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A Real Time Mobile Solution for Public Transport

Enterprise Mobility Services


Our Client – An Independent Software Vendor (UK)

• Manages IT infrastructure for public transport
in multiple counties
• Offers multiple travel and traffic
management products and services based on
UTMC, RTIG, SIRI and other industry
recognized protocols
• Products and services help traffic
management authorities to model, monitor
and control traffic effectively within the
limited road network

We were approached to deliver a
real time mobile solution that
users could interrogate to easily
obtain the transport information
they seek.

Enterprise Mobility Services


Critical information to display on mobile
• All bus stops on the map

• Routes, arrival, departure
• Bus schedules
• Roadworks
• Incidents and congestion
• Google traffic

• Events
• Information signs
Enterprise Mobility Services


Role of the Backend System
• Interact with;

o Different scheduling systems
o Network infrastructure
o Electronic ticket machines (ETMs)

• Filter raw traffic feeds available over the network
and present it in real time on the mobile
interface to the passengers
• Enable traffic management authorities to
effectively manage traffic and bus service
• Empower operators to improve decision making
based on the real time data

Enterprise Mobility Services


The Development Journey
• Business analysts

o Prepared 50+ functional and non-functional use cases
o Conceptualized wireframes using Axure wireframe

• Designers

o Designed 6 UI designs for the backend admin interface
o 18 screens for iOS, Android and Windows OS

• Business intelligence developers

o Used Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Enterprise Editions) to ensure the system;

Captures data from ticket machines, network infrastructure and other sources
Extracts data to filter, clean, transform and load in the data warehouse to model
dashboards and generate reports

• Developers

o Used C#, .NET  Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for other

• Testers

o Prepared 100+ test cases - performed database, web services, cross browser,
data-driven, load and regression testing
Enterprise Mobility Services


As a service provider we offered;
• Business, technical and risk analysis, and a risk
mitigation strategy
• Wireframes for the application
• Complete UI and UX design
• Development of the application

• Integration with existing systems
• Deployment on production
• Launched the app on iOS, Android and Windows app

Enterprise Mobility Services


We delivered a mobile solution that enables passengers to;
• View Real Time/Scheduled Bus departure and arrival
• Find a bus stop anywhere within the network using a
street name
• Locate me
• View current disruption
• View any incidents and accidents
• Record favorite bus stops for quick reference
• Get live updates via SMS and on Twitter

Enterprise Mobility Services


The mobility solution enabled public transport operators to;
• Manage bus services effectively
• Draw infinite flexible transport routes
• Predict journey times based on the historic
data, current road events, and real time traffic
updates from trusted data sources
• Perform trend analysis

• Identify congestion severity
• Timely communication helped to enhance
customer experience and patronage

Enterprise Mobility Services


The mobility solution enabled public transport authorities to;
• Minimize investments on traffic management
• Overcome alarming congestion problem
• Maximize service availability to the passengers’
• Reduce travel time
• Strategize, plan, control and execute strategies using
reliable data
• Maximize the value of investments
• Effectively manage different level of users
• Readily adopt new components and services in the
Enterprise Mobility Services


To summarize, we;
• Provided access to end-to-end enterprise mobility
services under a single roof

• Freed our client to focus on managing customer
relationships and market product capabilities
• Helped to significantly reduce the development cost
• Ensured quick turn-around time for deliverables
• Managed skilled resources and ensured their
• Effectively managed cost, quality and timely deliverables
• Ensured maintenance and support throughout
• Accelerated project execution whenever required

Enterprise Mobility Services


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