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Bask ve Cilt
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Begm Ofset
Ekosan Matbaaclk (Ser. No:19039)
Mays 2013
4. Bask

ISBN: 978 975 471 298 8

YSN: 11627



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Drdnc Basamak


cap [kep]
close [klouz]
edge [ec]
grave [greyv]
knee [ni:]

kep, apka
kenar, snr

master [ma:st]
rabbit [rebit]
treat [tri:t]
untie [antay]
w ith in [widin]

sahip, usta,
muamele etmek


for ever
Daima, ebediyyen anlamndadr.
I'll be your friend for ever.
Hell be my servant for ever.
Theyll love each other for ever.
This song will be heard for ever.

Daima arkadan olacam.

Daima (ebediyyen) uam olacak.
Ebediyyen birbirlerini sevecekler.
Bu ark daima duyulacak.

far off
Uzakta, uzak anlamn verir.
The ship was far off when we came Kyya geldiimiz zaman gemi uzaktayd,
to the shore.
The hill is far off; we cant walk
Tepe uzaktadr; oraya yryemeyiz.
He couldn't shoot the deer because Geyii vuramad, nk o uzaktayd,
it was far off.

iinde, dahilinde anlamnda bir nektir.
You can't play football within
these lines.
within three days
I'll be back within three days.

Bu hatlar dahilinde futbol oynayamazsnz,

gn iinde
.gn iinde ( gne kadar) dnm
Btn gn boyunca drt duvar iinde kalamaz.

She can't stay within four walls

all day long.

as well as
Kadar, derecede, ayrca, keza anlamlarn verir.
We can eat apples as well as
They are afraid of cows as well as
She gave me money as well as food.

Portakallar kadar (portakallar olduu gibi)

elmalar da yiyebiliriz.
Kpekler kadar ineklerden de korkarlar,
Bana yiyecein yan sra para da verdi.

keep close
Yakn durmak, uzaklamamak, peinden ayrlmamak anlamndadr.
Keep close to yo ur m other.
If you d on 't keep close to them ,
y o u 'll lose your way.
Selim keeps close to his m other
when he sees a dog.

Annenden ayrlma. (Yakn dur.)

Onlara yakn durmazsan yolunu kaybedeceksin.
Selim bir kpek grd zaman annesine
yakn durur.

stand by
htiya veya tehlike annda ayrlmamak, yannda bulunmak, yardm etmek
They stood by the ir captain
during the fig ht.
He always stood by me when I was
in trouble.
She'll always stand by me.

Kavga esnasnda kaptanlarndan ayrlmadlar. (Onun tarafndan oldular.)

Skntda olduum zaman daima beni des
Daima beni destekleyecek.

take someone by the foot (hand, arm...)

Bir kimseyi ayandan (elinden, kolundan...) tutmak anlatlrken by edat ile
yaplan bu deyim kullanlr.
He took me by the hand.
She took her child by the arm.
Tom too k the dog by its leg.

Elimden tuttu.
ocuunu kolundan tuttu.
Tom kpei bacandan tuttu.

to get (go) down on one's knees

Bir kimsenin diz kmesi anlamn verir.
I got (went) down on my knees and
Don't get (go) down on your
The w ild man got (went) down
on his knees.

Diz ktm ve dua ettim,

Diz kmeyiniz,
Vahi adam diz kt,

(51. dersten devam)
I shouted to the poor fellow whom I had saved. He came forward a little,
then stopped again; and then came a little farther, and stopped again. I could
then see that he thought that he was made prisoner again. I tried to show him
that this was not so. At last he came close to me, and then he fell upon his
knees and kissed the ground. Then he put his head upon the ground and,
taking me by the foot, set my foot upon his head. This, as it seems, was a
way of promising to be my servant for ever.
What surprised the fellow was to see that I had killed the man so far off. He
pointed to him and spoke some words to me. Though I could not understand
the words, they were good to hear, for they were the first voice which I had
heard. I think he said that he wished to go and see the man that was killed. I
told him to go. When he came to him, he stood looking at him. Then he
turned him first on one side, then on the other. He looked at the hole which
had been made by the gun. Then he made two graves in the sand and put
into them the two bodies, so that they might not be seen by the rest if they
followed. After that he followed me to my tent.
When the man came to my tent, I gave him bread, some dried fruits, and a
cup of water; for he was greatly tired by his running. After that I made him lie
down and sleep.
After he had slept about half an hour he woke again, and came out of the
house to me. Then I began to speak to him and to teach him to speak to me.
First, I told him that his name should be Friday, for that was the day on which
I saved his life. I taught him to say Master. I taught him to say Yes and
No. Then I gave him some clothes, and a coat made of the skin of a large
animal and a cap made of rabbit skin. It is true that he moved strangely in the
clothes at first, for he was not used to wearing clothes. But he became used
to the clothes very quickly.
On the next day I began to think of a place for him to sleep in. I made him a
tent on an open place within the wall of my house. Then I made a door to my
store-room. At night I slept in the store-room, where I took with me all my
guns; and I shut the door.
Friday was a very good servant. He was never angry. He wanted only to
please me. He loved me as a child loves his father, and I am sure that he
would have given his life to save mine at any time. He treated my gun as if it
were some sort of god. He did not touch it, but spoke to it when he was alone
and he talked to it as if it had answered him. I asked him later what it was that
he said to the gun, and he told me that he asked it not to kill him.

This was the best year of all that I spent in this place. Friday began to talk
well, and to understand the names of everything I wanted and of every place I
sent him to. He also talked a great deal to me. So I began now to have some
use for my tongue again. Besides the pleasure of talking to him, I had great
pleasure in the fellow himself. I began really to love the fellow; and, I was
sure that he loved me more than anything.
I was busy one morning with my guns and I called to Friday and told him to
go to the sea-shore, and get some fish. After a few minutes he came running
back. He came flying up the steps over the wall and, before I had time to
speak to him, he cried out to me, Master! Master! Bad! bad! What has
happened, Friday? said I. Oh, there, said he; one, two, three boats! One,
two, three!
From his way of speaking I thought he meant six; but, on asking him again,
I learned that there were only three boats. Well, Friday, said I, do not be
afraid. But I saw that the poor fellow was still very much afraid; for he was
always dreaming that they would come to look for him, and that they would
cut him in pieces and eat him. I did the best I could, for him, and told him that
I was in danger too, and that they would eat me as well as him. But, said I,
we must decide to fight them. Can you fight, Friday? Me shoot, said he,
but there came many great number.
Do not trouble about that, said I again. Our guns will make them afraid
even if we do not kill. So I asked him, Will you stand by me and do just as I
order you? He said, Me die when you order me die, master. Then I made
ready two guns for Friday and three guns for myself.
When I had made everything ready, I went up the side of the hill to see
what I could discover. I found that there were twenty-one men, three prison
ers, and three boats, and their business seemed to be to eat their prisoners.
This sight made me very angry. I gave Friday two of the guns, and took the
other three myself. I also gave Friday a large bag with more powder for the
guns. I then told him to keep close behind me, and not to move or shoot or
do anything until I gave the order.
I entered among the trees very carefully, and silently. Friday was following
me. I marched till I came to the edge of the trees on the side which was near
est to them. Only one corner of the little forest fay between me and them.
Here I called softly to Friday. I showed him a great tree which was just at the
corner of the forest: I told him to go to that tree, and to come back and tell
me if he could see what they were doing. He did so, and came back to me at
once. He said that they were sitting round the fire eating one of the prisoners.
There was another tree about forty yards nearer to them. I saw that by go
ing a little way round, I could come to it without being discovered. Going

back about twenty yards. I got behind some small plants. Following this
plants I came to the other tree.
I had now not a minute to lose, for seventeen of these men sat on the
ground all close together, and they had just sent the other four to kill the
poor prisoner. They got down on their knees to untie the bands at the man's
feet. I turned to Friday. Now, Friday, said I. Do as I tell you. I put one of
the guns on the ground, and Friday did the same. Then I took the other gun
and pointed it at the wild men. Then I asked Friday if he was ready; he said,
Yes. Then fire at them, said I; and I fired also.
Friday shot so much better than I, that he killed two of them, and hurt three
more; I killed one and hurt two.

Kurtarm olduum zavall adama seslendim. Biraz ileri doru geldi, sonra tekrar
durdu, sonra bir para daha ileri geldi ve tekrar durdu. O zaman grebildim ki o
yeniden mahpus (esir) edildiini dnyordu, (zannediyordu). Ona bunun byle
olmadn gstermeye altm. En nihayet yaknma geldi, sonra dizlerinin stne
dt ve topra pt. Sonra ban topran stne koydu ve ayamdan tutarak
ayam bann stne koydu. Bu, grld gibi (anlalan) ebediyen benim ua
m olmaya sz vermenin bir ekliydi.
Adam artan, bu kadar uzaktaki adam ldrm olduumu grmekti. Eliyle
ona (adama) iaret etti ve bana baz kelimeler syledi. Kelimeleri anlayamama
ramen iitilmesi iyiydi nk duymu olduum ilk insan sesiydi. Zannederim git
mek ve ldrlen adam grmeyi arzu ettiini sylyordu. Ona gitmesini syledim.
Ona geldii zaman, bakarak durdu. Sonra onu nce bir tarafa sonra dier tarafa
evirdi. Silahla alm olan delie bakt. Sonra kumda iki mezar yapt ve onlarn
iine iki vcudu koydu, yle ki onlar eer takip ederlerse dierleri tarafndan grl
mesinler. Bundan sonra beni adrma takip etti.
Adam adrma geldii zaman ona ekmek, biraz kurumu meyve ve bir kap su
verdim; zira komaktan ok yorgundu. Bundan sonra onu yatrdm ve uyuttum.
Yarm saat kadar uyuduktan sonra tekrar uyand ve evden dar bana geldi. O
zaman onunla konumaya ve ona benimle konumasn retmeye baladm. n
ce ona isminin Cuma olacan syledim, zira onun hayatn kurtardm gn oydu.
Ona sahip demesini rettim. Ona evet ve hayr demesini rettim. Sonra
ona baz elbiseler ve bir byk hayvann derisinden yaplm bir ceket ve tavan
derisinden yaplm bir apka verdim. Balangta elbiselerin iinde acayip bir e
kilde hareket ettii dorudur, zira elbiseler giymeye alkn deildi. Ama elbiselere
sratle alt.

Ertesi gn onun iin, iinde uyuyaca bir yer dnmeye baladm. Evimin du
var dahilinde ak bir yerde ona bir adr yaptm. Ondan sonra depoma bir kap
yaptm. Geceleyin, btn silahlarm yanmda gtrdm depoda uyudum ve ka
py kapadm.
Cuma ok iyi bir uakt. O asla kzmazd. O sadece beni memnun etmeyi istiyor
du. O beni bir ocuk babasn sever gibi seviyordu ve eminim ki benimkini kurtar
mak iin hayatn her zaman verebilirdi. Benim tfeime sanki bir eit ilahm gibi
muamele ediyordu. Ona dokunmuyor ve yalnzken onunla konuuyordu. Ve o sanki
ona cevap veriyormu gibi konuuyordu. Daha sonralar ona tfee ne demi oldu
unu sordum ve bana ona kendisini ldrmemesini rica ettiini syledi.
Bu yerde geirdiim yllarn hepsinin bu en iyisiydi. Cuma iyi bir ekilde konu
maya istediim her eyin ve gnderdiim her yerin ismini anlamaya balad. Keza
benimle de ok konutu. Bylece dilimden tekrar faydalanmaya baladm. Onunla
konumann zevki yannda, adamn kendisinden de ok memnundum. Adam haki
katen sevmeye baladm ve onun beni her eyden daha fazla sevdiinden emin
Bir gn silahlarmla meguldm ve Cuma'ya seslendim ve ona deniz kysna
gitmesini ve bir para balk getirmesini syledim. Birka dakika sonra koarak geri
geldi. O basamaklardan yukar ve duvarn zerinden uarak geldi ve onunla ko
numaya vakit bulmadan evvel bana bard. Sahip! Sahip! Fena! fena! Ne oldu
Cuma? dedim. Oh, orada, dedi, bir, iki, kayk! Bir, iki, .
Onun konuma tarzndan alt demek istediini zannettim; fakat ona tekrar sor
mam zerine, sadece kayk olduunu rendim. Pekl Cuma dedim.
Korkma. Fakat zavall adamn hi ok korktuunu grdm; zira daima onu
aramaya geleceklerini ve onu paralara keseceklerini ve yiyeceklerini hayal ediyor
du. Onun iin yapabileceimin en iyisini yaptm ve ona benim de tehlikede olduu
mu ve onun kadar beni de yiyeceklerini syledim. Fakat dedim, onlarla dv
meye karar vermeliyiz. Sen dvebilir misin Cuma? Ben ate etmek, dedi;
fakat var geldi ok byk say.
Bunun hakknda zlme, dedim tekrar. ldrmesek bile bizim tfeklerimiz
onlar korkutacak. Bylece ona sordum Benim yanmda duracak ve tam sana
emrettiim gibi yapacak msn? O, Ben lmek, siz ne zaman emrediyorsunuz
ben lmek, sahip. Bundan sonra iki tfek Cuma in, ve tfek kendim iin hazr
Hepsini hazr etmi olduktan sonra ne kefedebileceimi grmek iin tepenin
yanna gittim. Yirmi bir adam, esir ve kayk olduunu anladm. Onlarn ileri
nin esirlerini yemek olduu grlyordu.
Bu manzara beni kzdrd. Tfeklerin ikisini Cuma'ya verdim ve dier n ken
dim aldm. Keza Cuma'ya tfekler iin daha barut olan bir byk torba verdim. Son-

|ra ona peimden ayrlmamasn, kmldanmamasn veya ate etmemesini veya

ben emir verinceye kadar herhangi bir ey yapmamasn syledim.
ok dikkatlice ve sessizce aalarn arasna girdim. Cuma beni takip ediyordu.
Onlara en yakn olan taraftaki aalarn kenarna gelinceye kadar yrdm. Benim
le onlarn arasnda sadece kk ormann bir kesi uzanyordu. Burada hafife
Cuma 'ya seslendim. Ormann tam kesinde kocaman bir aa gsterdim. Ona o
aaca gitmesini ve geri gelmesini, onlarn ne yaptklarn grp gremediini bana
sylemesini syledim. Byle yapt ve derhal bana geri geldi. Bana onlarn esirler
den bir tanesini yiyerek atein etrafnda oturmakta olduklarn syledi.
Onlara tahminen krk yarda daha yakn bir dier aa vard. Bir para dolanarak
gitmek suretiyle kefedilmeksizin ona gidebileceimi grdm. Tahminen yirmi yar
da geri giderek, baz kk bitkilerin arkasna getim. Bu bitkileri takip ederek dier
aaca geldim.
Kaybedecek bir dakikam yoktu, zira bu adamlarn on yedisi hepsi birbirine yakn
olarak yerde oturuyorlard ve dier drt tanesini zavall esiri ldrmek iin henz
gndermilerdi. Adamn ayaklarndaki bantla r zmek iin dizlerinin stne kt
ler. Cuma'ya dndm. imdi, Cuma dedim, sana sylediim gibi yap. Tfek
lerden bir tanesini yere koydum ve Cuma da aynn yapt. Bundan sonra dier tfe
i aldm ve vahi adamlara ynelttim. Sonra Cuma'ya hazr olup olmadn sor
dum. O evet, dedi. O halde onlara ate et. dedim ve ben de ate ettim.
Cuma benden o kadar ok daha iyi ate etti ki onlarn ikisini ldrd ve daha
tanesini yaralad. Ben bir tane ldrdm ve ikisini yaraladm.

Drdnc Basamak





Birinci kursumuzun 81. dersinde grm olduumuz m ust yardmc fiilini 85.
derste have to ile karlatrmtk. Must'n sz syleyen kimsenin arzusunu ifade
etmesine karlk'have to'nun sz syleyenin deil dier d etkilerin meydana
getirdii bir zorunluluu anlattn renmitik.
You m ust learn English.
You have to learn English to
w ork in th is company.
He m ust clean his room.
He has to clean his room.
You m ust w ait in the other room.
You have to w ait in the other room.
She must get up early.
She has to get up early.

ngilizce renmelisin. (Ben yle istiyorum.

renmen mecburiyeti benim isteimdir.)
Bu irkette almak iin ngilizce ren
melisin. (renmek zorundasn nk
durum bunu gerektiriyor.)
Odasn temizlemeli. (Ben istiyorum.)
Odasn temizlemeli. (Temizlemek zorun
Dier odada beklemelisin. (Ben orada bek
lemeni istiyorum.)
Dier odada beklemelisin. (Dier odada
beklemen lazm, kural bu.)
Erken kalkmal. (Benim isteim.)
Erken kalkmal, (ii gerei erken kalkmas

Must'n gemi halinin bulunmamasna karn have to'nun gemi hali bulunduunu grmtk.
I have to learn English.

ngilizce renmeliyim. (Durum bunu ge


I had to learn English.

He had to go early.

ngilizce renmek mecburiyetinde kaldm.

Erken gitmek zorunda kald.

They had to seil their house.

Evlerini satmak zorunda kaldlar.

I had to buy a new car.

Yeni bir otomobil almak zorunda kaldm.

Must yardmc fiilinin gemi hali olmadna gre byle bir cmleyi gemi za
man haline sokmak iin have to'nun gemi hali olan had to kullanlr. Yani must
ile have to'nun gemi halleri ayndr: had to.
You must learn English.
You have to learn English.
You had to learn English.

ngilizce renmelisiniz.
ngilizce renmelisiniz.
ngilizce renmek zorunda kaldnz.

Must ile have to arasndaki anlam fark gemi zaman halinde, yani had to
kullanldnda ortadan kalkm oluyor.

You must sleep in this room.

Bu odada uyumaksnz. (Ben yle istiyo


You have to sleep in this room.

Bu odada uyumaksnz. (Ben istediim iin

deil, durum veya artlar bu odada uyu
manz gerektirir.)

You had to sleep in this room.

Bu odada uyumanz gerekti.

Have to ve had to bulunan cmlelerin soru ve olumsuz yaplmalar do yardmc

fiiliyle olur. (Dier ekil, yani havein cmle bana alnarak soru, not eklenerek
olumsuz yaplmas gittike daha az kullanlmakta olduundan bu ekli vermiyoruz.)
You have to come early.
Do you have to come early?
You don't have to come early.

Erken gelmelisiniz.
Erken mi gelmelisiniz?
Erken gelmek zorunda deilsiniz.

You had to pay ten liras.

Did you have to pay ten liras?
You didn't have to pay ten liras.

On lira demek zorunda kaldnz.

On lira demek zorunda m kaldnz?
On lira demek zorunda kalmadnz.

must yardmc fiilinin olumsuzu

lk kursumuzda m ust szcnn olumsuz ekli olarak m ust not (mustn*t)'
grm, bunun bir yasak bildirme iin kullanldn renmitik.
You m ust walk.
You m ust not walk.

Yrmemelisiniz. (Yrmeniz yasak.)

She m ust go.

She m ustnt go.

Gitmemeli. (Gitmesi yasak.)

rneklerde grld gibi m ust ile yaplm olumsuz cmlelerde bir zorunluun
ortadan kalk deil, aksi bir zorunluluk ifade edilmektedir. Bunu bir rnek zerinde
He must wash his hands.

Ellerini ykamal. (Ellerini ykamak zorun


Bu cmle olumsuz yapld zaman Ellerini ykamak zorunda deil. anlamnda

bir cmle deil, Ellerini ykamamak zorunda. Ellerini ykamas yasak. anlamnda
bir cmle meydana gelmektedir.

They m ust w ait here.

Burada beklemeliler.

They m ustn't w ait here.

Burada beklememeliler.(Beklemeleri ya

She m ust open the w indow .

Pencereyi amal.

She m ustnt open the w indow .

Pencereyi amamal. (Amas yasak.)

Must bulunan bir cmleye not eklenince aksi bir zorunluluk veya yasak anlatl
dna gre, sadece zorunluluk olmad nasl anlatlacaktr, bunu inceleyelim:

Must ile ifade edilen zorunluluun olmadn anlatmak iin need yardmc fiili
Bu arada unu da belirtelim ki, daha nce renmi olduumuz ve ihtiyacnda
olmak anlamna gelen need fiili ile aada greceimiz ve mustn koyduu zo
runluluu ortadan kaldran need yardmc fiili tamamen deiik anlamlarda kulla
You must read this letter.
You must not read this letter.
You need not (needn't) read this

Bu mektubu okumalsn.
Bu mektubu okumamalsn. (Okuman
yasak veya ayp.)
Bu mektubu okumanza lzum yok.
(Okumak mecburiyetinde deilsiniz.)

They must wait here.

They neednt wait here.

Burada beklemeliler.
Burada beklemelerine lzum yok.

You must eat your apple.

You needn't eat your apple.

Elman yemelisin.
Elman yemene lzum yok. (Yemek mec
buriyetinde deilsin.)

He must clean his room.

He needn't clean his room.

Odasn temizlemeli.
Odasn temizlemesine lzum yok.

They must get up early.

They needn't get up early.

Erken kalkmallar.
Erken kalkmalarna lzum yok.

Grld gibi must bir mecburiyet ifade etmektedir. Bu mecburiyetin olmad

ise need not ile anlatlmaktadr. Must not ise bir yasak zorunluluu belirtmektedir.
You must look out of the window.
You mustn't look out of the
You needn't look out of the

Pencereden dar bakmalsn.

Pencereden dar bakmamaksn. (Bak
man ayp veya yasak.)
Pencereden bakmana lzum yok. (Bak
mak mecburiyetinde deilsin.)

She must speak Turkish.

She mustn't speak Turkish.
She neednt speak Turkish.

Trke konumal.
Trke konumamal. (Yasak.)
Trke konumasna lzum yok. (Mecbur


Need yardmc fiili genel olarak sadece olumsuz ve soru halindeki cmlelerde
kullanlr. rneklerde olumsuz cmlelerde kullanln grdk. Soru halindeki cm
lede kullanln da yine m ust ile karlatrmal olarak grelim.
Must we com e early?

Erken mi gelmeliyiz?

Need we come early?

Erken mi gelmeliyiz?

Grld gibi her iki cmle de Trkeye ayn ekilde tercme edilmektedir.
Gerekte aralarnda kk bir fark vardr. Need ile sorulan soruda Hayr, ile ba
layacak bir olumsuz cevap umulmaktadr.
Must I get up early?

Erken mi kalkmalym?

Need I get up early?

Erken mi kalkmalym? (Hayr, cevab umu


Need he open the door?

Kapy amasna gerek var m?

Need we come w ith you?

Sizinle gelmemize lzum var m?

instead of
Yerine anlamna gelen bir edattr. Dier edatlar gibi bir isimden nce kullanlr.
instead of
instead of the cinema
instead of fru it

sinema yerine
meyve yerine

We went to the theatre instead

of the cinema.
You can eat cakes instead o f fruit.
They paid me five liras instead
o f ten liras.
instead of a house
They bought a farm instead o f a
instead o f fo u r donkeys
You should buy a horse instead of
fo u r donkeys.
He went to England instead of
She bought apples instead of

Sinema yerine tiyatroya gittik.

Meyve yerine pasta yiyebilirsiniz.
Bana on lira yerine be lira dediler.
bir ev yerine
Ev yerine bir iftlik aldlar,
drt eek yerine
Drt eek yerine bir at almalsnz.
Fransa yerine Ingiltere'ye gitti.
Portakal yerine elma ald. (Portakal alaca
na elma ald.)


Basketbol yerine futbol oynadlar.

They played football instead of

The poor man asked for some
money, but they gave him some
bread instead of money.

Fakir adam biraz para istedi, fakat

ona para yerine biraz ekmek verdiler.

in spte of
-masna/mesine ramen, karn anlamna gelen in spite of bir edat grubudur
Kullanl dierleri gibidir.


yamura ramen
rzgra ramen
grltye ramen

of the rain
of the wind
of the noise

They went for a picnic in spite of

the rain.
They played football in spite of
the cold weather.
She was reading her book in spite
of the noise outside.
They were listening to the radio
in spite of the noise.
He finished his work in spite
of his illness.
The ship came to Istanbul safely
in spite of the storm.

Yamura ramen piknie gittiler.

Souk havaya ramen futbol oynadlar.
Dardaki grltye ramen
kitabn okuyordu.
Grltye ramen radyoyu dinliyorlard.
Hastalna ramen iini bitirdi.
Frtnaya ramen gemi salimen stanbul'a

Bo yerleri doldurunuz.
1 - You must .... open the school door before eight oclock. 2 - She need ....
go to the office on Saturday. 3 - They loved each other .... ever. 4 - The hut is
f a r .... , we can't walk there. 5 - She likes me as well .... her sons. 6 - If you
stand .... me, I can win. 7 - He took the boy .... the arm and pulled him to
wards the door. 8 - The poor man went down .... his knees and began to cry.
9 - He can play with us .... spite of his age. 10 - Can you give me a brush in
stead .... a glass?


Bu cmleleri gemi zaman yapnz.
1 - We have to send them back. 2 - she has to work in the kitchen. 3 - They
must learn all the new words. 4 - He must wait in the garden. 5 - You don't
have to bring all your books.

Bu cmleleri needn't kullanarak olumsuz yapnz.
1 - She must give you new spoons. 2 - We must write our names. 3 - They
must take the vases from the table. 4 - He must shut the windows. 5 - The girl
must study her lessons.

Translate into Turkish.
1 - They didn't treat us well. 2 - His mother's grave is in London. 3 - The rabbit
was running up the hill. 4 - 1 can't finish this work within two weeks. 5 - Tom
and Mary were happy for ever. 6 - The village was far off. 7 - I like you as well
as my son. 8 - He didn't stand by his brother during the fight. 9 - We walked
through the forest in spite of the danger. 10 - You should buy a tractor in
stead of a jeep. 11 - She needn't come with us. 12 - We needn't walk to the
Translate into English.
1 - Benim dolmakalemimi getirmelisin; sizinkiyle yazamam. 2 - Tabaklar ykaman
za lzum yok. 3 - emsiyelerini getirmelerine lzum yok. 4 - Kt havaya ramen
turistler sabahleyin ok erken yola ktlar. 5 - Daima mutlu olacaksnz. 6 - Selma
beni elimden tuttu. 7 - altrmalar defa yazmak zorunda kaldk. 8 - Onlara
biraz para vermek zorunda kaldm. 9 - Margareti Mary kadar ok severim. 10 Onlara yiyecek yerine para vereceim.


52. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri


1 - through 2 - on (across) 3 - up 4 - till 5 - that 6 - o f 7 - a 8 - any 9 - than 10 as 11 - of 12 - on 13 - up 14 - a 1 5 - against

1 - Bu adadan kaamazlar. 2 - Kumda iki kemik buldu. 3 - Nehir burada ok derin
dir. 4 - Turistler scaa tahamml edemediler. 5 - Onun dnceleri daima olu
hakkndadr. 6 - Onlar tohum olarak kullanabilirsiniz. 7 - Elbiselerini tarad ve kol
yeyi buldu. 8 - Otobs durana kouyorlarken retmenlerine rastladlar. 9 - Siz
gelinceye kadar sizi bekleyecek. 10 - Robert'in bu gece gelip gelmeyeceini bilmi
yorum. 11 - Mademki iyi hissetmiyorsun derhal eve gitmelisin. 12 - Askerler d
man ormanda takip ettiler. 13 - Sevincimi izah edemem. 14 - leri gelirlerse ate
etmelisin. 15 - Daha erken kalkamam; imknszdr. 16 - Bu dz hatt takip edecek
siniz. 17 - Sebzeyi onun iine koymadan nce suyu str. 18 - Ellerini sallad fakat
onun farkna varmadlar. 19 - Onlara daha fazla yiyecek vermedim nk mutfa
kirletmilerdi. 20 - Durumlar hakikaten ktyd.

1 - You can't speak against your friends. 2 - 1 can't express my thoughts. 3 They danced till morning. 4 - 1 cant give up smoking. 5 - Since you have no
money, you can't go there as a tourist. 6 - They made a big fire behind the
house. 7 - I'll keep watch by the hut, because there are a lot of thieves here.
8 - You must be out of sight when your father gets angry. 9 - Our enemies are
stronger than us now. 10 - They burnt the bones of the horse.


Drdnc Basamak


band [bend]
beyond [biyond]
doubt [daut]
gentleman [centilmm]
heaven [hevin]
hide (hid-hidden)
[hayd] [hid] [hidin]

centilmen, bay

lead (led-led)
[li:d] [led] [led]
serve [so:v]
step [step]
while [wayl]

gtrmek, yol
liderlik etmek
hizmet etmek
adm atmak
iken, esnasnda



Genel olarak olumsuz cmlelerde yet'in henz, u ana kadar anlamn verdi
ini biliyoruz.
She hasnt finished it yet.
Onu henz bitirmedi.
Hatice hasn't cleaned the room yet. Hatice oday henz temizlemedi.
Ayrca yet, maamafih, yine de, fakat anlamlarnda da kullanlr.
This story seems strange, yet it
is true.
She studies her lessons, yet she
learns very little.
I ate a lot of things, yet I fe lt

Bu hikye tuhaf grnr, fakat dorudur,

Derslerine alr, fakat ok az renir,
Birok eyler yedim, yine de a hissettim,

draw near
ekmek ve izmek anlamlarn veren draw fiili near edat ile birlikte kullantlnca yaklamak anlamn verir.
She is drawing a map.
The oxen are drawing the car out
o f the river.
He drew the table tow ards the wall,

Bir harita iziyor.

kzler otomobili nehirden dar ekiyor
Masay duvara doru ekti.

draw near
The ship drew near to the island.
The car was drawing near to the
Night is drawing near.

Gemi adaya yaklat.
Otomobil kulbeye yaklayordu.
Gece yaklayor.

as before
nceden olduu gibi, evvelki gibi anlamndadr.
She doesn't go to the cinema
as often as before.
You cant swim as well as before
because you are fat now.


Sinemaya eskiden olduu gibi sk sk gitmez.

Eskiden olduu gibi iyi yzemezsin nk
imdi imansn.

Gerekten, dorusu anlamnda bir szcktr.
You are a very good friend indeed.
I am very glad indeed to hear the

Hakikaten iyi bir arkadasn.

Haberi duyduuma (duymaktan) hakikaten
(dorusu) ok memnunum.

tesinde, uzanda, dnda anlamnda bir edattr.
The forest Is beyond that hill.
We mustn't go beyond this border.
This problem is beyond your

Orman u tepenin tesindedir.

Bu snrn tesine gitmemeliyiz.
Bu problem sizin anlaynzn tesindedir,

as ... as one can

Bir kimsenin elinden geldii kadar bir eyi yapmaya almas anlamnda bir
I ran as fast as I could.
I'll help you as much as I can.
She spoke as clearly as she could.

Gcmn yettii kadar hzl kotum.

Size gcmn yettii kadar ok yardm
Elinden geldii kadar ak bir ekilde ko

that is
Yani, akas anlamn verir.
Tomorrow is a holiday, that is,
we'll be at home.
She is fifty years old, that is, she
can't run fast.

Yarn tatil, yani evde olacaz,

O elli yandadr, yani hzl koamaz.

set free
Anlam serbest brakmak, salverm ektir.
They set the prisoners free.
I'll set the dog free.

Mahpuslar serbest braktlar.

Kpei salvereceim.

(53. dersten devam)
They were, you may be sure, greatly surprised! All of them, who were not
hurt, jumped up upon their feet: but they did not know which way to run, or
which way to look. Friday kept his eyes upon me, so that he might see what I
did. As soon as the first shot had been fired, I threw down the gun, and took
the other; and he did the same again. Are you ready, Friday? said I. Yes,
said he. Fire, then, said I. So saying, I fired again, and so did Friday. Only
two fell, but many were hurt and ran about shouting; and three more of them
fell soon after.
Now, Friday, said I, follow me. I put down the second gun and took up
the third. Then I came out from the trees and showed myself. Friday was
close behind me.
As soon as they saw me, I shouted as loud as I could. Then I ran as fast as
I could to the place where the poor prisoner lay on the shore. The four men
had left him, when they were surprised by our first shots. They had got into
one of the three boats. I turned to Friday and told him to step forward and fire
at the men in the boat. He ran forward till he was within twenty yards of them;
then he shot at them, and I thought he had killed them all; but one got up
again after.
While my man Friday fired at them, I cut the bands of the poor prisoner,
and set free his hands and feet. He could not stand or speak, but cried as if
he had been set free only to be killed. When Friday came, I told him to speak
to him, and tell him that he was saved. But when Friday came to look at the
man's face, he kissed him, and cried, and laughed, jumped about, danced,
sang; then cried again. When he came to himself again, he told me that it was
his father.
Then he ran and brought his father water and bread.
After some days Friday went to take his father back to his home in one of
the boats which the men had left.


I had waited more than eight days for Friday to return, when a strange
thing happened. I was asleep in my house one morning, when Friday came
running into me and called loudly. Master, master, they have come.
I jumped up and went out. Not thinking of any danger, I did not take my
gun. But I was surprised when, turning my eyes to the sea. I saw a boat about
half a mile distant, coming to the shore. It had a sail, and the wind was blow
ing well to bring it to the land.
I told Friday to hide, while I went up the hill. As soon as I came up the hill, I
saw a ship half a mile away on the south side of the island. It seemed to be
an English ship, and the boat was the ship's boat.
I cannot express what I felt. I was so delighted at seeing a ship, an English
ship! - and yet there was some doubt in my mind telling me to be careful. I
wondered what business an English ship could have in that part of the world,
for it is not on the way where the English had any trade; and I knew there had
been no storm to drive them there.
As I lay watching, I saw the boat draw near to the shore. They came to land
about half a mile from me. They were English. There were eleven men. The
hands of three of them were tied, as if they were prisoners. Four or five of the
men jumped out onto the shore: then they took the three prisoners out of the
I was greatly surprised. Friday called out to me. 0 master! You see Eng
lish men eat prisoners also. No, no, said I; 1 am afraid they may kill them
indeed, but you may be sure they will not eat them.
The men stood talking to the prisoners for a long time.
But chance saved them: for these men had come to the island when the
water was high on the shore. But, while they stood talking to the prisoners,
the sea went down. They had left two men in the boat, but these had fallen
asleep. One of them woke and saw what had happened. He called to the oth
ers, and they came quickly to the boat; but they could not move it. Then they
all went away, deciding to wait for the next high water.
They went up the shore as if they wanted to see something of the inside
part of the island.
I went to my house and made all ready for a battle as before. Then I de
cided to show myself to the three prisoners, and learn something of their
I came as near to them as I could without being seen; then I called out to
them, Who are you, gentlemen?


They jumped up in surprise; but they were ten times more surprised when
they saw me, for indeed I must have looked very strange. They didn't answer.
Gentlemen, said I again, do not be surprised at me. This friend must be
sent from heaven, said one of them very gravely, for our condition is be
yond the help of a man. 1 am an Englishman, said I, and I wish to help
you. I have one servant only. We have guns and powder. Tell me freely. Can
we serve you? What has happened to you?
1 was the captain of that ship, replied one of the men. My men rose up
against me. At one time they meant to kill me, but now they are going to
leave me and these two men here. One of these men is my officer, and the
other is a traveller on the ship.
Have they any guns? said I. He said that they had only three guns.
It was very hot now. Going a little forward, I saw that five men were all asleep
among some trees at a little distance from where we stood. The three others
were still walking somewhere in the island.
I came back and said to the captain. Here are three guns for you and your
party. I then asked him whether we should fire on the five men as they lay;
but the captain said that only two of the men were bad, and the others had
been led by them.
While we were speaking we heard some of the men awake, and soon we
saw two of them standing up. I asked the captain if these were the two lead
ers. He said, No. Then, said I. You may let them escape; and God has
awakened them so that they may save themselves.
Then we all took our guns. The two men who were with the captain went
first. They made some noise, at which one of the men, who was awake,
turned round and saw them coming. He cried out to the rest, but it was too
late, for as he cried out, the officer and the other men fired. One man was
killed, and one, who was hurt, cried out, Help! Another man jumped up.
Then the captain stepped forward, and hit him one the head with the heavy
part of his gun. The man who was hurt died. Thus three were killed.

Onlar, emin olabilirsiniz, ok armlard. Yaral olmayanlarn hepsi havaya
ayaklarnn stne sradlar (ayaa frladlar) fakat hangi tarafa koacaklarn ya
da hangi tarafa bakacaklarn bilmediler. Cuma gzlerini benim zerimde tuttu (gz
lerini benden ayrmad). yle ki benim ne yaptm grebilsin, ilk ate atlr atl
maz, tfei yere attm ve dierini aldm. O tekrar aynn yapt. Hazr msn, Cu
ma? dedim. Evet, dedi. Ate yleyse, dedim. Byle diyerek tekrar ate ettim


ve Cuma da yle yapt. Sadece ikisi dt, fakat ou yaraland ve bararak ko

utular; biraz sonra tanesi daha dt.
imdi, Cuma, dedim, beni takip et. kinci tfei aa (yere) braktm ve
ncsn aldm. Sonra aalardan dar geldim (ktm) ve kendimi gsterdim.
Cuma hemen arkamdayd.
Onlar beni grr grmez, gcmn yettii kadar yksek sesle bardm. Sonra
gcmn yettii kadar hzl zavall esirin sahilde yatt yere kotum. Drt adam
bizim ilk atelerimizden ardklar zaman, onu brakmlard. Onlar kayktan bir
tanesine binmilerdi. Cuma'ya dndm ve ileri kmasn ve kayktaki adamlara
ate etmesini syledim. Onlara yirmi yarda iinde oluncaya kadar ileri kotu, sonra
onlara ate etti. Onlarn hepsini ldrdn zannettim, fakat biri sonra tekrar aya
a kalkt.
Adamm Cuma onlara ate ederken zavall esirin bantlarn kestim ve onun elle
riyle ayaklarn serbest braktm. Ayaa kalkamyor, konuamyordu fakat sadece
ldrlmek iin serbest braklm gibi alyordu. Cuma geldii zaman, ona onunla
konumasn ve kurtulmu olduunu anlatmasn syledim. Fakat Cuma adamn
yzne bakmak iin geldii zaman, onu pt ve alad. Gld saa sola srad,
dans etti, ark syledi, sonra tekrar alad. Tekrar kendine geldii zaman, bana
babas olduunu syledi.
Sonra kotu ve babasna ekmek ve su getirdi.
Birka gn sonra Cuma babasn, adamlarn brakm olduu kayklardan biri
sinde, evine gtrmek zere gitti.
Garip bir ey olduu zaman, Cuma'nm geri gelmesi iin sekiz gnden daha fazla
beklemitim. Bir sabah ieri koarak ve yksek sesle Sahip, sahip, onlar geldiler,
diye bard zaman evimde uyuyordum.
Ayaa sradm ve dar ktm. Hibir tehlike dnmeyerek, tfeimi almadm.
Fakat gzlerimi denize evirerek, tahminen yarm mil mesafede, kyya gelmekte
olan bir kayk grdm zaman ardm. Onun bir yelkeni vard ve onu karaya
getirmek iin rzgr iyi esiyordu.
Ben tepeye karken Cuma'ya saklanmasn syledim. Tepeye kar kmaz
adann gney tarafndan yarm mil tede bir gemi grdm. O bir Ingiliz gemisi gibi
grnd (grnyordu), ve kayk geminin kay idi.
Ne hissettiimi ifade edemem. Bir gemi, bir Ingiliz gemisi grdme o kadar
memnundum ve yine de kafamda bana dikkatli olmam syleyen bir phe vard.
Bir Ingiliz gemisinin dnyann bu ksmnda ne ii olabileceini merak ediyordum.
nk Ingilizlerin herhangi bir ticaretlerinin olabilecei yol zerinde deildir. Ve
onlar oraya srkleyen herhangi bir frtna olmadn biliyordum.


Gzleyerek yatarken, kayn kyya yaklatn grdm. Benden tahminen ya

rm mil tede karaya geldiler (ktlar). Onlar ngilizlerdi. On bir adam vard ve
nn elleri sanki esirlermi gibi balanmt. Adamlarn drt veya be tanesi darya
kynn stne atladlar. Sonra esiri kayktan dar aldlar (kardlar).
ok ardm. Cuma bana seslendi. O sahip! Gryorsunuz ngiliz adamlar da
esirler yiyorlar. Hayr, hayr, dedim, Korkarm onlar hakikaten ldrebilirler,
fakat emin olabilirsin onlar yemeyecekler.
Adamlar uzun zaman esirlerle konuarak durdular.
Fakat talih onlar kurtard. Zira bu adamlar adaya, kyda su yksekken gelmi
lerdi. Fakat onlar esirlerle konuarak duruyorlarken, deniz aa gitti (ekildi). Onlar
kaykta iki adam brakmlard fakat bunlar uyuyakalmlard. Onlarn bir tanesi
uyand ve ne olduunu grd. Dierlerine seslendi ve onlar sratle kaya geldiler
fakat onu kmldatamadlar. Sonra bir sonraki yksek suyu beklemeye karar vere
rek hepsi uzaklatlar.
Sanki adann i ksmnda bir ey grmek istiyorlarm gibi kynn yukarsna
Evime gittim ve evvelki gibi her eyi savaa hazrladm. Sonra kendimi esire
gstermeye ve onlarn durumlar hakknda bir ey renmeye karar verdim.
Grnmeksizin onlara yaklaabildiim kadar yaklatm. Sonra onlara seslendim,
Sizler kimsiniz, baylar?
Hayretle yukar zpladlar. Fakat beni grnce on defa daha-fazla hayret ettiler,
nk hakikaten ok acayip grnm olmalym. Cevap vermediler. Baylar de
dim tekrar, bana hayret etmeyin. Onlardan bir tanesi ok ciddi bir ekilde Bu
arkada cennetten gnderilmi olmal. dedi. Zira bizim durumumuz bir adamn
yardmnn tesindedir. Ben bir ngilizim, dedim ve size yardm etmek istiyo
rum. Sadece bir uam var. Tfeklerimiz ve barutumuz var. Bana serbeste syle
yin. Size hizmet edebilir miyiz? Size ne oldu (banza ne geldi)?
Adamlardan bir tanesi Ben o geminin kaptanydm, diye cevap verdi. Adam
larm bana kar ayaklandlar. Bir defasnda beni ldrmeye niyet ettiler, fakat imdi
beni ve bu iki adam burada brakacaklar. Bu adamlardan biri benim memurumdur
ve dieri gemide bir yolcudur.
Onlarn hi silahlar var m? dedim. Onlarn sadece silahlar olduunu sy
imdi hava ok scakt. Biraz ileri giderek, bizim durduumuz yerden biraz mesa
fede birka aa arasnda be adamn hepsinin uyumakta olduklarn grdm.
Dier tanesi adada bir yerlerle hl dolayorlard.


