Invertebrate Zoology is interactive E -Learning resource developed by experts.
Very useful for the teachers of Undergraduate.
It is used during practical and lecture session on Projector.
As per UGC syllabus
Includes concise information of each Invertebrate phylum with images and photographs.

The CD contains over 820 high resolution images in
Macromedia flash, featuring the vast majority of
It's designed to help BIOLOGY TEACHERS, from school
level to professionals, by showing the features
referred to in scientific characters (making
invertebrate study a whole lot easier).
Biology, Structural and functional characters unique
to members of each of the invertebrate phyla
including: protozoa, porifera, Cnidaria,
Platyhelminthes, Nemotoda, Annelida, Arthropoda,
Mollusca, Echinodermata are discussed in detail.

• Exclusive topics on Kingdoms and
Domains, Extensive
presentations on Protozoa,
Mollusca, arthropoda, and
Echinodermata biology. Also
included Phylum are Metazoan,
Porifera, Eumetaozoa, Cnidaria,
Bilateria, Platyhelminthes,
Annelida, Gastroticha,
Nematoda, Tardigrada, and
• E- learning resource by Param
Publication, India.
• This Easy Index menu for quick
navigation among extensive 820
• It covers all invertebrate phylum,
with detail account on
Paramecium, and protozoa, Pila,
Insects, and starfish.
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Rs. 1000

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