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The hoplite is a heavy infantryman who is heavily armed and armored.

They are flexible, equally

effective in tight or loose formations, and able to shift from aggressive to defensive duties. They are the
most versatile of the league's combatants.
The Hoplites of Aestiva:
Linothorax (Aest. Linen Torso) A cuirass crafted from overlapping sheets of linen which
provides suitable protection to the torso and thighs, while maintaining substantially lighter weight and
lower cost than metal armor, these are typically dyed or painted to match the Hoplite's command colors
and is often embossed with imagery deemed suitable to their tent.
Doru (Aest. Stem) - The typical short-spear most commonly seen in Iridine. The Doru tends
to be crafted of a solid wooden shaft with a socketed iron or bronze head that is leaf shaped. At the
opposite end of the shaft the doru features a sharpened bronze butt-spike which can be used
offensively in an emergency, but typically provides leverage against the ground for charged thrusts.
While useful in a formation, the Doru is typically utilized by scorpions who are in non-battlefield
positions such as guardian, or marauder.
Hoplon (Aest. Tool of War) A large shield from which the hoplite derives its name, the
Hoplon is the second largest shield put to use by the League, and is the identifying item of the fabled
Hoplites. It is typically a large disc with an inward facing bowl shape. Crafted from wood and overlaid
in hammered bronze, the hoplon is a weapon in its own right, and is most directly comparable to the
Iridinian Long Shield.
A Bronze visored helmet with a horsehair crest The helmet of the Hoplite acts as a symbol of
office with the stylized crest vaguely reminiscent of a horse's main. The crest is colored to match the
tent and command of the hoplite wearing it.
Bronze greaves The greaves of the hoplite are often etched with battle scenes, and offer
superior protection.
Xiphos (Aest. Penetrating Light) - The Xiphos is a double-edged single-handed sword
featuring an elongated point and a leaf-shaped blade bearing a diamond-shaped cross-section. It is
usually crafted from bronze, and it is typically between twelve and twenty-four inches in length and
used primarily when the Hoplite is in confined space, or has lost the spear.
Scabbard A standard hip-mounted scabbard used to hold the Xiphos.
Quiver a standard back-mounted quiver used to hold the doru and any personal equipment.

You see a meticulously crafted thick oval shield which curves inward towards
its bearer. It has been reinforced with iron plating around its outer edge.
Detailing the edge of this shield, hand-painted symmetrical geometric shapes
have been placed alongside each other with their center of origin equidistant
from one another. The center of the shield has been painted with a scene of
battle. A pale red moon lies in silhouette to a detailed image of a handsome
teenager snarling at a lion. This youth stands triumphant, holding a make-shift
spear carved out of a long branch directly above his head. His face seems to
exude overwhelming confidence. The lion is white, it's fur stained with blood.
a plated oval shield painted with a pale red silhouetted battle-scene