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Tid Bits of Wisdom

From the Wonderful Word Publishers

December 2016 & January 2017

Vol. 11. 1-2



Why do we encourage you to read through your Bible each year? Having
read through my Bible these almost 50 years, you would think I wouldnt have to
read it every day to know it. Well, its not all about knowing the Bible; it is about
the Bible working in my life daily!

If you begin to quote a scripture to me, more than likely I can finish it for
you or tell you if you have missed a word. The Bible has been my and Glorias
life for many years. Bro. Roloff challenged us to read through our Bibles every
year in the late 60s and we have read through our Bibles one to three times a year
since. Yet, I dare not go a day without spending time in Gods Word. Why?

The Bible is a Living Book. Its alive! It speaks to your heart as you
read. It stirs your heart when you read and seek to hear it. Therefore, to keep our
hearts warmed and living, we need to have the Living Word speak to us daily. We
are to pray, Give us our daily bread. Its like going to the table to nourish our
flesh. Bible reading feeds our spirit.

Non-Profit Organ.
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Today there is much controversy over which Bible to read and study. I
dont want to fight with anyone, but I ask you a question. Does your Bible speak
to you as you read it? I have read other versions and they did not speak to me.
My King James Version does speak to me and I wouldnt trade it for anything.
Some say it is because that is what I was raised with, but I believe it is more than
that. The reason for the King James Version was to put the Bible in the English
language. They were not attempting to interrupt it. God doesnt need me to

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defend His Word. He will preserve His Word. But, if you are asking me what
Bible you should read and study from, I would say it must be the King James Version. God can do anything He wants to in order to get the Word of God to you,
but there is great confusion today with so many versions on the bookshelves. If
you were a lost person and you walked into a book store to buy a Bible, would
you know which one to ask for? Satan loves confusion and he must be having
a heyday.

If you want to know why you should spend time learning Gods Word,
read Psalms 119 and write down everything that the Word of God does for you.
It keeps you from sin, it establishes you, it reveals truth, it gives hope and it increases your faith, plus many other things.

Jesus in the Godhead is the Word. When He was birthed a man, He
became the Living Word, who walked amongst us. Since He returned to heaven
we now have the written Word. While God is the greatest power there is, the
greatest thing about God is His Word! His Word is truth and never changes. It is
an anchor you can hook your life to and know that you are secure. His Word is
the only absolute we have to depend on. If you dont know His Word, then you
cannot hope in it and you certainly will not wait for it.
Matt 22:29
Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the
power of God.
Rom 15:4
For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that
we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

Will you join us this year as we read through Gods Word? We had two
families call us this week whose 25 and 26 year old sons committed suicide.
A pastor in New Mexico was going with the funeral home to take 22 vets to
the cemetery who had committed suicide and no one ever claimed their bodies.
Without faith in Christ there is no hope in this life. Many who have come to salvation but have never sought to know Christ personally, are living lives of very
little faith and very little hope. Do you want to be rich? Knowledge, wisdom
and understanding of Gods Word will make you rich and those riches cannot be
taken away!!!

------Jerry Brewster


As I look back over the years
of my ministry. I cannot doubt the
divine guidance. There have been
weary marches by day; but the pillar
of cloud has gone before me. There
have been nights of discouragement;
but the pillar of fire has shown in the
skies above.

The truth, as revealed in the
blessed Scripture, is more precious
than ever; and the work from which
I shrank so tremblingly at the outset, grows sweeter with every passing hour.

I thank God, most of all, for
the influence of His Spirit, guiding,
sustaining, encouraging, enlightening, bringing Christ and His Gospel
near; and, next to that, I thank Him
for the dear mother, in the power of
whose prayers I have lived as in a
heavenly atmosphere from my childhood to this day.

People who wonder

whether the glass is
half empty or half full
are missing the point.
The glass is


We have included two

Bible reading schedules in this
paper. Please let us know if
you have read through your
Bible this year, and please put
how many times you have read
through your Bible. We need to
have your name by 1st of January. It will be published in the
February & March paper.