Dndm ve kaptana ite siz ve grubunuz iin tfek, dedim. Sonra ona aca
ba be adama yatarken ate etmemiz gerekip gerekmediini sordum; fakat kaptan
adamlarn sadece ikisinin fena olduunu ve dierlerinin onlar tarafndan gtrl
m olduunu syledi.
Biz konuurken adamlardan bazlarnn uyandklarn duyduk ve ok gemeden
ikisinin ayaa kalktklarn grdk. Kaptana iki liderin bunlar olup olmadn sor
dum. Hayr, dedi. O halde dedim, onlarn kamalarna msaade etmelisiniz;
kendilerini kurtarabilsinler diye Allah onlar uyandrm...
Sonra hepimiz tfeklerimizi aldk. Kaptanla olan iki adam nce gittiler. Onlar
biraz grlt yaptlar ki buna uyank olan adamlardan birisi dnd ve onlarn geli
lerini grd. Geri kalanlara seslendi, fakat ok geti, (ge kalmt.) Zira o seslenir
ken memur ve dier adamlar ate ettiler. Bir adam ldrld (ld), ve yaral olan,
seslendi, imdat! Bir dier adam ayaa frlad. O zaman kaptan ileriye adm att
ve tfeinin ar ksmyla kafasna vurdu. Yaral olan adam ld. Bylece ld
rld (ld).


Drdnc Basamak


ability [biliti]
arm [a:m]
bend (bent-bent)
[bend] [bent] [bent]1"
charge [a:c]
cover [kav]
courage [karic]
direct [direkt]
formal [foml]
legible [lecibil]

silah, silah
kapak, rtmek
direkt, doru

load [loud]
patient [peyint]
print [print
probable [probibil]
regular [regiuli]
trust [trast]
undergo [andigou]

yk, yklemek
bask (matbaa)
itimat etmek
bandan ge
altn izmek
taahht etmek

ngilizcede kk halindeki isim, fiil, sfat gibi szcklerin nne ve o szce biti
ik olarak gelen ve bu szcklere yeni bir anlam kazandran eklere ntaklar denir.
Bunlarn pek ou ngilizcenin kendisinde olmayp bu dile Latince veya Yunancadan gemitir.
Bildiiniz gibi Trkede de ntaklar vardr, (na... namalup gibi). Genellikle bu
ntaklar Trkede de olduu gibi szce olumsuz bir anlam verirler. ngilizcede
nemli olan ntaklar unlardr:


A harfi baz fiillerin nne gelerek bunlar o halde, o durumda anlamna gelen
bir sfat yapar.

uykuda, uyur durumda

Ahmet was asleep when we opened Onun yatak odasnn kapsn atmz
the door of his bedroom.
zaman Ahmet uykudayd.
Don't make a noise, the child is
Grlt yapma ocuk uykuda,

uyandrmak, uyanmak
uyank durumda, uyank

Is Zeynep awake or asleep?

Zeynep uyank m yoksa uykuda m?

misFiillerin ve isimlerin nne gelerek onlara yanl, hatal anlam verdirir.


yanl anlamak

Dont misunderstand me.

I wanted to help her but she
misunderstood me and got angry
with me.

Beni yanl anlama.

Ona yardm etmek istedim fakat o beni
yanl anlad ve bana kzd.


itimat etmek, gvenmek

gvenmemek, phe etmek

We mistrust their friendship.


Onlarn arkadalna gvenmeyiz,

bask, basmak (matbaa)
bask hatas, mrettip hatas

This book is full of misprints,

Bu kitap bask hatalaryla doludur.


yanl kullanmak, ktye kullanmak

He mustn't misuse his authority.

They sometimes misuse this word.

Otoritesini ktye kullanmamal.

Onlar bazen bu szc yanl kullanrlar.

un-, dis-, in-, im-, ir-, ilBu ntaklar isim, fiil, sfat veya zarflarn nlerine gelerek onlar olumsuz hale
getirirler. Anlamlar ayndr. Trkedeki gayri... na... ntaklarnn verdii anlama
pek benzer. eitli olular, nnde bulunduklar szcn ilk harfine uymas iin


amak (bkm)

The strong man unbent the iron.

Kuvvetli adam demiri bkt.


bilinen, mehur
bilinmeyen, mehul

They discovered unknown places

on the island.

Adada bilinmeyen yerler kefettiler.


rt, rtmek
amak, rtsn almak

The doctor uncovered the iron box.

Doktor demir kutuyu at.

unheard of

duyulmu, bilinen
iitilmemi, bilinmeyen

This is an unheard of courage.


Bu iitilmemi bir cesarettir,

grlm, bilinen

You cant pass their door unseen

because she is always at the

Onlarn kapsn grlmeden geemezsin,

nk o daima pencerededir.
ayn fikirde olmak, uyumak
anlaamamak, deiik fikirde olmak

My son always disagrees with Tom, Olum Tom'la daima anlaamaz, bu yz

den dierleriyle oynar.
so he plays with the others.

silah, silahlanmak

Some countries want to disarm, but Baz lkeler silahszlanmak isti

the others disagree with them.
yorlar fakat dierleri onlarla uyumuyor.



cesaretini krmak

This difficult lesson mustn't

discourage you.

Bu zor ders cesaretinizi krmamal.


sevmek, beenmek
sevmemek, nefret etmek

I dislike going to the cinema

in summer.

Yazn sinemaya gitmekten nefret ederim.



kabiliyetsizlik, beceriksizlik

He can't work anywhere because

of his inability.

Beceriksizliinden hibir yerde alamaz.


tamam, mkemmel
noksan, yarm

His homework is always


Onun ev devi daima noksandr.


Half of your sentences were


Cmlelerinizin yars yanlt.


dorudan doruya, direkt

dolayl, vastal

He told me the truth indirectly.

We helped them indirectly.

Gerei bana dolayl olarak syledi.

Onlara dolayl olarak yardm ettik.


resmi olmayan, samimi

I like informal parties.

Resmi olmayan ziyafetleri severim.



To please her is impossible.

Onu memnun etmek imknszdr.




Don't be impatient; I'll give you

the money I promised.

Sabrsz olma; sana vaat ettiim paray



muhtemel olmayan

Don't tell me improbable stories;

I don't believe them.

Bana olmas ihtimali bulunmayan hikye

ler anlatma; onlara inanmam.


muntazam, dzenli

There is a list of irregular verbs

in this book.

Bu kitapta dzensiz fiillerin bir listesi var.



His writing is illegible, you can't

read it.

Onun el yazs okunakszdr. Onu okuya


ntaklarn bazlar ngilizcede baka yerlerde de kullanlabilen bamsz sz

cklerdir. Bunlardan nemli olan birka tanesini grelim.

ar bymek, fazla bymek

Ahmet has outgrown his friends.

Ahmet arkadalarndan fazla byd.

(Onlar geti.)


hesap karmak
fazla hesap karmak

They always overcharge at this


Bu otelde daima fazla hesap karrlar.

(Fazla para alrlar.)


fazla yklemek

Don't overload the poor animal.

Zavall hayvan fazla ykleme.


Birka fiil vardr ki ver bunlarla kullanld zaman yukardaki normal anlamn
kaybeder yeni bir fiil meydana getirir.

kulak misafiri olmak

I overheard this in the bus.

Buna otobste kulak misafiri oldum. (Oto

bste kulama alnd.)

Under nek olarak baz fiillerle kullanldnda deiik bir fiil meydana getirir.
The travellers underwent a lot of

bandan gemek, geirmek, maruz kal

Yolcular birok glkler geirdiler. (Yolcu
lar birok glklere maruz kaldlar.)

When she reads a book she always
underlines important parts.

bir satrn altn izmek

Bir kitap okuduu zaman daima nemli k
smlarn altn izer.


yklenmek, zerine almak, taahht etmek.

Our company doesn't undertake

such small jobs.

irketimiz byle kk ileri zerine almaz.

Szcklerin nndeki ntaklar koyunuz.
1 - The boy is sleep, don't wake him. 2 - Don't understand me; I didn't
write this letter myself. 3 Ayten isn't asleep; she is wake. 4 - There are a
lot of prints in this magazine. 5 - You shouldn't use your money. 6 - Are
there still known places in the world? 7 - She has heard plans to kill a
husband. 8 - He sometimes agrees with us but he isn't a bad man. 9 - Eng
land wants to arm but France disagrees. 10 - You mustnt courage him,
he can learn English very quickly. 11 - She likes going to the cinema alone.
1 2 - 1 didn't hear about his abilitiy. 13 - This book is complete, we'll add
fifty pages more. 14 - She marked the correct sentences. 15 - There are
direct ways to help children. 1 6 - 1 like formal talks. 17 - You can't carry
these baskets; it is possible;. 18 - He is always patient; he wants every
thing to be done quickly. 19 - Your handwriting is legible. 20 - The man
loaded the donkey, and it couldn't carry them. 21 - She heard that while she


was shopping at the market. 22 - You must line the new words when you
study your lessons.

Translate into Turkish.
1 - These books are beyond your understanding. 2 - I have no doubt about
your ability. 3 - This road leads to the lake. 4 - The boy hid behind the tree. 5 The waiter didn't serve us well. 6 - 1 havent finished the book yet. 7 - They
wanted to discourage me but I didn't listen to them. 8 - Was she asleep or
awake when you came? 9 - He underlined the words. 10 - The man misunder
stood me because he didn't speak Turkish well.

Translate into English.
1 - Orman gln tesindedir, oraya yryemezsiniz. 2 - antam nereye saklad
nz? 3 - Biz konuuyorken kz masadan kitab ald. 4 - Kral byk bir orduya liderlik
ediyordu. 5 - Bu nehrin tesinde bilinmeyen yerler var. 6 - Cesaretimi krdlar, bu
yzden Almanca renmekten vazgetim. 7 - Onlarn yatak odamda sigara imele
rinden nefret ederim. 8 - u adaya yzmek imknszdr. 9 - Seni eskiden olduu
gibi sk sk grmyorum. 10 - Bunlar renmek senin kabiliyetinin dndadr.

54. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - not 2 - not 3 - for 4 - off (away) 5 - as 6 - by 7 - by 8 - on 9 - in 10 - of

1 - We had to send them back. 2 - She had to work in the kitchen. 3 - They
had to learn all the new words. 4 - He had to wait in the garden. 5 - You didn't
have to bring all your books.


1 - She needn't give you new spoons. 2 - We needn't write our names. 3 They neednt take the vases from the table. 4 - He needn't shut the windows.
5 - The girl neednt study her lessons.

1 - Bize iyi muamele etmediler. 2 - Annesinin mezar Londra'dadr. 3 - Tavan te
penin yukarsna kouyordu. 4 - Bu ii iki hafta iinde bitiremem. 5 - Tom ve Mary
daima mutluydular. 6 - Ky uzaktayd. 7 - Seni olum kadar severim. 8 - Kavga
esnasnda kardeini desteklemedi. 9 - Tehlikeye ramen ormann iinden yrdk.
10 - Bir jip yerine bir traktr almalsnz. 11 - Bizimle gelmesine lzum yok. 12 istasyona yrmemize lzum yok.

1 - You must bring my pen; I cant write with yours. 2 - You needn't wash the
plates. 3 - They needn't bring their umbrellas. 4 - The tourists set off very
early in the morning in spite of the bad weather. 5 - You'll be happy for ever.
6 - Selma took me by the hand. 7 - We had to write the exercises three times.
8 - 1 had to give them some money. 9 - 1 like Margaret as much as Mary. 10 I'll give them money instead of food.


Drdnc Basamak


choose (chose-chosen)
[gu:z] [gouz] [gouzm]
e lectricity [elektrisiti]
game [geym]
leader [li:di]
loose [lu:z]
m edicine [medsin]
probably [probibli]



record [rekod]
sign [sayn]
sweet [swi:t]
tig h t [tayt]
wonder [wandi]
win (won-won)
[win] [wan] [wan]
wide [wayd]

plak, kayt
hayret etmek
galip gelmek


Zaman bildiren szcklerle aadaki rneklerde grld gibi kullanlrsa by
edat -e kadar, en ge -e kadar, -den nce anlamn verir.
by six oclock
I'll fin ish th is w ork by six o'clock.
Well be back by ten o'clock.
Can you wash the plates by break
fast tim e?
They'll send the furnitu re by the
end o f next mouth.

saat altya kadar, en ge saat altya kadar,

saat altdan nce
Saat altya kadar bu ii bitireceim.
Saat ona kadar dnm olacaz.
Kahvalt vaktine kadar tabaklar ykayabilir
Gelecek ayn sonuna kadar mobilyay gn

Win fiili Trkeye kazanmak olarak tercme edilir. Ancak bu kazanmak
alma neticesi yevmiye, haftalk veya aylk maa eklinde elde edilen bir kazan
teminini deil; yar, kumar, sava neticesinde galip gelindiini ifade eden kazan
mak anlamndadr.
She gets fifty liras a week.
We played cards and I won fifty
The tw o armies fought and the
German army won the battle.
She won ten liras at cards.

Haftada elli lira kazanr.

iskambil oynadk ve elli lira kazandm.
ki ordu savat ve Alman ordusu muhare
beyi kazand.
iskambilde on lira kazand.

Esas olarak gtrmek, yol gstermek anlamnda bir fiildir.
The boy is leading the blind man.

ocuk kr adam gtryor.

Ayrca nderlik etmek, liderlik yapmak anlamn verir.

Murat was leading a great army.

Murat byk bir orduya liderlik yapyordu.

Bunlar dnda lead, (vakit) geirmek, srmek anlamn ve bir yolun bir tarafa
gtrmesi veya kmas anlamlarn verir.


We lead a good life here.

This road leads to the lake.

Burada iyi bir hayat geiririz, (sreriz)

Bu yol nehire gtrr.

grow (dark, o ld ...)

Bymek, yetimek, yetitirmek anlamnda olan grow fiili baz sfatlarla kulla
nlarak olmak, haline dnmek anlamlarn da verir.
We'll grow apple trees here.
Rice doesn't grow in these fields.

Burada elma aalar yetitireceiz.

Bu tarlalarda pirin yetimez.

to grow old
to grow dark
His mother is grow ing old.
It was growing dark, so we didn't
go there.

Annesi ihtiyarlyor.
Hava kararyordu, bu sebepten oraya git

Bir insann yetiip bymesi anlatlrken ekseriya grow fiili up edat ile kullanlr.
He grew up and became a young
Selim grew up in a small village.
Margaret grew up far from her
fam ily.

O byd ve gen bir adam (delikanl)

Selim kk bir kyde byd.
Margaret ailesinden uzakta byd.

Evde byyen kedi, kpek gibi hayvanlar iin, ahslara ait he, she zamirlerinin
kullanldn biliyoruz. Bunlar gibi gemi iin de she kullanlr.
She is a very big ship.

O ok byk bir gemidir.

to be to
To be fiilinden sonra mastar halinde bir fiil gelirse, to be verilmi bir karar, bir
zorunluluk gsterir.
You are to come early.
He is to go tom orrow .
You were to come early.


Erken geleceksiniz. (Erken gelmelisiniz;

yle kararlatrld.)
Yarn gidecek. (yle kararlatrld.)
Erken gelecektiniz. (Karar yleydi.)

He is not to do that.
She is to take the child to the

Bunu yapmamal.
ocuu parka gtrecek,

(55. dersten devam)
By this time I had come. When the two others saw the danger, and knew
that they could do nothing, they prayed the captain not to kill them. The cap
tain told them that he would give them their lives if they would promise to
help him in getting his ship again. We then tied their hands and feet. While
this was being done, I sent Friday with the officer to the boat to take it.
The three men, who had not been with the others, came back on hearing
the guns. Seeing what had happened, they also promised to serve the cap
tain; and we tied them and left them with the others.
Thus we had won everything.
I then told the captain my story. He was greatly surprised at it, and was
delighted at hearing the wonderful way in which I had got powder and guns.
After this I led him and the two men to my house. I gave them food, and
showed them my table and chair and pots, and such things, which I had
made during my long years on the island.
We then began to think how we could win the ship. The captain said that
there were still twenty-six men on board: we did not know how we could fight
so many. Then this thought came to me. The men on the ship would wonder
what had happened to the eleven men who had come in the boat, and would
ask why they did not return; and then they would come on shore in another
boat to seek for them. We must therefore make a hole in the boat which was
now on the shore, so that they might not take it away.
Just as we finished doing this, we heard the ship fire a gun; then we saw a
flag go up, as an order to the others to return. But no boat came. They fired
another gun, and put up other flags.
At last they put out a boat with ten men in it, and came towards the shore.
As they came near the captain saw them, and said that three of them were
very good fellows who had been led away and were made afraid by the oth
ers: the other seven were bad.
They pulled up their boat on the sand; then they all ran to their other boat.
It was easy to see that they were surprised to see the great hole in it.


Then they shouted to make the others hear: but there was no answer.
Then they left two men by the boat, and the other eight came marching
towards the top of the little hill under which my house lay. I then ordered
Friday and the officer to go to the little stream on the west, and as soon as
they came to high ground, to shout. When the men from the ship answered,
they were to shout again: then, keeping out of sight, they were to draw the
men far into the island among the trees.
Soon after this the men from the ship heard Friday and the officer shout
ing, and ran along the shore to the west. As soon as they had gone into the
island, we came down and surprised the two men in the boat, and made them
prisoners. Then we took away the boat and hid it. They were two good fel
lows, and they were very ready to serve us. So we let them keep their guns.
During this time Friday and the officer did their work very well. By shouting
and answering they drew the others from one hill to another till they were
very tired and did not know where they were. Indeed Friday and the officer
were themselves very tired also when they came back to us.
The seven men came back to their boat several hours after Friday had re
turned to me. It was now growing dark.
At last the seven men came to the place where their boat had been. It is not
possible to express their surprise when they found the boat gone and the
two men gone also.
I ordered Friday and the captain to go on their hands and knees as close to
the ground as they could, so that they might not be discovered, and get near
to them.
After a little time the leader of these fellows came walking towards them,
and two others with him. As they came near, Friday and the captain jumped
up, and shot at them. The leader was killed; another died soon after and the
third ran away.
I at once came forward with all my army, which was now eight men. I or
dered one of the men whom we had taken with the boat to speak to them. So
he called out, Tom Smith, Tom Smith. Tom Smith answered, Who is that?
Is it Jones? - for he knew the voice. The other answered. Throw down your
guns, Tom Smith. Who are they? said Smith again. Here is our captain
and forty men with him, said the other. They have been following you for
two hours. Your leader is killed; Will Frye is hurt, and I am a prisoner. Will
they save our lives? said Smith. Then the captain himself called out, You,
Smith, you know my voice. If you put down your guns at once, you shall have
your lives.


Then they laid down their guns, and I sent two men to tie their hands and
Then we stopped the hole in the boat, and the captain went off with his
officer and four other men to the ship.
There were two men in the ship who saw the boat coming. Then the cap
tain made Jones shout to these men, and say they had brought the men and
the boat from the island. While this was being said the boat came to the side
of the ship. The captain and the officer climbed up quickly, and made the two
men prisoners. Then they shut the door which led to the lower part of the
ship, and made all the rest prisoners. Their leader was in another part of the
ship. The officer broke the door of the room where he was, and, running in,
shot him through the head. Then the other men gave in and the ship was
The captain then ordered seven guns to be fired, so that I might know that
the ship was taken. I was very glad, and lay down to sleep.
I awoke at the sound of a gun, and soon after that I heard the captain's
voice. I climbed up to the top of the hill. There the captain stood, and point
ing to the ship, he said, My friend, who has saved me, there is your ship.
She is all yours, and so are we, and all that there is in the ship.
I took with me Friday. I took also some of the things which I had made, so
that I might remember the island. I left the island in 1687, after I had been
upon it twenty-eight years, two months and seventeen days.
I made other travels after this.
I am now an old man; I am preparing for a longer journey than all these. I
have lived many years, a life of many changes; and I have learned the happi
ness of ending our days in peace.

Bu zamana kadar ben gelmitim. Dier ikisi tehlikeyi grnce ve bir ey yapa
mayacaklarn bilince kaptana onlar ldrmemesi iin yalvardlar. Kaptan onlara,
gemisini tekrar almasna yardm edeceklerine sz verirlerse hayatlarn vereceini
(balayacan) syledi. Biz sonra onlarn ellerini ve ayaklarn baladk. Bu yaplyorken ben Cuma'y grevliyle beraber kaya, onu almaya gnderdim.


Dierleriyle beraber olmayan adam tfekleri duymalar zerine geri geldiler. Ne

olduunu grerek onlar da kaptana hizmet etmeye sz verdiler ve biz onlar bala
dk ve onlar dierleri ile braktk.
Bylece her eyi kazanmtk.
Bundan sonra kaptana hikyemi anlattm. Ona ok hayret etti ve barut ve tfek
leri harikulade bir ekilde temin ediimi duyduuna sevindi.
Bundan sonra onu ve iki adam evime gtrdm. Onlara yiyecek verdim ve onla
ra masam, sandalyemi, anaklarm ve adada bulunduum uzun yllarm srasnda
yapm olduum byle eyleri gsterdim.
Sonra gemiyi nasl kazanabileceimizi dnmeye baladk. Kaptan gemide
hl yirmi alt adam olduunu syledi. Bu kadar ok (kii) ile nasl dvebilecei
miz! bilmiyorduk. O zaman aklma bu fikir geldi. Gemideki adamlar kaykla gelen on
bir adama ne olmu olduunu merak edecekler ve niin dnmemi olduklarn so
racaklar ve sonra onlar aramak iin dier bir kaykla kyya geleceklerdi. Bu neden
le imdi kyda olan kaya bir delik yapmalydk; yle ki onu uzaklatramasnlar.
Bunu yapmay tam bitirirken, geminin bir tfek (top) attn duyduk; bir bayran
yukar ktn grdk, dierlerine geri dnmeleri iin bir emir olarak. Fakat hibir
kayk gelmedi. Bir dier tfek attlar ve dier bayraklar astlar.
En sonunda iinde on adamla bir kayk kardlar ve kyya doru geldiler. Onlar
yakna gelirken (yaklarken) kaptan onlar grd ve tanesinin dierleri tarafn
dan yoldan karlm ve korkutulmu ok iyi adamlar olduunu syledi. Dier yedi
si ktyd.
Kayklarn kumun stne ektiler. Sonra hepsi dier kayklarna kotular. Ondaki
byk delii grmekle hayret ettiklerini grmek kolayd.
Ondan sonra dierlerine iittirmek iin bardlar fakat hibir cevap yoktu.
Sonra kayk yannda iki adam braktlar ve dier sekizi altnda evim bulunan
kk tepenin ucuna doru ilerleyerek geldiler. O zaman Cuma'ya ve grevliye
batdaki kk rmaa gitmelerini ve yksek araziye gelir gelmez barmalarn
emrettim. Gemideki adamlar cevap verince tekrar baracaklard. O zaman, gz
nnde durmakszn (grnmeksizin) adamlar adann uzak ilerine, aalarn
arasna ekeceklerdi.
Bundan biraz sonra gemideki adamlar Cuma'nn ve grevlinin barmalarn
duydular ve ky boyunca batya kotular. Onlar adann iine gider gitmez, biz aa
ya geldik ve kayktaki iki adama baskn yaptk ve onlar esir aldk. Sonra kay
uzaklatrdk ve sakladk. Onlar iki iyi adamd ve bize hizmet etmeye ok hazrlard.
Bu bakmdan tfeklerini muhafaza etmelerine msaade ettik.


Bu zaman zarfnda Cuma ve grevli ilerini ok iyi yaptlar. Bararak ve cevap

vererek dierlerini bir tepeden dierine, onlar ok yoruluncaya ve nerede olduklar
n bilemeyinceye kadar, srklediler. Hakikaten Cuma ve grevli bize dndkleri
zaman kendileri de ok yorgundu.
Cuma bana dndkten birka saat sonra yedi adam kayklarna dndler. Hava
imdi kararyordu.
En sonunda yedi adam kayklarnn olduu yere geldiler. Kayn ve keza iki
adamn gitmi olduunu bulduklar zamanki hayretlerini ifade etmek mmkn de
Kaptana ve Cumaya mmkn olduu kadar yere yakn, elleri ve dizleri zerle
rinde gitmelerini emrettim. yle ki kefedilemesinler ve onlara yaklasnlar.
Az bir zaman sonra bu adamlarn nderi, yannda iki dieri ile yryerek onlara
doru geldi. Onlar yakna gelince kaptan ve Cuma ayaa frladlar ve onlara ate
ettiler. nder ldrld.(ld.) Bir dieri ondan biraz sonra ld ve ncs kat.
imdi sekiz adam olan ordumla ben derhal ileri geldim. Kaykla beraber ald
mz adamlardan birisine onlarla konumasn emrettim. Bunun zerine o seslendi,
Tom Smith, Tom Smith. Tom Smith cevap verdi, O kimdir? Jones mudur? Zira
sesi biliyordu. Dieri cevap verdi. Tfeklerinizi aa (yere) atn, Tom Smith.
Kimdir onlar? dedi Smith tekrar. Burada kaptanmz ve onunla krk adam (var),
dedi dieri. Sizi iki saattir takip ediyorlar. nderiniz ldrld (ld); Will Frye
yaraldr ve ben esirim. Onlar bizim hayatlarmz kurtaracaklar m? dedi Smith.
Bunun zerine kaptann kendisi seslendi, Sen Smith, sen benim sesimi tanrsn.
Tfeklerinizi derhal yere brakrsanz hayatlarnza sahip olacaksnz (hayatlarnz
O zaman onlar silahlarn yere braktlar ve onlarn ellerini ayaklarn balamak
zere iki adam gnderdim.
Sonra biz kayktaki delii tkadk ve kaptan, grevlisi ile ve dier drt adamla
gemiye gitti.
Gemide kayn geldiini gren iki adam vard. Sonra kaptan Jones'u bu adam
lara seslendirtti ve adadan adamlar ve kay getirmi olduklarn syletti. Bu sy
lenirken kayk geminin yan tarafna geldi. Kaptan ve grevli sratle yukar trmand
lar ve iki adam esir aldlar. Sonra geminin alt ksmna giden kapy kapadlar ve
geri kalanlarn hepsini esir ettiler.
Onlarn nderi geminin dier bir ksmnda idi. Grevli onun olduu odann kapsn
krd ve ieri koarak onu kafasndan vurdu. O zaman dier adamlar teslim oldular
ve gemi alnd.


Bundan sonra kaptan yedi tfein ate edilmesini emretti, yle ki ben geminin
alnm olduunu bilebileyim. ok memnundum ve uyumak iin yattm.
Bir tfek sesine uyandm ve bundan biraz sonra kaptann sesini duydum. Tepe
nin stne trmandm. Orada kaptan duruyordu. Gemiyi gstererek, beni kurtaran
arkadam, (ite) gemin orada. O tamamen szindir ve keza bizler, ve gemide olan
larn hepsi.
Beraberimde Cuma'y aldm. Aday hatrlayabileyim diye orada yapm olduum
eylerin bazlarn da aldm. Aday 1687 de, orada yirmi sekiz yl, iki ay ve on yedi
gn bulunduktan sonra terk ettim.
Bundan sonra baka seyahatler yaptm.
Ben imdi yal bir adamm; bunlarn hepsinden daha uzun bir seyahate hazrla
nyorum. ok yllar yaadm birok deiiklikleri olan bir hayat ve gnlerimizin bar
iinde sona ermesinin mutluluunu rendim.




Drdnc Basamak

ngilizcede, szcklere eklenerek onlara yeni anlamlar veren sontaklar ilk defa
birinci kursumuzun 75. dersinde, fiillerin sonuna gelerek o ii yapan kii anlamn
veren -er eki ile grmtk.




src, ofr

Yine ayn derste bu taknn birleik isimlerin de sonuna gelebildiini grmtk.



Bu tak iin bu dersimizde sadece bir not ekleyeceiz. Ayn anlam verdii halde
bu tak baz fiillerin sonuna -er eklinde deil, -or eklinde gelir ki bunlarn en
nemlisi, ynetici, mdr, idareci anlamna gelen director szcdr.
Yine birinci kursumuzun 59. dersinde sfatlarn sonuna gelmek suretiyle onlar
hal zarf haline sokan -ly sontaksn grmtk.



hzl olarak


Sadece bir sonek olduunu hatrlatmak amacyla vermi olduumuz bu -ly eki
konusunda bu dersimizde ekleyeceimiz bir konu yoktur.

dier sonekler
ngilizcede szcklerin sonlarna gelerek onlara yeni anlamlar veren baka so
nekler de vardr. Bunlar srayla grelim:

Genellikle szcklerin sonlarna gelerek onlar sfat haline getirir.




Genellikle hava ile ilgili isimlerin sonuna gelerek onlar sfat haline


snow y


Sun szcne y eklenirken n harfinin ift yazldna dikkat ediniz. Ksa.heceli

szcklere bir tak eklenirken son harfin ift yazldn ilk kursumuzda 17. dersteki
fiiller konusunda grmtk.
It w ill be a rainy day tom orrow .
Sunny days are near.
She lived among the snow y


Yarn yamurlu bir gn olacak.

Gneli gnler yakndr.
Karl dalar arasnda yaad,

Genellikle sonuna geldii fiillerin mmkn olduunu gsterir ve onu sfat hali
ne sokar.



Is th is grass eatable?
T his is not eatable, it is poisonous.





Bu ormanda hi iilebilir su yoktur.

Bu ay souktur, iilemez.

kabul etmek

Your price isn't acceptable.

They m ust say som ething

yenebilen, yenir

Bu ot yenebilir mi?
Bu yenemez, zehirlidir.


There isnt any drinkable water

in this forest.
This tea is cold; it is not




kabul edilebilir

Fiyatnz kabul edilemez.

Kabul edilebilir bir ey sylemeliler.




He d id n 't give us an understandable Bize anlalabilir bir cevap vermedi.

The ch ild 's w ords aren't
ocuun szleri anlalmaz.

Genellikle sfatlarn sonuna gelerek onlar birer fiil haline getirir.



The curtains darkened the room .

The black clouds darkened the city.




Perdeler oday karartt.

Kara bulutlar ehri karartt.


They are widening the road.

If you widen the lines, they'll
like it better.





siyah yapmak

Dierlerini korkutmak iin yzn siyah

yapt. {Siyaha boyad.)


Ahmet atn ipini sklatrd. (skca balad)



Will you please loosen my tie?

At first the rope was too tight,
but they loosened it later.


Gmleklerimi beyazlatt.
Bu makine her eyi beyazlatr.


Ahmet tightened the horse's rope.


Bu ay ok tatlandrrsan onu beenme



She blackened her face to make

the others afraid.



She has whitened my shirts.

This machine whitens everything.


Karm gmleimi ksaltt.

Yeni yol mesafeyi ksaltacak.


If you sweeten this tea too much,

they wont like it.



My wife has shortened my shirt.

The new road will shorten
the distance.

Yolu geniletiyorlar.
izgileri geniletirsen onu daha iyi bee


Ltfen kravatm gevetir misin?

nce ip ok skyd, fakat sonra onu gev

simlerin sonuna gelerek onlar ...ile dolu, ok anlam veren birer sfat haline


He is very careful when crossing

the street.




Caddeyi geerken ok dikkatlidir,

You must be very careful when you

answer the questions.


She is a very beautiful woman.

My mother had a lot of beautiful
flowers in the garden.




kak dolusu

Bu ilatan iki kak dolusu almalsnz.

Bebek drt kak dolusu su iti.

az dolusu

Aznda bir az dolusu pasta var.

Kk ocuk bir az dolusu eker yiyor.


She threw a handful of wheat to

the hens.
She gave me a handful of small


O ok gzel bir kadndr.

Annemin bahede birok gzel iekleri


There is a mouthful of cake in

his mouth.
The small boy is eating a mouthful
of sugar.



You must take two spoonfuls of

this medicine.
The baby drank four spoonfuls of

Sorulara cevap verirken ok dikkatli olma


el (avu) dolusu

Tavuklara bir avu dolusu buday att.

Bana bir avu dolusu kk elma verdi.

Ful taksnn derslerimizde sk sk grdmz full dolu szc ile yakn

ilgisi bellidir. Yalnz sontak olarak kullanld zaman bu szckteki I harflerinden
biri dmektedir.

-ness, -hood, -ship

Genellikle sfatlarn sonlarna gelerek onlar anlam ismi haline getirirler. Anlam
ismi Trkede sonlarna -lik, -lk eki alm isimlerdir. Kahramanlk, kurnazlk,
iyilik, arkadalk gibi




I can't express to you her goodness; Onun iyiliini sana izah edemem; o dnyashe is the best woman in the world, da en iyi kadndr.



Smallness is sometimes useful.

We sold our house because of the
smallness of its garden.






Kadnlk erkeklikten olduka farkldr.

Kadnlk hakknda hibir ey bilmiyorsun;
kadnlara nazik ve kibar olmalsnz.



I haven't seen him since my



Bir erkek iin ksalk iyi deildir.

Ksal yznden onu orduya kabul etme


Womanhood is quite different from

You don't know anything about
womanhood; you must be kind
and polite to women.


Kklk bazen faydaldr.

Bahesinin kkl yznden evimizi


Shortness isn't good for a man.

They didn't accept him in the army
because of his shortness.

sm allness

ufak, kk


Onu ocukluumdan beri grmedim.




Arkadalna gvenemem.
I cant trust your friendship.
Friendship is very important for me. Arkadalk benim iin ok nemlidir.
Sontaklar konusunu ilerideki derslerimizde tekrar ele alarak tamamlayacaz.

Szcklerin sonundaki sontaklar koyunuz.
1 - She is a teach, she teaches English at a school in Ankara. 2 - You cant
be a good drive because you are not a careful girl. 3 - Her father was a
shoemake 4 - You can't understand these exercises easy--5 - His friend is
an America, you can speak English to him. 6 - Some people dont like ra in - weather.7 - It is sun--, put on your hat. 8 - This is not eat , you can't eat it.


9 - Your plans are not accept , you will have to change them. 10 - His sen
tences were understand , but they were not correct. 11 - They are going to
wide the road. 12 - This water white your shirts. 13 - She is a care stu
dent; she doesn't make many mistakes. 14 - Selma gave me a spoon of
medicine. 15 - The boy threw us a hand of stones. 1 6 - 1 couldn't use the
pencil because of its short 17 - He was a very good boy in his child 18 You can trust his friend

Translate into Turkish.
1 - Probably he was a good teacher, but I didn't know him. 2 - The snow has
covered the trees in our garden. 3 - Who is the leader of this group? 4 - This
work must be finished by ten o'clock. 5 - How much did you win at the cards?
6 - The guide led us In the museum and told us the history of some guns. 7 It was growing dark, so we gave up playing football. 8 - This is the biggest
ship of this company; she was bought last year. 9 - 1 am to take them to the
post office. 10 - It is rainy, you must take your umbrella. 11 - Two Americans
came to our village last summer. 12 - This medicine is not drinkable, you'll
put it on your foot. 13 - You sweetened my tea too much; I cant drink it. 14 She wanted to loosen the rope on the dog's leg but the dog ran away. 1 5- 1
met a beautiful girl on my way to the station.

Translate Into English.
1 - Postaneye gndermek iin beni setiler. 2 - Bu kutunun kapa nerede? 3 - Bu
dkknda plak(lar) satarlar. 4 - Muharebeyi kazandlar fakat onlarn ikisi ldrld.
5 - italyanlar buraya gelmezler, dier yerlere giderler. 6 - Yirmi yl nce babam bir
kitapyd. 7 - Anlalabilir bir cmle yazamaz msn? Cmleleriniz hatalarla dolu.
8 - Bir kak dolusu reel yedim. 9 - yiliiniz iin ok teekkr ederim. 10 - ocuk
luumu hatrlamam.

56. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - asleep 2 - misunderstand 3 - awake 4 - misprints 5 - misuse 6 - unknown

7 - unheard 8 disagrees 9 - disarm 10 - discourage 11 - dislikes 12 - inability


13 - incomplete 14 - incorrect 15 - indirect 16 - informal 17 - impossible 18 impatient 19 - illegible 20 overloaded 21 - overheard 22 - underline.

1 - Bu kitaplar anlaynzn dnda (tesinde)dir. 2 - Yeteneiniz hakknda phem
yok. 3 - Bu yol gle gtrr (kar). 4 - ocuk aacn arkasnda sakland. 5 - Gar
son bize iyi hizmet etmedi. 6 - Kitab henz bitirmedim. 7 - Cesaretimi krmak iste
diler fakat onlar dinlemedim. 8 - Siz geldiiniz zaman uykuda myd yoksa uyank
myd? 9 - Szcklerin altn izdi. 10 - Adam beni yanl anlad nk Trkeyi iyi

1 - The forest is beyond the lake; you can't walk there. 2 - Where did you hide
my bag? 3 - The girl took the book from the table while we were talking. 4 The king was leading a great army. 5 - There are unknown places beyond this
river. 6 - They discouraged me, so I gave up learning German. 7 - I dislike
them smoking in my bedroom. 8 - To swim to that island is impossible. 9 - I
don't see you as often as before. 10 - To learn these is beyond your ability.


Drdnc Basam ak

J s

acrobat [ekribet]
bathroom [ba:tru:m]
bite [bayt]
capture [kepi]
card [ka:d]
circus [so:kis]

zapt etmek
kart, iskambil

damage [demic]
detective [ditektiv]
diary [dayiri]
divide [divayd]
dull [dal]

hasar vermek
hatra defteri


engage [ingeyc]
exact [igzekt]
exactly [igzektli]
exciting [iksayting]
fireman [faymn]
handsome [hensm]
knock [nok]
particular [ptikiu:l]
pleasant [pleznt]
railway [reilwey]

angaje etmek,

reference [refirins]



rescue [reskiu:]


tam, doru

reward [riwo.d]
robber [robi]
robbery [robiri]
seriously [siiriisli]
shave [eyv]
shuffle [afil]

dl, mkfat
ciddi olarak
sakal tra
iskambil kd

heyecan verici

trot [trot]
untidy [antaydi]

(at) trs gitmek



a.m ., p.m.
ngilizcede saatleri takiben gelen bu harfler, saatin leden nce mi yoksa le
den sonra m olduunu gsterir. ngilizcede leden sonraki saatlerin 13,14, 15...
eklinde sylenmesi alkanl yoktur. Bu bakmdan saatin yanna yazlan a.m.
harfleri o saatin leden nceki, p.m. harfleri ise leden sonraki saat olduunu
8 a.m.
8 p.m.

sabahn sekizi (leden nce 8)

akamn sekizi (leden sonra 8)

Bu bakmdan, bu yzden anlamna geldiini bildiimiz so szc cmle ba
nda demek anlamna da gelir.
So this is your new school!
So you came late again!
So you lost your money on
the boat.


Demek yeni okulun bu!

Demek yine ge geldin!
Demek vapurda paran kaybettin!

turn somersault
Takla atmak, ba stnde dnmek anlamna gelen bir deyimdir.
He turned a somersault on the
Can you turn a somersault on
the garden wall?

Halnn stnde bir takla att,

Bahe duvar stnde takla atabilir misiniz?

for years and years

ngilizcedeki saat, gn, hafta, ay, yl gibi zaman szckleri ile kullanlabilen ve
Trkeye -lerce eklinde evrilebilecek olan bir szck grubudur. Kullanlacak
olan zaman szc daima oul haldedir.
I waited Helen for hours and
He got up at six o'clock for years
and years.

Helen'i saatlerce bekledim,

Yllarca saat altda kalkt,

keep good time

Saatin doru gitmesi anlamnda bir deyimdir. Bunun tersi olan to keep bad time
ise saatin doru gitmediini gsterir.
Does your new watch keep good
Her watch never keeps good time.
My friend's watch keeps bad time.
Does the school clock keep good

Yeni saatin doru gidiyor mu?

Saati asla doru gitmez.
Arkadamn saati bozuk gidiyor, (vakti
doru gstermiyor).
Okul saati doru gidiyor mu?

never mind
Trkeye aldrma, bo ver, ziyan yok biiminde evrilebilecek olan bir deyim
Never mind the tickets now; come
with me.
Never mind the price. I will buy it.

Bo ver biletlere imdi, benimle gel.

Fiyata aldrma, onu satn alacam.


Never mind her father. She will

come with you if you ask her.

Babasna aldrma, eer davet edersen

seninle gelir.

be sure to
Yaplmas kanlmaz, muhakkak demek olan bu deyimi bir mastar izlerse o
mastarn er ge meydana kaca, olaca ifade edilmi olur. Bu deyimde esas fiil
to be'dir. Zaman deiiklii bu fiil zerinde grlr.
After that accident he is sure to
I am sure to catch cold after this
You are sure to miss your train

O kazadan sonra mutlaka lr,

Bu yamurdan sonra mutlaka souk alrm,
Mutlaka yine trenini karacaksn,

I bet you...
Trkede seninle bahse girerim ki, usuna bahse girerim ki anlamna gelen bu
terimi, bahse girilen para veya kymetli eya ismi izler.
I'll bet you 100 liras you cant
jump over that wall.
I bet you SO liras it is impossible.

eninle yz lirasna bahse girerim ki

u duvarn stnden atlayamazsn.
Seninle elli lirasna bahse girerim ki o im

get on with
Yaplmakla olan bir ie devam etmek anlamna gelen bir deyimdir. Bu fiili ya
plmakta olan ii gsteren isim veya isim fiil takip eder.
Get on with your homework.
Lets get on with our dinner.
He must get on with his studies.


