end B MOZ@C hour 11 last minute SUIJT 12/1 @2008 Hak Cipta JPNJ [Lihat sebelah Questions 29-34 are based on the following extract SULIT I am not really scared of ghosts. but something


SULIT 10 Questions 25 - 28 are based on the following TV guide.
6.30 a.m

10.00 a.m 10.30 a.m 11.00 a.m 11.15 a.m 12.00 noon 12.30 p.m
1.00 p.m

happened to me a few months ago. I was at home, alone, watching television one night. It ,vas one of those hOlTible,st0J111Y nights with wind and rain lashing against the windows. My parents and siblings were at the cmema. After a while. I heard a tapping sound. I did not won'y at first. There were trees near the windows and thought it \vas the trees hitting against them. I ignored the sound. Then, I heard a bang at the fro11tdoor. It must be the wind, I thought. Then, I heard a noise I could not ignore. It was a honible cry - it was like someone being strangled. I jumped. I was frightened by now. Then it came again. "Graaahhh!" "Is there a madman going around the house, trying to get in." I prayed that al1the doors and windows were shut properly. I started moving around


1.30 p.m
2.00 p.m

TV GUIDE Malaysia Today (live) Cartoon Classics Cook with Chef Wan Morning B~lletin Ironman (Episode 15)

smc PMR penang 2010
to check them. Just then. I heard the tapping. I started dialing for the police. Suddenly, the front door burst open and in came my siblings shouting,"April Fool! April Foo!!" I could have strangled them - I nearly did. 29 Where was the writer at the time of the incident? A In a forest B Alone at home C At the cinema D With his family 30 The word lashing in paragraph 1 can be replaced with A beating

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near the post office He saw an old man gasping for air and a baby barely able to breathe in a crowded morning clinic. This land is so rich. Why should we suffer like this? I want cle~n air for my grandchildren, I want the damned fools to leave the forest alone. I want trees to grow, the rivers run free, and the earth covered with grass. Let the politicians plan how we may live with dignity, now and always. 35 The word 'we' in stanza one refers to the A people B B old men pounng C crows C D children bursting 36 'to leave the forest alone' is a plea to D A destroy the forest stonning B get out from the forest 12/1 ({v,100SHak Cipra JP?'J [Lihat scbelah C protect the flora and fauna SULIT D continue to cut down the trees MOZ@C 37 Pick out the correct statement. MOZ@C A Pollution does not endanger people. SULIT 12 31 The writer thought the noises were made by the ..... B The persona wants a clean green environment. C The persona wants to live in a rich country. A wind D The politicians have carried out their duties well. B trees 12/1 @2008 Hak Cipta JPNJ C madman A. Samad Said D brothers and sisters J [Lihat sebelah 32 Why did the writer want to call the police? SULIT A He was frightened. MOZ@C B He wanted to pray. C He could not leave the house. MOZ@C D He was angry with his brothers and sisters. SULIT 14 33 The writer heard the following except Questions 38-40 are based on the extract from the short A a cry story The Pencil. B tapping sound As soon as he reached home, he went and hugged his C banging on the door grandmother around her neck. Then he buried his head in her lap, without saying a D slamming of the windows word. He felt sad and 34 The best title for this passage is dejected, deeply hurt. A Being Alone That night the small boy was feverish and often mumbled B An April Fool Joke in his sleep about C A Frightening Experience the pencil. Maybe it was because of his cuts and bruises. All D An Encounter with Ghosts night long his old 12/1 © 2008 Hak Cipta JPNJ SULIT grandmother kept watch over him; frequently tears would


13 SULIT Questions 35-37 are based on the following poem. THE DEAD CROW He saw a dead crow in a drain

flood her eyes. The fever lasted three days. His short, plumpish body had shriveled somewhat, causing him to look even smaller than before. When he was well, he returned to school, but he was no longer the quiet Zahid he had been once. A change had come over him. It was as

smc PMR penang 2010
though the fever had created a new Zahid. Every few minute, one of Mr. Jamal's pupils would cry out, in despair, " Teacher, Zahid won't let me do my work", " Teacher, Zahid pulled my hair", "Teacher, Zahid sm~ared ink on my nose", "Teacher, Zahid hit me", "Teacher, Zahid this .... Zahid that .... ". 38 Zahid reached home. He felt

Latih tubi -1


fearful dej ected safe

Which statement is false?

Zahid was short and plumpish.

changed for the better.

talked in his sleep.

became quiet.

After the fever, there were many about Zahid. praIses




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