Vermicomposting is an effective method for disposal of organic wastes of

different types and as a mode of better composting for sustainable urban
waste disposal system. The adoption and awareness of this technique is
gradually developing applications in society. This book will definitely help
to understand urban aspects of vermicomposting. This book features an
important aspect of vermicomposting for under graduate as well as post
graduate students and researchers in Life Science disciplines. The book will
also be useful to those concerned with urban waste management and
preparation of vermicompost from city and industrial organic wastes. It is
hoped that the students and researchers would get basic ideas in the field
which may lead to develop new approaches and methodologies in the area
of vermicomposting and waste management. This book includes various
chapters on wide range of important aspects such as types of earthworms
used worldwide, different types of organic wastes used worldwide for
preparation of vermicompost, bacterial, fungal and chemical aspects of

Chetan Jawale

Chetan Jawale
Chetan S. Jawale, M.Sc. in North Maharashtra
University, Jalgaon, Ph.D. in Dr. B. A. Marathwada
University, Aurangabad, INDIA. From last 14 years he
is engaged in the field of Animal Toxicology research.
Presently working as Asst. Prof. of Zoology in Pune
University, PUNE at H.P.T. Arts and R.Y.K. Science
College, Nashik (M.S) India.


Vermicomposting of urban
waste: review
Urban waste management