Ev devine devam et.

Yemeimize devam edelim.
almasna devam etmeli.


There was nothing exciting about the morning of 2nd October 1872. Mr.
Phiieas Fogg, a tall, handsome man about forty years old, was waiting in his
London home to see a new manservant. At 11.15 a.m. there was a knock on
the door, and a pleasant-looking man entered.
So you are the Frenchman, Passepartout, are you, and you want to be my
manservant? said Mr. Fogg. How old are you?
I am thirty, sir, replied the man.
Then sit down and tell me about yourself, said Mr. Fogg.
I will, sir, said Passepartout. For a few years I was an acrobat in a
French circus. I turned somersaults on a trotting horse, and I walked and
danced on a rope. That was exciting! Afterwards, I left the circus and went to
be a fireman in Paris. That was exciting, too! I was at many big fires and res
cued people from high buildings.
But why do you want to be a manservant now? asked Mr. Fogg. That is
not exciting work. I live very quietly, and I never go away from home. You will
have a very dull life.
That is just what I want now, replied Passepartout. I am tired of excite
ment. I should like to be your servant.
You have good references. I will engage you, said Mr. Fogs. You will
find your duties written on a card in your room upstairs. Good morning.
Mr. Fogg said no more. He went out, shut the door, and walked to his club.
It was exactly 11.30 a.m. He had left the house every day at 11:30 a.m. for
years and years. Mr. Fogg had done the same thing at the same time every
day, summer and winter, for many years.
The new servant, Passepartout, went upstairs to his bedroom. There, by
the clock, was the card telling him his daily duties.
At 8.23 a.m. take tea and toast on a tray to Mr. Foggs bedroom. At 9.37
a.m. take shaving water to the bathroom. An exact time was given for all his
Passepartout looked at that card for a long time. My new master is very
particular about the time, he said to himself. 8.25 will be too late for his tea
and toast, and 8.20 will be too early. I must be very careful. I am glad my
watch keeps good time! But this will be a nice quiet job for me. There will be


no cooking, for my master has his meals at the club. There are no books or
newspapers to make the house untidy. There will be no visitors. Every day
will be the same! That is what I want.

Mr. Fogg and his friends were sitting by the fire in the club that evening,
talking about a robbery. A thief had stolen 55,000 pounds in banknotes from
a bank on 29th September. That was three days before, and the police had
not caught the thief.
The police will never catch him now! said Mr. Stuart. He will be out of
the country.
Oh yes, they will, said Mr. Ralph. There are detectives watching all the
railway stations in London, and the ships at Liverpool, Glasgow, and South
ampton. And even if he gets out of the country, there are detectives watching
the ships at Brindisi in Italy, at Suez in Egypt, and at New York in America.
Oh, let us play our game. Never mind the thief now, said Mr. Flannigan.
They began to play; but later, when they were shuffling the cards, they
talked again about the robbery.
There is a reward of 4,000 pounds for the capture of the robber, said Mr.
Ralph. They are sure to catch him soon. Where could he go with all that
The world is a very big place to hide in! said Mr. Stuart.
It was a big place a few years ago, said Mr. Fogg, speaking for the first
Has the world grown smaller? laughed Mr. Stuart.
Yes, it has, said Mr. Ralph. A few years ago, it would have taken many
months, perhaps years, to travel round the world. But now there is a railway
across India, a railway across America, and ships can go through the Suez
Canal. A man could go round the world in three months.
In eighty days, said Mr. Fogg.
If there were storms at sea, he couldnt do it in eighty days! said Mr. Stu
Eighty days is enough, replied Mr. Fogg.


And if the Indians damaged the railway lines?

Eighty days is enough, repeated Mr. Fogg.
I would like to see you do it in eighty days! said Mr. Stuart. I'll bet you
4.000 pounds it is impossible.
It is possible, said Mr. Fogg.
Will you do it then? said Mr. Stuart.
Oh, let us get on with our game, said the other gentlemen impatiently.
This is just a joke.
It is not a joke, said Mr. Fogg seriously. I have 20,000 pounds in the
bank. If I do not go round the world in eighty days, that money will belong to
you, gentlemen.
Mr. Fogg took a diary from his pocket and looked at it carefully.
Today is Wednesday, 2nd October. I will leave London tonight at 8.45 p.m.
I will be back in this room on Saturday, 21st December at 8.45 p.m. If I am not
here then, you will divide my 20,000 pounds between you. Now let us get on
with the game.


1872 ekiminin ikinci sabahnn hibir heyecan vericilii yoktu. Mr. Phileas Fogg,
tahminen krk yanda, uzun boylu yakkl bir adam, Londradaki evinde yeni bir
erkek ua grmek iin bekliyordu. Sabahleyin 11.15 de kapda bir tkrt oldu ve
gle yzl bir adam ieri girdi.
Demek sen Fransz Passepartout'sun, yle mi, ve benim uam olmak istiyor
sun? dedi Mr. Fogg. Ka yandasn?
Otuz (yanda)ym efendim, diye cevap verdi adam.
O halde otur ve bana kendi hakknda syle (kendinden bahset) dedi Mr. Fogg.
Bahsedeceim, efendim, dedi Passepartout. Birka yl iin bir Fransz sirkin
de akrobattm. Trs giden bir atn stnde takla atardm ve bir halat stnde dans
eder ve yrrdm. Bu heyecan vericiydi! Sonralar, sirki terk ettim ve Paris'te bir
itfaiyeci olmaya gittim. Bu da heyecanlyd. Birok byk yangnlarda idim (bulun
dum) ve yksek binalardan insanlar kurtardm.


Fakat imdi niin bir uak olmak istiyorsun? diye sordu Mr. Fogg. Heyecan
verici i deildir. Ben ok sakin yaarm ve evden asla uzaa gitmem. ok snk
bir hayatn olacak.
Bu imdi tam benim istediimdir, diye cevap verdi Passepartout. Heyecan
dan bktm. Ben uanz olmak isterim.
iyi referanslarn var. Seni ie alacam. dedi Mr. Fogg. Grevlerini yukardaki
odanda bir kartn stnde yazlm bulacaksn, iyi sabahlar.
Mr. Fogg daha fazla sylemedi. Dar kt, kapy kapad ve kulbne yrd.
Saat tam 11.30'du. Yllar yl Mr. Fogg her gn evden 11.30'da kmt. Mr. Fogg
birok seneler, yaz ve k, her gn ayn eyi ayn saatte yapmt.
Yeni uak Passepartout, yukar kata, yatak odasna gitti. Orada, saatin yan
banda ona gnlk grevlerini syleyen kart vard.
Sabahleyin 8.23'te ay ve kzarm ekmei Mr. Fogg'un yatak odasna gtr.
9.37'de tra suyunu banyoya gtr. Btn grevleri iin tam zaman verilmiti.
Passepartout o karta uzun zaman bakt. Yeni efendim zaman hakknda ok
titiz. dedi kendi kendisine. 8.25 onun ay ve kzarm ekmei iin ok ge ola
cak, ve 8.20 ok erken olacak. ok dikkatli olmalym. Saatimin doru gittiine
memnunum. Fakat bu benim iin gzel sakin bir i olacak. Yemek piirmek olma
yacak, zira efendim yemeklerini kulpte yer. Evi dank yapacak kitaplar ve gaze
teler yok. Hi ziyareti olmayacak. Her gn ayn olacak! Benim istediim budur.

Mr. Fogg ve arkadalar o akam kulpte, bir hrszlk hakknda konuarak, oca
n etrafnda oturuyorlard. Bir hrsz 29 eyllde bir bankadan, kt para olarak
55,000 pound almt. Bu gn nceydi ve polisler hrsz yakalamamt'
Polis imdi onu asla yakalamayacak! dedi Mr. Stuart. O lkenin dnda ola
Oh evet, yakalayacaklar, dedi Mr. Ralph. Londradaki btn tren istasyonla
rn ve Liverpool, Glasgow, ve Southamptondaki gemileri gzetleyen dedektifler
vardr. Hatta lkeden ksa bile, talya'da Brindisi' de, Msr'da Sveyte ve Ameri
ka'da New York'ta gemileri gzetleyen detektifler vardr.
Oh, haydi oyunumuzu oynayalm.

Hrsza aldrmayn

imdi, dedi


Onlar oynamaya baladlar fakat daha sonra ktlar kararlarken (kartrrlar

ken), tekrar hrszlktan bahsettiler.


Hrszn yakalanmas iin 4,000 pound(Iuk) bir dl var. dedi Mr. Ralph. Onu
yaknda muhakkak yakalarlar. Btn o para ile nereye gidebilir?
Dnya, iinde saklanmak iin ok byk bir yerdir! dedi Mr. Stuart.
lk defa konuarak Mr. Fogg, Birka yl nce byk bir yerdi, dedi.
Dnya kld m? diye gld Mr. Stuart.
Evet, kld, dedi Mr. Ralph. Birka yl nce, dnyann etrafn dolamak
birok aylar, belki yllar isterdi. Fakat imdi Hindistan zerinden, Amerika zerinden
demiryolu vardr ve gemiler Svey Kanalndan geebilir, insan ay iinde dn
yann etrafn dolaabilir.
Seksen gnde, dedi Mr. Fogg.
Eer denizde frtnalar olsa seksen gnde yapamazd! dedi Mr. Stuart.
Seksen gn yeterlidir, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg.
Ve eer Hintliler demiryolu hatlarn tahrip etseler?
Seksen gn yeterlidir, diye tekrar etti Mr. Fogg.
Bunu senin seksen gnde yaptn grmek isterdim! dedi Mr. Stuart. Seninle
4,000 pound'a bahse girerim imknszdr.
Mmkndr, dedi Mr. Fogg.
yleyse yapacak msn? dedi Mr. Stuart.
Oh, oyunumuza devam edelim, dedi dier beyler, sabrszlkla. Bu sadece bir
O bir aka deildir, dedi Mr. Fogg ciddiyetle. Bankada 20,000 poundum var.
Eer seksen gnde dnyann etrafn dolamazsam, o para size ait olacak, bey
Mr. Fogg cebinden bir muhtra (hatra defteri) kard ve ona dikkatle le bakt.
Bugn arambadr, 2 Ekim. Londra'y bu gece saat 8.45'te terk edeceim. Bu
odaya 21 aralk cumartesi gn saat 8.45'te dneceim. Eer o zaman burada
deilsem, 20,000 poundumu aranzda taksim edeceksiniz. imdi oyuna devam


Drdnc Basamak


Against bir edattr ve kar, aykr, aleyhinde anlamlarn verir.
He can't do anything against his
wife's wishes.
You mustn't sell these things at
this price; it is against the law.
I am against this plan.
The runners couldn't run fast
because they were running against
the wind.
Your coming here is against the
captain's orders.

Karsnn arzularna aykr herhangi bir ey

Bu eyleri bu fiyata satmamaksnz; kanu
na aykrdr.
Bu plana karym, (muhalifim)
Koucular hzl koamadlar, nk rzg
ra kar kouyorlard.
Buraya geliiniz kaptann emirlerine aykr

Yannda, yan banda anlamn veren beside bir edattr ve by ile e anlaml
Tom is sitting by the fire.
Tom is sitting beside the fire.
She is walking beside her father.

Tom ocan yannda oturuyor.

Torn ocan yannda oturuyor.
Babasnn yannda yryor.

Must yardmc fiili, nnde bulunduu fiilin yaplmasnn gerekli olduunu gste
rir. Ancak bu gereklilik sz syleyenin isteini anlatr.
You must wash the plates more

Tabaklar daha dikkatli ykamalsn. (Ben

yle istiyorum.)

They must learn these new words.

Bu yeni kelimeleri renmeliler.

Trkeye evrilii bakmndan must'a ok benzeyen have to da bir zorunluluk

gsterir, ancak bu zorunluluk sz syleyenin isteini deil dier d zorunluu
ifade eder.
He must clean his shoes himself.

Ayakkablarn kendisi temizlemeli. (Benim


He has to clean his shoes himself.

Ayakkablarn kendisi temizlemeli. (Benim

isteim olduu iin deil, kural bu olduu

The students must be therebefore renciler saat ondan nce orada olmal,
ten o'clock.
(Benim isteim.)
The students have to be there
before ten o'clock.

renciler saat ondan nce orada olmal,

(Byle bir mecburiyet konulmu.)

Must yardmc fiilinin tek ekli vardr. Bununla imdiki zaman ve cmleye gele
cek zaman gsteren szckler eklemek kouluyla gelecek zaman ifade edilebilir.
You must go now.

imdi gitmelisiniz. (imdiki Zaman)

You must go tomorrow.

Yarn gitmelisiniz. (Gelecek Zaman)

Have to yardmc fiilinin ise btn zamanlar anlatacak biimleri vardr.

We have to answer these questions. Bu sorulara cevap vermeliyiz.
We had to answer these questions.

Bu sorulara cevap vermek zorunda kaldk.

We will have to answer these


Bu sorulara cevap vermek zorunda kalacaz.

iinde have bulunan cmlelerin soru eklinin have'i cmle bana almakla,
olumsuz ekli de have yanna bir not getirmekle yapldn biliyoruz.
Fakat have fiili to edat ile birlikte zorunluluk anlatmak zere kullanldnda bun
larn soru ve olumsuzu do yardmc fiiliyle yaplr.
They have some money.

Biraz paralar var.


Have they any money?

They haven't any money.

Hi paralar var m?
Hi paralar yok.

We have to learn English.

Do we have to learn English?
We don't have to learn English.

ngilizce renmeliyiz.
ngilizce renmeli miyiz?
ngilizce renmek zorunda deiliz.

Must yardmc fiilinin olumsuz bir cmlede kullanl bir zorunluluun olmayn
deil, aksi bir zorunluluk ifade eder.
She mustnt touch these pictures.

Bu resimlere dokunmamak.

Bu cmle Resimlere dokunmak. cmlesindeki zorunluluun olmadn deil,

dokunmama zorunluluu olduunu, dokunmasnn yasak edildiini anlatan bir cm
ledir. Bu durumu yle zetleyebiliriz.
Must, olumlu cmlede sz syleyenin ortaya koyduu bir zorunluluu ifade eder.
Olumsuz cmlede aksi bir zorunluluk veya yasaklama anlatr.
Bir mecburiyetin bulunmadn anlatmak iin have to kullanlr.
She must come again.

Tekrar gelmeli. (Benim isteim.)

She has to come again.

Tekrar gelmeli. (Durum gerektiriyor.)

She mustn't come again.

Tekrar gelmemeli. (Gelmemek zorunda;

gelmesi yasak.)

She doesn't have to come again.

Tekrar gelmek zorunda deil.

Zorunluluk olmadn gstermek iin kullanlan dont have to ile hemen hemen
ayn anlamda olan need fiilinin olumsuz ekli needn't da bir zorunluluun olmad
n ifade eder.
Don't have to ile aralarndaki fark, needn't ile, sz syleyenin zorunluluu orta
dan kaldrd, dierinde ise d etkiler veya alkanlklarn byle bir zorunluluu
kaldrd anlalr.
You needn't go there.

Oraya gitmenize lzum yok. (Bence gerek

You don't have to clean your room; Odan temizlemek mecburiyetinde deilsin,
the servant will do it.
onu uak yapacak.
She neednt write the exercises
Altrmalar kere yazmasna gerek yok.
three times.


Ahmet needn't go so early; he can

stay a little longer.

Ahmet'in bu kadar erken gitmesine gerek

yok, biraz daha (uzun) oturabilir.

Instead of yerine anlamnda bir edat grubudur.
instead of food
instead of a book

yiyecek yerine
bir kitap yerine

Give me some money instead of

I like reading adventure stories
instead of history books.
Can I eat oranges instead of apples?

Bana yiyecek yerine biraz para ver.

Tarih kitaplar yerine macera hikyeleri
okumay severim.
Elma yerine portakal yiyebilir miyim?

Trke karl ramen olan in spite of da bir edat grubudur.

We didn't put on our overcoats in
in spite of the cold weather.

Souk havaya ramen paltolarmz


I was able to write only two letters

because of shortness of time.

Zaman ksal yznden sadece iki

mektup yazabildim.

She comes home late in spite of her Babasnn emirlerine ramen eve ge
father's orders.

ntaklar isim, fiil, sfat gibi szcklerin nne gelerek onlara yeni anlamlar ka
zandrrlar. Aadaki rnek cmlelerde bunlar inceleyiniz:
You can sleep in this room.
Don't make a noise, he is asleep.
He isn't asleep, he is awake.
They misunderstood me and didn't
Don't misunderstand me, I only
wanted to show you the right way.

Bu odada uyuyabilirsiniz.
Grlt yapma, o uykuda.
Uykuda deil, uyank.
Beni yanl anladlar ve yardm etmediler.

I'll show you two misprints in this


Size bu kitapta iki bask hatas gsterece


Beni yanl anlama, ben sana sadece do

ru yolu gstermek istedim.


He was an unknown man two years

ago, but now he is very famous.

ki yl nce bilinmeyen bir adamd, fakat

imdi ok mehurdur.

They put a newspaper over the cage Kafesin zerine bir gazete koydular ve
kafesi sabahleyin atlar.
and uncovered the cage in the
When you disagree with me, tell me
at once; Ill try to explain.

Benimle ayn fikirde olmadn zaman der

hal syle; aklamaya alacam.

If all the countries disarm, we will

live in peace.

Btn lkeler silahszlanrsa bar iinde


You can't discourage me; I'll learn

it very quickly.

Benim cesaretimi kramazsnz, onu ok

abuk reneceim.

I dislike walking about in crowded


Kalabalk caddelerde dolamaktan nefret


His novel was incomplete when he


ld zaman roman tamamlanmamt.

We shall write all the incorrect

sentences again.

Btn yanl cmleleri tekrar yazacaz.

This is a correct sentence, dont

try to correct it.

Bu doru bir cmledir, onu dzeltmeye


There are indirect roads to the sea,

but this is the shortest.

Denize dolaarak giden yollar var, fakat

en ksas budur.

Everything she wants is impossible. Onun istedii her ey imknszdr.

She is very impatient; she goes to
the station two hours before the
train comes.

O ok sabrszdr, tren gelmeden iki saat

nce istasyona gider.

Bu cmlelerde asleep ve awake ile yaplanlar hari dierlerinde gayri, na-

anlamnda birer olumsuzluk ntaks alm szckler grlmektedir. Bunlar dnda
out, ver, under szckleri de birer ntak olarak kullanlrlar. Fakat bunlar nem
bakmndan ikinci derecededir.
Sontaklar szcklerin sonlarna gelerek onlarn anlamlarnda kk deiiklikler
yaparlar. Bunlar da ksaca zetleyelim:


She is a teacher; she teaches


O bir retmendir, ngilizce retir.

This is an easy question; I can

answer it easily.

Bu kolay bir sorudur, ona kolayca cevap


I have a lot of Italian friends

in Italy.

talya'da birok talyan arkadalarm var.

She doesnt like rainy weather

because she likes walking about
in the park.

Yamurlu havay sevmez nk parkta

dolamaktan holanr.

He didnt say anything understand


Anlalabilir (makul) bir ey sylemedi.

Sea water isn't drinkable.

Deniz suyu iilemez.

It is an acceptable condition.

O kabul edilebilir bir arttr.

They darkened the room because

the baby was sleeping.

Oday kararttlar nk bebek uyuyordu.

My wife will shorten her dress in


Karm yazn elbisesini ksaltacak.

If you put some more sugar in the

milk, it will sweeten the milk
too much.

Ste biraz daha eker koyarsanz st

ok tatllandracak.

He loosened the rope and the

horse got up.

ipi gevetti ve at ayaa kalkt.

A careful maid doesn't break

plates often.

Dikkatli bir hizmeti sk sk tabak krmaz.

Put two spoonfuls of jam on this


Bu tabaa iki kak (dolusu) reel koy.

The thief took two handfuls of

money and ran away.

Hrsz iki avu dolusu para ald ve kat.

How can I thank for your goodness? iyiliiniz iin nasl teekkr edebilirim?
They didn't tell me anything about
his shortness.

Onun ksal hakknda bana hibir ey



She spent her childhood in a small

You can trust my friendship, I'll
always stand by you.

ocukluunu kk bir kyde geirdi,

Arkadalma gvenebilirsiniz, daima

sizi destekleyeceim.

50 ve 59. dersler arasnda aklamalar bal aitnda retilen konular iin

rnek cmleler veriyoruz. Bunlar, zorlukla karlatnzda ait olduklar derslere
bavurarak inceleyiniz.
The farmer and his wife lived
happily for ever.

ifti ve kars ebediyen mutlu olarak yaadlar.

The ship was far off when we came

down the hill.

Tepeden aa indiimiz zaman gemi


I like my sister as much as my son.

Kz kardeimi olum kadar ok severim.

Keep close to me, or the dogs will

bite you.

Bana yakn dur, yoksa kpekler seni sra


Will you stand by me when I fight

with the others?

Ben dierleriyle kavga ederken beni des

tekleyecek misin?

The policeman took the thief by

the arm and brought him to the
police station.

Polis hrsz kolundan tuttu ve onu karako

la getirdi.

She went on her knees in front of

the priest.

Papazn nnde diz kt.

I haven't yet finished my work.

iimi henz bitirmedim.

The boat drew near and we saw

four men in it.

Kayk yaklat ve iinde drt adam grdk

I can't run so fast as before; I am

an old man now.

Eskiden olduu gibi hzl koamam,

imdi yal bir adamm.

She is a very good woman indeed.

We must help them as much as we

O gerekten ok iyi bir kadndr.

Onlara elimizden geldii kadar ok yardm

I spent a hundred liras, that is,

three pounds.

Yz lira harcadm, yani pound.


If you set the dog free, it will bite

the children playing in the

Kpei serbest brakrsan bahede oyna

yan ocuklar sracak.

The tourists will be here by ten


Turistler saat ona kadar burada olacaklar.

They won a few battles but they

lost the war.

Birka muharebe kazandlar, fakat sava


We stopped the match because it

was growing dark.

Ma durdurduk nk hava kararyordu.

She is a large old ship.

O byk eski bir gemidir.

You are to get up at seven.

Yedide kalkacaksnz.

You mustn't make a fire in the


Ormanda ate yakmamalsnz.

We saw them no more.

Onlar bir daha grmedik.

The apples on the big plate are no

less than fifteen.

Byk tabaktaki elmalar on beten az de


I climbed the tree so as to see the

ship better.

Gemiyi daha iyi grmek iin aaca trman


The soldiers kept watch all night

so as to catch the thief.

Askerler hrsz yakalamak iin btn gece

nbet tuttular.

Selma touched me on the arm.

Selma koluma dokundu.

The car was out of sight when we

came to the road.

Yola geldiimiz zaman otomobil gzden

uzaktayd. (Grnrde yoktu.)

I set the table ready and we began


Masay hazrladm ve yemeye baladk.

The train comes at ten p.m.

So you have changed your mind

Tren (sabah) on'da gelir.

Demek fikrini yine deitirdin.

I liked turning somersaults when

I was a child.

ocukken takla atmay severdim.


They worked on these statue for

years and years.

Bu heykel zerinde yllarca altlar.

My new watch doesn't keep good


Yeni saatim doru gitmiyor.

Never mind the price; I'll buy

anything you want.

Fiyata bakma, istediin herhangi bir eyi


He is sure to come; he promised

me yesterday.

Mutlaka gelecek, bana dn sz verdi.

I'll bet you ten liras there are

more than fifty oranges in this

Seninle on lira bahse girerim, bu sepette

elli portakaldan daha fazla var.

Get on with your writing; you must

finish the letter before your
father comes.

Yazmana devam et, baban gelmeden

nce mektubu bitirmelisin.

The girl broke the glass, but her

mother said, Never mind, bring
another glass.

Kz barda krd, fakat annesi, Aldrma,

baka bir bardak getir, dedi.



I Ders
1 61


anchor [enki]
arrival [irayvil]
ashore [ior]
British [briti]
column [kolim]
consul [konsil]
departure [dipa:i]

gemi demiri

calmly [karmli]
camp [kemp]
canal [kinel]
palm [pa:m]
[port [port]
remark [rimark]

hurma, palmiye
platform, peron
dnce, mtala

drop [drop]
excited [iksaytid]
eyebrows [aybrauz]
grin [grin]
lean [li:n]
lock [lok]
mackintosh [mekinto]
midnight [midnayt]
pack [pek]

hayal kinlii
na uram
gece yars
paket etmek

roll [roul]


rug [rag]
safe [seyf]
sail [seyl]

rt, kilim
(gemi) seyretmek,
yoluyla, zerinden
deniz yolculuu

scene [si:n]
southern [sadm]
stamp [stemp]
via [vayi]
voyage [voyic]


keep a record
Bir yere kaydetmek, not etmek anlamndadr.
I always keep a record when I
The engineer kept a record for the
new machine.

Seyahat ettiim zaman daima not (kayt)

Mhendis yeni makine iin bir kayt tuttu,

up to time
Vaktinde, tam vaktinde, verilen zamana uygun anlamndadr.
The ship arrived in London up to

Gemi Londra'ya zamannda geldi,

to get stamped
Get fiilinin eitli anlamlar verdiini biliyoruz. Bunlardan biri, bir fiilin nc ekli
ile kullanlarak o fiilin yaptrlmasn anlatmasdr.
to get stamped
to get repaired
to get cleaned


tamir ettirmek

I'll get your name written in the

She got her umbrella changed.

smini listeye yazdrtacam.'

emsiyesini deitirtti.

Is anything the matter?

Konuma dilinde ne var? ne oldu? anlamnda kullanlan bir ifadedir.
You are very quiet today. Is
anything the matter?
Why is she crying? Is anything
the matter?
She is calling up the police. Is
anything the matter?

Bugn ok sessizsin. Bir ey mi oldu?

Niin alyor? Bir ey mi oldu?
Polise telefon ediyor. Ne var?

to sail
ngilizcede gemilerin, kayklarn su zerinde gitmelerini ifade eden bu fiilin Trkede tam karl yoktur. Arapa bir fiil olan seyretmek bu anlamdadr.
There were three small boats
sailing on the lake.
Our ship sailed through the

Gln stnde giden (seyreden) kk

kayk vard.
Gemimiz stanbul Boazndan (geerek)

Latinceden ngilizceye gemi bir szck olup Trkeye zerinden, yoluyla
eklinde evrilebilir.
They went to France via Roma.
You can go to Ankara via Bolu.

Fransa'ya Roma zerinden (yoluyla) gitti

Ankara'ya Bolu zerinden (yoluyla) gidebi


be due
Belli bir sre iinde veya belli bir tarihte olmas beklenen anlamnda ve doru
dan doruya Trke karl olmayan bir fiildir.
When is your train due?
They are due to arrive here in
the afternoon.

Treninin ne zaman gelmesi gerek?

Buraya leden sonra varmalar
(gelmeleri) bekleniyor.

drop anchor
Trkeye tam olarak demir atmak anlamnda evrilebilecek olan bir fiildir.
Is our ship going to drop anchor
before lunch time?
All the ships dropped anchor near
the port.

Gemimiz le yemei vaktinden nce

demir atacak m?
Btn gemiler limann yaknna demir

In Mr. Fogg's house Passepartout was sitting in his room. He knew now
that Mr. Fogg always came home and went to bed at midnight. At 7.50 p.m. he
was surprised when he heard Mr. Fogg coming in and calling Passepart
out. He went downstairs to see what was the matter.
It is not midnight, sir. Is anything the matter?
No, but we must be ready to leave the house in ten minutes.
Passepartout grinned. He thought it was a joke.
Are you going away from home, sir? he asked.
Yes, Passepartout, we are going round the world. I want you to pack two
shirts and three pairs of stockings for me, and the same for yourself. Bring
my mackintosh and travelling rug, too. That will be all. Put the things in a
Passepartout raised his eyebrows, Round the world?
Yes, in eighty days, replied Mr. Fogg calmly.


Passepartout went upstairs to his room. He said to himself. 1 came here

because I wanted to be quiet!
He packed the things in a carpet bag and went downstairs. Mr. Fogg was
ready. There was a red book under his arm. It was a Guide, telling times of
arrivals and departures of ships and trains all over the world. Mr. Fogg took a
big roll of bank-notes from the safe; then they went out.
Mr. Fogg locked the front door and called a cab to take them to the station.
Passepartout bought two first-class tickets to Paris. The gentlemen from the
club were on the platform to see them off. Good-bye, gentlemen. I will see
you again on Saturday, 21st December, at 8.45 p.m., said Mr. Fogg, and he
waved to them from the train.
It was a dark rainy night. Mr. Fogg leaned back in his corner seat. Then he
took a notebook from his pocket and wrote:
London to Suez, via Paris, Turin, Brindisi
Suez to Bombay
Bombay to Calcutta
Calcutta to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Yokohama
Yokohama to San Francisco
San Francisco to New York
New York to London

train and ship

ship and train


Then he drew columns on a page:




Now he was ready to keep a record of his journey. He put his hook in his
pocket and fell asleep.
Passepartout was excited. He sat in his corner seat, holding the bag. He
looked at his master. Was he only joking about going round the world? The
railway tickets were only to Paris. Perhaps they would stop in Paris. That
would be good. He would go to the circus and see his old friends.
But next day, Passepartout was disappointed. They did not stop in Paris.
They bought new railway tickets, and went on. They ate and slept on the
train. The train rushed through France and Italy. At last, at 4 p.m. on Satur
day, 5th October, they arrived at Brindisi. Was this the end of the journey?
No! They went on board a ship at once.


This is a large ship, sir. Where is it going? asked Passepartout.

It is going through the Suez Canal to Bombay, replied Mr. Fogg. It is the
Mongolia, a very fast ship.
That evening, Mr. Fogg wrote in his notebook:
Oct. 3, Thur.
Oct. 4, Fri.
Oct. 5, Sat.


up to time
up to time
up to time

Passepartout enjoyed the voyage from Brindisi to Port Said. The ship en
tered the Suez Canal on Tuesday, 8th October, and sailed for a hundred miles
down the long canal. Passepartout sat on deck in the sun. He watched the
Arab camps beside the Canal, the palm trees on the bank, and the strange
Arab boats on the water. Mr. Fogg was not interested in the scene.


At the southern end of the Canal, in the town of Suez, a British detective
called Mr. Fix was waiting for the Mongolia to arrive. He wanted to win the
4,000 pounds reward for the capture of the London robber.
When is the Mongolia due to arrive? he asked the British consul, who
was also waiting.
At 11 a.m. Are you meeting someone? asked the Consul.
No, I am hoping to catch the man who stole 55,000 pounds from a London
But how will you know the robber?
Oh, I'm sure Ill know him, replied Mr. Fix. I have a description of him
from the police in London. How long will the ship stop at Suez?
Four hours, replied the Consul. Just long enough to take on coal.
Good, said Mr. Fix. I'll have four hours to find my man.
When the Mongolia came into the port, a dozen boats went to meet her.
The Mongolia dropped anchor at 11 a.m. It was up to time. Mr. Fogg wrote in
his notebook:
Oct. 9, Wed.



up to time

Most of the passengers went ashore in the small boats. Fix looked care
fully at each man who stepped ashore. He did not see his man. Then a pas
senger with a passport in his hand asked him, Where is the office of the
British Consul? I want to get this passport stamped.
Mr. Fix saw the photograph on the passport. He was sure it was the man
he wanted! Whose passport is that? he asked.
It belongs to my master, replied Passepartout. He does not want to
come ashore himself. He has sent me to have his passport stamped.
You cannot do that for him, said Mr. Fix. He must take it to the Consul's
office himself.


Mr. Foggun evinde Passepartout odasnda oturuyordu. imdi biliyordu ki Mr.
Fogg daima eve gece yars geliyor ve yatyordu. Akam saat 7.50 de Mr. Fogg'un
geldiini ve Passepartout diye seslendiini duyunca ard. Aaya meselenin
ne olduunu grmeye (anlamaya) indi.
Vakit gece yars deil, efendim. Bir mesele mi var? (Bir ey mi oldu?)
Hayr, fakat evi on dakika iinde terk etmeye hazr olmalyz.
Passepartout srtt. Onun bir aka olduunu zannetti.
Evden uzaa m gidiyorsunuz, efendim? diye sordu.
Evet, Passepartout, dnyay dolaacaz. Benim iin iki gmlek ift orap,
kendin iin de aynn paket etmeni istiyorum. Benim yamurluumu ve seyahat
rtm de getir. Hepsi bu kadar. Eyay bir antaya koy.
Passepartout kalarn kaldrd, Dnyann etrafnda m?
Evet, seksen gnde, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg sakin bir ekilde.
Passepartout yukarya odasna kt. Kendi kendine sylendi. Ben buraya sakin
olmak iin geldim! dedi.
Eyay hal(dan) bir bavul iinde toplad ve aa kata indi. Mr. Fogg hazrd.
Koltuunun altnda krmz bir kitap vard. O btn dnyadaki trenlerin ve vapurlarn
var ve kalk saatlerini syleyen (gsteren) bir rehberdi. Mr. Fogg kasadan byk
bir deste kt para ald; sonra dar ktlar.
Mr. Fogg n kapy kilitledi ve onlar istasyona gtrmesi iin bir araba ard.
Passepartout Parise iki (tane) birinci mevki bilet ald. Kulpteki beyler onlar uur
lamak zere perondaydlar. Hoa kaln beyler. Sizi tekrar 21 aralk cumartesi
gn akam saat 8.45 te greceim. dedi Mr. Fogg ve onlara trenden el sallad.


Karanlk yamurlu bir geceydi. Mr. Fogg ke koltuunda geriye yasland. Sonra
cebinden bir defter kard ve yazd:
Londra'dan Svey'e, Paris, Turin, Brindisi
tren ve vapur
Svey'ten Bombay'a
Bombay'dan Kalktaya
Kalkta'dan Hong Kong'a
Hong Kong'tan Yokohama'ya
Yokohamadan San Fransisko'ya
San Fransiskodan New York'a
vapur ve tren
New York'tan Londra'ya


Sonra bir sayfaya stunlar izdi:




imdi seyahatinin kayt(lar)n tutmaya hazrd. Kitabn cebine koydu ve uykuya

Passepartout heyecanlyd. antay tutarak ke yerinde oturuyordu. Efendisine
bakt. O dnyay dolamak konusunda sadece aka m yapyordu? Tren biletleri
sadece Paris'eydi. Belki Pariste duracaklard. O iyi olacakt. Sirke gidecek ve eski
arkadalarn grecekti.
Fakat ertesi gn Passepartout hayal krklna urad. Onlar Pariste durmadlar.
Yeni tren biletleri aldlar ve devam ettiler. Trende yediler-ve uyudular. Tren Fran
sadan ve talya'dan hzla geti. En nihayet 5 ekim cumartesi gn leden sonra
4'te Brindisi'ye vardlar. Bu seyahatin sonu muydu? Hayr! Derhal bir vapura bindi
Bu byk bir vapur, efendim. Nereye gidiyor? diye sordu Passepartout.
Svey Kanalndan geerek Bombay'a gidiyor, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg. O
Mongolia'dr, ok sratli bir gemi.
O akam Mr. Fogg defterine yazd:
3 ekim perembe
4 ekim cuma
5 ekim cumartesi



Passepartout, Brindisi'den Port Said'e olan yolculuktan holand. Gemi 8 ekim

sal (gn) Svey Kanalna girdi ve uzun kanal boyunca yz mil gitti. Passepartout
gvertede gnete oturdu. Kanaln yanndaki Arap kamplarn, kydaki hurma


aalarn, su stndeki acayip Arap kayklarn seyretti. Mr. Fogg manzara ile ilgili

Kanaln gney ucunda, Svey kasabasnda, Mr. Fix isimli bir Ingiliz dedektifi
Mongolia'nn gelmesini bekliyordu. O Londral hrszn yakalanmas iin (verilecek
olan) 4,000 pound'u kazanmak istiyordu.
Mongolia'nn ne zaman gelmesi gerekiyor? diye beklemekte olan Ingiliz Kon
solosuna sordu.
11'de. Birisini mi karlyorsunuz? diye sordu Konsolos.
Hayr, bir Londra bankasndan 55,000 pound alan adam yakalamay umuyo
Ama hrsz nasl bileceksiniz?
Oh, eminim (ki) onu bileceim, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fix. Londradaki polisten
(bende) onun bir tarifi var. Gemi Svey'te ne kadar duracak?
Drt saat, diye cevap verdi Konsolos. Sadece kmr alacak kadar yeterli
yi, dedi Mr. Fix. Adamm bulmak iin drt saatim olacak.
Mongolia limana geldii zaman, bir dzine kayk onu karlamak iin gitti.
Mongolia saat 11'de demir att. O vaktindeydi. Mr. Fogg defterine yazd:
9 Ekim, aramba



Yolcularn ou kk kayklarda karaya ktlar. Fix karaya ayak basan her bir
adama dikkatle bakt. Adamn grmedi. Sonra elinde pasaport olan bir yolcu ona
sordu. Ingiliz Konsolosluu Ofisi nerededir? Bu pasaportu mhrletmek istiyo
Mr. Fix pasaporttaki fotoraf grd. Emindi (ki) istedii adam oydu!
O kimin pasaportudur? diye sordu.
O efendime aittir, diye cevap verdi Passepartout. Kyya kendisi gelmek is
temiyor. Beni pasaportunu mhrletmek iin gnderdi.
Bunu onun iin yapamazsn, dedi Mr. Fix. Onu Konsolos'un ofisine kendisi


Drdnc Basamak




Hari, baka anlamnda bir edattr.
except Sunday
I can come every day except
I play all games except basketball.
All the boys went to the cinema
except Ahmet.
I have read all the books except
this big one.

Pazardan baka
Pazar hari, her gn gelebilirim.
Basketbol hari, btn oyunlar oynarm.
Ahmet hari, btn ocuklar sinemaya
Bu by hari, btn kitaplar okudum.

Birinci kursumuzda saatleri renirken geiyor anlamna geldiini grdmz
past edat olarak kullanld zaman nnden, n tarafndan anlamna gelir.
past the house
He is walking past the house.
He always goes past our gate.
You can go there past our school.


evin nnden
Evin nnden yryor, (geiyor)
Her zaman bahe kapmzn nnden
gider, (geer)
Oraya bizim okulun nnden gidebilirsin.

Birinci kursumuzun 86. dersinde ksaca temas ettiimiz ve -e kadar anlamna
gelen until zaman bildiren isimlerle beraber kullanlr.


-e kadar

They played football until evening.

Akama kadar futbol oynadlar.

He slept until ten o'clock.

Saat ona kadar uyudu.

They danced until midnight.

Gece yarsna kadar dans ettiler.

I studied English until lunch time.

le yemei vaktine kadar ngilizce


Until szc bu derste grm olduumuz dier edatlardan farkl olarak iki
cmleyi birbirine balayan bir bala olarak da kullanlabilir.
He came,
until he came
I studied English until he came.
They played football until they
were tired.
It rained until the streets
were full of water.
She cried until her eyes were red.
Don't go anywhere until I come
Don't open the window until I
go out.
You must study until you finish
your lessons.
I will stay here until I finish
the work.
He will love her until he dies.
Don't make any noise until I wake
Walk along this street until you
come to a large house.

-e kadar
O geldi.
o gelinceye kadar
O gelinceye kadar ngilizce altm.
Onlar yorgun oluncaya kadar futbol oyna
Caddeler su ile dolu oluncaya kadar (ya
mur) yad.
Gzleri krmz oluncaya kadar alad.
Ben geri gelinceye kadar bir yere gitme.
Ben darya gidinceye kadar pencereyi
Derslerini bitirinceye kadar almalsn.
ii bitirinceye kadar burada kalacam.
lnceye kadar onu sevecek.
Ben uyanncaya kadar hi grlt yapma
Byk bir eve gelinceye kadar bu cadde
boyunca yr.

ou zaman until szc biraz ksaltlm olarak till eklinde kullanlr, ikisinin
arasnda bir anlam fark yoktur.


ilerisinde, tesinde anlamna gelen beyond genellikle yer isimleriyle beraber

ilerisinde, tesinde

beyond the lake

gln tesinde

There is a white house beyond the


Gln tesinde beyaz bir ev var.

Their house is beyond the river.

Evleri nehrin tesindedir.

There is a forest beyond the hill.

Tepenin ilerisinde bir orman vardr.

They live beyond the woods.

Ormann ilerisinde otururlar.

There are some small lakes beyond

this mountain.

Bu dan ilerisinde baz kk gller vardr,

Beyond edat bir deyim olarak kiilerle kullanlr ve anlay dnda anlamna
This problem is beyond Ahmet.

Bu problem Ahmet'in anlay dndadr.

That question is beyond me.

Bu mesele (soru) benim krm deil.

Its beyond her.

Bu ona gre deil. (Akl ermez.)


Bo yerleri doldurunuz.
1 - Your daughter is crying. Is anything .... matter? 2 - 1 can't turn .... somer
sault now because I am too fat. 3 - The girl waited for the young man for
years .... years. 4 - My watch is correct; it keeps .... time. 5 - Never mind the
mistakes, I'll correct all .... them. 6 - He is sure .... catch cold if he stands
between the two doors. 7 - Get .... with your work; you must finish it before
eleven o'clock. 8 - The teacher k e p t.... record for each student. 9 - The ship is
due .... arrive in Istanbul at seven 'clock. 10 - The ship didn't drop .... because
there was a strong wind. 11 - You must .... your passport stamped before

you go on board the ship. 12 - They listened to the same music for hours
a n d ........

