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Giving advice (should-shouldn´t

A) Read the sentences. Write should or shouldn´t
1) It is raining you ________take an umbrella.
2) Tom ________eat so many lollipops. It´s bad for his teeth.
3 I __________drink hot tea if I have a sore throat.
4) They have a test tomorrow. They ______ go to the cinema. They _______ study!
5) Children ___________ eat lots of vegetables but they ______ eat lots of sweets.
6) I have a party tonight. What ______ I wear? A dress or a pair of trousers?
7) The doctor said: " You _____eat healthy food. You _____ eat fast food. You ________watch so much
TV. You _____ walk 1 hour a day. You _____ drink fruit juice and water. You ______drink wine or beer.
B) Look at the pictures . Choose the correct advice

He should drink a hot tea / he should take some aspirin.

He should call to the doctor/ he should go to school.

He should drink tea with honey/ he should have a cold shower

He should go to the hospital/ He should put an aid band.
C) Complete the sentences using SHOULD or SHOULDN´T and the verbs in the box.
wear – drink – eat –
study - go

1- This milk is old. You__________it.
2- It´s hot. They _____________ a sun hat.
3- The lake is dirty. We _______swimming.
4- I´m thirsty. I __________more water.
5- I don´t understand English. I _______ more.