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Instructions for Templates

Each template package contains three most common types of the slide and one pot
file. Our $24 package also includes 17 additional slides containing charts and g
Your download includes*:
- 1 ready-to-use .pot file
- 3 slides in .jpg format
- and a readme file.
* Animated template download includes .pot file, .swf files and readme.
Note: All directions are given for the PowerPoint 2007.

How To Start Using Our PowerPoint Template

Applying Our Template To The Existing Presentation
Applying One Of Our Backgrounds To Your presentation
Why Only One Slide Design Is Duplicated When You Add Slides?
Adjusting Layout of the Slides
Using Our Charts
Adding Page Numbers, Headers and Footers
Animated Templates
Usage Limits
Further Questions
New Templates

A. How To Start Using Our PowerPoint Template

----------------------------------------------First you unzip the package and save it to your templates directory. In order to
start working with our template do the following:

Start PowerPoint
Click the Microsoft Office button
Choose "Open"
Navigate to the directory where you saved our template
Left-click on the .pot file you want to open
Click "Open"
Go back to the Microsoft Office button
Select "Save As"
Select file format you want to save your presentation in
Specify where you would like to save your presentation (e.g. My Documents)
Type in a new filename in a File name field (e.g. My Presentation)
Then click "Save"

You have successfully opened template and saved it under a new name. You are now
safe to change the presentation any way you want.

B. Applying Our Template To The Existing Presentation

----------------------------------------------You need to do the following:

Go to Design in menu
Click down arrow on the top toolbar to see all
Then click Browse for Themes
Go to the folder where you saved our template
Choose .pot file and click Apply


C. Applying One Of Our Backgrounds To Your presentation

----------------------------------------------If you require just one of the backgrounds from our template package and want to
apply it, do the following:

Right-click on the slide

Choose "Format Background "
In a pop-up window in the tub Fill tick off Picture or texture fill
Then click button File
Choose image (e.g. print.jpg from your download) and click Insert
Click Apply to All if you want to apply this background to all slides
Click Close if you want to change background for the current slide only

D. Why Only One Slide Design Is Duplicated When You Add Slides?
----------------------------------------------Our template has only one Slide Master by default. If you want to choose from tw
o slide designs our template offers, you'll have to create a Second Slide Master
To add a new Slide Master:
1. Open template
2. Go to View and pick Slide Master
3. Right-click on the top slide and pick Insert Slide Master
4. You'll see new blank slides added below, click on the top one and pick
5. Tick off Picture or texture fill , then click File button
6. Browse to the slide background you need and click Insert
7. Click Close


In order to apply new Slide Master design:

1. Switch to the Normal view
2. Right-click on the slide you want to change (or select several holding Shift
button) and pick Layout
3. You'll see a menu where you can select a slide design
4. Pick one and it will be automatically applied to the selected slides
E. Adjusting Layout of the Slides
----------------------------------------------If you want to apply certain layout of the text boxes to the several slides or u
nify it throughout your whole presentation, you should:

1. Go to the View menu and switch to the Slide Master mode

2. Choose one of the layouts of the Slide Master and adjust it
3. Switch to the Normal view and re-apply the Layout (see instructions above).
F. Using Our Charts
----------------------------------------------Note that charts are included only in a $24 package of our template. So if you w
ant to use our pre-made charts and graphs make sure you ve ordered this package.
Charts are a part of the pre-made template. Please open the template-17.pot and
you will see 17 additional slides with charts.
Charts can be changed manually, removed or copied to another slide or presentati
on. Just select all chart with the mouse selection and move down and up on the s
lide or copy and paste it to another slide.
G. Adding Page Numbers, Headers and Footers
----------------------------------------------To add footer, header or date to the PowerPoint template in PowerPoint 2007 you
need to:
1. Open template and click View , then Slide Master in the menu
2. Select first slide and click Master Layout on the toolbar
3. In a pop-up window you see tick off the fields you need
4. Then click on the second and the third layout and tick off the field
the top toolbar



Note: You should do this to all layouts used in a presentation. Otherwise header
and footer won t show. In our template we usually use only Title and Content layout
for common slides and Title Slide layout for master slide.
5. Select Insert in the menu, then Header&Footer
6. Fill in the fields and click Apply to All
7. Switch to the Normal view.

on the toolbar

H. Animated Templates
----------------------------------------------Please note that flash clips cannot be transparent in PowerPoint since the trans
parency mode for Flash is not supported in PowerPoint. This also means that you
cannot overlay flash with text.
Our company does not hold responsibility for this PowerPoint feature.
Testing show that animations from PowerPoint 2003 templates do not act properly
in PowerPoint 2007. This is yet to be resolved.
I. Usage Limits
----------------------------------------------You cannot resell our design templates in any form. You may not sub-license, ass
ign, or transfer the license to anyone.
This product implies a single-user license.

You are authorized to modify our products to fit your presentations, show presen
tations to your clients (colleagues, students, friends, etc.) and give them a co
py if necessary. This copy should be saved as a PDF file or in any other format,
which does not allow extraction of the initial file, thus it should be protecte
d and/or have a distinct copyright notice.
Images used in our PowerPoint templates design cannot be reused for your personal
purposes or in any other kind of design work. If you need any modifications mad
e to the template design please contact our staff for more information.
J. Further Questions
----------------------------------------------If you have any further queries regarding our PowerPoint templates & backgrounds
please send us email to or visit our FAQ page onlin
e at:
K. Suggestions
----------------------------------------------If you have any suggestions on templates email us at comment
L. New Templates
----------------------------------------------For the latest updates to our template gallery please visit
Thank you for your purchase at!
(c) Copyright 2007-2010, All Rights Reserved.
Please Note: Although we have made all the possible effort to check our files fo
r viruses, it is recommended to check any software for viruses before running it
. is not responsibile for any loss or damage to your data or
computer system which may occur while usage of downloaded files. It is assumed
that by using these files you accept these conditions. Otherwise you should not
use our products.
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This software product was made by the company "XTLabs, Inc." and is not affiliat
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