Bo braklan yerlere except, past, until, beyond edatlarndan
birini koyunuz.
1 - 1 can eat anything .... potatoes. 2 _The tourists w e n t.... our house. 3 - She
won't wait for you .... six o'clock. 4 - 1 like all English actors .... Norman Wis
dom. 5 - The stream is .... that hill. 6 - The old man walked .... the church. 7 This book is .... Margaret; she can't understand it. 8 - They waited for me
....finished my work.

Translate into Turkish.
1 - 1 heard a knock on the door. 2 - He rescued four people from the burning
house. 3 - She engaged two men for the garden. 4 - The room was very un
tidy; the newspapers and the magazines were on the floor. 5 - This girl has
very beautiful eyebrows. 6 - 1 was very excited, so I couldn't answer some of
the questions. 7 - The ship sailed through the canal. 8 - There were palm
trees along the street. 9 - The scene is beautiful from this hill. 10 - The ship
dropped anchor near the island. 1 1 - 1 studied English for years and years.
1 2 - 1 like all vegetables except tomatoes. 13 - They cleaned their rooms
themselves until they found a new maid. 14 - He cleaned his car in the garden
in spite of my orders. 15 - You'll be forgotten soon if you don't write new
Translate into English.
1 - Selma hari btn rencileri seviyorum. 2 - Saat bee kadar burada bekleye
ceim. 3 - Nehir bu dan tesindedir. 4 - Margaret bize kzgn; bir ey mi oldu ? 5 Gemimiz Marmara Denizinde seyrediyordu. 6 - Bu ktlar mhrleteceim. 7 Londra'ya Paris zerinden (yoluyla) gidecez. 8 - Trenimiz Birmingham'a gece
yars vard, bu yzden iyi bir otel bulamadt 9 - Konsolos bu evde oturur. 10 Arkadalarmz platformda bizi bekliyorlard.


58. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - teacher 2 - driver 3 - shoemaker 4 - easily 5 _American 6 - rainy 7 - sunny
8 - eatable 9 acceptable 10 - understandable 11 - widen 12 - whitens 13 careful 14 - spoonful 15 - handful 16 - shortness 17 - childhood 18 - friend

1 - Muhtemelen iyi bir retmendi, fakat onu tanmyordum. 2 - Kar bahemizdeki
aalar kaplad. 3 - Bu grubun lideri kimdir? 4 - Bu i saat ona kadar bitirilmeli. 5 Kt oyununda ka para kazandnz? 6 - Rehber bize mzede yol gsterdi ve baz
silahlarn tarihini anlatt. 7 - Hava kararyordu bu yzden futbol oynamaktan vaz
getik. 8 - Bu gemi bu irketin en byk gemisidir, geen yl satn alnd. 9 - Onlar
postaneye gtreceim. 10 - Hava yamurlu, emsiyeni almalsn. 11 - Geen yl
kymze iki Amerikal geldi. 12 - Bu ila iilemez, onu ayann stne koyacak
sn. 13 - aym ok tatlandrdn; onu iemem. 14 - Kpein bacandaki ipi gev
etmek istedi fakat kpek kat. 15 - stasyona giderken gzel bir kza rastladm.

1 - They chose me to send to the post office. 2 - Where is the cover of this
box? 3 - They sell records in this shop. 4 - They won the battle but two of
them were killed. 5 - Italians don't come here; they go to other places. 6 - My
father was a bookseller twenty years ago:? - Can't you write an understand
able sentence? Your sentences are full of mistakes. 8 - I ate a spoonful of
jam. 9 - Thank you very much for your goodness. 1 0 - 1 don't remember rhy

to live on

What do birds live on?

Kular ne ile beslenir?

Tigers live on meat.

Kaplanlar et ile beslenir.


... ile beslenmek , ... yiyerek yaam ak

Can a dog live on bones?

Bir kpek kemiklerle beslenebilir mi?

What animals live on grass?

Hangi hayvanlar otla beslenir?

to look like

benzemek, andrmak, gibi olmak

He looks like his father.

O babasna benziyor.

That yellow flower looks like an orange.

u sar iek bir portakala benziyor.

They all look like my brother.

Hepsi de erkek kardeime benziyor.

more or less

aa yukar

It is a three - hour journey more or less.,

Aa yukar saatlik bir yolculuktur.

He is more or less the same age as you.

Aa yukar sizinle ayn yatadr.

I answered half of the questions more or less.

Aa yukar sorularn yarsna cevap verdim.

He gets more or less 3000 dollars a month.

Aa yukar ayda 3000 dolar alr.


to fall in love w ith

(birisine) ak olmak

I fell in love with that girl.

u kza ak oldum.

Peter fell in love with Mary when he was nineteen years old.
Peter on dokuz yandayken Mary'ye a'k oldu.

Robert falls in love with beautiful girls as soon as he sees them.

Robert gzel kzlara, onlar grr grmez ak olur.

His son fell in love with an old woman.

Onun olu yal bir kadna ak oldu.

thats why

bu yzden, bu sebepten

He was late this morning. That's why he will stay in after school.
Bu sabah ge kald. Bu yzden okuldan sonra (okulda) kalacak.

I cant see him tomorrow. Thats why I ask you to see him.
Onu yarn gremem. Bu sebepten onu grmenizi istiyorum.

She isnt here yet. Thats why we cant begin.

Henz burada deil. Bu sebepten balayamayz.

to go shopping

When do you go shopping?

Alverie ne zaman gidersiniz?

My mother went shopping.

Annem alverie gitti.


alverie gitmek

Some people dont like going shopping.

Baz kimseler alverie gitmeyi sevmezler.

I dont like going shopping with them because they spend two hours buying
a tie.
Onlarla alverie gitmeyi sevmem, nk bir kravat almak iin iki saat harcarlar.


Drdnc Basam ak


allow [ilau]
arrest [irest]
bazaar [biza:]
bet [bet]
breath [bret]
bundle [bandil]


msaade etmek
tevkif etmek
pazar, ar
demet, deste

disappear [dispi]
expect [ikspekt]
hurry [hari]

gzden kaybolmak
acele etmek,
aceleyle gitmek
mracaat, bilgi

note [nout]
parcel [parsil]

not etmek

temple [tempil]
wander [wondi]

shadow [edou]



tear [tei]


warrant [worint]

telegram [teligrem]
telegraph [teligra:f]

telgraf ekmek




hit back
Vurarak karlk vermek anlamnda bir deyimdir.
You can't hit him back.He is older
than you.
My brother hit me but I didn'thit
him back.

Ona (vurarak) karlk veremezsin. Senden

daha yaldr.
Aabeyim (kardeim) bana vurduama ben
mukabele etmedim.

get into trouble

Ba derde girmek anlamnda bir deyimdir.
Don't talk with that man. You will
get into trouble.
When he is alone, he always gets
into trouble.
If you go on writing letters to her,
you will get into trouble.

O adamla konuma. Ban belaya soka

Yalnz olunca (kalnca) daima ba derde
Eer ona mektuplar yazmaya devam eder
sen ban belaya girecek.

here and there

urada, burada anlamna gelen ve belli bir yer gstermeyen bir yer zarfdr.
There were trees here and there.
Don't leave your books here and
We saw huts here and there.

urada burada (tek tk) aalar vard.

Kitaplarn uraya buraya brakma,
urada burada kulbeler grdk.


get busy
Harekete gemek, almaya balamak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
Please don't spend your time on
reading; get busy.
When shall we get busy?
When they saw their father, they
got busy.

Ltfen vaktini okumakla geirme; harekete

Ne zaman ie balyoruz?
Babalarn grnce almaya koyuldular.

keep out of sight

Gze grnmemek, ortalkta dolamamak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
When the children saw their history
teacher, they kept out of sight.
Please keep out of sight. The police
are looking for you.
They should keep out of sight until
everybody leaves the house.

ocuklar tarih retmenlerini grnce or

talkta dolamadlar.
Ltfen ortalkta grnme. Polisler seni
Herkes evi terk edinceye kadar ortalkta
grnmemeleri gerek.

keep in the shadows

Aa yukar to keep out of sight deyimi anlamnda ve_ kede bucakta sak
lanmak, gz nne kmamak eklinde evrilebilecek bir deyimdir.
Detectives always keep in the
shadows when they follow thieves.
I dont like people who keep in the
You should go and play with your
friends instead of keeping in the

Dedektifler hrszlar takip ederken daima

kuytularda bulunurlar.
Ben kuytularda dolaan kimseleri sevmem.
(Gizli kapakl iler yapan kimseleri semem).
Ke bucakta saklanacana gidip arka
dalarnla oynamalsn.

knock down (out)

Vurup yere ykmak veya bayltmak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
The policeman knocked the thief
The boxer knocked him down.

Polis hrsz vurarak yere drd,

Boksr onu yere ykt.

He must knock him out.

Can you knock that man down?

Onu bayltmal. (Nakavt etmeli).

u adam yere ykabilir misin?

It is good (kind) of... to

Yaplan bir i veya hareket karsnda duyulan takdiri belirtmek anlamnda bir
deyimdir. Of szcn takiben ii yapan kii gelir ve onu da bir mastar izler.
It is good of you to come.
It was kind of him to help me.
It is kind of you to let me go.

Gelmekle iyi ettin.

Bana yardm etmekle ltufta bulundu.
Beni gitmeye brakmakla (msaade etmek
le) ltfediyorsunuz.
Bana Franszca retmekle ok iyi etti.

It was very good of her to teach

me French.
It was most kind of you to give
me some money.
It is very kind of you.

Bana bir para para vermekle byk l

tufta bulundunuz.
ok naziksiniz.

make a bet
Bahse girmek, bahse tutumak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
He made a bet to climb the moun
Recep had made a bet to eat two
kilos of fish.
Will you make a bet to jump over
that garden gate?

Daa trmanmaya bahse girdi.

Recep iki kilo balk yemeye bahse girmiti.
u bahe kapsnn stnden atlamaya
bahse girer misin?

leave for
Baka bir yere gitmek iin bir yerden ayrlmak, bir yere gitmek anlamna gelen
bir deyimdir.
They have left for the station.
The ship is going to leave for
This train is leaving for Ankara.

stasyona gitmek zere ayrldlar.

Gemi Napoli'ye gitmek zere hareket
edecek (Napoli'ye doru hareket edecek).
Bu tren Ankara'ya gidiyor (Ankara'ya doru
hareket ediyor).


out of breath
Nefes nefese, nefesi kesilmi anlamnda bir deyimdir.
They arrived at the station out of
When she ran across the street she
was out of breath.
At the end of the first half, all the
players were out of breath.

stasyona nefes nefese geldiler,

Caddeyi koarak getii zaman nefes nefeseydi.
Birinci yarnn sonunda btn oyuncular
nefes nefeseydi.

tear off
Bir eyi baka bir eyin zerinden ekip koparmak, skmek anlamnda bir
deyimdir. Sklen isim tek szcklk ise tear ile off arasnda bulunur.
They are going to tear the pictures
off walls.
She tore off his shirt and tie.
The nurse will tear off the soldier's

Resimleri duvarlardan skecekler,

Onun gmleini ve kravatn yrtarak kar
Hemire askerin ceketini yrtarak karacak.


Passepartout thanked Mr. Fix for the information and went back to fetch
his master. Mr. Fix hurried to the Consul's office.
I've found the man I was looking for. He is coming to your office in a few
minutes with his passport. I want you to keep him here in Suez, till I get a
warrant to arrest him for robbery.
But I cannot keep him here, said the Consul. 1 do not know that he is a
robber. Perhaps you have made a mistake.
Just then Mr. Fogg entered the office and asked the Consul to stamp his
When Mr. Fogg left the office, Mr. Fix followed him. Would he go back to
the ship, or would he try to disappear? Mr. Fogg went back to the ship, but
Mr. Fix still thought he was the robber. Later, Mr. Fix met Passepartout walk
ing in the town.
Did your master get his passport stamped? he asked.


Yes, thank you. It was good of you to help us. Can you tell me now where
I can buy shirts and socks? We came away in a great hurry, so we have very
little luggage.
Why were you in such a hurry? asked Mr. Fix.
1 am not in a hurry, but my master is. Last Wednesday he came home
from the club at eight o'clock, and in three-quarters of an hour we were in the
train on the way to Paris.
Where is your master going? asked detective Fix.
He says he is going round the world in eighty days, laughed Passepart
out. He says he has made a bet to do this!
What a strange man! Is he rich? asked Mr. Fix.
Rich? He is very rich! He has a great bundle of bank-notes with him.

Now Mr. Fix was sure that Mr. Fogg was the robber. Here was a man who
had left London in a hurry with a great bundle of bank-notes. Surely he was
running away from the police!

Mr. Fix went at once to the telegraph office and sent a telegram to Scotland
Yard. 1 have found bank robber, Phileas Fogg. Send warrant for arrest to
Bombay. Fix.
Then he got some luggage and went on board the Mongolia. He wanted to
arrest Mr. Fogg as soon as possible. The ship sailed down the Red Sea.
There were games and music and dancing on deck. But Mr. Fix kept out of
Passepartout enjoyed the voyage. He had nothing to do all day. He sat in
the sun, played deck games, or wandered about the ship.
On 13th October they sailed out of the Red Sea into the Indian Ocean. It
arrived in Bombay on 20th October -two days ahead of time. Mr. Fogg was
pleased, and he noted in his book:
Oct. 20, Sun.


two days ahead of time

As they were going ashore at Bombay, Passepartout saw Mr. Fix.

I did not know you were going to Bombay with this ship, said Passepart
out. Have you been to Bombay before?


Oh, yes. It is a very interesting place. I hope you will be able to spend
some days here. There are so many strange things to see, Mr. Fix replied.
I don't expect so, said Passepartout sadly. My master is always in such
a hurry.
Passepartout was excited to be in Bombay with its strange temples, street
bazaars, and palm trees. He was disappointed when his master said, Get
some shirts and socks, and then come to the station. The train leaves for
Calcutta at eight o'clock.
Mr. Fix went at once to the police station. He was disappointed that the
warrant for the arrest of Mr. Fogg had not come. He followed Mr. Fogg to the
station. Mr. Fogg had dinner in the station restaurant and waited for the train.
Mr. Fix kept in the shadows, watching.
Just before eight o'clock he saw Passepartout run into the station, hatless,
barefooted, and out of breath.
Sir, I am sorry, he cried. I have lost the parcel of shirts. I went into a
temple to look round, and three priests knocked me down and tore off my
shoes and stockings. I hit back and then ran to the station. I was nearly late
for the train!
You foolish fellow! said Mr. Fogg. Nobody is allowed into a temple with
shoes on. Did you not know that? You may get into trouble with the police
about this. Come, get into the train. It will soon start.
Mr. Fix listened and smiled. Good, he said. I will stay in Bombay
and tell the police that Passepartout went into a temple with his shoes on.
The Bombay police will ask the Calcutta police to stop them. That wi|l delaythem in Calcutta for some days. I hope the warrant for Mr. Fogg's arrest will
come before they can get away from Calcutta.


Passepartout bilgi iin Mr. Fixe teekkr etti ve efendisini (bulup) getirmek iin
geri gitti. Mr. Fix Konsolos'un ofisine acele gitti.
Aramakta olduum adam buldum. O birka dakikaya kadar pasaportu ile ofisi
nize geliyor. Onu, soygundan tutuklamak iin bir tutuklama mzekkeresi alncaya
kadar burada, Svey'te tutmanz istiyorum.
Fakat ben onu burada tutamam, dedi Konsolos. Onun bir hrsz olduunu
bilmiyorum. Belki bir hata yaptnz.


Tam o srada Mr. Fogg ofise girdi ve Konsolosa pasaportunu mhrlemesini rica
Mr. Fogg ofisi terk edince, Mr. Fix onu takip etti. O gemiye dnecek miydi yoksa
kaybolmaya m alacakt? Mr. Fogg gemiye dnd, fakat Mr. Fix hl onun hrsz
olduunu dnyordu. Daha sonra Mr. Fix kasabada (ehirde) dolaan
Passepartout'ya rastlad.
Efendin pasaportunu mhrletti mi? diye sordu.
Evet, teekkr ederim. Bize yardm etmekle ltfettiniz. imdi nereden gmlekler
ve oraplar satn alabileceimi syleyebilir misiniz bana? Byk bir aceleyle (tela
la) ayrldk, bu yzden ok az eyamz var.
Niin o kadar telataydnz? diye sordu Mr. Fix.
Ben telata deilim, fakat efendim yledir. Geen aramba kulpten eve saat
sekizde geldi ve eyrek saatte Paris'e giden trendeydik.
Efendin nereye gidiyor? diye sordu Detektif Fix.
O seksen gnde dnyann etrafn dolatn sylyor,
Passepartout. Bunu yapmak iin bir bahse girdiini sylyor.



Ne acayip adam! O zengin mi? diye sordu Mr. Fix.

Zengin mi? O ok zengindir! Yannda byk bir tomar kt para var.
imdi Mr. Fix emindi ki Mr. Fogg hrszd. Byk bir tomar kt para ile tela
iinde Londra'dan ayrlm olan bir adam (ite) buradayd. Muhakkak ki o polisten


Mr. Fix derhal telgraf brosuna gitti ve Scotland Yarda bir telgraf gnderdi.
Banka hrsz, Phileas Fogg'u buldum. Tutuklama mzekkeresini Bombaya gn
derin. Fix.
Sonra bir para eya ald ve Mongoliaya bindi. Mr. Fogg'u mmkn olduu ka
dar abuk tutuklamak istiyordu. Gemi Kzl Denizin aasna doru seyretti. Gver
tede oyunlar, mzik ve dans vard. Fakat Mr. Fix ortalkta grnmedi.
Passepartout seyahatten holand. Btn gn yapacak hibir eyi yoktu. Gne
te oturdu, gverte oyunlar oynad ve gemiyi dolat.
Ekimin 13nde Kzl Denizden karak Hint Okyanusuna girdiler. Bombaya
ekimin 20'sinde vardlar - vaktinden iki gn nce. Mr. Fogg memnundu ve defterine
not etti:


20 ekim pazar


vaktinden iki gn nce

Bombayda karaya karlarken Passepartout Mr. Fix'i grd.Sizin bu gemi ile

Bombaya gittiinizi bilmiyordum, dedi Passepartout. Daha nce Bombay'a gel
diniz mi? (bulundunuz mu?)
Oh, evet. O ok ilgin bir yerdir. Burada birka gn geirebileceinizi umarm.
Grecek ok acayip eyler vardr, diye cevap verdi Mr, Fix.
Ben yle mit etmiyorum, dedi Passepartout zntl bir ekilde. Efendim
her zaman o kadar tela iindedir (ki).
Passepartout, garip tapnaklar, sokak pazarlar ve palmiye aalaryla Bom
bay'da olmaktan heyecanlyd. Efendisi, Birka tane gmlek ve orap al ve sonra
istasyona gel. Tren saat sekizde Kalktta'ya hareket ediyor. deyince hayal krkl
na urad.
Mr. Fix derhal karakola gitti. Mr. Fogg'un tutuklama mzekkeresinin gelmemi
olmasndan hayal krklna urad. Mr. Fogg'u istasyona (kadar) takip etti. Mr.
Fogg istasyon lokantasnda yemek yedi ve treni bekledi. Mr. Fix gzetleyerek kuy
tularda kald. (Geride durdu.)
Saat sekizden hemen biraz nce Passepartout'nun apkasz, yalnayak ve nefes
nefese istasyona kotuunu grd.
Efendim, zgnm (affedersiniz), diye bard. Gmlek paketini kaybettim.
Etrafa bakmak iin bir mabede gittim ve rahip beni yere yktlar ve papularmla
oraplarm yrtarcasna kardlar. Ben de vurarak karlk verdim ve sonra istas
yona kotum. Neredeyse trene ge kaldm, (kalyordum)
Budala adam! dedi Mr. Fogg. Ayanda ayakkablaryla hi kimseye tapnaa
girmeye izin verilmez. Bunu bilmiyor muydun? Bu konuda polisle ban derde gire
bilir. Gel, trene bin. Yaknda hareket edecek.
Mr. Fix dinledi ve tebessm etti. yi, dedi. Ben Bombay'da kalacam ve poli
se Passepartout'nun ayakkablar ayanda tapnaa girdiini syleyeceim. Bom
bay polisi Kalktta polisine onlar durdurmalarn syleyecek. Bu onlar Kalkttada
birka gn geciktirecek. Onlar Kalktta'dan ayrlamadan nce Mr. Fogg'un tutukla
ma mzekkeresinin geleceini umarm.


Drdnc Basamak


Bitmi imdiki Zaman yeniden incelerken iki kullanl olduunu, birisinin e
yalarn durumu veya kiilerin bilgisini belirttiini, dierinin ise gemite balam
fakat henz sona ermemi ileri anlattn ve bu kullanlnda cmlelere genellikle
bir zaman szc ile beraber since ve for szckleri eklendiini renmitik.
Hatice has broken the plates.
I have never been to Berlin.
He has lived here for 25 years.
It hasnt rained since last week.

Hatice tabaklar krd. (- eyann durumu Tabaklar u anda krk durumda.)

Hi Berlin'e gitmedim. (- kiinin bilgisi Berlin hakknda bilgim yok.)
25 yldr burada oturdu. (- oturmas hl
devam ediyor-)
Geen haftadan beri yamur yamad(- yamur yamamas hl devam ediyor-).

Bu derste greceimiz bitmi imdiki zamann devaml hali de bitmi imdiki

zamann ikinci anlam olan, yani since veya for ile kullanlan ekline yakn bir an
lamdadr. Aralarndaki anlam farkn anlamak zere bu iki zaman cmleler halinde
karlatrmadan nce bitmi imdiki zamann devaml halinin nasl meydana getiri
leceini grelim.
Btn devaml zamanlarda olduu gibi esas fiilin -ing taks alm olmas gerek
Sonuna -ing taks eklenmi olan bu fiili kiilere gre oulda have been, tekilde
has been ile birletirirsek bitmi imdiki zamann devaml halini meydana getirmi
I have been reading.
She has been reading.



Meydana getirilii bakmndan bir gl olmayan bu devaml hal birok cmle

lerde bitmi imdiki zamann since ve for'lu anlamyla eit bir anlam verir ve arala
rnda az bir fark mevcuttur.
Bitmi imdiki zaman bir fiilin gemite balayp u ana kadar devam ettiini
gsterir. Ancak bu devam esnasnda durmalar, ara vermeler yaplm olmas mm
kndr. Halbuki bitmi imdiki zamann devaml hali eskiden balam bir hareketin
u ana kadar devaml, kesintisiz ve hi durmadan yapldn anlatr.
Yukarda sylediimizi yle zetleyebiliriz: Gerek bitmi imdiki zaman gerekse
bitmi imdiki zamann devaml hali gemite balayp u ana kadar devam eden
bir hareketi gsterirler. Aralarndaki fark, kincisinin daha kesintisiz bir devamllk
gstermesi ve bir fiilin u ana kadar durmadan devaml olarak yaplmakta olduunu
Aada bitmi imdiki zaman ve bitmi imdiki zamann devaml hali iin veril
mi rnekleri ve aklamalar inceleyiniz.

Bitmi imdiki Zaman

(ikinci anlam)

Bitmi imdiki Zamann

devaml hali

I have read this book for two years.

ki senedir bu kitab okudum. Okumam
imdiye kadar, bazen aralk vererek,
devam etti.

I have been reading this book for two

iki yldr bu kitab, aralksz olarak, oku
maktaym. Okumam bitmi deil.

t has rained since last week.

Geen haftadan beri yamur yad.
Devaml olmasa bile bir yad bir at.

It has been raining since last week.

Yamur geen haftadan beri durup dinlen
meden ve u anda da yayor; bitmi deil.

She has worked at that office since

she came here.
Buraya geldiinden beri o ofiste

She has been working at that office

since she came here.
Buraya geldiinden beri o ofiste almak
ta. Hi baka bir yerde almad. u anda
da orada.

He has played football for ten

On yldr futbol oynad.

He has been playing football for two

iki saattir futbol oynamakta. Hep futbol
oynad, baka spor yapmad. u anda bile


We have studied English since 1962. We have been studying English since
1962'den beri ngilizce altk.
1962' denberi durup dinlenmeden ara ver
meden ngilizce almaktayz. Hatta u
anda bile.

She hasnt talked since this morning.She has been talking since this mornBu sabahtan beri konumad.
Bu sabahtan beri durup dinlenmeden, hat
ta u anda da, konuuyor.

Son rnekte grld gibi bitmi imdiki zaman halinde iken olumsuz halde
bulunan cmle, devaml halde sylenirken olumlu cmle eklini ald. Zira birka
istisna hari bu devaml zaman ekline olumsuz cmlelerde rastlanmaz. Olumlu
cmleler daima tercih edilir. Buna karlk bitmi imdiki zamann since ve for'lu
cmleleri de olumsuz olarak daha sk kullanlrlar. Bu cmleleri imdi biraz da bu
adan inceleyelim:
She hasn't come here since last
Geen aydan beri buraya gelmedi.
Gelmemesi devam ediyor,
(olumsuz cmle)

She has been coming here since last

Geen aydan beri buraya - srekli olarakgeliyor, (olumlu cmle)

Mr. Miller hasn't eaten any pepper

since he came to England.
Bay Miller ngiltereye geleli beri hi
biber yemedi, (olumsuz cmle)

Mr. Miller has been eating pepper

since he came to England.
Bay Miller Ingiltereye geleli beri hep biber
yiyor, (olumlu cmle)

Yalnz urasn unutmamak gerekir ki bu rnekler sadece bir tercih meselesidir.

Yoksa mutlaka bitmi imdiki zaman olumsuz, bunun devaml hali olumlu cmleler
halinde sylenecek demek deildir.
Verdiimiz btn rneklerden edindiimiz bilgi u oluyor:
Bitmi imdiki zamann since ve for ile kullanlan ekli ile, bitmi imdiki zama
nn devaml hali arasnda bir anlam yaknl var. u kk farkla ki, her ikisinde de
i gemite balam ve henz sona ermemitir, fakat birincisinde i srekli bir
ekilde olmamtr ve u anda da olduu belli deildir ama ileride de devam etmesi
ihtimali hl mevcuttur. Halbuki devaml eklinde, i kesintisiz olarak devam etmi,
araya baka bir i girmemi, durmam, u anda devam ediyor.


renmi olduumuz bir nokta daha var. Bitmi imdiki zamann since ve forlu
cmlelerinin olumsuz halleri tercih edilir. Buna karlk devaml halinin olumsuz
ekline pek rastlanmaz. Bunlar genellikle olumlu cmlelerdir.
Yalnz burada akla bir nokta gelebilir. Birinci kursumuzdan beri baz fiiller grdk
ki bunlar sonlarna hibir zaman -ing taks almyorlard, (see-grmek, heariitmek, know-bilmek... gibi). Bu fiilleri kullandmz zaman yukardaki anlam fark
larn nasl belirteceiz?
Bu fiillerin bitmi imdiki zaman devaml halleri yoktur. Cmle olumlu ise devaml
halde kullanlmlardr; cmle olumsuz ise bitmi imdiki zaman anlamnda kulla
nlmlardr diyeceiz.
I haven't seen him for many years.
Onu birok senedir grmedim.

I have seen him for many years.

Onu birok senedir gryorum.

She hasn't heard this song since

last year.
Geen yldan beri bu arky duyma

She has heard this song since last

Geen aydan beri bu arky duyuyor.

I have never vvanted to buy a house. I have always wanted to buy a house.
Her zaman bir ev satn almak istiyorum.
Hibir zaman bir ev satn almak iste
Bitmi imdiki zamann devaml eklinin ngilizcedeki rol sadece bir iin kesinti
siz devam ettiini ve u anda da devam etmekte olduunu belirtmekten ibaret de
ildir. Bu zamann en byk zellii ve ngilizcede en ok kullanld yer, bir iin
skc bir ekilde uzadn, tatsz bir hal aldn, yeniden baladn, ksacas,
ikyeti olduumuz veya u andaki durumdan memnun olmadmz anlatmas

I have been waiting for you for three hours.

saattir seni bekliyorum, (insan bu kadar da bekletilir mi?)
It has been raining for weeks.
Haftalardr yamur yayor. (Artk skt. Bu kadar yamur yaar m?)
She has been playing the piano since this morning.
Bu sabahtan beri piyano alyor. (Kafamz iti.)
He has been drinking for two hours.
iki saattir iiyor. (Sarho oldu yine de iiyor.)


Bu rneklerin birincisinde dikkat edilmesi gereken bir nokta var. Dersin banda
ve eitli yerlerde bu devaml zaman tanmlarken gemite balam, u anda da
devam etmekte ve belki gelecekte de devam edecek olan fiiller iin kullanlr demi
tik. Halbuki birinci rneimizde her ne kadar bekleme iinin saat nce balam
olduunu belirtiyorsak da beklenen ahs geldiine ve bu sz kendisine syledi
imize gre, bekleme ii artk u anda devam etmiyor. u halde bu konuda ekleye
ceimiz nokta u olacaktr: ikyet anlamnda kullandmz zaman (ki yle kullan
l ok daha sktr) bitmi imdiki zamann devaml hali ile sylediimiz iler artk
devam etmeyen ve devam etmeyecek olan iler olabilir ve ekseriya da byledir.

You have been sleeping again.

Yine uyuyorsun. (Uyumusun. Uyumu

olduun her halinden belli.)

Bu szn kendisine sylendii ahs u anda uyanktr ama uykulu hali hl

zerindedir ve onun bu durumunun hoa gitmedii anlatlmaktadr.

He has been eating a lot.

ok yiyor. (ok yemek yemi. u anda

yiyor deil ama imanlndan, yedii

Recep has been working very hard.

Recep ok alyor. (ok alm, her

halinden ok yorgun olduu belli.)

Bitmi imdiki zamann devaml halinin sorular da ngilizcede ok sk rastlanan

soru cmleleridir.
What have you been doing?
I have been reading books.
I have been painting.
I have been listening to light
What has she been reading?
She has been reading novels.
Have you been smoking?
Has she been walking in the rain?
Have you been sitting in the sun?
Have you been working in the

Ne yapyorsun? (Neler yapmakla megul

sn? Ne lemdesin?)
Kitaplar okuyorum. (Okumaktaym.)
Resimler yapyorum.
Hafif mzik dinliyorum.
Neler okuyor?
Romanlar okuyor.
Sigara m iiyorsun?
Yamurda m dolayor?
Gnete mi oturuyorsun? (Yanmsn.)
Bahede mi alyorsun?


Bitmi imdiki Zaman

Bitmi imdiki Zamann

Devaml Hali

I haven't read this book for three

yldr bu kitab okumadm.

I have been reading this book for

three years.
yldr bu kitab (durmadan, tekrar tekrar)

She hasn't talked since two o'clock. She has been talking since two
Saat ikiden beri konumad.
Saat ikiden beri (durmadan) konuuyor.

It hasn't rained for two months.

ki aydr yamur yamad.

It has been raining since yesterday.

Dnden beri (durmadan) yamur yayor.

We haven't played the piano since

last year.
Geen yldan beri piyano almadk.

We have been playing the piano since

ten o'clock.
Saat ondan beri piyano alyoruz.

Ahmet hasn't caught a fish for

three hours.
Ahmet saattir bir balk tutmad.

Ahmet has been catching fish for

three hours.
Ahmet saattir balk tutuyor.

I haven't taken any photos since

last month.
Geen aydan beri hi fotoraf ek

I have been taking photos since

last month.
Geen aydan beri (hep) fotoraf

Bo yerleri doldurunuz.
1 - Youll g e t.... trouble if you go to that place. 2 - There were small trees here
and .... 3 - The child k e p t.... of sight when his father came because he had
broken a vase. 4 - The detective k e p t.... the shadows and followed Mr. Fogg.

5 - It is very kind .... you. 6 - We made .... bet to eat fifteen apples in half an
hour. 7 - The train is leaving .... London. 8 - When he came upstairs, he was
o u t.... breath. 9 - It is very kind of you .... help me again. 10 - Ahmet knocked
the m a n ....
Bu cmleleri bitmi imdiki zamann
devaml haline sokunuz.

1 - We have waited. 2 - The workman has slept for nine hours. 3 - 1 have read
all the stories. 4 - The nurse has studied English since last year. 5 - The
teacher has written letters since breakfast. 6 - Some of the children have
worked in the fields. 7 - I have told the same story more than ten times. 8 She has tried to learn English.
Translate into Turkish.
1 - We have been waiting here since ten o'clock. 2 - You have been smoking
for two hours. 3 - What have you been doing? 4 - They have been reading the
letters again and again. 5 - We saw orange trees here and there. 6 - The rabbit
disappeared suddenly. 7 They didn't allow me to go into the station. 8 - This
is the information office for tourists. 9 - The ship left for Istanbul. 10 - It is
very kind of you. 11 - She was out of breath after running for ten minutes. 12 He is very strong; he can knock the man down. 13- 1 was surprised, because
I didn't expect to see her there. 14 - The policeman arrested the captain. 15 He carries a bundle of bank-notes in his pocket.

Translate into English.
1 - Selma drt saattir uyumakta. 2 - Sabahtan beri burada beklemekteyim.
3 - Saat yediden beri odalar temizlemekteyiz. 4 - Dn Margaretten bir telgraf al
dm. 5 - Gln yaknnda bir tapnak var. 6 - ok naziksiniz, iyiliiniz iin size nasl
teekkr edebilirim? 7 - Babam btn gn boyunca sigara imekte. 8 - Yarm saat
kotuktan sonra btn koucular nefes nefese idiler. 9 - Otobs Ankara iin (Anka
raya gitmek iin) ayrld. 10 - ocuk yarm saattir alamakta.


62. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri


1 - the 2 - a 3 - and 4 - good 5 - of 6 - to 7 - on 8 - a 9 - to 10 - anchor 11 - get

12 - hours


1 - except 2 - past 3 - until 4 - except 5 - beyond 6 - past 7 - beyond 8 - until

1 - Kapda bir tkrt duydum. 2 - Yanan evden drt kii kurtard. 3 - Bahe iin iki
adam tuttu. 4 - Oda ok dankt, gazeteler ve dergiler yerdeydi. 5 - Bu kzn ok
gzel kirpikleri var. 6 - ok heyecanlydm, bu yzden sorularn bazlarna cevap
veremedim. 7 - Gemi kanalda seyretti. 8 - Yol boyunca palmiye aalar vard. 9 Bu tepeden manzara ok gzel. 10 - Gemi adann yaknna demir att. 11 - Yllarca
ngilizce altm. 12 - Domates hari btn sebzeleri severim. 13 - Yeni bir hizmet
i buluncaya kadar odalarn kendileri temizlediler. 14 - Emirlerime ramen otomo
bilini bahede temizledi. 15 - Yeni romanlar yazmazsan unutulacaksn.

1 I like all the students except Selma. 2 - I'll wait here until five o'clock. 3 The river is beyond this mountain. 4 - Margaret is angry with us; is anything
the matter? 5 - Our ship was sailing on the Marmara Sea. 6 - I'll get these pa
pers stamped. 7 - We'll go to London via Paris. 8 - Our train arrived in Bir
mingham at midnight, so we couldn't find a good hotel. 9 - The consul lives in
this house. 10 - Our friends were waiting on the platform for us.


Drdnc Basamak

bare [bei]
beat [bi:t]
Britain [britin]
crowd [kraud]
custom [kastim]

vurmak, dvmek

drum [dram]
faint [feynt]
frightened [fraytind]
funeral [fiu'.mril]
ghost [goust]
hire [hayi]



dawn [do:n]
jungle [cangl]
light (lit-lit)

vahi orman

idea [aydii]
rug [rag]
secretly [si:kritli]

rt, kilim

[layt] [lit] [lit]


slipper [slipi]


luggage [lagic]

eya, bagaj

smell (smelt-smelt)


[smel] [smelt]
sway [swey]
terror [ten]
torch [to :g]
wrap [rep]


native [neytiv]
pile [payl]
pony [pouni]
railway [reylwey]

kk at
alay, geit



Ingilterede kral veya kralie tarafndan, lkeye hizmeti dokunmu kimselere veri
len valyelik payesidir ki daima isimden nce gelir ve byk harfle yazlr. Bunun
dnda kk harfle yazlan ve uan efendisine, askerin stne, tezghtarn
mteriye v.b. hitap etmek iin kulland sir szc Trkeye efendim anla
mnda tercme evrilebilir.
Sir Winston Churchill
Did you say something, sir?
This way, sir!

Sr Winston Churchill
Bir ey mi dediniz, efendim?
Bu taraftan, efendim!

from side to side

Bir o tarafa bir bu tarafa anlamndadr.
Rabbits ran from side to side.
Tavanlar bir o tarafa bir bu tarafa kotular.
He moved his head from side to side.Ban bir o tarafa bir bu tarafa oynatt.

come along
Haydi, haydi yr anlamnda bir deyimdir.
Come along! We are going for a


Haydi yr! Piknie gidiyoruz,

Come alongf We are late for the


Haydi yr! Tiyatroya ge kaldk,

ahead of time
Vaktinden nce anlamndadr.
We arrived in Ankara two hours
ahead of time.
The bus came ten minutes ahead
of time and waited for the train.

Vaktinden iki saat nce Ankara'ya vardk,

Otobs vaktinden on dakika nce geldi ve
treni bekledi.

have in hand
Elinde hazr bulundurmak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
I have 2,000 liras in hand.
You will have three hours in

Halen iki bin liram var. (u anda hazr).

Elinde saatin ( saatlik zamann)

it will be all right

Bir iin sonunun iyi olaca, merak edilmemesi gerektiini anlatan bir syleyitir.
Don't worry about your house. It
will be all right.
It will be all right if you go and
see him now.

Evin iin merak etme. (Sonu) iyi olur,

imdi gidip onu grsen (netice) iyi olur,


One of the passengers from the Mongolia, Sir Francis Cromarty, travelled
with Mr. Fogg and Passepartout. Passepartout wrapped a rug round his bare
feet and went to sleep. He was tired after his adventure in Bombay.
Mr. Fogg did not sleep. He took out his notebook and read, Two days
ahead of time at Bombay. He was pleased. This journey was going well. The
journey across India should take only three days.
Next day, Passepartout was able to buy a pair of thin Indian slippers at a
small station, so he felt more comfortable. Hour after hour he looked out of


the windows of the train. They passed through wild jungle where elephants
and tigers lived. Here and there, he saw native villages in the jungle.
Mr. Fogg and Sir Francis played cards together nearly all day. They were
not interested in the country.
At 8 o'clock on the morning of the second day, the train suddenly stopped.
The guard shouted:
All passengers get out here.
What is the matter? asked Passepartout.
The railway stops here, replied the guard. It begins again about fifty
miles away, at Allahabad. The two parts of the railway have not yet joined
In the newspapers in Britain we read that the railway from Bombay to
Calcutta was finished. How can we get from here to the next part of the rail
way? asked Sir Francis Cromarty.
If you go to the village, you will get an ox-cart or ponies to take you to
Allahabad, replied the guard.
They went to the village, but they could not find anything to take them to
Allahabad. Sir Francis Cromarty was very worried.
Now you will be late for your ship at Calcutta! he said. What can we
We can walk, said Mr. Fogg calmly.
Walk fifty miles in these thin slippers? cried poor Passepartout. He left
them and walked around the village. Soon he came back and said, An Indian
in the village has an elephant. Would that be of use?
Come along. Well see, said Mr. Fogg. They found the owner of the ele
We want to get to Allahabad to continue our journey by train, said Mr.
Fogg. Will you take us on your elephant? I will pay you a hundred pounds a
day if you will take us.
No, no, answered the Indian. 1 will not hire my elephant.
Perhaps you will sell the animal? I will give you 700 pounds for it, said
Mr. Fogg.
No, I will not sell my elephant, said the Indian.


1 will give you 1,000 pounds for it.

No, no, repeated the Indian. I will not sell my elephant even for 1,000
But still Mr. Fogg did not give up. He offered more and more for the ele
phant. At last he said, 1 will pay you 2,000 pounds for it.
1 will sell for 2,000 pounds, replied the Indian.
This journey is costing a lot of money! said Passepartout.
Mr. Fogg engaged a guide to look after the elephant and to take them to
Allahabad. It was a long journey. The guide took them through the jungle.
The elephant went fast, and swayed from side to side. Mr. Fogg and Sir Fran
cis Cromarty did not like it at all. They went on till nearly night time.

About twelve miles from Allahabad the elephant stopped suddenly.
What's the matter? asked Sir Francis Cromarty.
1 don't know, replied the guide. The elephant smells danger, I think.
Listen! I hear voices and drums! We must hide.
They went into the wood and kept very quiet.
A group of Indian priests came through the jungle, leading a young
woman. A lot of people followed them.
Where are they going with that young lady? asked Mr. Fogg.
They are going to a temple about two miles from here, the guide told
them. The lady's husband has died, and this is his funeral procession. They
will burn the lady with her husband's body. It is the custom in this part of
India to burn the wife with her husband's body. It is not allowed by the Brit
ish, but the priests are doing it secretly, in the jungle.
We must rescue her! We cannot leave her to be burned alive! cried Mr.
There are guards all round her. We cannot rescue her, said the guide.
Perhaps we cannot rescue her now. But we cannot go away and leave
her. We may be able to rescue her in the morning, said Mr. Fogg.


But you have no time to waste! cried Sir Francis. Remember your bet to
go round the world in eighty days! If you stay here you will lose 20,000
1 have still twelve hours in hand. I have time to rescue a lady in trouble,
said Mr. Fogg quietly.
The priests went on through the jungle. Mr. Fogg and his friends followed
them behind the trees.
Near a small river, they saw a big pile of wood. The lady, with her hus
band's dead body would be burned on it at dawn. There was a tree near the
pile. Passepartout looked at that tree carefully. He had an idea. During the
night he climbed the tree and went along a branch which was over the pile.
He lay there quietly, waiting for the morning.
At dawn, the priests brought the lady half-fainting, through the jungle to
the pile of wood. Men beat drums, and the crowd was excited. The lady was
laid on the wood, and a man lit it with a torch. The smoke went up. Suddenly
there was a cry of terror. The whole crowd fell on their faces in fear. Was it a
ghost that took the lady off the burning pile? The Indians were too frightened
to look. A man, with the lady in his arms, hurried through the smoke to where
Mr. Fogg was hiding. It was Passepartout, who had dropped down from the
branch and lifted the lady from the burning pile.
Come on, we must get away from here at once, he whispered:
They lifted her on the elephant. Then they got on the elephant and went on
as fast as they could go. Passepartout was very pleased that he had rescued
the lady. On the way to Allahabad he laughed aloud.
What is the matter? asked Mr. Fogg.
1 am thinking about our journey, replied Passepartout. We left London
in a hurry with very little luggage, and now we have an elephant and a lady
on our hands. What are we to do with them? Shall we take them round the
world with us?
Leave that to me, replied Mr. Fogg. It will be all right.


