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Part F.

Discuss the types of information systems used

for decision making (DSS/GDSS/ERP/CRM/SIS).
The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos has two types of decision-making, the
CEO has cognizant of the difficulties that large companies have in
enduring "an invention machine," writing that a common trap is "onesize-fits-all" decision-making. Type 1 are choices that are irretrievable
and consequential or nearly irreversible one-way doors and these
decisions must be made methodically, carefully, slowly, with great
debate and consultation. While, type 2 decisions, can be reversed if they
aren't made well, should be made much faster. In resume Type 1
decisions are not reversible, and you have to be very careful making
them, and Type 2 decisions are like walking through a door if you don't
like the decision, you can always go back. The CEO mentions also that
the problem with many big companies, is they apply the methodical
process they use for bigger calls to less weighty decisions too often.
The Amazons CEO says they manage 2 types of decision-making but
they need information system to support that decisions. We need at first
to comprehend what decision-making stands for, this develop on
identifying difficulties and prospects to defining them, based on this
concept, is what they must use a Decision Support System, DSS, that
consists in a computer application program which analyzes the business
data and boons this with the porpoise that users make business
decisions more simply. They offer potential contribution on solving:
structured, semi-structured and unstructured problems mostly oriented
mostly to support semi-structured decisions. Decision support systems,
support the decision-making process by helping the user discover and
examine alternatives over different sculpting techniques, it is an
informational application that can be referred with the ERP about
business data. ERP systems focus on all processes, departments and
operations for the entire enterprise, integrates Information Technology

systems so with that employees can create innovativeness wide

decisions by viewing enterprise wide information on all business
operations (enterprise wide information).

Also taking this in count we

can say that at the end they with the previous information from the CEO
they should use Group decision support system (GDSS) technology
which supports project collaboration through the enhancement of digital
communication with various tools and resources, also is an interactive
system that simplify the solution of shapeless problems, is classically
used in consultation rooms and dedicated on hardware and software;
these softwares collect, rank, edit accomplice notions and replies
moreover enables growing assembly size and increasing productivity,
uses structured methods to organize and evaluate ideas. The programs
of these kind mostly used to maintenance custom-made assignments
that requires group work, effort to a group and numerous forms of
gathering proprieties. Something mostly these programs costume them
to succeed as equal as the treat with the customers, thats a reason why
they ought to improve CRM Customer Relationship Management, from a
multilayered viewpoint study clienteles. CRM use established combined
bids to address all customer relationship features, containing marketing,
deals, and customer provision. Amazon is available to stock consumer
and overlook contact data, financial records, sales prospects and leads in
a dominant locality, superlatively in the cloud so that the statistics are
accessible in real time to everybody. Finally the Strategic Information
Systems (SIS) is usefulness at the same time as the other decision
making, because the premeditated character of IS implicates the use of








competences that give the company in these case Amazon, main

benefits over competitive armies that face the global market.


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