Please consider and
prayer about joining us in reading through your Bible this year.
It will change your life.
Tid Bits of Wisdom
-Psalms 68:11Founded December, 1966
WONDERFUL WORD Magazine, now Tid
Bits of Wisdom, is the official voice of WONDERFUL WORD PUBLISHERS, a non-profit,
religious organization, endeavoring to publish
Gospel Literature in the Spanish Language
for world-wid distribution, through Bible
believing Missionaries at no cost to them. It is
published as the Lord enables. It is dedicated
to Missionary activity on the fields already
white unto harvest, and contending for the
verbally inspired Word, exalthing the LIVING
Wonderful Word Publishers
P.O., Box 315
Powell, Tenn 37849
Bro. Jerry & Gloria Brewster
1801 Old Hickory Trail
DeSoto, Texas 75115



What a difference a day makes. On July the 30th it looked like I would
not make it to the next day. The doctors did not expect me to pull through. Then
they thought I would pretty much be bedfast. I was extremely weak for two
weeks and then I awoke one morning with natural strength for the day. My days
since have been pretty normal. The doctors cannot understand how my heart
keeps on working! We serve a merciful God and He determines our coming and
our going. As Paul said, For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. But if
I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labour: yet what I shall choose I wot
not.(Phil 1:21-22) It is wonderful to know your sins are forgiven and that you
have eternal life. We must never take for granted what God has done for us and
we must share it with all. Not everyone goes to bed confident that should they die
they will be accepted by God. I thank you all for your prayers. I am the result of
those prayers and I thank you. My battery is going out on my pacemaker and I
will have to enter the hospital to change that out. I would appreciate your prayers
for that.

God has encouraged us lately with opportunities to serve other ministries.
Gloria has taught in two ladies seminars and is playing the piano for a church
while their piano player is out of town. I have had a chance to preach and nothing
makes our days like serving Gods people. We sang at the Walnut Springs Baptist
Church to celebrate their homecoming. It was good to see Christian friends that
we have know for many years. We dont pursue ministry but wait for God to open
the doors. If you have a need and we could fill it, we would be glad to serve your

We have been blessed by the way God has provided for this work. Its
been slim for some months and if God leads you to do so, would you consider
giving an offering to Tid Bits of Wisdom for a Christmas gift. Our monthly
support barely pays for the mailing. There are many other expenses through the
year and we would appreciate anything God tells you to share. God has touched
some of your hearts for my and Glorias support lately and it has come at just the
right moments. We do not take support from Tid Bits of Wisdom. Our work is
our gift to God. We wait upon the Lord for our daily bread as He said we should.
Sometimes it is scary, but it is so sweet to see how God works. We have served
the church all our married life, but our support has not come through churches
but has always come from individuals who God touches for our needs. The true
work of God is in one heart at a time.

We pray you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


Where to go to be saved:
Let the sinner go to the doctor, and all he could ever hope to be is a
healthy sinner.
Let the sinner go to the banker, and all he could ever hope to be is a
wealthy sinner.
Let the sinner go to the philosopher, and all he could ever hope to be is a
philosophical sinner.
Let the sinner go to a psychologist. and all he could ever hope to be is a
adjusted sinner.
Let the sinner go to a scientist. and all he could ever hope to be is a
scientific sinner.
Let the sinner go to the educator. and all he could ever hope to be is an
educated sinner.

But let the sinner go to Jesus. and he will become

saved sinner. (Act 4:12)
----Author Unknown

(This was taken from Bro. Raymon Barbers book, Gold Mine of

Preachers shouldnt preach

for the
Preachers should preach
for the

Pat Archer
Home with the Lord.

(She gave Gloria and me our

wedding shower many years ago.
Has been a lifelong friend)

Anonymous gift given in

memory of father of Caryn
Calkins and grandfather of

Jennifer Dickson.


Luke 2:39-40
And when they had performed all things according to the law of the Lord, they returned
into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth.
And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God

Shortly after this, being still greatly exercised about going out as a Missionary, and wishing much (according to my natural mind, as I now see) to have
the matter settled, in one way or the other, on the Lord, I came to the conclusion
to ascertain the Lords mind by the lot. To this end I not merely drew a lot in
private, but I bought a ticket in the royal lottery; and I left it thus with the Lord,
that if I gained anything, I should take it to be His will that I should become a
Missionary, if not, that I should remain at home. My ticket came out with a small
sum, on account of which it appeared to me that I should be a Missionary. I therefore applied to the Berlin Missionary Society, but was not accepted, because my
father had not given his consent.

was upon him.