Mongolia'daki yolculardan birisi, Sir Francis Cromarty, Mr. Fogg ve Passepartout
ile (beraber) seyahat ediyordu. Passepartout plak ayaklarnn etrafna bir rt
sard ve uyudu. Bombay'daki macerasndan sonra yorgundu.


Mr. Fogg uyumad. Not defterini kard ve okudu, Bombay'da vaktinden iki gn
nce. Memnundu. Bu seyahat iyi gidiyordu. Hindistan zerinden seyahat sadece
gn alacakt (srecekti).
Ertesi gn Passepartout kk bir istasyonda bir ift ince Hint terlii satn almay
baard, bylece daha rahat hissetti. Saatlerce trenin pencerelerinden bakt. Fillerin
ve kaplanlarn yaadklar vahi ormandan getiler. urada burada ormann iinde
yerli kyleri grd.
Mr. Fogg ve Sir Francis hemen hemen btn gn birlikte kt oynadlar. Onlar
kylerle ilgili deillerdi.
ikinci gnn sabah saat sekizde, tren aniden durdu. Muhafz bard:
Btn yolcular burada insin.
Ne oldu? diye sordu Passepartout.
Demiryolu burada duruyor (bitiyor). diye cevap verdi muhafz. Tahminen elli
mil sonra tekrar balyor, Allahabad'da. Demiryolunun iki ksm henz birlemedi.
ngiltere'deki gazetelerde Bombaydan Kalktta'ya demiryolunun bitirildiini oku
yoruz. Buradan demiryolunun teki ksmna nasl varabiliriz? diye sordu Sir
Francis Cromarty.
Kye giderseniz, sizi Allahabad'a gtrecek kz arabalar veya kk atlar
bulacaksnz, diye cevap verdi muhafz.
Onlar kye gittiler, fakat onlar Allahabad'a gtrecek hibir ey bulamadlar. Sir
Francis Cromarty ok zgnd.
imdi Kalktta'daki vapurunuza ge kalacaksnz! dedi. Ne yapabiliriz?
Yryebiliriz, dedi Mr. Fogg sakin bir ekilde.
Bu ince terliklerle elli mil yrmek mi? diye bard zavall Passepartout. On
lardan ayrld ve kyde dolat. ok gemeden geri geldi ve Kydeki bir Hintlinin
bir fili var. O faydal olur mu? dedi.
Gelin (haydi gelin). Greceiz, dedi Mr. Fogg. Filin sahibini buldular.
Trenle seyahatimize devam etmek iin Allahabad'a gitmek istiyoruz. dedi Mr.
Fogg. Bizi filinle gtrr msn? Eer bizi gtrrsen sana her gn iin yz pound
Hayr, hayr, diye cevap verdi Hintli. Ben filimi kiralamayacam.
Belki hayvan satacaksn (satarsn)? Onun iin sana 700 pound vereceim.
dedi Mr. Fogg.


Hayr, filimi satmayacam, dedi Hintli.

Onun iin sana 1,000 pound vereceim.
Hayr, hayr, diye tekrarlad Hintli. Filimi 1,000 pound'a bile satmayacam.
Fakat yine Mr. Fogg vazgemedi. Fil iin gittike daha fazla teklif etti. En nihayet,
Sana onun iin 2,000 pound vereceim. dedi.
2,000 pounda satacam, diye cevap verdi Hintli.
Bu seyahat ok paraya mal oluyor! dedi Passepartout.
Mr. Fogg file bakmas ve onlar Allahabada gtrmesi iin bir rehber tuttu. Uzun
bir seyahatti. Rehber onlar vahi ormann iinden gtrd. Fil hzl gitti ve bir yan
dan br yana salland. Mr. Fogg ve Sir Francis Cromarty bunu hi sevmediler.
Onlar hemen hemen gece vaktine kadar devam ettiler.

Allahabad'dan tahminen on iki mil (nce) fil anszn durdu.
Ne oldu? diye sordu Sir Francis Cromarty.
Bilmiyorum, diye cevap verdi rehber. Fil tehlike kokusu alyor, zannederim.
Dinleyin! Ben sesler ve davullar duyuyorum. Saklanmalyz.
Ormana girdiler ve ok sessiz durdular.
Bir Hintli rahipler grubu vahi ormandan, gen bir kadn getirerek getiler. Onlar
pek ok insan takip etti.
O gen hanmla nereye gidiyorlar? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Onlar buradan takriben iki mil (uzakta) bir mabede gidiyorlar, dedi rehber onla
ra. Hanmn kocas lmtr ve bu onun cenaze trenidir. Onlar hanm kocasnn
vcudu (cesedi) ile yakacaklar. Kadn kocasnn cesedi ile yakmak Hindistann bu
ksmnda dettir. Buna Britanyallar tarafndan msaade edilmez, fakat rahipler onu
gizlice yapyorlar vahi ormanda.
Onu kurtarmalyz! Biz onu canl yaklmaya brakamayz! diye bard Mr.
Onun her tarafnda muhafzlar var. Biz onu kurtaramayz, dedi rehber.


Belki onu imdi kurtaramayz. Fakat uzaklaamaz ve onu terk edemeyiz. Belki
onu sabahleyin kurtarmay baarrz, dedi Mr. Fogg.
Fakat sizin israf edecek zamannz yok! diye bard Sir Francis. Dnyay
seksen gnde dolama bahsinizi hatrlayn! Eer burada kalrsanz 20,000 pound
Halen elimde on iki saat var. (Ba) dertte olan bir hanm kurtaracak vaktim
var, dedi Mr. Fogg sakince.
Rahipler vahi ormann arasndan ilerlediler. Mr. Fogg ve arkadalar onlar
aalarn arkasndan takip ettiler.
Kk bir nehrin yaknnda, byk bir odun yn grdler. Hanm kocasnn
cesedi ile afakta onun stnde yaklacakt. Ynn yaknnda bir aa vard.
Passepartout o aaca dikkatle bakt. Bir fikri vard. Geceleyin o aaca trmand ve
ynn zerinde olan bir dal boyunca gitti. Orada sabah bekleyerek, sessizce yatt.
afakta, rahipler yar baygn hanm vahi ormann iinden odun ynna getirdi
ler. Adamlar davul aldlar ve kalabalk heyecanlyd. Hanm odunlarn stne yat
rld ve bir adam onu bir meale ile yakt. Duman yukar (havaya) kt. Anszn bir
dehet barmas oldu. Btn kalabalk korku iinde yzlerinin stne (yzst)
dtler. Hanm yanmakta olan ynn stnden alan bir hayalet miydi? Hintliler
bakamayacak kadar korkmulard. Bir adam, kollarnda hanmla, acele acele du
mann arasndan Mr. Fogg'un saklanmakta olduu yere gitti. Daldan aaya den
(atlayan) ve hanm yanmakta olan yndan kaldran, Passepartout idi.
Haydi, buradan derhal uzaklamalyz, diye fsldad.
Onu filin stne kaldrdlar. Sonra file bindiler ve mmkn olduu kadar sratle
(yola) devam ettiler. Passepartout, hanm kurtarm olduuna ok memnundu.
Allahabad'a giderken yksek sesle glyordu.
Ne oldu? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Seyahatimiz hakknda dnyorum, diye cevap verdi Passepartout. Lond
ra'y alelacele, az bir eya ile terk ettik ve imdi elimizde bir filimiz ve bir hanm var.
Onlar ne yapacaz? Onlar dnyann etrafnda bizimle gtrecek miyiz?
Onu bana brak, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg. yi olacak. (Merak etme).


Drdnc Basamak



who - where - whose - that - when

Birinci kursumuzun 91. dersinde, bir cmlede bulunan herhangi bir ismi dier
isimlerden ayrmak iin, bu isimden sonra bir sfat cmlecii getirildiini grmtk.
A teacher is a man who teaches.
retmen reten bir adamdr.
A shoemaker is a man who makes
Ayakkabc ayakkab yapan adamdr,
A farmer is a man who grows wheat. ifti buday yetitiren bir adamdr.

Yine ayn derste, bu sfat cmleciklerinin yani who teaches, who makes shoes,
who grows wheat cmleciklerinin, cmlelerin sonunda olabilecekleri gibi, zneden
hemen sonra da bulunabileceklerini grmtk.
The man who is sitting in the room
is a teacher.
The girl who is writing a letter
is Robert's sister.
The old man who came here yester
day is a famous doctor.

Odada oturan adam bir retmendir.

Bir mektup yazan kz Robertin kz karde
Dn buraya gelen yal adam mehur bir

Grlyor ki sfat cmlecikleri, bir isim cmlenin neresinde bulunursa bulunsun,

hemen o isimden sonra gelebiliyor. Buradan, sfat cmleciklerinin kendilerinden
nce gelen isimlere ait cmlecikler olduklarn anlam oluyoruz, isim cmlenin
neresine giderse gitsin, kendisine ait olan sfat cmleciini de beraberinde gtrr.
Bu aklamamz bir rnekle gsterelim. Bunun iin de nce bir isim ve bu isme ait
bir sfat cmlecii alalm.


the boy


Sfat cmlecii
w ho kills the birds
the boy who kills the b ird s

kular ldren
kular ldren ocuk

imdi bu ismi ve ona ait olan sfat cmleciini cmlelerin eitli yerlerinde kulla
nalm. Pek tabii nce zne olarak kullanalm:
The boy w ho kills the b ird s is
Recep's son.

Kular ldren ocuk Recep'in oludur.

imdi de bu the boy szcn cmlenin ortasnda kullanalm ve sfat cmleci

inin nasl onunla beraber gittiini grelim.
Tell the boy who kills the birds
not to k ill them.

Kular ldren ocua onlar ldrmemesini syle.

Gerek birinci kursumuzun 91. dersinden gerekse bu dersteki tekrarndan unu

renmi oluyoruz. Bir isim cmlenin neresinde bulunuyorsa bulunsun, kendisine
ait bir sfat cmlecii varsa onun hemen yannda yer alr. Cmlenin ortasnda bulu
nuyorsa esas cmle, sfat cmlecii sylenip bittikten sonra devam eder.
Bu kural rendikten sonra, imdi sadece who szcyle grm olduumuz
sfat cmleciklerinin dier balant szcklerini de grelim. nce yine 91. dersimiz
de grm olduumuz where szcn de bir daha kullanalm. Where szc
iin de ayn ilemi yapalm, yani kendisine ait olan ismi cmlenin eitli yerlerinde
the garden
where we always play
her zaman oynadmz
The garden where we always play... Her zaman oynadmz bahe...

Dzne olarak:
The garden where we always play
is very large.

Her zaman oynadmz bahe ok byktr.


Nesne olarak:
They sold the garden where we
always played.

Her zaman oynadmz baheyi sattlar.

Tmle olarak:
We are going to the garden where
we always play.

Her zaman oynadmz baheye gidiyo


Cmlenin ortasnda:
Go to the garden where we always
play, and wait for me.

Her zaman oynadmz baheye git ve

beni bekle.

Bu cmlelerde who szc daima ki o ve where szc ise ki orada

anlamnda kullanldlar. Halbuki baz hallerde biz sadece ki o deil baka anlam
larda da kullanmak, mesela ki onun demek ihtiyacn duyarz. u Trke cmleyi
rnek olarak alalm:
ocuk ki onun kardei mehur bir futbolcudur, arkadamdr.
Kardei mehur bir futbolcu olan ocuk arkadamdr.
ilk rneklerimizde olduu gibi yine ocuk ismini aldk ama verdiimiz rnekte
artk ocuun kendisinden ziyade ona ait olan bir eyden bahsettiimiz iin ki o
anlamna gelen who balac burada anlamsz kalacak. u halde ki o anlamna
gelen who balac yerine bir baka bala bulmamz gerekiyor. Bu bala ki
onun anlamna gelen whose szcdr.

the boy


sfat cmlecii
whose brother...
ki onun kardei...
The boy, whose brother is a famous Kardei mehur bir futbol oyuncusu olan
football player, is my friend.
ocuk arkadamdr.
the girl
whose sister..

ki onun kz kardei...

The girl, whose sister is a nurse,

Kz kardei hastabakc olan kz aacn


is behind the tree.


the woman
whose son...

ki onun olu.

The woman, whose son is a soldier, Olu asker olan kadn u kulbede oturur,
lives in that cottage.

Bu bala da dierleri gibi, isim cmle ortasnda veya sonunda da olsa hemen
onu takiben gelir.
I met the lady whose daughter is
my sister's friend.

Kz, kz kardeimin arkada olan hanma


There is the teacher whose son

broke the vase.

Olu vazoyu kran retmen uradadr,


Have you seen the doctor whose

wife died yesterday?

Kars dn len doktoru grdn m?

This is the policeman whose money Paras alnan polis budur.

was stolen.

Verdiimiz rneklerden de aka anlalaca gibi gerek who gerekse whose

balac sadece kiiler iin kullanlabilir. ok seyrek hallerde whose balacnn
eyalar iin de kullanld grlrse de doru deildir.
Kendisiyle bir sfat cmlecii kullanmamz gereken ismin bu defa bir cansz isim,
bir eya olduunu dnelim:
Meydana getireceimiz cmlenin nce Trkesini ele alalm. Cmlemiz, rts
kirli olan masa Hatice'ye aittir. olsun.
the table
whose cover...

ki onun rts...

The table whose cover Is dirty

belongs to Hatice.

rts kirli olan masa Hatice'ye


Yanl olmasna ramen bu ekilde bir cmleye ngilizcede rastlamak mmkn

dr. Aslnda canszlar ve hatta hayvanlar iin whose yerine iki szcklk bir bala
olan of which kullanlmaldr.
The dog the hair of which is
dirty belongs to Hatice.

Tyleri kirli olan kpek Hatice'ye aittir,


Dilbilgisi bakmndan doru olan bu cmle grld gibi hem ok uzun hem de
karktr. Bu yzden Ingilizler, ismin cansz veya hayvan olmas halinde, bu isim
lerden sonra birer sfat cmlecii yerine sfat olarak kullanlan ve birinci kursumu
zun 42. dersinde grm olduumuz edatlar kullanmay her zaman tercih ederler.
the table
with a dirty cover...

kirli (bir) rtl...

The table with a dirty cover

belongs to Hatice.

Kirli rtl masa Hatice'ye aittir,

the dog
with long teeth...

uzun dili...

The dog with long teeth always

goes to the park with my sister.

Uzun dili kpek parka daima kz kar

deimle gider.

the chair
with a broken leg...
The chair with a broken leg is
our teacher's.

krk bacakl...
Krk bacakl sandalye retmenimi
zi ndir.

Kendileriyle beraber ki o balac kullanmamz gereken isimlerin yukardaki gibi

cansz veya hayvan olmalar halinde who yerine that balac kullanlr. That ba
lacnn insanlar iin de kullanld grlrse de, who balacnn canszlar ve hay
vanlar iin kullanlmas mmkn deildir.
a dog
that bites everybody...

bir kpek
herkesi sran...

A dog that bites everybody must

be killed,
the cat
that belongs to...

Herkesi sran bir kpek ldrlmeli.

ki o aittir...

The cat that belongs to our butcher

eats a lot of meat every day.

Kasabmza ait olan kedi her gn

ok et yer.

the house
that stands...

ki o durur...


The house that stands at the top

of the hill is my uncle's.

Tepenin stnde duran ev amcamn

(daymn) dr.

the butcher
who (that) sells...

k io satar...

The butcher who (that) lives at

this house is very rich.

Bu evde oturan kasap ok zengindir,

Kendisiyle beraber bir sfat cmlecii kullanmamz gereken isim zaman bildiren
bir isimse bala olarak when szc kullanlr.
the day

ki o zaman...

This is the day when I was born.

Doduum gn bu gndr.

the month

ki o zaman...

August is the month when we go to

the seaside.

Deniz kenarna gittiimiz ay austostur,

smi takiben gelen sfat cmleciinin bu son iki rnekte olduu gibi kendisine ait
znesi varsa (ki bu rneklerde bu cmleciklerin kendilerine zg zneleri I = ben ve
we = bizdir) o zaman sfat cmleciinden nce gelen bala kaldrlabilir. Bu konu
yu ileriki derslerimizde yeniden ele alacaz.

Bo yerleri doldurunuz.
1 Youll g e t.... trouble if you go in their field. 2 They had put some flowers
here and .... 3 - The man kept .... of sight because they were looking for
him. 4 - Come along! We are going .... the seaside. 5 - 1 spent fifty liras, and I
have only ten liras .... hand now. 6 - 1 have no time .... waste now; come after
five oclock. 7 - Dont worry about your car. It will h e .... right. 8 - She listened
to the record hour .... hour.


Bo yerlere who, where, whose, when balalarndan
uygun olann koyunuz.
1 - A farm worker is a man .... works on a farm. 2 - The nurse .... is walking to
the car, is Tom's sister. 3 - The garden .... we play with our friends is full of
apple trees. 4 - The old man
son is a very rich merchant, lives in a cot
tage. 5 - This is the season .... the farmers start working in the fields. 6 - Did
you see the boy .... brought the packets? 7 - This isn't the time .... we go for
picnics. 8 - Tell the b o y .... father is a doctor to come here.

Translate into Turkish.
I - You are right, sir. 2 - Come along! I'll show you my new car. 3 - How many
bottles of wine have you in hand? 4 - She has no time to waste for you. 5 Don't worry about this matter. It will be all right. 6 - The boy who is beating
his sister is Recep's son. 7 - The woman fainted when she heard the news. 8
He was frightened when he saw the elephant. 9 - 1 remember a postman who
came to our house every day. 10 - We hired a car to take us to the museum.
I I - She has interesting ideas about teaching a foreign language. 12 The
train stopped because there were animals on the railway. 13 - Do you re
member the time when they went there? 14 - The man smelt the meat. 15 - Do
you like ghost stories?

Translate into English.
1 - Sinemann nnde byk bir kalabalk vard. 2 - Dn buraya gelen doktoru ta
nyor musun? 3 - Terliklerimi daima yatan altna koyarm. 4 - Nereye gideceim
efendim? 5 - Hadi yr, treni karacaz. 6 - Ge gelen renciler koridorda bekle
yecekler. 7 - bacakl masay sevmedim; ok kk. 8 - Babas kitap olan kz
tembel bir rencidir. 9 - Kadn bir odun yn zerine koydular. 10 - Birok kad
nn alt bir tarlaya gittik.

64. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - into 2 - there 3 - out 4 - in 5 - of 6 - a 7 - for 8 - of 9 - to 10 - down (out)


1 - We have been waiting. 2 - The workman has been sleeping for nine hours.
3 - 1 have been reading all the stories. 4 - The nurse has been studying Eng
lish since last year. 5 - The teacher has been writing letters since breakfast.
6 - Some of the children have been working in the fields. 7 - 1 have been tell
ing the same story more than ten times. 8 She has been trying to learn Eng
1 - Saat ondan beri burada beklemekteyiz. 2 - ki saattir sigara imektesiniz. 3 - Ne
yapyorsunuz? 4 - Mektuplar tekrar tekrar okumaktalar. 5 - urada burada portakal
aalar grdk. 6 - Tavan aniden gzden kayboldu. 7 - stasyona girmeme m
saade etmediler. 8 - Bu turistler iin danma brosudur. 9 - Gemi stanbul'a gitmek
zere hareket etti. 10 - ok naziksiniz. 11 - On dakika kotuktan sonra nefes nefe
se idi. 1 2 - 0 ok kuvvetlidir, adam yere ykabilir. 13 - ardm nk onu orada
grmeyi ummadm. 14 - Polis kaptan tutuklad. 15 - Cebinde bir demet kt para

1 - Selma has been sleeping for four hours. 2 - 1have been waiting here since
morning. 3 - We have been cleaning the rooms since seven o'clock. 4 - 1 re
ceived a telegram from Margaret yesterday. 5 - There is a temple near the
lake. 6 - It is very kind of you. How can I thank you for your goodness? 7 - My
father has been smoking all day long. 8 - All the runners were out of breath
after running for half an hour. 9 - The bus left for Ankara. 10 - The child has
been crying for half an hour.


Drdnc Basamak


advice [idvays]
advise [idvayz]
air [ei]
bathe [beyd]
bite (bit-bitten)
[bayt] [bit-bitin]
calm [ka:m]


nasihat etmek
yzmek, ykan
mak, ykamak

fine [fayn]
judge [cac]
valuable [velyuibil]

mazeret, mazur
para cezas
hkim, yarg


wolf [wulf]


cork [ko.k]
excuse [ekskiu:z]


look after
Bir Kimseye veya bir eye (iyi) bakmak, gz kulak olmak, ilgilenmek anlamn
da bir deyimdir.
Will you look after your grandmother when we go away?
Who will look after you when
you are ill?

Biz uzaklanca bykannene bakacak

Hasta olunca sana kim bakacak?

make up one's mind

Bir kimsenin bir mesele hakknda (kesin) kararn vermesi anlamnda bir de
She has made up her mindto leave
her husband.
I can't make up my mind where
to go in summer.

Kocasn terk etmeye (kesin) karar verdi

(Vermi durumda.)
Yazn nereye gitmeye(gideceime) karar

and so is (was, were)

To be fiili ile yaplm btn zamanlarda, bu fiil ile sylenmi olan birinci cmleyi
takiben gelen ve adeta soru gibi grnen, bir ek cmledir ki Trkeye keza, dahi
yle... eklinde evrilebilir.
Passepartout was very worried,
and so was Aouda.
The priests were in the jungle, and
so were Mr. Fogg and his friends.

Passepartout ok zntlyd ve keza

Aouda da (yle).
Rahipler vahi ormandaydlar, ve keza Mr.
Fogg ve arkadalar da. (yle).

Bu ek cmle sadece to be fiili ile yaplmaz. ngilizcede soru ve olumsuz yapmak

iin faydalandmz btn yardmc fiiller bu ekilde bir ek cmle tekil edebilirler:
Recep can drive a car, and so can
You must take your shoes off, and
so must your friend.
Ahmet helps his mother, and so
does Zeynep.

Recep bir araba srebilir, ve keza Ahmet

de (yle).
Ayakkablarn karmalsn, ve keza arka
dan da (yle).
Ahmet annesine yardm eder, ve keza
Zeynep de (yle).


that is why
Trkeye bu sebepten, bu yzden eklinde evrilebilecek bir deyimdir.
Mr. Fogg spends a lot of money.
That is why Mr. Fix thinks he is a
He has made a lot of money. That
is why he doesn't live in the village
any more.

Mr. Fogg ok para sarf eder. Bu sebepten

Mr. Fix onu bir hrsz zanneder.
ok para yapt (kazand). Bu yzden artk
kyde oturmuyor.


At Allahabad, where the railway lines began again, Mr. Fogg paid the guide
for bringing them safely through the jungle, and he said, 1 will give you this
elephant because you helped us to rescue the poor lady.
Thank you, sir. That is a very valuable present. I am glad you rescued the
lady, but she is not really safe anywhere in India.
1 will look after her, said Mr. Fogg.
Passepartout was sorry to say good-bye to the elephant. He gave it some
sugar. *

Mr. Fogg, Sir Francis Cromarty, the lady, and Passepartout travelled to
gether from Allahabad by train. The lady still didn't feel well when the train
left the station, and she did not know what had happened. About an hour
later, she lifted her head and said, Where am I? Who are you?
We are friends, madam, said Sir Francis. We found you in the jungle.
Some Indian priests were going to burn you with your husband's body. Mr.
Fogg made up his mind to save you. Passepartout, here, rescued you off the
pile of burning wood and carried you away. We brought you on our elephant
to Allahabad. Now we are taking you to Calcutta. Have you any friends in
Thank you for saving me from death, cried the lady. But I will not be
safe anywhere in India, not even in Calcutta. These Indian priests will find me
1 am going from Calcutta to Hong Kong by ship. Have you any friends in
Hong Kong? asked Mr. Fogg.


Yes, I have an uncle in Hong Kong. I shall be quite safe with him. My
name is Aouda.
Then I will look after you till you get to Hong Kong, Aouda, said Mr.

Passepartout enjoyed the train journey very much. Part of the way the
railway ran alongside the great River Ganges. Many people were bathing in
the river, and so were elephants. It was a wonderful sight. In the night he
heard tigers, bears, and wolves in the jungle near the railway.
They arrived at Calcutta station at 7 a.m. on Friday, 25th October. The ship
for Hong Kong was due to sail that day at noon. Mr. Fogg wrote in his note
Oct. 25, Fri.


up to time

On the station platform a policeman stopped them.

You are Mr. Fogg of London, and this is your servant, Passepartout? he
Yes, replied Mr. Fogg. What is the matter?

Please follow me, said the policeman.

May this lady come, too? asked Mr. Fogg.
Certainly, replied the policeman.
The policeman took them to a prison. Then he left them in a room.
The judge will see you at 8.30 a.m., he said, as he went out.
What is the matter, sir? asked Passepartout. Why are we shut in
1 know, said Aouda sadly. You are in prison because you have taken
me from the priests. You must leave me.
Oh, no! replied Mr. Fogg. The priests would be afraid to tell the police
that they were going to burn you alive. The British will not allow them to burn
people like that. That is not why we are here. We will soon know.
At 8.30 a.m. they went before the judge.
You are Phileas Fogg? asked the judge.

1 am. Why am I here? What is the matter? Mr. Fogg asked.

Some priests have complained about your servant. What have you to
We certainly have had trouble with some priests, said Mr. Fogg, but not
in a temple. It was in the jungle. Ask the priests to tell you about the lady they
were going to burn in the jungle.
Burn a lady! In the jungle! I don't know what you are talking about, he
The judge picked up a pair of shoes and showed them to Mr. Fogg and
Look at these shoes! he said. Your servant went into a temple in Bom
bay with these shoes on his feet! That is why you are here!
My shoes! cried Passepartout. How did they get from Bombay to Cal
It was Mr. Fix who had brought the shoes from Bombay to Calcutta. He
was watching from the back of the room. He was very glad when he heard the
judge say, You will go to prison for eight days, and your servant for fifteen
Passepartout was very worried. He whispered to his master, You will not
get back to London in time to win your bet! All because I went into a temple
with my shoes on! And what will happen to Aouda? Oh, sir, I am sorry!
But Mr. Fogg was still quite calm.
May I pay a fine instead of going to prison? he asked the judge.
Yes, but it will be a very heavy fine_ 1,000 pounds!
When Mr. Fix saw Mr. Fogg take out a roll of bank-notes and pay a fine of
1,000 pounds. He did not smile any more. He was very angry.
Now, pick up your shoes, Passepartout and hurry, called Mr. Fogg.
There is still time to catch the ship for Hong Kong.
They ran out, called a carriage, and drove to the ship. They reached the
ship Rangoon an hour before she sailed.
Mr. Fix also called a carriage and followed them. He also went on board the


I'll catch that man, he said to himself. I'll follow him round the world if
necessary! But how fast he is spending that money! Soon there wont be
much left of the 55,000 pounds which he stole!
Mr. Fix went down to his cabin on the Rangoon.
1 must arrest him at Hong Kong, he thought, for that is the last British
port. I cannot arrest him when he is in Japan or in America. I wish they would
send that warrant quickly!
Passepartout did not see Mr. Fix in Calcutta. He did not see him come to
the Rangoon just before she sailed. Nor did he see him on the ship during
the voyage.
Between Singapore and Hong Kong they met stormy weather. The ship
had to go slow. The captain said they would be twenty hours late, perhaps
more. Passepartout and Aouda were both very worried, but Mr. Fogg was as
calm as he always was. Mr. Fix was very sick, but he was pleased that the
ship would be late.
That man will not catch the ship at Hong Kong on November 6th, he said
to himself. He will have to wait a Week for the next ship! Surely by that time I
shall have the warrant for his arrest.


Allahabad'ta, tren yolunun yeniden balad yerde, Mr. Fogg onlar salimen
vahi ormandan geirdii iin rehbere para verdi ve sana bu fili vereceim nk
zavall hanm kurtarmamza yardm ettin. dedi.
Teekkr ederim, efendim. Bu ok kymetli bir hediye. Hanm kurtardnza
memnunum, fakat o Hindistan'da herhangi bir yerde gerekten emniyette deildir.
Ben ona bakacam (onunla ilgileneceim), dedi Mr. Fogg.
Passepartout file allahasmarladk demekten ok zld. Ona bir para eker
Mr. Fogg, Sir Francis Cromarty, hanm, ve Passepartout birlikte Allahabad'dan
trenle seyahat ettiler. Tren istasyondan ayrld zaman hanm hl (kendini) iyi
hissetmiyordu ve ne olduunu bilmiyordu. Tahminen bir saat sonra, ban kaldrd
ve Neredeyim? Siz kimsiniz? dedi.
Bizler arkadaz, madam, dedi Sir Francis. Sizi vahi ormanda bulduk. Baz
Hintli rahipler sizi kocanzn cesedi ile yakacaklard. Mr. Fogg sizi kurtarmaya karar
verdi. u Passepartout sizi yanan odun ynnn stnden kurtard ve uzaa ta


d. Filimizin stnde sizi Allahabad'a getirdik. imdi sizi Kalktta'ya gtryoruz.

Kalktta'da hi arkadanz var m?
Beni lmden kurtardnz iin teekkr ederim, diye bard hanm. Fakat
Hindistan'da herhangi bir yerde emniyette olmayacam, hatta Kalktta'da. Bu Hint
li rahipler beni tekrar bulacaklar.
Ben vapurla Kalktta'dan Hong Kong'a gidiyorum. Hong Kongta hi arkada
nz var m? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Evet, Hong Kongta bir amcam (daym) var. Onunla tamamen emniyette olaca
m. Benim adm Aoudadr.
u halde siz Hong Kong'a gelinceye kadar size bakacam, Aouda. dedi Mr.

Passepartout tren yolculuunu ok sevdi. Yolun bir ksmnda demiryolu byk
Ganj nehri boyunca gitti. Birok insanlar nehirde suya giriyorlard, (ykanyorlard),
ve keza filler de yle. O harikulade bir grn (manzara) idi. Geceleyin, tren yolu
nun yaknndaki vahi ormanda kaplanlar, aylar ve kurtlar duydu.
Kalktta istasyonuna 25 ekim cuma (sabah) 7'de vardlar.
Hong Kong'a vapur o gn leyin hareket edecekti. Mr. Fogg defterine yazd:
25 ekim cuma



istasyonun peronunda bir polis onlar durdurdu. Siz Londral Mr. Foggsunuz ve
bu sizin uanz, Passepartout (deil mi?) diye sordu.
Evet, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg. Mesele nedir (ne oluyor)?
Ltfen beni takip edin, dedi polis.
Bu hanm da gelebilir mi? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Pek tabii, diye cevap verdi polis.
Polis onlar bir hapishaneye gtrd. Sonra onlar bir odada brakt.
Hkim sizi (sabah) 8.30 da grecek, dedi dar karken.
Ne oluyor, efendim? diye sordu Passepartout. Niin bir hapishaneye kapatl


Ben biliyorum, dedi Aouda zntl bir ekilde. Hapishanedesiniz nk

beni rahiplerden aldnz. Beni terk etmelisiniz.
Oh, hayr! diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg. Rahipler sizi canl olarak yakacaklarn
polislere sylemeye korkarlar(d). ingilizler insanlar bu ekilde yakmaya msaade
etmezler. Burada oluumuz ondan dolay deildir. Yaknda bileceiz (renece
Saat (sabah) 8.30 da hkimin nne gittiler (huzuruna ktlar).
Siz Phileas Fogg (mu) sunuz? diye sordu hkim.
Benim. Niin buradaym? Mesele nedir? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Baz rahipler uanz ikyet ettiler. Diyecek neyiniz var?
Hakikaten baz rahiplerle bamz derde girdi, dedi Mr. Fogg, Fakat bir
mabedde deil. O bir vahi ormandayd. Rahiplerden, vahi ormanda yakacaklar
hanm hakknda sylemelerini (anlatmalarm) isteyin.
Bir hanm yakmak! Vahi ormanda! Sizin neden bahsettiinizi bilmiyorum.
Hkim bir ift ayakkab(y yerden) ald ve onlar Mr. Fogg'a ve Passepartout'ya
Bu ayakkablara bakn! dedi. Uanz bu ayakkablar ayanda olduu halde
Bombay'da bir mabede girdi (girmi)! Bu yzden buradasnz!
Ayakkablarm! diye bard Passepartout. Onlar Bombay'dan Kalktta'ya
nasl geldi?
Ayakkablar Bombay'dan Kalktta'ya getiren Mr. Fix'ti. O odann gerisinden
seyrediyordu. Hkimin Siz sekiz gn iin hapishaneye gideceksiniz (hapis yata
caksnz) ve uanz on be gn (iin.) dediini duyduu zaman ok memnun
Passepartout ok zntlyd. Efendisine fsldad. Bahsinizi kazanmak iin
Londra'ya vaktinde dnmeyeceksiniz! Srf ben ayakkablarm ayamda olduu
halde bir mabede girdim diye! Ve Aoudaya ne olacak? Oh, efendim, zgnm!
Fakat Mr. Fogg hl tamamen sakindi.
Hapishaneye gitmek yerine bir para cezas deyebilir miyim? diye sordu h
Evet, fakat o ok ar bir para cezas olacak, 1,000 pound!


Mr. Fogg'un cebinden bir deste kt para kardn ve 1,000 poundluk cezay
dediini grd zaman Mr. Fix artk glmsemedi. ok kzgnd.
imdi, ayakkablarn al, Passepartout ve acele et, diye seslendi Mr. Fogg.
Hong Kong iin (Hong Kong'a giden) vapura yetimek iin hl vakit var.
Dar kotular, bir arabaya seslendiler (bir araba ardlar) ve vapura (araba
ile) gittiler. Rangoon vapuruna hareketinden bir saat nce vardlar.
Mr. Fix de bir araba ard ve onlar takip etti. O da Rangoon'a bindi.
O adam yakalayacam, dedi kendi kendine. Onu gerekirse dnya etrafnda
takip edeceim! Ama o paray ne kadar hzl harcyor! ok yaknda ald 55,000
poundtan ok kalmayacak!
Mr. Fix Rangoon'daki kamarasna indi.
Onu Hong Kong'da tutuklamalym, diye dnd. Zira o sonuncu Ingiliz
limandr. O Japonyada veya Amerika'da iken onu tutuklayamam. u tutuklama
mzekkeresini abuk gndermelerini arzu ederim!
Passepartout Mr. Fix'i Kalkttada grmedi. (Vapurun) hareketinden biraz nce
Rangoona geldiini grmedi. Onu seyahat srasnda vapurda da grmedi.
Singapur ve Hong Kong arasnda frtnal hava ile karlatlar. Gemi yavalamak
zorunda kald. Kaptan yirmi saat, belki (de) daha fazla gecikeceklerini syle
di.Passepartout ve Aouda her ikisi de ok zntlydler fakat Mr. Fogg her zaman
olduu gibi sakindi. Mr. Fix ok hastayd fakat vapurun ge kalacandan mem
Bu adam kasm 6da Hong Kongdaki vapura yetimeyecek, dedi kendi kendi
ne. O bir sonraki vapur iin bir hafta beklemek zorunda kalacak! Tabi o zamana
kadar onun tutuklanmas iin tutuklama mzekkeresine sahip olacam.


Drdnc Basamak


Birinci kursumuzun 83. dersinde get fiilinin sfatlarla birleerek yeni fiiller meyda
na getirdiini grmtk.

to get bad
The weather is getting bad.
These eggs will get bad.

Hava bozuluyor.
Bu yumurtalar bozulacak.

to get big
He is getting big.

Byyor, (irileiyor)

to get fat
She got fat.


Yine ayn derste get fiiliyle, -er eki alm sfatlarn iki defa sylenmesi yoluyla bir
iin gittike arttn belirten fiiller meydana getirildiini renmitik.

warmer and warmer
It is getting warmer and warmer.
The days are getting longer and
She is getting fatter and fatter.

gittike daha scak
Hava gittike daha snyor.
Gnler gittike daha uzuyor.
Gittike daha imanlyor.


Sadece hatrlatmak amacyla tekrar etmi olduumuz bu konu zerinde daha

fazla durmayarak, ngilizcede en ok deiik ekillere girebilen get fiilinin yeni kul
lanllarn grelim:


to get to school

okula varmak, gelmek

What time did you get to school?

Okula saat kata vardn?

How can I get to the station?

stasyona nasl varabilirim?

He got home at six o'clock.

Saat altda eve geldi.

The doctor got to the hospital

before lunch.

Doktor hastaneye le yemeinden evvel


Can they get here before dinner?

Akam yemeinden nce buraya varabi

lirler mi? (gelebilirler mi?)

You will get to the farm before


Siz iftlie onlardan nce varrsnz, (vara

Bu yoldan deniz kenarna varabilir miyiz?

Can we get to the seaside by

this road?
They got to London in the morning.

Londra'ya sabahleyin vardlar.

When did you get to Rome?

Roma'ya ne zaman vardnz?

Home ve here szcklerinden nce to kullanlmadn yukardaki iki rnekte

Get fiilinin en ok ve en sk kullanlan ekli edat dediimiz kk szcklerle
beraber kullanlan eklidir.
to get in
How did this cat get in?
The thief got in through the
We can't get in now, because they
have locked the door.


ieride, iinde
ieri girmek
Bu kedi nasl ieri girdi?
Hrsz ieri pencereden girdi.
imdi ieriye giremeyiz nk kapy

Girilen yer cmlede geiyorsa in szc yerini into szcne brakr.

How did the cat get into the house?

Kedi eve nasl girdi?

We can't get into the house

through the back door.

Eve arka kapdan giremeyiz,

Get fiili ile in veya into edat arasnda (kitab, kalemi, antay...) gibi -i halinde bir
isim bulunuyorsa o zaman bu fiil sokmak, sdrmak anlamna gelir.

get into (into)


get the book in (into)

kitab sokmak, sdrmak

I can't get the book into my bag.

Kitab antama sokamyorum. (Sdram


She cant get her feet into her


Ayaklarn pabularna sokamyor.

(Ayaklar pabularna smyor.)

How shall I get this suitcase into

the car?

8u bavulu arabaya nasl sdracam.

Can you get these apples into that


Bu elmalar u sepete sdrabilir misin?

She can't get him in.

Onu (eve) sokamyor.

Get the cat in.

Kediyi ieri sok.

n edatnn kart anlamls olan out edat ile get fiili yukardaki cmlelerin tersini
veren anlamda fiiller meydana getirir.
to get out
He got out of the jungle easily.
Can we get out of this prison?
Get out. I don't want to see you.
They can't get out in this weather.
The dog cant get out of the garden;
the walls are too high.

Vahi ormandan kolayca kt.
Bu hapisaneden kabilir miyiz?
Dar k. Seni grmek istemiyorum.
Bu havada darya kamazlar.
Kpek baheden kamaz, duvarlar ok

Aynen get ve in szcklerinin birleiminde olduu gibi get fiili out ile beraber
kullanlrken, iinden darya klan yer ismi cmlede geiyorsa, aynen in szc
nn into oluu gibi, out szc de kendisinden sonra bir of szc alr.


He is getting out of the house,

because he cant pay.

Evden (darya) kyor, nk deyemiyor.

Yine aynen get ve in szcklerinin birleiminde olduu gibi, bu iki szcn

arasna -i halinde bir isim girecek olursa o zaman bu birleim darya karmak
anlamna gelir.
She is getting the apples out.

Elmalar karyor.

Please get the plates out.

Ltfen tabaklar kar.

First she got the meat out.

nce eti kard.

Get all the children out.

Btn ocuklar kar.

Yukarda grm olduumuz kural gereince bir eyin iinden karld isim
cmlede geiyorsa out szcnden sonra ayrca bir de of szc gelir.
Get all the children out of the
She is getting all the eggs out of
the basket.
Shall I get the plates out of the
He got a cigarette out of his
cigarette case.
I can't get this cork out of the

Btn ocuklar baheden kar.

Btn yumurtalar sepetten karyor.
Tabaklar dolaptan karaym m?
Tabakasndan bir sigara kard.

Bu mantar ieden karamyorum.

Get fiili bundan baka, birinci kursumuzun 99. dersinde grm olduumuz ve
bakasna yaptrdmz iler olarak rendiimiz cmle dzeninde, hibir anlam
fark meydana getirmeksizin have fiili yerine kullanlabilir.
I have a letter written.

Bir mektup yazdrrm.

I get a letter written.

Bir mektup yazdrrm.

They got the car repaired.

Arabay tamir ettirdiler.

She got a dress made.

Bir elbise yaptrd.

Tom will get the house cleaned.

Tom evi temizletecek.

Can you get this door opened?

Bu kapy atrabilir misiniz?


Birinci kursumuzdan get fiili ile up szcnn birleiminin bir fiil olarak kullanl
dn ve (yataktan) kalkmak anlamna geldiini biliyoruz.
I always get up at six o'clock.

Ben daima saat altda kalkarm.

What time do you get up?

Siz saat kata kalkarsnz?

I will get up late tomorrow.

Yarn ge kalkacam.

ok sk kullanlmamakla beraber get fiili ile up szc arasna -i halinde bir

isim girebilir. O zaman bu fiil ayaa kaldrmak anlamna gelir.
The old man fell down and I got
him up.

htiyar adam yere dt ve onu kaldrdm.

