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Smart Home Project

Smart Furniture & Smart Gadget

Graduate School of Techno Design, Kookmin Univ.
Corporate Technology Operations Software Center, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, LTD.,

Abstract : The rapid change in human living has been caused by the unexpected development of digitalized information
communication technology. This research is to create a physical environment for better living and digitalized cultures developed at
unprecedented speed and directions.. It is to seek and estimate the influence of digital culture on the change of physical environment
from a multi-disciplinary view. To accomplish it, it definitely needs the ability to link the progress of digital cultures to other fields
or to physical environment. It is expected that the approach used for developing an environment with digital techniques and cultures
and for building paradigms.
We purpose to create things that will react to living conditions relevantly under constant changes and that will communicate
technological value as it is.. Above all, we shall offer digital environment for the future that is designed for actual habits of people,
rather than things that provide for specific uses and operations.

Key words : Home Network, Smart, Co-work

1. Introduction
Future Digital will be developed toward new environment with various structure, shape, function and design, and not
be restricted by patterns or rules. In order to lead the change of digital culture, we will examine the relations of digital
and physical environment multi-disciplinarily and thoroughly, and estimate how it goes on.
Culture and physical environment around humans have been interacted and developed for humans. This research is
to estimate the variability of residential environment and physical medium (Smart Furniture & Gadget) due to digital
culture, after analyzing the physical environment and characteristics of user behavior in digital culture. It intends to
suggest free imagination and idea of the future technologies in order to make environments for the better quality of

2. Main Subject
2.1 Project Management
It is important to build a systemic knowledge base for change of the future digital environment. Co-existence and
synergy effects will be made through the multi-disciplinary approach with different views, based on interaction design,
architectural design, and psychological researches.
2.2 Process
The process is divided into 3 at large. In phase 1, as Pre-Research, it consists of case studies of the prior researches
abroad, data collection, and study tour and field survey. Phase 2 is Research & Analysis by specialty. In phase 3, it
develops the final idea based on the detailed virtual scenarios through researches and repeated workshops and
brainstorming, called Ideation.
2.3 Survey and Analysis
To accomplish the purpose, it reviewed literatures and case studies. It selected various practical and experimental cases

from foreign industrial, research, and education fields for analysis. The selected cases were collected by the existing
unit of analysis, and re-classified for the research. Main trend was classified by keywords, such as Digital, Network,
Display, Soft, Flexible, Compact, Mobile, Emotion, Education, Health, and Work..
2.4 Idea
With a concept of offering a new physical medium based on Home, Family, Lifestyle, Emotion, Technology, Digital,
Space, and Furniture, it pulled about 130 ideas together and developed further through researches and brainstorming,
and 2 workshops and meetings lodging together. Total ideas were grouped into new keywords, refined and adjusted to
the 4 groups of Entertainment, Emotion, Communication, and Function.
2.5 Result
It defined specific target users for the proposed ideas in order to have scenarios in place. As its logical background,
architecture department pointed to the physical spaces of residential environment, while psychology part grasped the
style and inclination of people and presented resident users. Based on it, it embodied 5 ideas focusing on Home Server.
It proposed 5 new concepts: Smart Dressing Table for pleasant, convenient make-ups, Smart Home Project as the family
entertainment tools, Interactive Room for Kid for child plays and learning, Smart Memories for giving and reproducing
sensitive moods, and Smart Bed as innovative bed for users.

3. Conclusion
It implies that this research sought and estimated the impact of digital culture and its variability of residential
environment and physical medium, multilaterally. It will serve to be helpful starting-point in developing ideas and
building new paradigms for the better quality of living by introducing digital technologies and culture in the future.
The proposed ideas are abstract, general prototypes. It requires more comprehensive views and attention in order not to
be design environment by a few and for a few. To generalize the result, it is necessary to elaborate ideas. Also, it needs
initiative research and discussions on how to make high value-added culture will be outstanding in digital culture.
To accomplish it, it has to run multi-disciplinary research that will provide the total variability of digital society and its
alternatives. It is essential to work with different fields with its specialty. The proposed ideas have to be interpreted
clearly with follow-up studies to overcome the limit. We hope that this research will be a foundation in encouraging the
understanding of digital environment.

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