(Taken from George Mullers Autobiography)

Very soon afterwards I was led to see in some degree, and since then
much more fully, the error into which I had fallen respecting the lot. I ought to
have said to myself, How can an individual so ignorant as you are, think about
being a teacher to others? For though I was truly begotten again, and rested
upon Christ alone for salvation, still I should not have been able to give a clear
explanation of even the most elementary truths of the gospel. How then could
I be fit to teach others? The first thing therefore I ought to have done, was, to
seek through much prayer, and searching the Scriptures, and a holy life, to obtain
more knowledge of divine things. Further, as to my impatience in wishing the
matter settled, how could I have been fit to endure in that state the hardships and
trials of a missionary life, in which my patience, no doubt, would have been much
more severely tried? I therefore ought to have said to myself, if I cannot wait
quietly, though it be many months longer, before the Lord shows me clearly His
will concerning the matter, how then can I be fit for missionary work? Instead
of thus comparing my state of heart and knowledge with what is required in the
Scriptures from him who is to be a teacher, I ran hastily to the lot, and thought
I had done it prayerfully. And how did it end? According to my prayers the lot
decided I should be a Missionary among the heathen (and my mind, at that time,
especially inclined to the East Indies). But the way in which the Lord has led me
since has been very different. And it ought not to be said in defence of the practice of deciding by lot - perhaps the Lord meant you to be a Missionary among the
heathen, but you did not give yourself to the work; for I actually offered myself to
a society, but was not accepted. Moreover, since 1826 I have repeatedly offered
myself most solemnly to the Lord for this work, and I am as sure that it is not His
will that I should go out as a Missionary for the present, as I am sure of anything.
Nor could it be said, that perhaps the Lord may yet call me for this work. For if
He should be pleased to do so to-morrow, yet that would prove nothing concerning the above point. For I did not use the lot to ascertain whether at any period of
my life I should be en-

As Jesus grew He waxed strong in spirit and He was filled with wisdom. Two things a mother is to do when weaning her children is; one, to help
them to become strong in spirit; second, is to teach them to have knowledge,
understanding and wisdom. Thats working with the soul of your child and not
just his outward appearance. Thats self controll! His wisdom tells him when to
speak and when not to speak. Then it says the grace of God was upon Him. The
Scripture tells us in Proverbs that even a child is known by his ways. When we
allow our children to have a spirit of rebellion I assure you the grace of God is not
upon them. Those who knew Jesus knew that God approved of Him by the grace
of God that was upon Him. We do not love our children with a proper love when
we allow them to rebel at our commands. Our children will not have a proper
respect for God and authority until they show a proper respect for us as parents.
You teach your children to respect you so they will be pleasing in the sight of God
and Gods grace will be upon them. People will love to be around your children
when God can put His grace upon them!

When Jesus was twelve years of age He remained at Jerusalem and Mary
and Joseph took three days to find Him. At twelve years of age Jesus had already
understood that His life was about doing the business of the Heavenly Father.
Jesus lived His life by faith, just like we do. Jesus lived with only the revealed
knowledge and truth that God gave Him as He grew. He, by faith, had to believe
the revealed truths. Do you remember what Satan said to Him three times? If,
thou be the Son of God turn this stone into bread. How can you prove you are
born again and that you have everlasting life? You cant! You know it by faith.
Jesus did the work of the Father by faith. Mary and Joseph told Him to come
home and He submitted Himself to their rule. Jesus not only was concerned
about doing the work of the Father and being submitted to Him, but He was concerned about fulfilling and working in under His God given authorities. The next
verses tell you what happened while Jesus was waiting to start His ministry.
And they understood not the saying which he spake unto them.
And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his
mother kept all these sayings in her heart.
And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Mary would raise the Son of God. We raise the children of God. How
do we prepare them for the life God has for them. We are all born with purpose.
Can God trust us with His children the way He trusted Mary with the Son of God?
Will we say with Mary, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.

my life I should be engaged in missionary work, but whether I should then set
about it. And to put such an explanation on the matter, would be acting as false
prophets, who, when their prophecies fail, try to find out some way or other
whereby they may show that their prophecies were true. I used the lot some years
after in an important matter. My natural mind would have the decision at once, so
after prayer I drew the lot. But facts turned out completely different from what
the lot decided.