He got the child up.

ocuu ayaa kaldrd.

Can you get her up?

Onu ayaa kaldrabilir misin?

Get fiili sonuna bir back edat eklenmesiyle geri gelmek anlam verir.
to get back

geri gelmek

What time did you get back?

Saat kata geri geldin?

I got back before lunch.

le yemeinden nce dndm.

Can she get back before nine


Saat dokuzdan nce dnebilir mi?

How shall we get back?

Nasl dneceiz?

Can we get back by bus?

Otobsle (geri) dnebilir miyiz?

Get ile to edat arasna -i halinde bir isim girecek olursa bu fiil bir yere varmak,
ulamak anlamn kaybeder; bir yere ulatrmak, yetitirmek, iletmek anlam
How can I get to the station?
How can I get the car to the
Can you get these children to the
They will get these boxes to
Does this bus get us to Edirne?

istasyona nasl varabilirim?

Arabay istasyona nasl ulatrabilirim?
Bu ocuklar hastaneye gnderebilir misin?
Bu kutular stanbul'a gnderecekler,
Bu otobs bizi Edirne'ye iletir mi?


Get fiili, dersin banda da belirtmi olduumuz gibi, pek ok szck ile birleerek eitli anlamlar veren fiiller meydana getirir, ancak gerek bu derste grm
olduklarmz, gerekse dierleri aslnda birer deyim olduklarndan, bu konu (ngiliz
cede en ok kullanlan deyimler I, II Fono) kitaplarndan takip edilmelidir.

I can't look after all these children.

Btn bu ocuklara bakamam.

She made up her mind to learn

ngilizce renmeye karar verdi, nk

English because they'll send her to

England if she learns English.

ngilizce renirse onu ngiltereye gnde


We can't get to Bursa before ten

He is very tired. That is why he
is still sleeping.
The cat bit the child's finger.

Saat 10dan nce Bursaya varamayz.

ok yorgun. Bu yzden hl uyuyor.

I couldn't get the hat into the bag.

apkay antaya sokamadm.

I got all the eggs out of the basket.

Btn yumurtalar sepetten kardm.

What time do you get up?

Kata kalkarsnz?

The train got to Paris ten minutes

ahead of time.

Tren Paris'e vaktinden on dakika nce


She'll get fat soon, because she

eats a lot of bread.

Yaknda imanlayacak, nk ok ekmek


The weather is getting colder and


Hava gittike souyor.

The dog couldn't get in through

the window because it was a very
small window.

Kpek pencereden ieriye giremedi nk

ok kk bir pencereydi.

How can I get the lion out of the


Aslan kafesten nasl karabilirim?

Excuse me, I couldn't hear what

you said.
She is a lazy student, and so is
her sister.

Affedersiniz, dediinizi duyamadm.


Kedi ocuun parman srd.

O tembel bir rencidir, keza kz kardei

de yle.

Bo yerleri doldurunuz.
1 - Who looks .... your children when you go out? 2 - 1 made .... my mind to
stop smoking. 3 - 1 was tired, and .... were the others. 4 - She is a very good
student, and so .... her friend. 5 - He always plays in the garden. That is ....
his hands are dirty. 6 - The children were bathing .... the river. 7 - The dog bit
my leg. T h a t.... why I can't walk easily. 8 - The boy ran o u t.... the garden. 9 Get o u t.... the room; I can't talk to you now. 10 - The bus will get to Ankara in
.... morning.

Bo yerlere get fiilinin uygun zamann koyunuz.
1 - The eggs w ill.... bad If you leaye them in a hot place. 2 - Y o u 'll.... fat if you
eat too much bread. 3 - The weather is .... hotter and hotter. 4 - What time did
they .... to school? 5 - The thief .... in through the window and stole ail the
money. 6 -.... out. They mustn't see you here. 7 - How can I .... the cork out?
8 - We .... up at six o'clock yesterday. 9 - Does this bus .... us to London?
10 - The child fell down, and his father .... him up.

Translate into Turkish.
1 - The boy is getting taller and taller. 2 - The doctor got home at ten o'clock
because he was busy at the hospital. 3 - Can you get these things into the
bag? 4 - We got all the children out. 5 - I'll get the machine repaired. 6 - The
sea was calm, so we got to Izmir two hours ahead of time. 7 - Excuse me,
may I ask you something? 8 - There were a lot of wolves in the jungle. 9 - I'll
look after your dog when you go to Izmir. 10 - She made up her mind to learn
English. 11 - He wasted his money. That is why he is looking for cheap ho
tels. 12 - He is a good workman, and so is his son.


Translate into English.
1 - Bir otomobil alma kararn verdin mi? 2 - Siz sinemaya gittiiniz zaman ocukla
rnza bakacam. 3 - Oda gittike snyor; ceketlerimizi karabiliriz. 4 - Nasihatiniz
iin size teekkr ederim. 5 - Havada drt uak gryoruz. 6 - Btn yumurtalar
bozuldu. 7 - Defol! Seni bir daha grmek istemiyorum. 8 - Kpek ocuklarn bazla
rn srd. 9 - Bir gide yzmeyi sevmem. 10 - Seni mazur gremem nk ayn
hatay tekrar yaptn.

66. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - into 2 - there 3 - out 4 - to 5 - in 6 - to 7 - all 8 - after

1 - who 2 - who 3 - where 4 - whose 5 - when 6 - whd 7 - when 8 - whose

1 - Haklsnz efendim! 2 - Hadi! Sana yeni arabam gstereceim. 3 - Elinde ka
ie arap var ? 4 - Sizin iin israf edecek vakti yok. 5 - Bu mesele iin endie et
me. iyi olacak. (Yoluna girecek) 6 - Kz kardeini dven ocuk Recepin oludur. 7 Kadn haberi duyduu zaman bayld. 8 - Fili grd zaman korktu. 9 - Evimize
her gn gelen bir postac hatrlyorum. 10 - Bizi mzeye gtrmesi iin bir araba
kiraladk. 11 - Bir yabanc dil retme hakknda ilgin fikirleri var. 12 - Tren durdu
nk demiryolunun stnde hayvanlar vard. 13 - Oraya gittikleri zaman hatrlyor
musun? 14 - Adam eti koklad. 15 - Hayalet hikyeleri sever misiniz?

1 - There was a big crowd in front of the cinema. 2 - Do you know the doctor
who came here yesterday? 3 - I always put my slippers under the bed. 4 Where shall I go, sir? 5 - Come along! We'll miss the train. 6 - The students
who come late will wait in the corridor. 7 - I didnt like the table with three
legs; it is too small. 8 The girl whose father is a bookseller is a lazy student.
9 - They put the woman on a pile of wood. 10 - We went to a field where a lot
of women worked.


Drdnc Basamak


ashamed [eymd]
boiler [boyl]
drunk [drank]
harbour [ha:b]
offer [of]

teklif etmek

ridiculous [ridikiuls]
rough [raf]
spoil [spoyil]
steamer [stirm]
tremble [trembl]

dalgal, kaba
buharl gemi



at the time
O zaman, o anda, o esnada anlamnda bir terimdir.

I was very busy at the time.

She was having lunch at the time.
They didnt have any roads at the

Ben o srada ok meguldm.

O anda le yemei yiyordu.
O zaman(lar) hi yollar yoktu,

come (go) up
Gelerek veya giderek bir kimseye yaklam ak/yanna gelmek veya gitmek
anlamnda bir deyimdir.
The man went up to the policeman
and asked the way to the hospital,
The children came up to the teacher
and greeted her.
She came up to me and gave me a
Go up to him and ask him his name.

Adam polise gitti (yanna yaklat) ve hastanenin yolunu sordu.

ocuklar retmenin yanna geldiler ve
onu selamladlar.
Yanma yaklat ve bana bir mektup verdi,
Yanna git ve ona adn sor.

be ashamed of oneself
Bir kimsenin yapt bir iten dolay kendi kendisinden utanmas anlamnda bir
birleik fiildir.
How can you say such things? You
should be ashamed of yourself.
He spends his nights drinking at
dirty bars. He isnt ashamed of
She doesnt come to our house any
more. She is ashamed of herself.


Nasl byle eyler syleyebiliyorsun?

Kendinden utanmalsn.
Gecelerini pis barlarda ierek geiriyor.
Kendinden utanmyor.
Artk bizim eve gelmiyor. Kendinden utanyor.

The Rangoon reached the harbour at Hong Kong twenty-four hours late
because of the rough seas. Passepartout and Aouda were unhappy because
they had lost a whole day.
When they landed at Hong Kong, Mr. Fogg asked at once. When will the
next ship sail for Yokohama?
Tomorrow morning, was the reply. The Carnatic did not sail this morn
ing because her boiler had to be repaired. She will sail tomorrow.
Passepartout was delighted to hear that, and so was Mr. Fogg. But what
was Mr. Fix to do? If the warrant was not at the police station in Hong Kong
he could not arrest Mr. Fogg. He must do something to delay Mr. Fogg's de
Mr. Fogg set out at once to find Aouda's uncle in Hong Kong. He returned
very soon.
1 am sorry your uncle does not live here now, he told Aouda.
Where has he gone? she asked.
He went to live in Holland about two years ago.
Oh, dear! What can I do now? I have no other friends in Hong Kong. said
Aouda in a trembling voice.
You must come to Europe with us, Mr. Fogg said kindly. We will be
delighted to be together. Perhaps we may find your uncle when we get back
to London.
Passepartout! said Mr. Fogg. Please go and engage three cabins on the
Carnatic. Aouda will travel with us.
Passepartout went to the quay to engage the cabins. He saw Mr. Fix there.
You here! he cried. 1 left you in Bombay! Where have you been? How
did you get here?
But he did not wait for an answer to his questions.
We have had many adventures since we left Bombay! he went on. Half
way across India, we rescued a lady from death in the jungle, and she is now
travelling with us. We were travelling on an elephant at the time! Before that, I
went into a temple in Bombay with my shoes on, and the priests were very
angry. They complained to the police in Calcutta. They wanted to put us in
prison! That would have spoiled my master's plans to go round the world in
eighty days! My master paid a very big fine instead. It's a good thing that he


has plenty of money. Come with me. I have come to engage three cabins on
the Carnatic, for my master is going to Yokohama.
They went to the office together. Mr. Fix heard the clerk say, The Carnatic
will sail tonight at eight o'clock. The boiler repair is finished, so there is no
need to wait until tomorrow.
My master will be pleased about that, said Passepartout, because he is
in a hurry. I must go back at once and tell him.
Mr. Fix did not know how to stop Passepartout. He could not say, 1 am a
detective. I am following your master. I want to arrest him. If Passepartout
knew that, he would tell Mr. Fogg, and they would disappear. No man waits to
be arrested!
So Mr. Fix said, Come and have a drink.
He took Passepartout into a wine shop on the quay. There, he had an idea.
He would make Passepartout drunk. Mr. Fogg did not know that the Carnatic
was sailing at eight o'clock that evening. If Passepartout did not tell him, he
would miss the ship and have to wait a whole week for the next ship.
They drank a bottle of wine and then another bottle of wine.
Passepartout said, You are a funny fellow! What are you doing in Hong
Kong? Are you going round the world too? I thought my master was the only
one who was trying to go round the world in eighty days!
Mr. Fix laughed at this idea. He gave more and more wine and brandy to
Passepartout, and before long Passepartout was very drunk. This was what
Mr. Fix wanted. He left Passepartout behind in the wine shop and went away.
Later, some men carried Passepartout away from the table and laid him on a
Mr. Fogg was surprised when Passepartout did not come to the hotel that
night. He was more surprised when he did not bring him his tea and toast in
the morning. But he could not wait for Passepartout. After breakfast he called
for Aouda, and they went to the quay to find the ship, Mr. Fogg had to carry
his carpet bag himself. At the quay there was no ship!
Where is the Carnatic? he asked.
She sailed last night at eight o'clock, somebody told him.
Just then Mr. Fix came up. Mr. Fogg, of course, did not know him.
Were you expecting to sail on the Carnatic, sir? said Mr. Fix.
1 was. But she has gone, replied Mr. Fogg.


1 was expecting to sail on that ship, too. It is very disappointing! Now we

must wait a week for the next steamer. It is too bad! said Mr. Fix. He was
pretending to be disappointed, but he was really pleased. The warrant for Mr.
Fogg's arrest had not come. If Mr. Fogg had to wait in Hong Kong for a week,
the warrant might come. Then he could arrest him.
But Mr. Fogg could not wait for a week. There are other ships in Hong
Kong, he said to Aouda. 1 will go and see if I can find one ready to sail. Mr.
Fogg offered his arm to Aouda, and they walked along the quay.
A sailor said, Are you looking for a boat, Sir?
1 am, said Mr. Fogg. Have you a boat?
Where do you want to go? asked the sailor. Just for a picnic, per
Oh, no! replied Mr. Fogg. 1 want to go to Yokohama.
The sailor laughed. You are joking, sir! It is 1,650 miles to Yokohama. This
is a small boat. You should have gone on the Carnatic yesterday.
I missed the Carnatic yesterday, explained Mr. Fogg, and I must be in
Yokohama on November 14th to catch the steamer for San Francisco. I will
give you 100 pounds a day if you will take us.
I have an idea, sir, said the sailor. You need not go to Yokohama to
catch the San Francisco steamer. It sails from Shanghai to Yokohama, then
to San Francisco. Shanghai is only 800 miles from here. I could do that with
my boat, for she is a strong, well built boat. The San Francisco steamer, the
General Grant, leaves Shanghai on November 11th. If the sea is calm and the
wind keeps in the south-east, I can get you there in time.
When can you leave? asked Mr. Fogg.
In an hour. said the sailor.
When Mr. Fogg and Aouda came back they saw Mr. Fix. Mr. Fogg went up
to him.
You are the gentleman who missed the Carnatic last night, are you not?
Would you like to come with us? We have found a ship to take us to Shang
hai, he said.
Mr. Fix was rather ashamed of himself, but he could not let Mr. Fogg es
cape. He said, Thank you, sir. It will help me if you will take me with you.
Mr. Fogg wrote in his notebook:
Nov. 6, Wed. Hong Kong one day late -missed the Carnatic


Dalgal deniz yznden Rangoon, Hong Kong limanna yirmi drt saat ge vard.
Passepartout ve Aouda mutsuzdular nk btn bir gn kaybetmilerdi.
Hong Kongta karaya ayak bastklar zaman, Mr. Fogg derhal sordu. Yokohama
iin (Yokohama'ya) bundan sonraki vapur ne zaman gidecek?
Cevap, yarn sabah idi. Carnatic bu sabah hareket etmedi nk kazan
tamir edilmek mecburiyetindeydi. Yarn hareket edecek.
Passepartout bunu duyduuna sevindi, ve keza Mr. Fogg da yle. Fakat Mr. Fix
ne yapacakt? Eer tutuklama mzekkeresi Hong Kong'taki karakolda deilse Mr.
Fogg'u tutuklayamazd. Mr. Fogg'un ayrln geciktirmek iin bir ey yapmalyd.
Mr. Fogg, Aouda'nn Hong Kong'taki (daysn) bulmak iin derhal yola kt. ok
gemeden dnd.
ok zgnm amcanz imdi burada oturmuyor, dedi Aouda'ya.
Nereye gitti (gitmi) ? diye sordu.
Tahminen iki sene nce oturmak zere Hollanda'ya gitti.
Oh, Allahm! Ben imdi ne yapabilirim? Hong Kong'da baka arkadalarm
yok, dedi Aouda titreyen bir sesle.
Bizimle Avrupa'ya gelmelisiniz, dedi Mr. Fogg mfik bir ekilde. Beraber
olmaktan zevk duyacaz. Londra'ya dndmz zaman belki amcanz bulabili
Passepartout! dedi Mr. Fogg, ltfen git ve Carnatic'te kamara ayrt. Aouda
bizimle seyahat edecek.
Passepartout kamaralar ayrtmak zere iskeleye (rhtma) gitti. Orada Mr. Fix'i
Siz burada! diye bard. Ben sizi Bombay'da braktm! Nerede idiniz (nere
lerdesiniz)? Buraya nasl geldiniz?
Fakat sorularnn cevabn beklemedi.
Bombay'dan ayrlal beri birok maceralarmz oldu! diye devam etti. Hindis
tan zerinden ortada (Hindistan' geerken yar yolda), vahi ormanda bir hanm
lmden kurtardk ve o imdi bizimle seyahat ediyor. Biz o zaman fil zerinde se
yahat ediyorduk! Ondan nce, ben Bombay'da ayakkablarm ayamda iken bir
mabede girdim ve rahipler ok kzdlar. Onlar Kalktta'daki polise ikyet ettiler.
Onlar bizi hapse koymak istediler! Bu efendimin dnya etrafnda seksen gnde
gitme plann bozacakt!


Bunun yerine efendim byk bir para cezas dedi. Onun bol paras olmas isabet.
Benimle gelin. Carnatic'te kamara ayrtmaya gelmi bulunuyorum, zira efendim
Yokohama'ya gidiyor.
Onlar gieye beraber gittiler. Mr. Fix memurun Carnatic bu gece saat sekizde
hareket edecek. Kazan tamiri bitti, bu yzden yarna kadar beklemeye lzum yok.
dediini duydu.
Efendim bundan memnun olacak, dedi Passepartout, nk onun acelesi
var. Derhal geri gitmeli ve ona sylemeliyim.
Mr. Fix Passepartout'yu nasl durduracan bilmiyordu. Ben bir dedektifim.
Senin efendini takip ediyorum. Onu tevkif etmek istiyorum. diyemezdi. Eer
Passepartout bunu bilse, Mr. Fogga sylerdi ve onlar gzden kaybolurlard. Hibir
adam tutuklanmak iin beklemezi
Bu sebepten Mr. Fix, Gel ve bir iki i. dedi.
Passepartout'yu rhtmda bir arap dkknna gtrd. Orada, onun bir fikri vard
(aklna bir fikir geldi). Passepartout'yu sarho edecekti. Mr. Fogg Carnatic'in o ak
am saat sekizde hareket edeceini bilmiyordu. Eer Passepartout ona sylemez
se, o vapuru karacakt ve bir sonraki vapur iin tam bir hafta beklemek zorunda
Onlar bir ie arap itiler ve ondan sonra bir dier ie arap.
Passepartout, Siz tuhaf bir adamsnz! Hong Kong'ta ne yapyorsunuz? (ne
iiniz var)? Siz de mi dnyann etrafnda dolayorsunuz? Ben dnyann etrafn
seksen gnde dolamaya alan kimsenin sadece efendim olduunu sanyor
dum! dedi.
Mr. Fix bu fikre gld. Passepartout'ya gittike daha fazla arap ve konyak verdi
ve ok gemeden Passepartout ok sarhotu. Bu Mr. Fix'in istediiydi.
Passepartout'yu arkada arap dkknnda brakt ve uzaklat. Daha sonra, baz
adamlar Passepartout'yu masadan uzaa tadlar ve onu bir yataa yatrdlar.
Passepartout o gece otele gelmeyince Mr. Fogg ard. Sabahleyin ayn ve
kzarm ekmeini getirmedii zaman daha fazla ard. Fakat o Passepartout iin
bekleyemezdi. Kahvaltdan sonra Aouda'y ard ve gemiyi bulmak iin rhtma
gittiler. Mr. Fogg hal antasn kendisi tamak zorunda kald. Rhtmda hibir va
pur yoktu.
Carnatic nerede? diye sordu.
Dn gece saat sekizde hareket etti, dedi birisi ona.
Tam o srada Mr. Fix yaklat. Mr. Fogg, pek tabii, onu tanmyordu.
Siz Carnatic'le gitmei mi umuyordunuz, efendim? dedi Mr. Fix.
yleydim. Fakat o gitmi, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg.


Ben de o gemi ile gitmeyi umuyordum. ok mit krc! imdi bundan sonraki
vapur iin bir hafta beklemeliyiz. ok fena! dedi Mr. Fix. O hayal krklna ura
m gibi yapyordu fakat aslnda memnundu. Mr. Fogg'un tutuklanmas iin mzek
kere gelmemiti. Eer Mr. Fogg Hong Kongta bir hafta beklemek zorunda kalrsa,
mzekkere gelebilirdi. O zaman onu tutuklayabilirdi.
Fakat Mr. Fogg bir hafta bekleyemezdi. Aouda'ya Hong Kong'ta baka gemiler
vardr, dedi. Hareket etmeye hazr birini bulabilir miyim, gidip greceim. Mr.
Fogg Aoudaya kolunu takdim etti ve rhtm boyunca yrdler.
Bir denizci Bir tekne mi aryorsunuz, efendim? dedi.
Aryorum. dedi Mr. Fogg. Senin bir teknen var m?
Siz nereye gitmek istiyorsunuz? diye sordu denizci. Belki sadece bir piknik
Oh, hayr! diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg. Ben Yokohama'ya gitmek istiyorum.
Denizci gld. Siz aka ediyorsunuz, efendim! Yokohama 1650 mildir. Bu k
k bir kayktr. Siz dn Carnaticte gidecektiniz.
Ben dn Carnatic'i kardm, diye izahat verdi Mr. Fogg, Ve ben San
Fransisko'ya hareket edecek olan vapuru yakalamak (yetimek) iin 14 kasmda
Yokohama'da olmalym. Eer bizi gtrrsen ben sana, gnde 100 pound verece
Benim bir fikrim var, efendim, dedi denizci. San Fransisko vapuruna yeti
mek iin Yokohamaya gitmenize lzum yok. O angay'dan Yokohama'ya hareket
eder, sonra San Fransiskoya. angay buradan sadece 800 mildir. Ben onu tek
nemle yapabilirim, zira o salam, iyi ina edilmi bir teknedir. San Fransisko vapuru
General Grant, angay 11 kasmda terk eder. Eer deniz sakin olursa ve rzgr
gneydouyu muhafaza ederse (hep gney doudan eserse) ben sizi oraya zama
nnda gtrebilirim.
Ne zaman ayrlabilirsin (hareket edebilirsin?) diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Bir saat zarfnda, dedi denizci.
Mr. Fogg ve Aouda geri geldikleri zaman Mr. Fix'i grdler. Mr. Fogg ona gitti.
Dn gece Carnatici karan bey sizsiniz, deil mi? Bizimle gelmek ister miydi
niz? Bizi angay'a gtrecek bir tekne bulduk.
Mr. Fix kendinden bir hayli utanmt, fakat Mr. Foggun kamasna msaade
edemezdi. Teekkr ederim, efendim. Beni beraberinizde alrsanz bana faydal
olacak. dedi.
Mr. Fogg defterine yazd:
Kasm 6, aramba Hong Kong bir gn ge-Carnatic'i kard(m).


Drdnc Basamak



neklerin cmle iindeki eitli szckler arasnda bir balant kurduunu biliyo
ruz. Bunlardan, 62. dersimizde grdmz drt tanesini rneklerle yineleyelim:

except wine
except Friday

hari, mstesna
arap hari
cuma hari

I can drink anything except wine.

You can visit your friend every
day except Friday because they
don't accept visitors on that day.

arap hari herhangi bir ey iebilirim.

Arkadan cuma hari her gn ziyaret
edebilirsin, nk o gn ziyareti kabul

The tourists are walking past

the church.
She always goes past our house.
The workers go past our school
very early in the morning.
Your friend waited for you until
nine o'clock.

Turistler kilisenin nnden yryorlar.

I couldn't sleep until morning.

Sabaha kadar uyuyamadm.

I studied my lessons until my

father came.

Babam gelinceye kadar derslerimi altm.

O daima evimizin nnden gider,

iiler sabahleyin ok erken okulumuzun
nnden giderler.
Arkadan seni saat dokuza kadar bekledi.


Wait here until they open the door.

Onlar kapy ancaya kadar burada bekle.

I won't eat anything until I finish

my work.

iimi bitirinceye kadar bir ey yemeyece


The old man slept until they

woke him.

Yal adam, onlar onu uyandrncaya ka

dar uyudu.

They played football until their

mothers called them.

Anneleri onlar arncaya kadar futbol


Their farm is beyond that hill.

Onlarn iftlii u tepenin tesindedir.

There is a jungle beyond the


Nehrin tesinde bir vahi orman var.

This matter is beyond me; I can't

say anything about it.

Bu mesele benim anlaym dndadr;

onun hakknda bir ey syleyemem.

Bitmi imdiki Zamann devaml hali, -ing eki alm fiilin nne have been (has
been) getirmekle yaplr.
Bu fiil zaman, gemite balayp imdiye kadar kesintisiz devam etmi bir hare
keti anlatmakta kullanlr.
I have been writing letters.

Mektuplar yazmaktaym.

I have been waiting for you for

half an hour.

Yarm saattir seni beklemekteyim.

She has been cleaning the kitchen

since ten o'clock.

Saat 10'dan beri mutfa temizlemekte.

Bu cmlelerdeki fiiller gemite balam, u ana kadar kesintisiz devam etmi

ve halen de etmektedir. Bildiiniz gibi ayn cmleler bitmi imdiki zamanla sy
lenmi olsalard, u anda tamamlanm bir hareketi bildireceklerdi. Aralarndaki
fark, devaml halin hem kesintisiz bir hareketi gstermesi, hem de szn sylendii
anda da devam ediyor olmasdr.
He has drunk six cups o f coffee.
Alt fincan kahve iti. (Kahve ime ii bitmi
He has been drinking coffee all
the time.

Hep kahve imekte. (Kahve imesi u an

da da devam ediyor.)

He has worked in some hospitals

in Germany.

Almanya'da baz hastanelerde alt.

(Baz hastanelerde alm durumda.)


He has been working in a hospital

since last year.

Geen yldan beri bir hastanede almak

ta. (Bir hastanede almas bir yl nce
balad ve aralksz devam etti; u anda da
devam etmekte.)

I have been learning English for

ten months.

On aydr ngilizce renmekteyim.

(u anda da renmem devam ediyor.)

Bu devaml hal, yukarda grdmz anlam dnda, bir iin veya hareketin
skc bir ekilde uzayp durduunu anlatmak iin de kullanlr.
You have been making the same
mistakes in this homework.

Bu devde ayn hatalar yapmaktasn,

He has been asking foolish

questions all day long.

Btn gn aptalca sorular sorup duruyor,

Bu ikinci anlamda kullanldnda bir hareketin u anda da devam ediyor olmas |

art deildir. Hareket bitmi de olabilir. Anlatlmak istenen ey bu hareketin skc'
bir ekilde devam ettiidir.
She has been eating a lot; she'll
get fat soon.

ok yiyor; yaknda imanlayacak,

Tom has been working very hard

lately; he'll get ill.

Tom son zamanlarda ok alyor; hastalanacak.

Sfat cmlecikleri bir ismin durumunu belirtir, onu dier isimlerden ayrt ederler.
Bir ismin durumunu aklayan bir sfat durumundadrlar.
Sfat cmlecikleri, baka anlamlara da geldiklerini bildiimiz, who, where,
whose, that, when szckleri ile balarlar.

ki o

who comes here every day

ki o buraya her gn gelir (buraya her gn



Yukarda grdmz ve w ho ile balayan szck topluluunun tamam bir sfat

durumundadr ve nne gelecei ismin her gn buraya gelen bir ahs olduunu
This is the man ...
who comes here every day
This is the man who comes here
every day.

... adam budur.

her gn buraya gelen
Her gn buraya gelen adam budur.

Sfat cmlecii, ait olduu ismin yannda olmak artyla, cmlenin deiik yerle'
rinde de bulunabilir.
This is the man who comes here
every day.

Her gn buraya gelen adam budur.

The g irl who is sittin g at the

table is my new secretary.

Masada oturan kz yeni sekreterimdir.

Do you know the boy w ho brings

the newspapers every m orning?

Her sabah gazeteleri getiren ocuu tan

yor musun?

Sfat ilevi gren bu cmleciklerde kullanlan w ho ahslar iin, w hich canszlar

iin kullanlr. That ise her ikisi iin de kullanlabilir. Fakat uygulamada ok fazla
The workman who is s ittin g by the
w indow is ill.
The flow ers w hich he sent are
in that vase.

Pencerenin yannda oturan ii hastadr,

Gnderdii iekler u vazodadr,

ahslarla ki onun anlamn veren whose ile zaman iin kullanlan ve ki o

zaman anlamn veren when ve ki orada anlamn veren where szckleri ile
yaplm sfat cmleciklerini aadaki rneklerde inceleyiniz.
Do you know the woman who is
sitting in the other room?
I d id n 't like the cake which you
brought yesterday.
Bring me the letter w hich you
Bring me the letter that you wrote.
Do you remember the tim e when
you saw him?


Dier odada oturan kadn tanyor musun?

Dn getirdiin pastay beenmedim.
Yazdn mektubu bana getir.
Yazdn mektubu bana getir.
Onu grdn zaman hatrlyor musun?

This is the time when they buy

I dont know the garden where
they play with their friends.
This is the place where they killed
the king.
The man whose money was stolen
yesterday came to the police

Onlarn buday alma zaman budur.

Arkadalaryla oynadklar baheyi bilmiiyorum.
Kral ldrdkleri yer burasdr.
Dn paras alnan adam polis karakoluna

With szcnn de bir sfat cmlecii yapmakta kullanldn biliyoruz.

The dog with long ears.
The girl with beautiful eyes.
The table with short legs is too
small for this room.

Uzun kulakl kpek.

Gzel gzl kz.
Ksa bacakl masa bu oda iin ok kk

Get fiili eitli sfatlarla birleerek deiik fiiller meydana getirir.

to get warm
She got fat in four months.

snmak, scaklamak
Drt ayda imanlad.

Get fiili to, in, out gibi edatlarla kullanld zaman eitli anlamlar kazanr. Bu
anlamlar, get ile edat arasna bir isim girdiinde, aadaki rneklerde grlecei
gibi deiir.
to get to the station
We got to the station at ten o'clock.

istasyona varmak
stasyona saat onda vardk.

to get in
The boy got in through the window.
She couldn't get the table into
(in) the room.
The cat couldnt get out of the
Get the apples out one by one.
Get the apples out of the basket
one by one.
He got a rabbit out of the hat.
You must get up before eight.

ieri girmek
ocuk ieri pencereden girdi.
Masay odaya sokamad.
Kedi baheden kamad.
Elmalar birer birer kar.
Elmalar sepetten birer birer kar.
apkadan bir tavan kard.
Sekizden nce kalkmalsnz.


The hat fell down, and I got it up.

When did they get back?
They'll get all these animals to
the field.

apka yere dt ve onu (yerden) kaldr

Ne zaman geri geldiler? (dndler)
Btn bu hayvanlar tarlaya gtrecekler,

Aadaki cmleler, 60 ve 69. dersler arasnda aklamalar bal altnda
verilmi konularla ilgilidir. Bunlar, ait olduklar dersleri de gzden geirerek incele
Bir kayt tutarsanz ka para harcadnz
If you keep a record, you'll see
how much you spent.
Kznz alyor. Bir ey mi oldu?
Your daughter is crying. Is any
thing the matter?
The ship is sailing between the
Gemi iki ada arasnda seyrediyor.
two islands.
Buraya Paris yoluyla geldiler.
They came here via Paris.
Bu otelde kalrsan ban derde girecek.
You'll get into trouble if you
stay at this hotel.
Dman urada burada birka silah brakt.
The enemy left some guns here
and there.
We must get busy if we want to
ii le yemei vaktinden nce bitirmek is
finish the work before lunch time.
tiyorsak harekete gemeliyiz.
Keep out of sight; the policeman is Ortalkta dolama; polis (memuru) seni
looking for you.
He is a good boxer; you can't
O iyi bir boksrdr; onu nakavt edemezsin.
knock him out.
ok naziktiniz; yardmnz hayatm kurtar
It was very kind of you; your help
saved my life.
They made a bet to eat three kilos
kilo pasta yeme bahsine girdiler.
of cake.
Tren Erzurum'a hareket etti.
The train left for Erzurum.
I was out of breath after running
On dakika kotuktan sonra nefes nefeseyten minutes.
lm adamn ceketini yrtarak kardlar.
They tore off the coat of the
dead man.
Evet efendim, sizin iin bir mektup var.
Yes sir, there is a letter for you.
The man moved his head from side Adam ban bir o tarafa bir bu tarafa sal
to side.
Hadi, tiyatroya gidiyoruz.
Come along, we are going to the
Gemi Londraya vaktinden iki saat nce
The steamer arrived in London
two hours ahead of time.
I haven't got much money in hand.
Elde fazla param yok.

Dont worry about your son; It

will be all right.
I cant look after all these children
because I don't feel well.
He made up his mind to stop
smoking, but he gave up soon.
I am very tired after all this work,
and so are my helpers.
She is a very lazy girl, and so are
the others.
I ate a lot; that is why I cant run
to the post office.
He was very busy at the time, so
he didn't see us going into the
The boy came up to me and asked
the way to the station.
I am ashamed of myself.
The girl is ashamed of herself
because she came home very late.
Where shall I get these papers
The ship is due to arrive here before
six o'clock.
The students got into trouble when
they went into a field to play
The small ship was sailing against
the wind, so she arrived in
Istanbul two hours late.
We saw big flowers in the jungle
here and there.
The ship dropped anchor near the
You are out of breath; did you
come all this way running?

Olun hakknda zlme; iyi olacak.

(Yoluna girecek.)
Btn bu ocuklara bakamam, nk iyi
Sigara imeyi brakmaya karar verdi, fakat
ok gemeden vazgeti.
Btn bu iten sonra ok yorgunum, yar
dmclarm da yle.
O ok tembel bir kzdr, dierleri de yle.
ok yedim, bu yzden postaneye koamam.
O srada ok meguld, bu sebepten oda
ya giriimizi grmedi.
ocuk bana yaklat ve istasyon yolunu
Kendimden utanyorum.
Kz kendinden utanyor, nk eve ok
ge geldi.
Bu ktlar nerede mhrleteceim?
Geminin saat altdan nce buraya varmas
Bir alana futbol oynamaya girdikleri za
man rencilerin ba derde girdi.
Kk gemi rzgra kar seyrediyordu, bu
yzden stanbul'a iki saat ge geldi.
Vahi ormanda urada burada byk i
ekler grdk.
Gemi adann yaknna demir att.
Nefes nefesesin; btn bu yolu koarak m




Drdnc Basam ak

aboard [ibo:d]
confusion [kinfiurjm]
cover [kavij
distress [distres]
false [fo:ls]
push [pu]
pyramid [pirimid]
show [ou]
sober [soubi]


gemiye, gemide
tehlike, sknt
takma, sahte

fault []
funnel [faml]
furious [fiu:riis]
human [hiurmin]
progress [prougres]
skyline [skaylayn]
speed [spi:d]
stage [steyc]

insan, beer
hz, srat


I fear
Kt bir haber verilecei zaman, Trkede olduu gibi, korkarm ki...
anlamnda bir cmle ba birleiidir. Modern ngilizcede bu yapnn I am afraid
ekli tercih edilir. I hope birleiminin tamamen tersidir. nk I hope mit edilen,
beklenen, iyi olan bir eyi syler.
I fear it is going to rain.

Korkarm (ki) yamur yaacak.

I fear we have missed the last


Korkarm son treni kardk.

I am afraid I won't be able to

come to your party.

Korkarm ziyafetinize gelemeyeceim.

She fears her father will see her.

Korkar ki babas grecek.(Babas grecek

diye korkuyor.)

I hope we are not late again.

Umarm (inallah) yine ge kalmadk.

be trea out
Bitmek, mahvolmak, yorgunluktan can kmak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
I was tired out after the long

Uzun konferanstan sonra yorgun dtm.

After three hours of basketball, the

boys were tired out.

saatlik basketbol (oyunun)dan sonra

ocuklar bitap dt.

I'll be tired out if I have to walk

to the station.

istasyona yrmek zorunda kalrsam yor

gunluktan canm kacak.

When she finished writing all the

letters she was tired out.

Btn mektuplar yazmay bitirince bitap


agree to
Raz olmak, bir ey yapmay kabul etmek anlamnda bir deyimdir.
She agreed to marry him.
They agreed to come with us.

Onunla evlenmeye raz oldu.

Bizimle gelmeye raz oldular.


I agree to lend you some more

She agrees to stay at home with
the maid.

Size biraz daha fazla para vermeye raz

Hizmeti kzla evde kalmaya raz oluyor.

make up for
Bir kayb veya zarar demek, telafi etmek, yerine koymak anlamnda paral
bir fiildir.

I have broken your glasses. I want

to make up for them.
We have lost so much time. We
have to make up for it.
How can I make up for the trouble
that I started?
She has to make up for the money
she has lost.

Gzlnz krdm. Onu telafi etmek

ok zaman kaybettik. Onu telafi etmeli
Balattm (sebep olduum) znty
nasl telafi edebilirim?
Kaybettii paray telafi etmek zorunda

Hibiri, hibir tane, hibir para anlamnda bir szcktr. Szcn kendisi
olumsuz olduu iin, iinde bulunduu cmle ayrca bir daha olumsuz hale getiril
mez, yani cmlenin kendisi olumludur.

- Have you any friends in this city?

- 1 have none.
- How many books did you take
- 1took none.
You must give me some food. I
have none.
How many cigarettes are there in
that packet? There are none.


- Bu ehirde hi arkadan var m?

- Hibir tane yok (hi yok).
- Ka kitap alp gtrdn?
- Hibir tane al(ma)dm.
Bana biraz yiyecek vermelisiniz.
Benim hi yok.
u pakette ka tane sigara var?
Hibir tane var. (yok).


John Bunsby, the master of their ship, gave the order to start, and the little
ship went over the sea like a bird. There was a good wind, and she made
good speed. The master and his men stayed on deck all night. At dawn the
little ship had gone more than 100 miles. If the wind did not change, she
could cover the 800 miles in time. By evening they had gone 220 miles. At
dawn, the second day, John Bunsby said:
I fear we are going to have a storm.
At breakfast time the wind and rain struck the ship. All day the storm drove
them on. They watched the mountains of water behind them driven on by the
wind. The water often came up over the deck and made them very wet. But
the ship went on, for the wind was from the south.
In the 'evening the wind changed to the northwest, and the big waves hit
the little ship on the side. Twice she nearly sank. During the night the storm
got worse. Mr. Fix was very sick..Aouda was tired out. The seamen were ex
cited and had to work hard to sail the ship safely. Only Mr. Fogg was still
quite calm.
Daylight came. The waves were still high, but the wind was falling. Not
another ship was in sight. The little ship made good progress all that day and
night. The next morning,' 11th November, they were about 100 miles from
Shanghai. Could they be there before the steamer sailed? At noon, they had
only 45 miles to go. At seven o'clock they were only 3 miles from Shanghai,
and the ship was sailing well.
But what was that on the skyline? The smoke from the funnel of the
steamer leaving Shanghai!
John Bunsby was furious. After ail that stormy voyage they were too late!
But Mr. Fogg said calmly, Signal her! Put up your flag!
John Bunsby put up the flag -a signal of distress. Boom went the small
The captain of the San Francisco steamer General Grant heard the signal
and turned back to help the little ship. When the great ship came near. Mr.
Fogg thanked John Bunsby, paid him, and with Mrs. Aouda and Mr. Fix, he
climbed aboard. The captain agreed to take them to Yokohama.


The General Grant arrived in Yokohama just one day after the Carnatic,
which was still in the harbour.
Mr. Fogg wrote in his notebook:
Nov. 11 Mon.


nearly missed the

General Grant

When they landed in Yokohama Mr. Fogg went on board the Carnatic and
asked, Had you a passenger from Hong Kong called Passepartout?
Yes, we had. He went ashore yesterday.
All morning Mr. Fogg looked for Passepartout, but he could not find him.
In the afternoon he took Aouda to see a circus in the town. It was a good
circus with clever acrobats. The last act was called The Human Pyramid.
Some of the acrobats, with long false noses, lay on the stage, and other ac
robats stood on their noses.
Suddenly the pyramid fell like a house of cards. There was great confusion
on the stage! Then one of the acrobats ran off the stage toward Mr. Fogg,
calling, Master! Master!
Passepartout! What are you doing in these ridiculous clothes? said Mr.
Fogg. Go to the steamer at once. It sails in a few hours.
The master of the circus was furious. One of his acrobats was walking
away and spoiling his human pyramid! He shouted for a long time. Mr. Fogg
did not know what had happened, but he said to the master of the circus,
This is my servant. He must come with me. I am sorry if my servant has
spoiled your show. Here is some money to make up for it.
Mr. Fogg, Mrs. Aouda, and Passepartout walked towards the quay.
Where are your own clothes, Passepartout? Mr. Fogg asked.
I sold them, sir, replied Passepartout.
Then go now and buy new clothes for yourself, and come back to the ship
Mr. Fogg gave him some money and Passepartout went. Aouda and Mr.
Fogg went back to their ship, the General Grant.
Passepartout soon came to the ship dressed in new clothes. He went at
once to Mr. Foggs cabin.


Sir, he said, 1 am ashamed of myself. I do not remember clearly what

happened at Hong Kong because I was drunk.
Drunk? You foolish fellow! What made you go and get drunk? You were
sober when I sent you to buy tickets.
Yes, sir. I went to the office and engaged three cabins. They said, The
boiler has been repaired. The ship will sail tonight.' I remember saying, 'My
master will be glad. I must go and tell him.' But I did not go.
Where did you go? asked Mr. Fogg.
1 went into a wine shop with someone. I don't remember what happened
there. But I remember coming out of the wine shop shouting, 'Carnatic!
Carnatic!' Some people pushed me on board the Carnatic just before she
sailed. In the morning I woke up with a headache, i went on deck to look for
you, but you were not there. I asked where your cabin was, but they said
there was no passenger called Mr. Fogg. 'Am I on the wrong ship?' I asked.
This is the Carnatic, they told me.
Then where is Mr. Fogg? I asked.
Suddenly I remembered I had not told you about the ship sailing in the
evening. Then I knew you had missed the Carnatic. You would have to wait a
week for the next steamer. You would be late. You would lose your bet of
20,000 pounds. And it was all my fault. I wept like a child!
Suddenly Passepartout stopped speaking and looked at his master.
But, sir, you are in Yokohama! How did you get here? Was there another
I'll tell you about that later, said Mr. Fogg. Go on with your story. How
did you manage to live when you had no money? I know you had none, and
you have been in Yokohama for two days!


