Im sorry for not updating for so long but Im seriously losin faith in this story, to all the people

who read this I am begging you to spread the word k? And warning to all those with weak stomachs, there is some serious gore ahead. Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or anything Twilight related Chapter 12 E.P.O.V I ran as fast as I could towards the house. But still it didn t seem like enough. As I reached the door to the Cullen home it swung open for me and I didn t stop to question it I just ran through. I ran into the living room to find Carlisle waiting already with his medical bag, and then it dawned on me, Alice saw me deciding to bring her back here and I was immediately grateful for the compassionate nature of these vampires. How bad is it? Alice was worried about her, and I gave her an honest answer. I really couldn t tell you for sure but aside from a few scars I don t think there is going to be any lasting damage, Carlisle? my voice was low and sounded broken even to me. Your right, there doesn t seem to be any serious damage and with luck and good care we may even be able to avoid too much scarring he looked up and tried to give me a reassuring smile but instead it looked like a grimace, he was obviously as upset as I was. Everyone was quiet while Carlisle gave her a general anesthetic so he could treat her wounds without inflicting too much pain. They were even managing to keep their thoughts quiet which I silently thanked them for. I just don t understand why he would do this, she seems lik e such a kind and caring person, why would he hurt her? Alice sounded on the point of breaking down and I saw Jasper put his arm around her to offer some comfort. Thinking about Alice s words and how right they were made me see red, once again I just wanted to go and rip his head off. I was about to turn around and answer when something completely unexpected happened, Rosalie got there first. He did because he s a man, a low down peace of scum who had nothing better to do than break the spirit of a beauti ful, innocent and unsuspecting creature everyone was silent as she went to sit by Bella on the couch and began gently stroking the hair from her face He wanted to terrify her and show who the dominant one was in the relationship, he was showing her that he could do whatever he wanted to her and the poor girl could do nothing about it, she s only a small thing and didn t really have a chance to defend herself, but after

seeing her like this, well, just because Im a vegetarian and can t drink from him that doesn t mean I can t hurt him and ensure that he never has the chance to do this to some other poor soul, she will have revenge even if I have to get it for her she looked up from Bella s face and it was obvious that had she been able to cry she would hav e been. In that moment I decided that he would pay for what he had done no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. Just then someone s thoughts started back up. Whatever you are planning on doing Edward you are not doing it without me ok? I gave an inconspicuous nod and turned to leave. Wait!!! I turned around to see Esme standing in front of me with a truly concerned look on her face. I understand that you have developed feelings for Bella and that you want to protect her but don t forget we have to live around here, so whatever you decide to do at least make it clean and untraceable, please, for the family? she turned to Rosalie And Rose we all know that you want to go with Edward, we all also know what you have been through and your reasons for wanting to go, there is no need to hide it, no one will hold your actions against you sweetheart the motherly tone was back and Rosalie hugged Esme gently whispering words of thanks to her. Without another word I gestured to Rosalie to follow me and tog ether we walked out of the door. Once clear of the house we began running me leading the way. The silence wasn t uncomfortable, we were both silently planning revenge and there was a mutual understanding that no words were going to be spoken between us, on ly threats o the little maggot that was in the house now coming into view. We slowed to a walk and silently stalked to the side of the house. I looked up towards the sound of his thoughts, the little wimp hadn t moved from the spot where I left him. I turned to Rosalie and nodded my head, silently we jumped, me first then her on through his window. His scream when he saw us was like music to my ears, sweet, sweet music (>:D ) Rosalie turned to me and grinned while he cowered in the corner. Can I go first? Pretty please? I laughed mentally but nodded all the same . She gave me a big shit eating grin that I have to admit also kind of scared me at the time. She turned her attention back to the piece of crap on the floor and he whimpered.

She took a step towards him and he squealed. Ha no so big and tough now are you? So I hear you have been playing piñata with my friend Bella, can I ask what made you think you would get away with this? Did you really think that no one at all would help her? ( she grabbe d hold of his hand and Im sure he nearly passed out ) So I wonder what it felt like when you snapped her bones (there goes one of his fingers ) He screamed in pain ( she smirked ) No I imagine it was worse actually ( Damn there goes another 3 fingers) Another scream of pain Or maybe even some more? Her shoe went down on his leg and I heard the unmistakable sound of bones crushing, his scream of agonising pain was once again music to my ears. I turned my attention back to Rosalie to see her pounding her fist repeatedly into his face without a word. If she didn t slow down there wouldn t be anything left for me. Rose? Rose!!! ROSALIE!!!! She looked up suddenly and I saw blood splattered all over her face and clothes and her knuckles had turned red. Sorry I got a bit carried away I think, would you like a turn? she asked so sweetly that I had to laugh and again all I could do was nod. I moved towards him and heard the gurgle in his throat that I think was supposed to be a whimper of some sorts. All I did as I walked towards him was smile, I find they think your more threatening if you don t actually just say anything to them. I knelt down to his level and leaned in towards his face to be able to reach his ear. Once there I whispered four words that greatly increased his heart rate. This is for her With that I drew back my fist and slammed it right through his chest, I grabbed hold of his heart and ripped it out of his chest shattering his rib cage in the process, I broke his heart just like he broke hers. There was blood everywhere and one extremely mangled body in front of us. My clothes were splattered with blood and it really didn t look good. Well that gave me a little bit of closure, I actually feel a little better knowing I helped rid the earth of another woman beating scumbag her voice was low and once again she sounded like she was going to cry. But I couldn t find it in me to be considerate and listen to her words, I just wanted to return to the house and make sure Bella was feeling ok aft er Carlisle s treatments.

It must have been evident on my face what I was thinking because Rosalie turned to me and gave me a knowing look. You go ahead, I know exactly how to clean all this up, its obvious you don t have the patience to do it right now she had a soft smile on her face. Thank you so much Rosalie Its fine, you really love her don t you? she gave me that knowing look again. I turned around as I was about to jump out the window and admitted to her something I hadn t even admitted to myself yet. Yeah, I think I really do I jumped out of the window before she could answer me or give me another look. I landed lightly on my feet and immediately started making my way towards the Cullen s. Running through the forest my mind kept wandering to her, wondering whether or not she was ok or if she was still in pain. Well I was about to find out, I could hear Carlisle s thoughts telling me she was resting in my room. Let s go admit to my feelings. Wow I sound like such a little girl.

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