Gloria Brewster



As a young wife of 17 years of age I remember what it was like to have
the nurse hand me my firstborn son. It was my baby, not my neighbors child! It
was a baby from my womb. I remember the awesomeness of the moment. I was
excited and scared to death at the same time. My first thought was what a treasure I held in my hands. My second thought was what a great responsibility I had
taken on! How must Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, have felt when
she looked into the eyes of baby Jesus? God Himself in the form of a dependant

His nourishment and cleanliness depended upon Mary being a good
mother. He had intrusted Jesus life into Marys hands. The way Mary had to
care for Jesus was no different from the way we mothers have to care for our
children. Jesus was a man child just like our children were. The difference was,
He was without sin and He was God in His spirit. The soul of man makes the
difference in man; not so much the flesh!

Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple to fulfill the requirements of
the law for newborn children. There were two people there who declared Him to
be the Son of God. Simeon, a devote man, through the Holy Spirit told Mary that
a sword would pierce through her soul one day and that Jesus would be spoken
against. He was set for the rise and the fall of many. There are many sorrows
to the heart of a mother as she raises her children. but Mary was going to suffer greatly as she watched what her people would do to her son one day. Only
a mother understands how our hearts are tired to the lives of our children. After
Simeon declared Jesus to be Gods salvation to man, then came Anna, a prophetess, and declared Jesus to be the redemption of mankind. How did Jesus grow
up? Just like we grew up.

To ascertain the Lords will we ought to use scriptural means. Prayer,
the Word of God, and His Spirit should be united together. We should go to
the Lord repeatedly in prayer, and ask Him to teach us by His Spirit through His
Word. I say, by His Spirit through His Word. For if we should think that His
Spirit led us to do so and so, because certain facts are so and so, and yet His Word
is opposed to the step which we are going to take, we should be deceiving ourselves.

In connection with this I would mention, that the Lord very graciously
gave me, from the very commencement of my divine life, a measure of simplicity
and of childlike disposition in spiritual things, so that whilst I was exceedingly
ignorant of the Scriptures, and was still from time to time overcome even by outward sins, yet I was enabled to carry most minute matters to the Lord in prayer.
And I have found that godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of
the life that now is, and of that which is to come. Though very weak and ignorant, yet I had now, by the grace of God, some desire to benefit others, and he who
so faithfully had once served Satan, sought now to win souls for Christ.

I may mention a few instances. I circulated every month, in different
parts of the country, about 300 missionary papers. I also sold and distributed a
considerable number of tracts, and often took my pockets full in my walks, and
distributed them, and spoke to poor people whom I met. I also wrote letters to
some of my former companions in sin. I visited for thirteen weeks a sick man,
who, when I first began to speak to him about the things of God, was completely
ignorant of his state as a sinner, trusting for salvation in his upright and moral
life. After some weeks, however, the Lord allowed me to see a decided change in
him, and he afterwards repeatedly expressed his gratitude, that I had been sent to
him by God, to be the means of opening his blind eyes. May this encourage the
believing reader to sow the seed, though he does not see it spring up at once.

Thus the Lord condescended to begin to use me soon after my conversion, though but little; for I could bear but very little, as I did not see at that time,
as I do now, that God alone can give spiritual life at the first, and keep it up in
the soul afterwards. (This man was used of God to save thousands of orphans
and His work with around the world)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wonderful Word Publishers and Tid Bits of Wisdom

Load of Tracts ready to go for

Wonderful Word Publishers
Our work crew for Tid Bits of Wisdom

Mrs. Connie Cimino

Rom 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the
gospel of Christ: for it is the
power of God unto salvation
to every one that believeth;
to the Jew first, and also to
the Greek.

Bro. Larry and Judy Connor

Bro. Jerry and Gloria Brewster


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