John Bunsby, gemilerinin sahibi, hareket emrini verdi ve kk gemi deniz z
erinde bir ku gibi gitti. yi bir rzgr vard ve o iyi srat yapt. Sahip (kaptan) ve
adamlar btn gece gvertede kaldlar. afakta kk gemi 100 milden fazla git
miti. Eer rzgr deimezse, 800 mili zamannda kapayabilirdi (alabilirdi). Ak
ama kadar 220 mil gitmilerdi. afakta, ikinci gn, John Bunsby dedi:
Bir frtnaya tutulacamzdan korkuyorum.


Kahvalt vaktinde rzgr ve yamur gemiye vurdu. Btn gn frtna onlar ileri
srkledi. Onlar, rzgr tarafndan srklenen arkalarndaki su dalarn seyrettiler.
Su ou zaman gvertenin zerinden geliyor ve onlar ok slatyordu. Ama gemi
gitmeye devam etti, nk rzgr gneydendi.
Akamleyin rzgr kuzey batya dnd ve byk dalgalar kk gemiyi yan ta
rafndan vurdu. ki defa neredeyse batt (batyordu). Geceleyin frtna daha
ktleti. Mr. Fix ok hastayd. Aouda bitkindi. Gemiciler heyecanlydlar ve gemiyi
salimen gtrmek iin ok almak zorundaydlar. Sadece Mr. Fogg hl tama
men sakindi.
Gndz geldi (afak skt). Dalgalar hl yksekti, fakat rzgr dyordu
(diniyordu). Grnrde baka bir gemi yoktu. Kk gemi btn gn ve gece iyi
ilerleme yapt (iyi yol ald). Ertesi sabah, 11 kasmda, onlar angay'dan tahminen
100 mil (uzakta) idiler. Onlar vapur hareket etmeden orada olabilecekler miydi?
leyin, gidecek 45 milleri vard sadece. Saat yedide angay'dan ancak 3 mil
(uzakta) idiler ve gemi iyi gidiyordu.
Fakat ufuk hattndaki bu neydi? angay terk etmekte olan vapurun bacasndan
(kan) duman!
John Bunsby ok fkeliydi. Btn o frtnal yolculuktan sonra onlar ok getiler
(ge kalmlard)! Fakat Mr. Fogg sakin bir ekilde, Ona iaret ver. Bayran
ek! dedi.
John Bunsby bayra ekti. Bir felket iareti. Bum... diye gitti (patlad) kk
San Fransisko vapuru General Grant'n kaptan iareti duydu ve kk gemiye
yardm etmek iin geri dnd. Byk gemi yakna gelince (yaklanca), Mr. Fogg
John Bunsby'ye teekkr etti. Ona parasn verdi ve Aouda ve Mr. Fix'le vapura
kt. Kaptan onlar Yokohama'ya gtrmeye raz oldu.

General Grant Yokohama'ya, hl limanda bulunan Carnaticten sadece bir gn
sonra vard.
Mr. Fogg defterine y a z d :
Kasm 11, pazartesi


Hemen hemen General

Grant' kard(k).

Yokohama'da karaya ktklar zaman Mr. Fogg Carnatic'e kt ve sordu. Hong

Kongtan Passepartout adnda bir yolcunuz var myd?


Evet, vard. Dn karaya kt.

Btn sabah Mr. Fogg Passepartout'yu arad fakat onu bulamad.
leden sonra Aouda'y ehirde bir sirki grmeye gtrd. O, zeki akrobatlar
olan iyi bir sirkti. Son perde (numara) insan piramidi isimliydi. Uzun yalanc
(takma) burunlu baz akrobatlar sahnenin stne yattlar ve dier akrobatlar onlarn
burunlar zerinde durdular.
Piramit anszn, iskambil kdndan bir ev gibi ykld. Sahnede byk bir
karklk (aknlk) vard. Sonra akrobatlardan bir tanesi sahneden Mr. Fogga
doru Efendim! Efendim! diye seslenerek kotu.
Passepartout! Bu gln elbise iinde ne yapyorsun? dedi. Mr. Fogg. Derhal
vapura git. Birka saat iinde hareket ediyor.
Sirkin sahibi (ok) kzgnd. Onun akrobatlarndan birisi uzaklayor ve insan
piramidini bozuyordu! Uzun zaman bard. Mr. Fogg ne olduunu bilmiyordu, fakat
sirk sahibine dedi. Bu benim uamdr. O benimle beraber gelmeli. Uam
gsterinizi bozduysa zr dilerim, ite onu telafi etmek zere biraz para.
Mr. Fogg, Mrs. Aouda ve Passepartut rhtma doru yrdler.
Kendi elbisen nerede, Passepartut? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.
Onlar sattm efendim, diye cevap verdi Passepartout.
O halde imdi git ve kendin iin yeni elbise(ler) al ve sratle vapura dn.
Mr. Fogg ona biraz para verdi ve Passepartout gitti. Aouda ve Mr. Fogg siz
orada deildiniz. Sizin vapurlarna, General Grant'a dndler.
Passepartout ok gemeden yeni elbise(ler) iinde giyinmi olarak vapura geldi.
Derhal Mr. Fogg'un kamarasna gitti.
Efendim, dedi. Kendimden utanyorum. Hong Kong'da ne olduunu ak
olarak hatrlamyorum, nk sarhotum.
Sarho (mu)? Sen budala adam! Seni ne gitmeye ve sarho olmaya zorlad?
Seni bilet almaya gnderdiim zaman ayktn.
Evet, efendim. Gieye gittim ve kamara ayrttm. Onlar Kazan tamir edildi.
Gemi bu gece hareket edecek. dediler. Ben 'Efendim memnun olacak. Gitmeli ve
ona sylemeliyim.' dediimi hatrlyorum. Fakat gitmedim.
Nereye gittin? diye sordu Mr. Fogg.


Birisiyle beraber bir arap dkknna gittim. Orada ne olduunu hatrlam

yorum. Fakat arap dkknndan Carnatic! Carnatic! diye bararak ktm
hatrlyorum. Baz kimseler beni hareketinden hemen biraz nce Carnatic'e ittiler.
Sabahleyin bir ba ars ile uyandm. Gverteye sizi aramak iin gittim. Fakat
kamaranzn nerede olduunu sordum, fakat onlar Mr. Fogg adl bir yolcu ol
madn sylediler. Ben yanl gemide miyim? diye sordum.
Bu Carnatic'tir, dediler bana.
O halde Mr. Fogg nerede? diye sordum.
Birden, geminin akam hareket edecei hakknda size sylememi olduumu
hatrladm. Sonra Carnatici karm olduunuzu bildim. Bir sonraki vapur iin bir
hafta beklemek zorunda kalacaktnz. Ge kalacaktnz. 20.000 sterlinlik bahsinizi
kaybedecektiniz. Ve o btn benim kabahatimdi. Bir ocuk gibi aladml
Anszn Passepartout konumay durdurdu (kesti) ve efendisine bakt. Fakat,
efendim, siz Yokohama'dasnz! Buraya nasl geldiniz? Bir baka gemi mi vard?
Onun hakknda sana daha sonra sylerim, dedi Mr. Fogg. Hikyene devam
et. Hi paran yokken nasl yaamay baardn? Hi (paran) olmadn biliyorum ve
iki gndr Yokohama'dasn!


Drdnc Basamak


ngilizcede arzular ve dilekler zel bir cmle dzeni iinde sylenirler ki bunlarn
en ok kullanlan arzu ederim, arzu ederdim anlamna gelen I wish'tir.

Byle bir cmlenin nasl yaplacan grmeden nce, meydana getireceimiz

cmlenin ne anlama geleceini, yani Trkesini ele alalm.

Evde olmay isterim (isterdim). (Evde olaym isterdim.)

Arkadam grmeyi isterdim. (Arkadam greyim isterim.)
Bu kitab okumay isterdim. (Bu kitab okuyaym isterim.)
ngiltere'ye gitmeyi isterdim. (ngiltere'ye gideyim isterim.)

Grld gibi cmleler znenin, bir iin yaplmas konusunda u andaki arzu
veya isteini belirtiyor. Trke cmlelerden de fark edilecei gibi cmlede iki blm
vardr. Biri arzuyu belirten blm, dieri de olmas istenen eyi gsteren blm. Bu
durum ngilizcede de byle olacaktr ve cmle iki blmde incelenecektir.
Bu cmlelerin birinci ksm, yukarda da belirttiimiz gibi I wish'dir. Bu cmle
biimlerinde birinci ahs ok kullanld iin I w ish diyoruz, yoksa dier zneler de
bu kalpta kullanlrlar. (You wish, He w ishes gibi).
Cmlenin ikinci ksm, fiilinin zaman genellikle gemi olan bir baka cmledir.
zne ayn veya deiik olabilir.
Sylediklerimizi imdi rnekler zerinde daha iyi belirtelim. nce fiili gemi
zaman olan bir cmle meydana getirelim.


I went to the cinema.

Sinemaya gittim.

imdi bu cmleyi I wish ksm ile birletirelim.

I wish I went to the cinema every
Her gn sinemaya gittiimi (gideyim)
I wish I saw my friends more often. Arkadalarm daha sk grdm
(greyim) isterim.
I wish I went to England often.
ngiltere'ye sk sk gittiimi (gideyim)

Bu cmlelerde belirtilen istek ve arzu (ikinci blmdeki fiilin zaman gemi

zaman olduu halde) u andaki istektir. Bu tip cmlelerde zne olarak dier ahs
lar da yer alabilir.
I wish she went to the cinema
every day.
She wishes i saw my friends more
They wish she often went to
I wish she wrote her letters in ink.
She wishes she knew the answer.
They wish we understood the
Ahmet wishes Zeynep came home

Her gn sinemaya gitmesini (gitsin) isterim.

Arkadalarm daha sk grmemi
(greyim) ister.
Sk sk Ingiltere'ye gittiini (gitsin)
Mektuplarn mrekkeple yazmasn
(yazsn) isterim.
Cevab bildiini (bilsin) ister.
retmeni anlamamz (anlayalm) ister
Ahmet, Zeynep'in eve erken gelmesini
(gelsin) ister.

Btn bu cmleler bize olmalar mmkn arzulardan ziyade olmalar imknsz

(hi olmazsa u an iin imknsz) arzular anlatyorlar. Trkede bunlara dilek kipi
denir. Bu tip cmlelerde belirtilen arzular bsbtn imknsz olmasalar bile hi
olmazsa u anda yerine getirilmeleri mmkn olmayan arzular olmas gerekir.
zet olarak yle diyebiliriz:
I wish ile balayan iki ksml cmlelerin ikinci ksmlar gemi zaman halinde bir
fiil ierir, arzu ve dilekler ya tamamen veya geici olarak, zellikle u an iin mm
kn deildir.
imdi bu tip cmlelerin soru ve olumsuz biimlerini grelim. Cmlenin olum
suzluu, birinci ksm olan I wish..., He wishes... ksmndan ziyade ikinci ksmda


I wish I didn't smoke so much.

Bu kadar ok sigara imemeyi (imeyeyim)


She wishes it didn't rain so often

in England.

Ingiltere'de bu kadar sk yamur yamadn (yamasn) ister.

Ahmet wishes Zeynep didnt bring

her friends home.

Ahmet, Zeynep'in arkadalarn eve getir

mediini (getirmesin) ister.

Soru haline sokmak iin cmlenin birinci ksmn soru yapmak yeterlidir.
You wish they gave us eggs every

Bize her sabah yumurta vermelerini

(versinler) istersin.

Do you wish they gave us eggs

every morning?

Bize her sabah yumurta vermelerini

(versinler) ister misin?

Cmlelerin bu ekilde soru yaplmalar her ne kadar dilbilgisine uygunsa da uy

gulamada daha ziyade olumsuz soru ekilleri tercih edilir.
Don't you wish they gave us eggs
every morning?

Bize her sabah yumurtalar vermelerini

(versinler) istemez misiniz?

Bu kursun 34. dersinde if ile birlikte to be fiilinin bir kullanl eklini grm ve
cmlenin znesi tekil de olsa, bu anlamda kullanld zaman, her ahs iin were
eklinin kullanldn renmitik. Bu da imdi rendiimiz wish ile yaplan dilek
kipi konusuna girdii iin birka rnekle tekrarlamay faydal buluyoruz.
If I were a teacher, I would teach
you German.

Bir retmen olsam sana Almanca re


If he were a good friend, he

wouldn't leave you alone.

yi bir arkada olsa seni yalnz brakmazd

If she were my sister, I would send

her to that school.

Benim kz kardeim olsa onu u okula gn


If they were here, they would

repair the car.

Burada olsalar otomobili tamir ederlerdi.


Bo yerleri doldurunuz.
1 - He was busy .... the time, so he didn't see us. 2 - The little girl came .... to
me and asked me the way to the hospital. 3 - He is ashamed .... himself. 4 There were a lot .... ships in the harbour. 5 - He offered his arm to the lady
who .... walking beside him. 6 - She was trembling because she was afraid ....
the elephant. 7 - I wish I understood half .... this letter. 8 - He was tired ....
after running ten minutes on the sand. 9 - What colour is the funnel .... the
steamer? 10 - There were three actors on the stage, and one of them was
sitting .... front of a garden wall. 11 - W h a t.... ridiculous offer! 12 - We paid a
lot of money to make up .... the damage. 13 - There .... a big crowd behind me,
and they pushed me towards the gate. 14 - The ship covered ten kilometres
.... fifteen minutes. 15 - She agreed .... come with us. 16 - I am tired .... your
stories. 17- 1 broke your vase, but I'll give you some money to make .... for it.
1 8 - 1 fear she won't accept my invitation because she is angry .... me. 19 None .... the students came to school on Saturday. 20 - 1 fear he can't come
.... Friday.

Translate into Turkish.
1 - 1 am ashamed of myself because I spoiled your plan. 2 - There was confu
sion in the street. 3 - His mother's false teeth were in the glass. 4 - I wish I
lived in your new apartment 5 - 1wish she married only once. 6 - He was writ
ing a letter at the time. 7 - 1fear you'll fall down and break your head. 8 - She
agreed to sign the papers and sat at the table. 9 - Robert was drunk so we put
him in a taxi and took him to his house. 10 - Why are you trembling? Are you
cold? 11 - When the sea is rough, he gets ill. 12 - It is a ridiculous excuse; I
cant believe it. 13 - There were warships in the harbour. 14 - There are two
hundred passengers aboard. 15 - You have no right to spoil our game.

Translate into English.
1 - Bu gemide iki kazan var. 2 - Oraya trenle gideceim. 3 - Onlarla Londra'ya git
meye raz oldum. 4 - Otomobil iin on bin lira teklif etti. 5 - Baz gemilerin kk
bacalar var. 6 - Margaret silah grd zaman titredi. 7 - Selma kendinden utan
yor nk dn okula gitmedi; sinemaya gitti. 8 - Bu adam sarho. Ona bir fincan


kahve verin. 9 - Sahnede iki aktr aktris var. 10 - Ayk olduun zaman seninle

68. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - after 2 - up 3 - so 4 - is 5 - - why 6 - in 7 - is 8 - of 9 - of 10 - the

1 - get 2 - get 3 - getting 4 - get 5 - got 6 - get 7 - get 8 - got 9 - get 10 - got

1 - ocuk gittike uzuyor. 2 - Doktor eve onda vard, nk hastanede meguld.
3 - Bu eyalar antaya sokabilir min? 4 - Btn ocuklar dar kardk. 5 Makineyi tamir ettireceim. 6 - Deniz sakindi, bu yzden zmir'e vaktinden iki saat
nce vardk. 7 - Affedersiniz, size bir ey sorabilir miyim? 8 - Vahi ormanda birok
kurtlar vard. 9 - Siz zmir'e gittiiniz zaman kpeinize bakacam. 10 - ngilizce
renme kararn verdi. 11 - Parasn israf etti. Bu sebepten ucuz oteller aryor. 12 O iyi bir iidir, olu da yle.

1 - Did you make up your mind to buy a car? 2 - i'll look after your children
when you go to the cinema. 3 - The room is getting warmer and warmer; we
can take our coats off. 4 - Thank you for your advice. 5 - We see four aero
planes in the air. 6 - All the eggs got bad. 7 - Get out! I don't want to see you
again. 8 - The dog bit some of the children. 9 - 1don't like bathing (swimming)
in a lake. 10 - 1cant excuse you because you made the same mistake again.

to give up

vazgemek, brakmak

The old man gave up drinking beer.

Yal adam bira imekten vazgeti.
She will give up going to tea parties.
ay partilerine gitmekten

You must give up trying

to take a photo of her.
Onun, resmini ekmekten

to fall ill

hastalanmak, hastala yakalanm ak

Last week he fell ill.

Geen hafta hastaland.

Many people fall ill in winter.

Birok kii kn hastalanr.

I hope you wont fall ill during your holiday.

nallah tatilinde hastalanmazsm

The football team was not successful because two of his best players fell ill.
Futbol takm baarl olmad, nk en iyi oyuncularnn ikisi hastaland.

on business

i sebebiyle, i iin, grevle

The gentlemen are here on business.

Beyler i iin buradadrlar.

He went to Paris on business.

Parise i iin gitti.

He is away in Samsun on business.

Samsunda i gerei bulunuyor.

Have you come to see me on business?

Beni i icab m grmeye geldiniz?


by accident

kazara, istemiyerek, yanllkla

She fell down the stairs by accident.

Kazara merdivenlerden dt.
She broke the vase by accident.
Vazoyu kazara krd.
He kicked the goal keeper by accident.
Kazara kaleciye tekme att.
I took your bag by accident.
antanz yanllkla aldm.

now and then

arada bir

We like going to the theatre now and then.

Arada bir tiyatroya gitmeyi severiz.
She doesnt come to our house, but I see her in the library now and then.
O bizim evimize gelmez, fakat ben onu arada bir ktphanede grrm.

Smith writes stories now and then.

Smith arada bir hikyeler yazar.

to make use of

kullanmak, istifade etmek, yararlanmak

You can make use of my office.

Bromdan yararlanabilirsin.
She made use of my typewriter.
Benim daktilomdan yararland.
When the brakes are out
of order, I make use of trees.
Frenler bozulunca aalardan


Drdnc Basamak


clothing [klouding]
delay [diley]
honest [onist]
neck [nek]
poster [pousti]
s till [stil]


ilan etme
namuslu, drst

gallery [geliri]

(tiyatroda) galeri

harm [ha:m]
hinder [hindi]
throat [trout]
tw ist [twist]
upset [apset]

zarar vermek
mani olmak
bozmak, altst


left over
Artan, ste kalan, harcanmayan, kullanlmayan anlamnda bir sfat birleiidir.
Genellikle to be ile birleerek passive (edilgen) fiil eklinde sylenir.
How much money was left over?
There are eleven books left over.
Are these the cakes left over?
She hadnt much money left over.

Ne kadar para artt? (Harcanmad?)

Artan (fazla gelen) on bir kitap var.
Artan pastalar bunlar m?
Artan ok paras yoktu. (Fazla paras

no wonder
Hi amam, tevekkeli deil anlamlarna gelen bir cmle balatcsdr.
It is snowing outside. No wonder
the rooms are very cold.
It is three o'clock in the afternoon.
No wonder I am hungry.

Darda kar yayor. Tevekkeli

deil odalar ok souk.
Saat leden sonra tr. Tevekkeli
deil karnm a.

be worried about
Bir kimse veya bir ey hakknda zlmek, onu merak etmek anlamnda bir
I am worried about my son. >
Who are you worried about?
They were worried about their
house by the river.
Why are you worried about your
daughter? She is 18 years old,
isn't she?

Olumu merak ediyorum.

Kimi merak ediyorsun?
Nehir kenarndaki evlerini merak ediyor
Kzn hakknda niin merak ediyorsun? O
18 yandadr, deil mi?

it w as... who
Bir cmlede ii yapan kii, yani fiilin znesi ancak fiilden sonra belli oluyorsa o
zaman cmleye geici zne ad verilen it ile balanr ve esas zne sonra gelir.
The little boy broke the window.

Kk ocuk pencereyi krd.


Bu cmlede zne bilindii iin kk ocuk fiilden nce gelmitir. Ama pen
cereyi krann kim olduu fiilden sonra anlalacaksa, yani Pencereyi kran kk
ocuktur. cmlesini sylemek gerekse, bu cmleye geici zne olan it'le
balamak gerekir.
It was the little boy who broke the
It was my father who gave me this
It was the director who saw the
children running away from school,
It was Mr. Fix who had made him

Pencereyi kran kk ocuktu,

Bu saati bana veren babamd,
Okuldan kamakta olan ocuklar gren
Onu sarho eden Mr. Fix'ti.

Bu konuyu ilerideki derslerimizde daha etrafl olarak ele alacaz.

on purpose
Kasten, bilerek, kastl olarak anlamna gelen bir birleimdir.

They missed the last bus on

She left her books at school on
Mr. Fix made Passepartout drunk
on purpose.

Son otobs kasten kardlar,

Kitaplarn kasten okulda brakt,
Mr. Fix Passepartout'yu kasten sarho

face to face
Yz yze, kar karya anlamnda bir deyimdir.
While she was out shopping, she
came face to face with her friend.
Let's talk about this matter face
to face.
He came face to face with Passepartout on deck.


Alveri etmek iin dardayken arkadayla yz yze geldi.

Bu meseleyi yz yze konualm,
Passepartout ile gvertede yz yze

Genellikle olumsuz ve soru cmlelerinde tercih edilen ve cret etmek cesaret
etmek anlamna gelen bir yardmc fiildir. Btn yardmc fiillerde olduu gibi, bu
yardmc fiilden sonra esas fiilin sadece hibir ek almam olan yaln hali gelir.
to come home late
He dare not come home late.
How dare he call me a thief?
How dare you smoke cigarettes
in front of your father?

eve ge gelmek
Eve ge gelmeye cesaret etmez,
Bana nasl hrsz demeye cret
Babann nnde sigara imeye nasl
cret ediyorsun?

The Carnatic reached Yokohama yesterday, 13th November, said
Passepartout. I came ashore and wandered about the city. I watched the
Japanese children playing in the streets. I looked at the shops. The temples
in the shade of the trees were very beautiful, but I did not go inside. I did not
know their customs, and I remembered what had happened in Bombay.
Then I walked into the country outside the city. I saw the rice-fields. At the
end of the day I was very tired and hungry. I went back to the quay, but I
could not go on the Carnatic. I had no money. I lay down on the quay and
watched some men fishing. I fell asleep there.
This morning, when I awoke, I was very hungry indeed. I tried singing in
the street. But no one would give money to a man with good clothing. Then I
had an idea. I sold my clothes and bought an old Japanese clothes. I had
some money left over, so I had a good breakfast of cold chicken and rice.
After breakfast I saw a poster advertising a circus. I thought I might get a
job as an acrobat for a week, till the next steamer brought you from Hong
Kong. The circus master engaged me because I was strong.
I saw that poster, too, said Mr. Fogg. I looked for you all the morning in
the streets. In the afternoon I took Aouda to see the circus. It was a good
show and we enjoyed watching the 'human pyramid'. We never thought you
were in it! We were very surprised when it suddenly fell and you came out of
the middle of it.
Yes, I was lying on the floor with a false nose. I had to lie quite still. The
other acrobats stood on my nose. As I lay there I suddenly saw you sitting in


the gallery. I was so excited that I jumped up. That, of course, upset the
whole pyramid. The master was very angry!
No wonder, said Mr. Fogg. You spoiled the show! But I am glad we
have found you. Aouda has been very worried about you. You had better go
now and tell your story to her.

That evening Mr. Fogg wrote in his notebook:

Nov. 14, Thurs.


up to time

The sea was calm as they sailed across the Pacific Ocean, and they had a
good voyage.
Aouda was glad to have Passepartout with them again. She told him about
their exciting voyage from Hong Kong to Shanghai. John Bunsby's little
ship was wonderful, but we nearly missed the General Grant at Shanghai
because of the storm. We had another gentleman with us, she said.We met
him on the quay at Hong Kong. He had missed the Carnatic, too. So Mr. Fogg
offered to take him with us. I have not seen him since we left Yokohama. His
name was Mr. Fix.
When Aouda said, Mr. Fix, Passepartout was worried. It was Mr. Fix who
had made him drunk at Hong Kong. He wqs sure he had done it on purpose.
Was Mr. Fix on board the General Grant now?
Yes, Mr. Fix was on board. He was keeping out of sight because he did not
want to meet Passepartout or Mr. Fogg. He now had a warrant to arrest Mr.
Fogg. He got it at the police station at Yokohama, but he could not arrest him
in a foreign country. I'll follow that robber to England and catch him there,
he said to himself.
One day, when Mr. Fix was going back to his cabin, he came face to face
with Passepartout on deck. Passepartout said nothing but jumped at Mr.
Fixs throat and began to hit him as hard as he could. The other people on
the deck were surprised. Passepartout pulled Mr. Fix into a corner. I hit
you, he said, because you are an enemy of my master. You have been try
ing to hinder him. I don't know why.
I'll tell you why, said Mr. Fix. I am a detective, and your master is a
What? shouted Passepartout. How dare you say my master is thief!
and he jumped at Mr. Fix again.


If you will stop hitting me I will tell you all about it, said Mr. Fix. 1 want
to arrest your master because he stole 55,000 pounds from a bank in Lon
don. I could not arrest him in Bombay, or Calcutta, or Hong Kong because I
had no warrant. I tried to delay him until the warrant came from London. I told
the priests in Calcutta to make trouble for you. Imade you drunk in Hong
Kong. I made Mr. Fogg miss his ship there.
Passepartout listened. He wanted to hit Mr. Fix again.
1 got the warrant at Yokohama, said Mr. Fix, but I cannot arrest him in a
foreign country. Now I want him to get to England as soon as possible. I will
not try to delay him any more. You want him to get to England too, so we can
be friends.
Be friends! Never! shouted Passepartout. You believe my master is a
thief. I know he is an honest man! And if you try to harm my master, I'll twist
your neck.
You are stupid, said Mr. Fix; and he went to his cabin.
Shall I tell my master about Mr., Fix? said Passepartout to himself. No, I
will not worry him. Mr. Fix cannot harm my master, because he is not a thief.
Eleven days later, on 3rd December, the General Grant arrived at San
Francisco. Mr. Fogg was up to time. He wrote in hisnotebook:
Dec. 3, Tues.

San Francisco

up to time

Carnatic Yokohama'ya dn ulat, 13 kasmda, dedi Passepartout. Karaya
ktm ve ehirde dolatm. Caddelerde oynayan Japon ocuklarn seyrettim. Dk
knlara baktm. Aalarn glgelerindeki mabetler ok gzeldi, fakat ieriye
girmedim. Onlarn detlerini bilmiyordum ve Bombay'da olan hatrladm.
Sonra ehrin dndaki krlara yrdm. Pirin tarlalarn grdm. Gnn
sonunda ok yorgun ve atm. Rhtma dndm fakat Carnatic'e gidemedim (gide
mezdim). Hi param yoktu. Rhtmn zerine yattm ve balk tutan baz adamlar
seyrettim. Orada uyuya kaldm.
Bu sabah, uyandm zaman hakikaten ok atm. Caddede ark sylemeyi
denedim. Fakat hi kimse iyi elbiseli bir adama para vermeyecekti. Sonra aklma
bir fikir geldi. Elbiselerimi sattm ve eski Japon elbisesi satn aldm. Bir para param
artmt, bylece souk pili ve pirinten iyi bir kahvalt ettim.
Kahvaltdan sonra bir sirki reklam eden bir afi grdm. Bir hafta iin bir akro
bat olarak i bulabileceimi dndm. Bir sonraki vapur sizi Hong Kong'tan
getirene kadar. Sirk sahibi beni angaje etti nk ben kuvvetliydim.


O afii ben de grdm, dedi Mr. Fogg. Caddelerde btn sabah seni aradm.
leden sonra Aouda'y sirki grmeye gtrdm. O iyi bir gsteriydi ve biz insan
piramidini seyretmekten zevk duyduk. Senin onun iinde olduunu asla dn
medik! O aniden dt ve sen onun ortasndan geldiin zaman ok ardk.
Evet, ben takma bir burunla yerde yatyordum. Tamamen hareketsiz yatmak
mecburiyetindeydim. Dier akrobatlar benim burnum zerinde durdular. Ben orada
yatarken aniden sizi galeride oturur grdm. O kadar heyecanlandm ki ayaa fr
ladm. Bu, pek tabii btn piramidi bozdu. Sahip (patron) ok kzd!
Tevekkeli deil dedi Mr. Fogg. Sen gsteriyi berbat ettin! Fakat seni bul
duumuza memnunum. Aouda senin iin ok merakland.(Seni ok merak etti).
imdi git ve hikyeni ona anlat daha iyi.(Gidip anlatsan iyi olur.)
O akam Mr. Fogg defterine yazd:
Kasm 14 perembe




Pasifik Okyanusundan (geerek) seyrederlerken deniz sakindi ve onlar iyi bir
yolculuk yaptlar.
Aouda, Passepartout'nun tekrar beraberlerinde oluuna memnundu. O ona
Hong Kong'tan angay'a olan heyecanl yolculuklar hakknda anlatt. John Bunsbynin kk gemisi harikayd fakat az kalsri frtna yznden angay'da General
Grant'i kardk (karyorduk). Bizimle bir baka bey (de) vard. dedi. Ona Hong
Kong'ta rhtmda rastladk. O da Carnatic'i karmt bu yzden Mr. Fogg onu
bizimle gtrmeyi teklif etti. Yokohama'dan ayrldmzdan beri onu grmedim.
Onun ad Mr. Fixti.
Aouda Mr. Fix deyince, Passepartout endielendi. Onu Hong Kongta sarho
eden Mr. Fix'ti. Onu kasten yapm olduundan emindi. Mr. Fix imdi General
Grant'te miydi?
Evet Mr. Fix vapurdayd. Gzden uzakta duruyordu nk Passepartout veya
Mr. Fogg'a rastlamak istemiyordu. imdi Mr. Fogg'u tutuklamak iin bir tutuklama
mzekkeresine sahipti. Onu Yokohama'da polis karakolunda elde etmiti fakat onu
yabanc bir lkede tutuklayamazd.
Bu hrsz ngiltere'ye (kadar) takip edeceim ve onu orada yakalayacam
dedi kendi kendine.
Bir gn, Mr. Fix kamarasna dnerken Passepartout ile gvertede yz yze
geldi. Passepartout bir ey demedi fakat Mr. Fix'in boazna atlad ve ona gc
yettii kadar sert vurmaya balad. Gvertedeki dier halk ard. Passepartout

Mr. Fix'i bir keye ekti. Sana vuruyorum, dedi. nk sen benim efendimin
bir dmansn. Ona engel olmaya alyorsun. Niin bilmiyorum.
Sana syleyeceim niin olduunu dedi Mr. Fix. Ben bir dedektifim ve senin
efendin bir hrszdr.
Ne? diye bard Passepartout. Ne cesaretle efendimin bir hrsz olduunu
sylersin! Ve tekrar Mr. Fix'e atlad.
Bana vurmay brakrsan sana bu konuda her eyi syleyeceim, dedi Mr. Fix.
Ben senin efendini tutuklamay istiyorum nk o Londra'da bir bankadan 55,000
pound ald. Onu Bombayda veya Kalktta'da veya Hong Kong'ta tutuklayamadm
nk tutuklama mzekkerem yoktu. Londra'dan tutuklama mzekkeresi gelinceye
kadar onu geciktirmeye altm. Kalkttada rahiplere sizin iin glk kartma
larn syledim. Seni Hong Kong'ta sarho ettim. Mr. Fogg'un orada gemisini kart
Passepartout dinledi. O tekrar Mr. Fix'e vurmak istedi.
Tutuklama mzekkeresini Yokohama'da aldm dedi Mr. Fix, Fakat onu ya
banc bir lkede tutuklayamam. imdi onun mmkn olduu kadar abuk In
giltere'ye varmasn istiyorum. Artk onu geciktirmeye almayacam. Sen de
onun ngiltere'ye varmasn istiyorsun. Bu bakmdan arkada olabiliriz.
Arkada olmak (m)! Asla! diye bard Passepartout! Sen benim efendimin
bir hrsz olduuna inanyorsun. Ben onun namuslu bir adam olduunu biliyorum!
Ve eer efendime zarar vermeye alrsan, senin boynunu kvracam.
Sen budalasn, dedi Mr. Fix ve kamarasna gitti.
Efendime Mr. Fix hakknda syleyeyim mi? dedi Passepartout kendi kendine.
Hayr, onu zmeyeceim. Mr. Fix efendime zarar veremez, nk o bir hrsz
On bir gn sonra araln nde, General Grant San Fransiskoya vard. Mr.
Fogg vaktinde idi. Defterine yazd:
Aralk 3, sal




Drdnc Basam ak


isimlerden nce gelerek bir sfat gibi kullanlan ve olumlu bir cmlede bulunduu
halde cmleyi olumsuz hale getiren no szc aslnda daha nce grm
olduumuz any szc ile not szcnn, yani not any deyiminin yerine kul
lanlr ve tek szckten meydana gelmi olduu iin daha da sk kullanlr. Eit
anlaml olduklar iin nce not any ile baz cmleler grelim.

He has not any books.

They haven't any money.
Zeynep hasn't any friends
There isnt any salt in the

Onun hi (bir) kitab yok.

Hi paralar yok.
Zeynepin hi (bir) arkada yok.
Mutfakta hi tuz yok.

Bu cmlelerden de anmsayacanz gibi any szc saylamayan isimlerle

dorudan doruya (any money, any salt), fakat saylabilen isimlerin oullaryla
beraber (any books, any friends...) kullanlyordu. Bu cmlelerde not ve any sz
cklerinin karlnda no szcn kullandmz zaman da, bu szcn iinde
bir any szc bulunduunu hatrlayarak, saylabilen isimlerin oullarn,
saylamayan isimleri de olduu gibi kullanacamz hatrda tutmalyz.
imdi yukardaki cmlelerde not any yerine no szcn kullanalm.
He has no books.

Onun hi (bir) kitab yok.

They have no money.

Hi paralar yok.

Zeynep has no friends.

Zeynepin hi (bir) arkada yok.

There is no salt in the soup.

orbada hi tuz yok.


Grld gibi iinde no szc bulunan cmlelerin fiilleri daima olumludur.

nk cmlenin tamam olumsuzdur ve bir cmle hibir zaman iki defa olumsuz
olamaz. Bu bakmdan bu rneklerden herhangi birisine ayrca bir not olumsuzluk
eki eklenmesi ok yanl olur.
He has no shoes.
We have no sugar in the house.
There are no flowers in the vase.
There are no children in the garden.
They have no children.
I have no cigarettes.
There are no chairs in the room.
The cook put no salt in the soup.
I saw no cars in the street.
She brought no friends with her.
They drank no coffee at the station.
I found no milk in the kitchen.
He gave me no money.

Onun hi (bir) ayakkabs yok.

Evde hi ekerimiz yok.
Vazoda hi iek yok.
Bahede hi ocuk yok.
Onlarn hi ocuklar yok.
Hi sigaram yok.
Odada hi sandalye yok.
A orbaya hi tuz koymad.
Caddede hi(bir) araba grmedim.
Beraberinde hi(bir) arkada getirmedi,
istasyonda hi kahve imediler.
Mutfakta hi st bulmadm.
Bana hi para vermedi.

iinde no szc bulunan bu olumsuz cmlelerde genellikle no szcn

izleyen ismi de bir mastar takip edebilir.
I have no books.

Hi(bir) kitabm yok.

I have no books to read.

Okuyacak hibir kitabm yok.

She has no friends to bring here:

Buraya getirecek hibir arkada yok.

I have no time to go to the cinema.

Sinemaya gidecek hi vaktim yok.

They have no flowers to put in the


Vazoya koyacak hi iekleri yok.

They have no tea to drink.

ecek aylar yok.

The poor man has no bread to eat.

Zavall adamn yiyecek hi ekmei yok.

Eer mastarn kendisine ait bir edat varsa o da cmlenin sonunda yer alr.
There are no chairs to sit on.

stnde oturacak hi sandalye yok.

She has no pencils to write with.

(ile) yazacak bir kalemi yok.

We have no pictures to look at.

Bakacak hi resmimiz yok.


The poor people have no beds to

sleep in.

Fakir insanlarn (iinde) yatacak yataklar


I have no glasses to drink from.

(den) ieceim hibir bardam yok.

They have no plates to eat from.

(den) yiyecekleri hi tabaklar yok.

smi takiben gelen bu mastarlarn henz yaplmam iler olduuna ve gelecek

zaman ifade ettiklerine dikkatinizi ekeriz.
No szc birok szck ile birleerek yeni szckler meydana getirir. Bu bir
leik szckler de nonun uyduu kurallara uyar, yani cmle hi bir zaman ikinci
defa olumsuz olmaz ve fazladan bir not getirilmez.

vcut, kimse


hi kimse

Nobody came to school this


Bu sabah okula hi kimse gelmedi,

I saw nobody in the room.

Odada kimsyi grmedim.

They met nobody at the station.

stasyonda hi kimseyi karlamadlar.

Bir tane anlamna geldiini bildiimiz one szc hibir anlam fark gster
meden aynen body gibi kullanlr. Yukardaki rneklerdeki body szcn
kaldrp onun yerine one szcn koyabiliriz. Yalnz bu iki szck birleik olarak
deil, ayr olarak yazlr.
no one

hi kimse

I saw no one in the room.

Odada kimseyi grmedim.

No one came to school this morning. Bu sabah okula his kimse gelmedi.
They met no one at the station.
stasyonda hi kimseyi karlamadlar.
No szcnde olduu gibi, bunun birleimi olan szckler de kendilerinden
sonra, gelecek ifade eden bir mastar alabilirler.
I saw nobody (no one) to talk with,

(ile) konuacak hi kimse grmedim.

Bir soru szc ve sfat cmlecii olarak kullanldn grdmz where sz

c no ile birleerek hibir yer anlamnda bir birleik szck meydana getirir.



hibir yer

I have nowhere to go.

Gidecek hibir yerim yok.

They went nowhere this summer.

Bu yaz hibir yere gitmediler.

I saw him nowhere.

Onu hibir yerde grmedim.

She can see her hat nowhere.

Onun apkasn hibir yerde gremiyor.

They can play nowhere in the


Bahede hibir yerde oynayamazlar.

You can sleep nowhere in this


Bu evde hibir yerde uyuyamazsn.

No szcnn meydana getirdii birleik isimlerden bir tanesi de hibir ey

anlamna gelen nothing'dir.
I have nothing in my hand.

, Elimde hibir ey yok.

They have nothing to give you.

Size verecek hibir eyleri yok.

She has nothing to read.

Okuyacak hibir eyi yok.

I saw nothing in the basket.

Sepette hibir ey grmedim.

She said nothing to her mother.

Annesine hibir ey demedi.

They brought nothing with them.

Beraberlerinde hibir ey getirmediler.

You have nothing to be afraid of.

Korkacak bir ey(in) yok.

No szc tek olarak kullanld zaman kendisinden sonra saylabilen isimlerin

oulunu almasna ramen, bu szckten meydana gelmi olan nobody (no one)
ile nothing szckleri tekil anlamldr ve bu yzden aldklar fiil de tekildir.
There are no children in the room.

Odada hi ocuk(lar) yok.

There are no books on the table.

Masada hi kitap(lar) yok.

There are no maps on the walls.

Duvarlarda hi harita(lar) yok.

There is nobody (no one) in the


Odada kimse yok.


There is nobody here.

Burada kimse yok.

Nobody (no one) has a book like


Kimsenin byle bir kitab yoktur,

Nobody is working at this office.

Bu dairede hi kimse almyor.

No one was here this morning.

Bu sabah burada kimse yoktu.

Nobody understands your words.

Szlerinizi kimse anlamyor.

Nothing is important for you.

Senin iin hibir ey nemli deil.

There is nothing in her bag.

antasnda hibir ey yok.

There was nothing interesting in

the book.

Kitapta ilgin hibir ey yoktu,

Nobody has come today.

Bugn kimse gelmedi.

Nothing has changed in the town.

ehirde hibir ey deimedi.

No szcnn baka bir kullanlna gemeden, bir noktay tekrar ve nemle

tekrarlayalm, iinde no szc veya no szcnn birleik halleri bulunan bir
cmlede fiil daima olumludur. Bunu srarla belirtmemizin nedeni, Trkede no'nun
karl "hibir" szcn kullandktan sonra fiilin de olumsuz hale getirilmesidir.

Odada hibir ocuk yoktur.

Bu cmlede hem "hibir szc olimsuzdur, hem de fiil "yoktur" olumsuz
haldedir. Halbuki ngilizce cmle:
There are no children in the room.

Odada hibir ocuk var.

eklindedir. Bu nokta, iyice alncaya kadar, ngilizcede sk sk yaplan bir yanltr.

Buna ok dikkat etmek gerekir.
No szcnn bu kursumuzda greceimiz bir kullanl da sfatlarn (daha iyi,
daha byk, daha uzun, daha ksa...) karlatrma durumlaryla olandr.



daha kk

He is no smaller than his brother.

O kardeinden daha kk deildir.

This room is no larger than a


Bu oda bir mutfaktan daha byk deildir,


She is no younger than her husband.O kocasndan daha gen deildir.

This book is no easier than yours.

Bu kitap seninkinden daha kolay deildir.

He is no older than 35.

