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Charanjit Gill

November 20th, 2016

Mr. Bellana

Artists Statement

The piece that Amna and I have created portrays different scenes of nature incorporated
into one short 47 second video. In this stop motion animation GIF, we decided to show the
opposite levels of nature, for instance day and night. With this we took twigs, grass, soil, rocks,
wispy/ fluffy plants, and rocks from outside to create our first scene: day. As for the background
we took white construction paper and painted a warm ambre sunset using the colours; red,
orange yellow and white. To demonstrate this, we played around with the aspects of nature. First
shooting the background landscape to the middle part of nature where most living things exist all
the way to the bottom of our designed landscape. So basically from the sky level to the trees and
mountains all the way down to the grass. When the camera shot stopped on the grass, we stopped
taking shots which was of the landscape (going down) and began to move towards the grass
making each shot closer to the grass until the last shot taken was completely black. With the
black shot we used that as our prime shot to start another scene, which was to be with the soil.
The soil represented the underground picture of nature as a whole, and with that in mind we
incorporated worms to bring life aesthetic into play. We made the worms out of pink clay and
wiggled them into motion in the soil with every shot taken. Meanwhile for the general scene, we
took a darkened shot first as we progressively started moving away from the soil until the worms
were into view. Once the worms were brought to life, the camera shots again began getting lower
and lower until the worms vanished into the soil. Then after, we took shots continually getting
closer and blurrier to the soil, which is until the last shot being black once again. Using the black
shot as a transition to our next constructive landscape scene, we used the same landscape for the
day scene although with this scene it was night. For the background of our landscape, we used
black construction paper and splattered white paint on the entire sheet to represent a starry night
sky. Now for the scenes camera shot movements, we shot the grass first moving away from it
with every shot taken, as the shots were also becoming progressively clear. Until we decided to
not zoom out from the grass, we moved up of the landscape taking pictures. We moved the
camera up to where the trees were not visible anymore, and we were only taking shots of the
starry night sky. We took shots of the sky until the moon came into the frame, and from there we
kept taking shot moving the camera closer and closer towards the moon. Once the last shot of the
scene was completely black, we moved onto our next scene which showed a clay model of a
revolving Earth in motion. With this we again took shots progressively moving out showing
more of the Earth and Space. Then after it goes into a THE END scene.

Charanjit Gill
November 20th, 2016
Mr. Bellana

This piece is supposed to show the contrast of general polar opposites, and in this
situation that would be day and night, as well as the moon and Earth. In a deeper sense, I feel this
piece portrays the importance of polar opposites and how its important to have opposites. This
statement is to basically describe that you cant know one thing if you havent experienced the
complete other half of it, so in the same way you cant have day without night. As for in the
animation that weve created shows day then night and the moon then the Earth, demonstrates
how with the day and night landscape that nothing truly changes between both scenes as the trees
and grass still remain the same. The same could be said for the moon and the Earth as nothing
exactly changes yet again, for showcasing both in the same atmosphere: Space. This is essential
for our piece as it displays that one thing can change in an atmosphere; however, the atmosphere
is not exactly changed as the viewer just learns to understand a different dimension of it. The
same thing could be said as the atmosphere could be changed by one thing; however, the thing is
not exactly changed as the viewer just learns to understand a different dimension of it. Our piece
shows how polar opposites can yet again be alike and twin ideals.

The main resources/ materials we used to make our GIF/ stop motion animation mostly
consisted of natural objects such as: branches, wispy/ fluffy plants, rocks, soil and dirt, which we
obtained from outside at the back of the school. We used the braches and wispy/ fluffy plants as
the trees, as for the soil we used as underground soil. Secondly, the rocks and dry dirt were used
for THE END scene that was constructed and spelled out using these materials. THE being
spelled out by the rocks, as for the END was spelled out using the dry dirt. Amna and I had
also used pink clay to sculpt the worms for the underground soil scene, and we used blue, green,
and white the Earth, (blue for the water, green for the land/greenery, and white for the clouds).
For the background for the day scene we used white construction paper and painted an ambre
sunset with paint brushes using red, orange, yellow, and white paint. Last but not least, the
background for the night scene we used black construction paper and splattered white paint to
resemble stars all across the black paper with paint brushes. In all, we chose these materials for it
represents the opposite ideas as a similar connecting idea/ form.

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