O 35ten daha yal deildir.

manage to
Bu kursumuzun 16. dersinde could szcn incelerken bunun soru ve olum
suz cmlelerde gerek bir defalk iler, gerekse her zaman yaplan iler iin kul
lanlabileceini, fakat bir defaya zg olumlu iler iin kullanlmasnn doru ol
madn grmtk. Could szcnn olumlu cmlelerde bir defaya zg iler
konusunda eksik brakt bu durumu baka bir birleim olan manage to tamamlar.
Manage to gemite bir defaya zg yaplabilmi olan hareket ve ileri ifade eden
I managed to come early.

Erken gelebildim. (Erken gelmeyi baar


Did she manage to repair the


Bisikleti tamir edebildi mi?

How did you manage to catch your


Trenine nasl yetiebildin?

We managed to get to the hospital

in time.

Vaktinde hastaneye varabildik,


Bo braklan yerleri doldurunuz.

1 - She had a lot of money left .... 2 - .... wonder they are reading the letter
again and again; their English isn't enough to understand it. 3 - She is wor
ried .... her husband; she hasn't received any letters from him since October.
4 -.... was his father who wrote a letter to the director. 5 - 1didn't come late ....
purpose; I missed the train. 6 - We'll understand each other better if we talk
face .... face. 7 - There is .... one in the room; everybody has gone out. 8 Please give me some money; I have .... money. 9 - .... one can understand this
question. 10 - He managed .... find a job for his brother.


Translate into Turkish.
1 - There were a lot of posters on the walls. 2 - The police delayed the depar
ture of the ship. 3 - He isnt an honest man; I can't believe him. 4 - They ate all
the food; nothing was left over. 5 - No wonder you are in a hurry; I under
stood you were ready to go somewhere. 6 - I am worried about my father; he
should have been here before nine o'clock; now it is eleven. 7 - It was Mr Fix
who telephoned to the police station. 8 - She didn't break the plate on pur
pose; she couldn't keep it in her hand when she saw the mouse. 9 - He can't
say anything when he comes face to face with her. 1 0 -1 managed to get two
tickets for the match. 11 - There were no children in the streets; it was too
cold to go out. 12 - They had no milk to give us, so we had tea. 13 - They met
nobody on their way to the cinema. 14 - She can go nowhere because it is
raining. 15 - Nothing is more exciting than hunting in a jungle. 16 - Tom had
no friends in Paris. 17 - The boy fell from the tree and his neck was broken.

Translate into English;
1 - Yal kadn olunu merak ediyor, nk iki aydr hi mektup almad. 2 - Pen
cereyi kran Ahmetti. 3 - Kasten ge geldim, nk Selma'y burada grmek
istemedim. 4 - Oraya gideceim ve doktorla yz yze konuacam. 5 - Duvarda iki
afi var. 6 - Koucular cadde boyunca kouyorlar. 7 - Uzun kulakl kpek arka
dama aittir. 8 - Dn gelen kz Robert'in arkadayd. 9 - imdi gkte drt uak
gryorum. 10 - Onlarn isimlerini hatrlyor musunuz?

72. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - at 2 - up 3 - of 4 - of 5 - was 6 - of 7 - of 8 - out 9 - of 10 - in 11 - a 12 - for

13 - was 14 - in 15 - to 16 - of 17 - up 18 - with 19 - of 20 - on

1 - Kendimden utanyorum, nk plannz bozdum. 2 - Sokakta karklk vard.
3 - Annesinin takma dileri bardan iindeydi. 4 - Yeni apartmannzda oturaym
isterim. 5 - Sadece bir defa evlensin isterim. 6 - O anda bir mektup yazyordu. 7 Korkarm decek ve ban kracaksn. 8 - Ktlar imzalamaya raz oldu ve ma
saya oturdu. 9 - Robert sarhotu, bu yzden onu bir taksiye koyduk ve evine


gtrdk. 10 - Niin titriyorsun? yor musun? 11 - Deniz dalgal olduu zaman

hasta olur. 12 - Gln bir mazeret, ona inanamam. 13 - Limanda sava gemileri
vard. 14 - Gemide iki yz yolcu var. 15 - Oyunumuzu bozmaya hakkn yok.

1 - There are two boilers in this ship. 2 - I'll go there by train. 3 - 1agreed to go
to London with them. 4 - He offered ten thousand liras for the car. 5 - Some
ships have small funnels. 6 Margaret trembled when she saw the gun. 7
Selma is ashamed of herself because she didn't go to school yesterday; she
went to the cinema. 8 This man is drunk; give him a cup of coffee. 9 - There
are two actors and three actresses on the stage. 10 - I'll talk to you when you
are sober.


Drdnc Basam ak


back [bek]
bison [bizn]
breath [bret]
[encin drayv]
herd [h:d]


geri gtrmek
yaban kz

carriage [keric]
coupling [kapling]
crash [kre]
engine [encin]
signal [signl]

yolcu vagonu
engel, ba

jo in [coyn]


knock [nok]
protect [pritekt]
race [reys]
Red Indian
[red indiin]
revolver [rivolvi]
risky [riski]
rush [ra]

slip [slip]



sob [sob]

i ekmek


speed [spi:d]
trunk [trank]
van [ven]
wheel [wi:l]
willing [wiling]
wounded [wundid]

yk vagonu

hzla gitmek


see (hear, watch...) somebody do something

Bir kimsenin (veya eyin) bir eyi yapn grmek (iitmek, seyretmek...)
anlamnda bir kalptr. Kalptaki do fiili Verine yaplan ii belirten fiilin emir hali konu
I saw him GO out of the room.

Onun odadan ktn grdm.

We heard them COME home.

Onlarn eve geldiklerini duyduk.

He watched me WRITE a letter.

Bir mektup yazm seyretti.

Buna benzer bir kalb gemi derslerimizde, yaplan iin emir hali yerine fiilin
ingli hali ile kullanmtk.
1 - 1saw him going out of the

Onu odadan karken grdm.

2 - 1saw him go out of the room.

Onun odadan ktn grdm.

Grld gibi iki cmle arasnda, grlen iin henz bitmemi olmasyla, bitip
tamamlanm olmas fark var. Birinci cmlede (Ben onu grdm zaman odadan
kyordu, fakat kp kmadn bilmiyorum.) anlam hkimdir. kinci cmlede ise
(O odadan kt ve ben onun kn grdm.) fikri hkimdir.
We heard them coming home.

Onlarn eve gelmekte olduklarn duyduk.

(Bizim duyduumuzda eve geliyorlard
ama geldiler mi bilmiyoruz.)

Onlarn eve geldiklerini duyduk. (Geldiler

ve ieri girdiler.)

We heard them come home.

let (somebody or something) do something

Bir kimse veya eyin bir eyi yapmasna msaade etmek, brakmak
anlamnda bir birleik fiildir.

Onlarn bahede oynamalarna msaade

ettik.(Braktk, gz yumduk).
Senin yanda sigara imene msaade
Tabaklar yere dmeye brakt.
(yi tutmad tabaklar elinden dt.)

We let them play in the garden.

I can't let you smoke cigarettes
at your age.
She let the plates fall on to the

hoid up
Durdurmak, mani olmak, tutmak, alkoymak anlamnda bir deyimdir.

The fog held up the morning trains.

This storm will hold up all the

Sis sabah trenlerini durdurdu.(Seferleri

Bu frtna btn trafii durduracak, (aksatacak)'.

take the risk

Tehlikeyi gze almak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
It was snowing heavily, so they
didn't take the risk of travelling at
Will you take the risk and tell him
that he has lost all his money?
He took the risk and opened the


Kar ok yayordu, bu yzden gece

seyahat etme tehlikesini gze almadlar.
Tehlikeyi gze alr btn parasn kaybet
mi olduunu syler misin?
Tehlikeyi gze ald ve kapy at.

hold one's breath

Bir kimsenin (korkudan) nefesini tutmas, nefesinin kesilmesi anlamnda bir
She held her breath when she saw Demenin stnde yatmakta olan l
the dead body lying on the floor.
vcudu grnce nefesi kesildi.
When the thieves saw the policeman,Hrszlar polisi grnce nefesleri kesildi,
they held their breath.
How long can you hold your
Ne kadar zaman nefesini tutabilirsin?

knock somebody on the head

Bir kimsenin bana (bir eyle) vurmak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
Don't knock the child on the head.
They knocked the man on the head
and took all his money.
You can't teach him anything
by knocking him on the head,

ocuun kafasna vurma.

( Adamn bana vurdular ve btn parasn
' aldlar.
Kafasna vurmakla ona bir ey retemezsin.

crash into something

Bir eye veya bir yere arpmak, arparak paralanmak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
The car crashed into a big tree.
If you go at this speed you will
crash into a lamp post.
The bus crashed into the train.

Otomobil byk bir aaca arpt. (Toslad).

Bu hzla gidersen bir lamba direine tosla
Otobs trene arpt.

know how
Bir eyin nasl yapldn bilmek anlamnda bir birleik fiildir.
Do you know how to open this
She doesn't know how to cook.
Does anybody know how to stop
this car?

Bu dolabn nasl aldn biliyormusun?

Nasl yemek piirildiini bilmiyor.
Bu arabann nasl duracan kimse biliyor mu?


take someone prisoner

Bir Kimseyi esir almak anlamnda bir birleik fiildir.
They took the general prisoner.
The enemy tried to take them
prisoner, but they all died fighting.
Turks can be killed, but they can't
be taken prisoner.

Generali esir aldlar.

Dman onlar esir almaya alt fakat on
larn hepsi dverek ldler.
Trkler ldrlebilir fakat esir alnamazlar.

In San Francisco, Passepartout read in the newspaper about Red Indians
attacking the trains crossing the Rocky Mountains.
Do you think we should buy some revolvers and ammunition for our rail
way journey, sir? he asked.
Mr. Fogg laughed. 1 don't think we shall need revolvers, Passepartout. But
you may buy half a dozen, if you like.
The train for New York left San Francisco at 6 p.m. on its long journey
across America. On the first afternoon a huge herd of bison held up the train.
Thousands of them were crossing the railway line from north to south, and
the train had to wait three hours to let them pass.

The next morning, just after breakfast, the train stopped again. Passepart
out and some of the other passengers got out. The signal was against them.
The signalman said: This train cannot go on. The bridge over the river,
about a mile farther on, is damaged.
But we can't stay here in the snow! What are you going to do? asked
one passenger.
There will be a train at the other side of the river. But there is no foot
bridge over the river here. The only footbridge is about seven miles up-river,
said the signalman. You will have to walk.
Walk seven miles in the snow! shouted the passengers. We can't do
that. You must thing of another way!
There is another way, said the engine-driver. We could rush the train, at
great speed, over the bridge. It is risky. But if we go very fast, I think the train
would get over before the bridge falls. Are the passengers willing to take the


All the passengers agreed to take the risk. There was nothing else to do.
They went back to their seats.
The engine-driver backed the train for about two miles. Then, the engine
started forward. It went faster and faster. The passengers held their breath.
The train raced across the bridge at a hundred miles an hour. It went so fast
that the wheels hardly touched the rails. It got over safely, but the bridge fell
into the river behind it!
About eleven o'clock that same morning a group of Red Indians attacked
the train. About a hundred of them jumped on the train. They knocked the
engine-driver on the head, and the engine rushed on with nobody to drive it.
The Red Indians climbed over the top of the train like monkeys. They
dropped into the carriages. They fought with the passengers. They threw
trunks out of the luggage van.
Passepartout was very glad he had bought the revolvers. He and Mr. Fogg
could protect Aouda from the Red Indians.
Passepartout heard the guard cry: How can we stop the train? It will
crash into something.
1 know how to get to the engine, cried Passepartout. They will not see
me. He slipped under one of the carriages. The Red Indians did not see him
pulling himself along under the carriages. It was a dangerous thing to do, but
Passepartout was an acrobat. He pulled himself to the front of the train. Then
he unfastened the heavy couplings which joined the train to the engine.
The engine raced on, but the carriages went slower and slower. At last
they stopped near a camp of soldiers. They ran out to see what the noise
was. The Red Indians ran away at once.
Many of the passengers were wounded, but Aouda and Mr. Fogg were un
hurt. Mr. Fix was wounded in the arm. But where was Passepartout?
They looked in the train and along the line, but they could not find him.
Perhaps the Indians have taken him prisoner! sobbed Aouda.
Don't worry, my dear. I'll find him, alive or dead, said Mr. Fogg gently.
You are so brave and so kind, dear Mr. Fogg! said the lady through her
We will go after the Indians at once and rescue Passepartout, said Mr.
Fogg. He has saved our lives by stopping the train. We must save him from
the Indians.



San Fransisko'da Passepartout, Rocky dalarn aan trenlere hcum eden
Kzlderililer hakknda gazetelerde okudu.
Tren seyahatimiz iin birka tabanca ve mhimmat almamz gerektiini sanyor
musunuz, efendim? diye sordu.
Mr. Fogg gld. Tabancalara ihtiyacmz olacan sanmyorum, Passepartout.
Ama sen istiyorsan yarm dzine alabilirsin.
Batan baa uzun Amerika yolculuu iin New York treni San Fransisko' yu
(leden sonra) saat 6' da terk etti. lk (gn) leden sonra, byk bir yaban kz
srs treni durdurdu. Onlarn binlercesi demiryolunu kuzeyden gneye doru
katediyordu ve tren onlarn gemesi(ne msaade etmek) iin saat beklemek
zorunda kald.
Ertesi sabah, kahvaltdan hemen biraz sonra, tren tekrar durdu. Passepartout ve
dier baz yolcular indiler. aret onlara karyd. areti, Bu tren devam edemez.
Tahminen yarm mil tedeki kpr hasara uramtr.
Fakat burada karda kalamayz! Ne yapacaksnz? diye sordu bir yolcu.
Nehrin dier tarafnda bir tren olacak. Fakat burada nehrin zerinden bir yaya
kprs (yayalar iin kpr) yok. Tek yaya kprs nehrin yaklak yedi mil yukarsndadr, dedi iareti. Yrmek zorunda kalacaksnz.

Karda yedi mil yrmek (mi)! diye bard yolcular. Biz bunu yapamayz. Bir
baka yol (are) dnmelisiniz!
Bir baka yol var, dedi makinist. Biz treni byk bir sratle kpr zerinden
hareket ettirebiliriz. O tehlikelidir. Fakat ok sratli gidersek, sanrm tren kpr
dmeden onun zerinden gidecekti^_Yolcular bu tehlikeyi gze almaya istekli
Btn yolcular tehlikeyi gze almaya raz oldular. Yapacak baka bir ey yoktu.
Onlar yerlerine dndler.
Makinist treni tahminen iki mil geri gtrd. Sonra lokomotif ileri doru
kete geti. Gittike daha sratlendi. Yolcular nefeslerini tuttular. Tren saatte yz mil
sratle kpr zerinden yart (sratle gitti). O kadar sratle gitti ki tekerlekler he
men hemen raylara demedi. Salimen dier tarafa gitti fakat arkasnda kpr
nehrin iine kt!
Ayn sabah tahminen on birde bir grup Kzlderili trene saldrdlar.Onlarn tahmi
nen yz tanesi trenin zerine atladlar. Makinistin kafasna vurdular ve lokomotif


onu srecek kimse olmadan sratle gitti. Kzlderililer trenin tepesine maymunlar
gibi trmandlar. Vagonlara atladlar. Yolcularla savatlar. Yk vagonundan sandk
lar dar attlar.
Passepartout silahlar alm olduuna ok memnundu. O ve Mr. Fogg Aouda'y
Kzlderililerden koruyabileceklerdi.
Passepartout muhafzn bardn duydu: Treni nasl durdurabiliriz? O bir
eye arpacak.
Ben lokomotife nasl varlacan biliyorum, diye bard Passepartout. Onlar
beni grmeyecekler. O vagonlardan birisinin altna kayd. Kzlderililer onun
kendisini vagonlarn alt boyunca ektiini grmediler. O yapmas tehlikeli bir eydi
fakat Passepartout bir akrobatt. Kendisini trenin n ksmna (kadar) ekti. Sonra
lokomotifi vagonlara balayan ar halkalar (balar) at.
Lokomotif yara (komaya) devam etti, fakat vagonlar gittike daha yava gitti.
En nihayet bir asker kampnn yaknhda durdular. Askerler grltnn ne olduunu
grmek iin dar kotular. Kzlderililer derhal katlar.
Yolcularn birou yaralyd, fakat Aouda ve Mr. Fogg incinmemiti. Mr. Fix kol
undan yaralyd. Fakat Passepartout neredeydi?
Onlar trenin iine ve hat boyunca baktlar, fakat onu bulamadlar. Belki Kzlde
rililer onu esir almlardr! diye iini ekti Aouda.
Merak etme, canm. Onu bulacam, canl veya l, dedi Mr. Fogg yavaa.
Siz ok cesur ve ok mfiksiniz sevgili Mr. Fogg! dedi hanm gzyalarnn
Biz derhal Kzlderililerin arkasndan gidecek ve Passepartout'y kurtaracaz,
dedi Mr. Fogg! O treni durdurarak bizim hayatlarmz kurtard. Biz onu Kzlde
rililerden kurtarmalyz.


Drdnc Basamak


Birinci kursumuzun 29. dersinde saat veya zaman yerine, 58. dersimizde ise
have yerine kullanldn renmi olduumuz it szc ngilizcede baka yer
lerde de ok sk kullanlr. It'in yeni kullanllarn grmeden nce, birinci kursu
muzda grm olduklarmz ksaca tekrar edelim:

It is six oclock.
What time is it?
What day is it today?
It is Tuesday.
It is raining.
It is very cold.
It is getting dark.
It will be sunny next week.

(O, yani saat) altdr.

(O, yani saat ne vakittir) saat katr?
Bugn hangi gndr?
O saldr.
(Hava) yamur yayor.
O, (yani hava) ok souktur.
O, (yani hava) kararyor.
Gelecek hafta (o, yani hava) gneli ola

Bir cmlenin znesi ancak fiil sylendikten sonra belli oluyorsa, bu cmlenin
znesi, geici zne dediimiz it'dir.
Who is that man standing
near the gate?

Kapnn yannda duran u adam kimdir?

Byle bir sorunun cevabnn (O tarih retmenimizdir.) veya benzeri bir cmle
olmas gerekir. Bildiimiz kurallar gereince bu cmleyi yazalm.

He is our history teacher.


O bizim tarih retmenimizdir.

Cmlede ak olarak grlecei gibi (tarih retmenimiz), cmlenin esas znesi

olduu halde is fiilini takiben geliyor ve zne yerinde de "o" anlamna gelen he
szc var. Aslnda bu doru olmayan bir cmle rneidir. Is fiilini takiben gelen
zne ne veya kim olursa olsun bu tip cmleler daima it znesi ile balamaldr.
Who is that man standing
near the gate?
t is our history teacher.

Kapnn yannda duran u adam kimdir?

O tarih retmenimizdir.

It is my brother.
It is my father.
Who is at the door?
It is my mother.
Somebody is singing.
It is my sister.

O benim erkek kardeimdir.

O benim babamdr.
Kapdaki kimdir?
(O annemdir) annem.
Birisi ark sylyor.
(O) benim kz kardeimdir.

Bu esas zerinden, ngilizcede ok sk kullanlan u tip cmle biimlerine gee


Kitab getiren babamd.

Seni caddede gren mdrd.
Bizi okula getiren annemizdir.

Bu cmlelerde de, esas ii yapan kii cmlenin fiilinden sonra gelecei iin
bunlarn da it ile balamalar arttr. Ancak cmlelerin ifadesinden de anlalaca
gibi bu znelerin kendilerine mahsus ve onlarn ne i yaptn belirten birer sfat
cmlecikleri de var. Sfat cmleciklerinin kiiler iin who szc ile baladn
birinci kursumuzun 91. dersinden biliyoruz.
It was my father...
Who brought the book.
It was my father who brought the

(O) babamd...
Kitab getiren.
Kitab getiren babamd.

It was the director...

Who saw you in the street.
It was the director who saw you
in the street.

(O) mdrd...
Seni caddede gren.
Seni caddede gren mdrd

It is our mother...
Who brings us to school.
It Is our mother who brings us to

(O) annemizdir...
Bizi okula getiren.
Bizi okula getiren annemizdir.


It is our father who buys everything. Her eyi satn alan babamzdr.
It was Ahmet who took the Millers
to the station.

Miller'leri istasyona gtren Ahmetti.

It was Hatice who broke the new


Yeni vazoyu kran Hatice'ydi.

It was Mrs. Miller who thanked Ali.

Ali'ye teekkr eden Mrs. Millerdi.

It was me who told you to come to

the cinema.

Sinemaya gelmeni syleyen bendim.

It was you who ran away from


Okuldan kaan endin.

It will be your brother who is late


Ge kalan yine erkek kardein olacak.

It is your sister who is singing in

the next room.

Bitiik odada ark syleyen kz kardein


t is Recep who is driving the jeep.

Cipi srmekte olan Recep'tir.

Bu tip cmleler yer ve zaman isimleriyle de olduka sk grlrler. u iki cmleyi

Onu okulda grdm.
Onu grdm yer okuldu.
Birinci cmle okulda grlen kiinin kim olduunu ifade eden basit bir cmledir.
Buna karlk ikinci cmle (grme iinin) (okulda) gemi olduunu belirten ve
okulda szcnn daha nemle meydana kmasn salayan bir cmle eklidir.
I saw him in school.

Onu okulda grdm.

It was in school that I saw him.

Onu grdm yer okul(da) idi.

It was at the station that I met


Ona rastladm yer istasyondu.

It is this hospital that they will

take me.

Beni gtrecekleri bu hastanedir.

It was in that room that they


Kaldklar oda buydu.

It was there that they killed a


Bir ylan ldrdkleri yer orasyd.


It was this mountain that we

climbed last year.

Gecen yl trmandmz da buydu.

It was at the seaside that we saw

them together.

Onlar beraber grdmz deniz kenary


it was here that I first met you.

Sana ilk rastladm yer burasyd.

It was last Sunday that I received

a letter from her.

Ondan mektup aldm gn geen pazard.

It is this week that we have a


Tatilimiz olan hafta budur.

It is this summer that we will go

to England.

ngiltere'ye gideceimiz yaz bu (yaz)dr.

It was that evening that I

married her.

Onunla evlendiim o akamd.

Mastarlarn ve fiillerden yaplm isimlerin birer isim gibi kullanldklarn biliyoruz.

Bu bilgimizi ksaca hatrlayalm:
I want a book.
I want to go.
She likes small children. ,
She likes walking in the rain.

Bir kitap istiyorum.

Gitmek istiyorum.
O kk ocuklar sever.
Yamurda dolamay sever.

Birinci cmlede want fiilinden sonra bir isim kullanlmtr. Onu takip eden cm
lede ise a book szc yerinde bir mastar vardr ve bu mastar bir isim gibi kul
lanlmtr. nc cmlede de like fiili bir isim alm, onu takip eden cmlede ise
ayn isim yerinde fiilden yaplm olan bir isim kullanlmtr. Mademki mastarlar ve
isim-fiiller birer isim gibi kullanlabiliyorlar, bunlarn cmle banda isim olarak kullanlmamalar iin hibir neden yoktur.
To sleep is good.
To come early tomorrow is

Uyumak iyidir.
Yarn erken gelmek gereklidir.

Bu cmleler dilbilgisi bakmndan doru olmakla beraber tercih edilen cmleler

deildir. Cmlelerin zneleri mastar veya isim-fiil olduu zaman cmleyi geici
zne dediimiz it ile balatmak ok daha dorudur.
t is g o o d to sleep.

Uyumak iyidir.


It is necessary to come early


Yarn erken gelmek gereklidir.

Walking in the sun is good,

it is good walking in the sun.

Gnete yrmek iyidir.

Gnete yrmek iyidir.

Kn yzme tehlikelidir.
Swimming in winter is dangerous.
It is dangerous swimming in winter. Kn yzme tehlikelidir.
It is difficult to understand him.
It is still too early to go.
It is easy to talk like this.
It was foolish speaking like that.

Onu anlamak zordur.

Gitmek iin (hl) henz ok erken.
Byle konumak kolaydr.
Byle konuma budalalkt.

Fiil-isimler ou zaman faydasz anlamna gelen no use, ie yaramaz

anlamna gelen no good szckleri ile bir arada kullanlrlar.
It is no good talking to him.
It is no use coming early.
It is no good trying to open the
It is no good writing to him.
It is no use waiting for her.
It was no good telling her the truth.
It will be no use buying all
the books.

Ona sz sylemek faydaszdr.

Erken gelmek gereksizdir.
Pencereyi amaya almak fayda
Ona (mektup) yazmak faydaszdr.
Onu beklemek lzumsuzdur.
Ona gerei sylemek faydaszd.
Btn kitaplar satn almak fayda

t geici znesinin bu derste greceimiz son kullanl, sklk ifade eden

zarflarla yani always, often, every day... gibi szcklerle beraber kullanldr.
Cmle balangc daima olumsuz haldedir.

It isn't often that you can see

birds in winter.
It isnt every day that she gives
us something to eat.
It isn't always that we get up early.

Kular kn pek sk gremezsiniz.

It isnt often that he comes here.

Buraya sk sk gelmez.

Bize her gn yiyecek bir ey vermez.

Her zaman erken kalkmayz.

Geici zne dediimiz bu it szcnn yine bu anlamda kullanln ilerde isim

cmleciklerini incelerken yeniden ele alacaz.


Bo braklan yerleri doldurunuz.
1 - 1 saw the teacher open his bag and take out a p ie c e ........paper. 2 - She
can't let you play football in the house because t h e y
ju st bought new
furniture. 3 - We can't
the risk of losing our money. 4 - She held her
breath when the d o o r ......... opened suddenly. 5 - The thief.knocked the po
the head and..ran away. 6 - The car c ra s h e d ........the wall. 7 - 1
d on't know
to cook rice. 8 - The enemy
them prisoner. 9 - .......
was d iffic u lt to explain them our plan. 10 is Mr. M iller who corrects the
Translate into Turkish.
1 - I want to buy a revolver, but it is too expensive. 2 She heard them talk
about going to the seaside. 3 - Please let me come with you. 4 - We watched
them fight in the restaurant. 5 - They didn't let us talk in the library. 6 - It is
Ahmet who always goes to bed late. 7 - It was my son who carried the chairs
to the garden. 8 - It is difficult to understand them. 9 - They saw the man open
the door quietly. 10 - The bus was going at a great speed. 11 - The jungle is
full of wild animals; will you take the risk? 12 - Do you know how to begin a
business letter? 13 - The king was taken prisoner by the enemy. 14 - It was
Mr. Green who stole the money. 1 5 - 1 held my breath when I came face to
face with the tiger.
Bu cmleleri it is, it was kullanarak ngilizceye eviriniz.
1 - Ge gelen Ayten'in kz kardeiydi. 2 - Dalara trmanmak ok ilgintir. 3 - Oyunu
daima bozan Margaret'tir. 4 - Onlara planlarmz hakknda her eyi anlatman senin
vazifen. 5 - Gneli bir gnd, bu yzden sinemaya gitmek yerine nehir boyunca
Translate into English.
1 - Pencereyi kran Ali'ydi. 2 - Kzlderililer treni takip ediyorlard. 3 - ocuklarn
bahede oynamalarna msaade et. 4 - Bu sratte giderseniz treni karacaksnz.
5 - O daima cebinde bir tabanca tar. 6 - Onun nasl tamir edileceini biliyor

musun? 7 - - Yzbay esir aldlar. 8 - Yamur yayor; emsiyelerimizi almalyz.

9 - ok naziksiniz; yardmnz hayatm kurtard. 10 - Bu sorulara cevap vermek

74. dersteki altrmalarn yaplm ekilleri

1 - over 2 - no 3 - about 4 - it 5 - on 6 - to 7 - no 8 - no 9 - no 10 - to

1 - Duvarlarda birok afiler vard. 2 - Polis geminin hareketini geciktirdi. 3 - O na
muslu bir adam deildir; ona inanamam. 4 - Btn'yiyecei yediler; bir ey kalmad.
5 - Tevekkeli deil aceledesiniz (acele ediyorsunuz); bir yere gitmeye hazr
olduunuzu anladm. 6 - Babam hakknda endiedeyim; saat dokuzdan nce bu
rada olacakt; imdi on bir. 7 - Polis karakoluna telefon eden Mr. Fix'ti. 8 - Taba
kasten krmad. Fareyi grd zaman onu elinde tutamad. 9 - Onunla yz yze
geldii zaman bir ey syleyemez. 10 - Ma iin iki tJilet alabildim. 11 - Sokaklarda
hi ocuk yoktu. Hava dar gidilemeyecek kadar souktu. 12 - Bize verecek
stleri yoktu, bu sebepten ay itik. 13 - Sinemaya giderken kimseye rastlamadlar.
14 - Hibir yere gidemez nk yamur yayor. 15 - Hibir ey vahi bir ormanda
avlanmaktan daha heyecanl deildir. 16 - Tom'un Paris'te hi arkada yoktu. 17 ocuk aatan dt ve boynu krld.

1 - The old woman is worried about her son because she hasnt received any
letters for two months. 2 - It was Ahmet who broke the window. 3 - 1came late
on purpose because I didn't want to see Selma here. 4 - I'll go there and talk
to the doctor face to face. 5 - There are two posters on the wall. 6 - The run
ners are running along the street. 7 - The dog with long ears belongs to my
friend. 8 - The girl who came yesterday was Roberts friend. 9 - I see four
aeroplanes in the sky now. 10 - Do you remember their names?


Drdnc Basamak

blame [bleym]
cheer [i]
mishap [mishep]
plain [pleyn]

nee, neeyle
aksilik, ans

dock [dok]
frozen [frouzin]
hinder [hindi]
lower [louwi]
shelter [elti]
sledge [slec]
stiff [stif]
trick [trik]


dok, rhtm
mani olmak
kat, bklmez


be out
Ate, k veya yangnn snmesi anlamnda bir deyimdir.
The room is very cold. Is the fire

Oda ok souktur. Ate (ocak) snd m?

The lights of the mosques were out

when they reached the city.

ehre geldikleri zaman, camilerin klar


If you don't put some more wood on Ocaa bir para daha odun koymazsanz
the fire, it will be out before you
siz gelmeden nce snecek.

stand still
Kmldamadan, hareketsiz durmak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
When the children saw their teacher, ocuklar retmenlerini grnce kmldathey stood still.
madan (put gibi)'durdular.
Please stand still. I cant see the

Ltfen kmldamadan dur. Filmi gremiyorum.

When the policeman came up to

him, the killer stood still.

Polis yanna yaklanca katil put gibi durdu,

this will do
Olmak, iini grmek, iine yaramak anlamnda bir deyimdir.
- What do you want to write?
Will this pencil do?

- Ne yazmak istiyorsunuz? Bu kalem iinize yarar m?

- No, it won't do. I want a pen.

- Hayr, iime yaramaz. Ben dolma kalem


I don't want any more books. These Baka kitap istemiyorum. Bunlar iimi gwill do.
rr (yeterli olur).


a way out
Bir hal aresi, bir k yolu anlamnda bir deyimdir.
She can't escape the law. There is
no way out.

Kanundan kaamaz. aresi yoktur.

I don't understand this problem,

but there must be a way out.

Bu problemi anlamyorum, fakat bir kar

yolu olmas gerek.

If we cant find a way out, they

will send him to prison.

Bir are bulamazsak onu hapse atacaklar.

Mr. Fogg and about thirty soldiers from the camp set off to follow the Indi
ans. The other passengers, with Aouda and Mr. Fix, waited in the shelter of
the camp station.
Aouda was restless. She was thinking ail the time about Mr. Fogg. She
knew now that she loved him. She kept getting up and looking away into the
distance. She saw nothing.
Mr. Fix was restless, too. He, too, kept looking for Mr. Fogg. Mr. Fogg and
Passepartout had both disappeared. Perhaps it was a trick to get away with
the stolen money!
About two o'clock the passengers were surprised and pleased to see the
engine of their train coming back. They cheered when they saw their enginedriver. They were glad that the Indians had not killed him.
1 woke up about twenty miles from here, he said. The boiler fire was
out. The engine was standing still. Then I remembered about the fight with
the Red Indians. I don't know who unfastened the engine from the rest of the
train. Are you all right?
We are all right, said the passengers. A few of us are wounded, and Mr.
Fogg's servant is missing. Mr. Fogg and some soldiers have gone to rescue
him from the Indians. We are very glad to see you back with the engine.
The engine-driver fastened the engine to the carriages. Now we must go
at once, he shouted.
You are not going now, are you? asked Aouda.
Yes, at once, madam, he replied.


But Mr. Fogg and Passepartout are not here! You can't go without them!
cried Aouda.
1 am sorry, madam. I must go at once. We are three hours late already!
Please take your seat.
No, I will not go. I will wait here for my friends, said Aouda.
Mr. Fix decided also to wait for Mr. Fogg.
The passengers said good-bye to them, and the train moved off and disap
peared. Darkness came down. It was very cold. All night long Aouda thought
of Mr. Fogg. He was away in the cold dark night trying to rescue Passepart
out. He might be killed or wounded by the Indians. Almost certainly he would
be late for the ship at New York, and then he would lose his bet.
She sat and waited all through the night.
At last the morning came. Both Aouda and Mr. Fix looked out over the
snow. They could see nothing but miles of snow everywhere. At last they
saw something moving! It was the soldiers coming back after their fight with
the Indians. They saw that Mr. Fogg and Passepartout were with them!
Aouda ran out to meet them. Oh, I am glad you are safe, she cried.
But where is the train? asked Passepartout.
Gone, replied Mr. Fix, and the next one does not come till evening. We
must wait here all day.

A man from the camp came up to Mr. Fogg and said: Are you in a great
Kb'rty to get to New York?
1 am, replied Mr. Fogg.
Perhaps I can help you, said the man. My name is Mr. Mudge. I have a
sledge with sails. It can go very fast over the snow. I can take you to the next
railway station. There you will soon get a train for New York.
Mr. Fogg looked at the sledge. It was big enough for four or five people,
but there was no shelter from the snow and the cold wind. This will do for
me, he said to Aouda, because I am in a hurry. But it is too cold and
uncomfortable for you. Will you stay here till evening and come on with the
next train? Passepartout will stay with you to look after you.


Oh, no, Mr. Fogg. I am coming with you, Aouda cried. She always
wanted to be together with Mr. Fogg.
The sledge went at a great speed because the wind was from the west. It
went over frozen rivers and over the great snowy plain. A group of hungry
wolves ran beside the sledge for part of the way; but Passepartout kept them
off with his revolver.
At last, about noon, Mr. Mudge lowered the sails. The sledge slowed down
and stopped near the railway station of Omaha. There, a train was waiting to
go to Chicago. They were so stiff with cold that they could hardly walk to the
platform to reach the train.
The train made good speed, and they arrived at Chicago at 4 p.m. on 10th
December. Chicago is 900 miles from New York. Would they be in time to
catch the ship for Liverpool? It was due to sail from New York at 9 p.m. on
11th December.
There were no mishaps between Chicago and New York. Passepartout got
more and more excited. Would they be in time? The train came to New York
station, opposite the great docks, at'9.35 p.m. Their ship had sailed thirty-five
minutes before!
Passepartout was miserable, it is all my fault, he said. I have hindered
my master all the way. At Bombay, I was stupid. At Hong Kong, I was drunk. I
was captured by the Indians, and so we missed the train! Oh, dear!
Mr. Fogg did not blame Passepartout. He remembered that Passepartout
had saved all their lives.
We can do nothing tonight, he said, quite calmly as usual. We will go to
a hotel for the night. Perhaps tomorrow we may find a way.
But he looked rather sad when he wrote in his notebook:
Dec. 11, Wed.

New York

missed the steamer


Mr. Fogg ve kamptan tahminen otuz asker Kzlderilileri takip etmek iin
koyuldular. Dier yolcular Aouda ve Mr. Fix'le kamp istasyonundaki barnakta
Aouda huzursuzdu. O srekli olarak Mr. Foggu dnyordu. imdi
sevdiini anlyordu. Mtemadiyen ayaa kalkt ve uzaklara bakt. Hibir ey



Mr. Fix de huzursuzdu. O da Mr. Fogg iin bakyordu. Mr. Fogg ve Passepartout
her ikisi (de) kaybolmulard. Belki o alnm para ile kamak iin bir oyundu!
Tahminen saat ikide yolcular trenlerinin lokomotifinin geri gelmekte olduunu
grmekle ardlar ve memnun oldular. Makinisti grnce alkladlar, (bart
lar). Kzlderililerin onu ldrmemi olduuna memnun oldular.
Buradan tahminen yirmi mil tede uyandm (kendime geldim) dedi. Kazann
atei snmt. Lokomotif duruyordu. O zaman Kzlderililerle olan mcadeleyi
hatrladm. Lokomotifi trenin geri kalan ksmndan kim zd bilmiyorum. Siz iyi
Biz iyiyiz, dedi yolcular. Birkamz yaraldr ve Mr. Fogg'un ua kayptr.
Mr. Fogg ve baz askerler onu Kzlderililerden kurtarmak iin gitmi bulunuyorlar.
Biz sizi lokomotifle geri gelmi grmekten ok memnunuz.
Makinist lokomotifi vagonlara balad. imdi derbal gitmeliyiz, diye bard.
Siz imdi gitmiyorsunuz, deil mi? diye sordu Aouda.
Evet derhal, madam, diye cevap verdi.
Ama Mr. Fogg ve Passepartout burada deiller! Siz onlarsz gidemezsiniz!
diye bard Aouda.
zgnm, madam. Derhal gitmeliyim. imdiden saat ge kaldk! Ltfen
yerinizi aln (yerinize gein).
Hayr, gitmeyeceim. Ben burada arkadalarm bekleyeceim, dedi Aouda.
Mr. Fix de Mr. Fogg'u beklemeye karar verdi.
Yolcular onlara allahasmarladk dediler ve tren hareket etti ve gzden kayboldu.
Karanlk indi (kt). ok souktu. Btn gece boyunca Aouda Mr. Fogg'u
dnd. O Passepartout'yu kurtarmaya alarak souk karanlk gecede uzak
tayd. Kzlderililer tarafndan yaralanabilir veya ldrlebilirdi. Hemen hemen kesin
olarak New York'taki vapura ge kalacak ve o zaman bahsini kaybedecekti.
Oturdu ve btn gece bekledi.
En nihayet sabah geldi (oldu). Hem Aouda hem de Mr. Fix karlar zerinden
ileriye baktlar. Her taraftaki millerce kardan baka bir ey gremediler. Nihayet
kmldayan bir ey grdler! Onlar Kzlderililerle mcadelelerinden dnen asker
lerdi. Mr. Fogg ve Passepartout'nun onlarla beraber olduklarn grdler!


Aouda onlar karlamak iin dar kotu. Oh, sizin emniyette olduunuzdan
memnunum, diye bard.
Ama tren nerede? diye sordu Passepartout.
Gitti, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fix ve bir sonraki (tren) akama kadar gelmez. Biz
burada btn gn beklemeliyiz.

Kamptan bir adam Mr. Fogg'a yaklat ve New Yorka varmak iin ok acele mi
ediyorsunuz? dedi.
yleyim, diye cevap verdi Mr. Fogg.
Belki size yardm edebilirim, dedi adam. Benim adm Mr. Mudge'dr. Benim
yelkenli bir kzam var. O kar zerinde ok hzl gidebilir. Ben sizi sonraki tren
istasyonuna gtrebilirim. Orada ok gemeden New York'a giden bir tren bula
Mr. Fogg kzaa bakt. O drt veya be kii iin yeterli byklkteydi. Fakat kar
dan ve souk rzgrdan korumak iin bir siper yoktu. Bu benim iin olur, dedi
Aouda'ya. nk acelem var. Fakat o sizin iin ok souk ve rahatszdr. Burada
akama kadar kalr ve bir sonraki trenle gelir misiniz? Size bakmak iin Passepart
out sizinle kalacak.
Oh, hayr, Mr. Fogg. Ben sizinle geliyorum, diye bard Aouda. O daima Mr.
Fogg'la beraber olmak istiyordu.
Kzak byk bir sratle gitti nk rzgr batdand. O donmu nehirlerin ve karl
ovann zerinden gitti. Bir a kurt srs yolun bir ksmnda kzan yan sra kotu
fakat Passepartout onlar silah ile uzakta tuttu. (Yaklatrmad).
En nihayet, leye doru, Mr. Mudge yelkenleri indirdi. Kzak yavalad ve
Omaha tren istasyonunun yaknnda durdu. Orada, bir tren Chicago'ya gitmek iin
bekliyordu. Onlar souktan o kadar ta gibiydiler ki trene yetimek iin platforma
kadar glkle yryebiliyorlard.
Tren iyi srat yapt, ve Chicago'ya 10 aralkta (leden sonra) 4'te vardlar.
Chicago New York'tan 900 mildir. Onlar Liverpool'a gidecek vapura yetimek iin
vaktinde olacaklar myd? Onun New Yorktan 11 aralk (leden sonra) saat 9'da
kalkmas gerekiyordu.
Chicago ile New York arasnda hi aksilik olmad. Passepartout gittike daha
fazla heyecanlanyordu. Vaktinde olacaklar myd? Tren New York'ta byk dok


larn (rhtmlarn) karsndaki istasyona saat (akamleyin) 9.35 de girdi. Onlarn

gemisi 35 dakika nce hareket etmiti.
Passepartout periand. O hep benim kabanatimdir, dedi. Ben btn yol
boyunca efendimi engelledim. Bombay'da budala idim, (budalalk ettim). Hong
Kong'da sarho oldum. Kzlderililer tarafndan yakalandm ve bylece treni ka
rdk! Oh, Allahm!
Mr. Fogg Passepartout'yu kabahatli bulmuyordu (ayplamyordu). Passepartout'nun onlarn hepsinin hayatlarn kurtarm olduunu hatrlyordu.
Bu gece bir ey yapamayz, dedi. Her zamanki gibi tamamen sakin bir ekilde.
Gece iin bir otele gideceiz. Belki yakn bir yol (are) bulabiliriz.
Fakat defterine yazarken olduka zgn grnyordu:
11 aralk aramba


New York

Vapuru kard(k).