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Music Career Project


Name: Jeanette
Checklist to Complete Assignment
Read the article
Complete From the Source Section #1
Complete In Your Own Words Section #2
Complete Your Final Job Description Section #3
Complete Best Fact to Share Section #4
Complete Think About It Section #5
Complete the Career Jump Activity Section #6
Is my work neat, in complete sentences, and each
section is completed.


Music Career Jump Grading

_____Individual Participation During Project
3 on task, involved all the time
2 on task, involved most of the time
1 off task, wasting time, teacher reminders to
work needed/not on task, ignores teacher

_____Completed Project
3 all tasks complete, in detail, neat, and
2 all tasks complete, satisfactory answers, and
legible, most tasks complete, answers are brief
and not detailed, work is sloppy
1 few tasks complete, answers are incomplete,
and little effort is shown

his information based on the information on the M

usic Careers Website. Dont use other sources!

#1 From the Source

#2 In Your Own Words

Job Title: Session singer

Job Title:

Career Overview:

Career Overview:

this Music

this Music

1.Session Singers provide backing vocals for

1.Session singers help other singers.

2. Professional Session Singer Felice Hernandez

says that As a Session Singer, the job duty is
pretty straightforward: Deliver the song as
closely to the Producer and Composers vision
as possible.

2. Session singers can relate to other jobs.

3.They must be able to harmonize and sight

read so that they can provide essential musical
elements to a live or studio performance.

3. They have to have good sight so they can

4.Depending on the project, you may work

4. Y
ou can work with more then 1 person.

5. Sometimes Session Singers are also called in

5. Session singers are called in to sing tracks

another artist as part of a studio recording

session or a live performance

with a variety of people: the Composer, the

Producer, Engineer, Vocal Arranger and/or
Vocal Contractor.
to record vocals for tracks written by Jingle
Writers, too.

read musial element things.

and stuff .

Music Career Project




1. $40,000 ( O-O)


2. $15,000-$65,000



1. Hernandez says. Like most music jobs, you

need to know people who are in the studio

1. You need to know many musicians.

2. In large cities, there are a handful of Vocal

Contractors who hire Singers for union jobs.
They generally hire for film and TV scores, as
well as on-camera singing spots. Basically, the
more people you know and make a good
impression with, the better your chances are
for getting work.

2. The more people you know the better you're



1. Session Singers can advance into many

job is.

1. Session singers can go to many places.

different areas within the music field.

2. L
ots of times, they fall into a job position

2. Session singers can get into things that they

Education and Training

Education and Training

1.A music degree is always helpful, although

1. A music degree can be useful sometimes.

2. S
ome sessions require sight singing skills and

2.if you studied music you can get the

Experience, Skills, and Personality

Experience, Skills, and Personality

1.Prior studio experience is necessary. You can

1. You need Experience to a music studio .

2. Mic technique can only be learned on the job. should be able to get along with your

that they never expected to do! Many times, a

Singer will be asked to arrange backing vocals
and harmony parts right there on the spot and
that can evolve into an Arranger gig in the

not always necessary, she says. Private voice

training is a must.

some dont. An education in music will always

be to ones advantage.

get this by volunteering to do favors for

friends who have studio projects.

Learning to blend with another voice is an

important skill. Being able to double your own

never expected to do.


groups/partners singing.

Music Career Project

voice is a necessary skill, too.
3.She says, Session Singers are always

3. Being successful is a good trait

Unions and Associations

Unions and Associations

1.Contact your local branch and ask to be put

1.talking to your local branch is good to get in

2.introduce yourself and request to be added to

2. Meet other session singers so you can join

Suggestions for Getting Started

Suggestions for Getting Started

1.Theres one vital thing every aspiring Session

1.they should be trying their best for the job.

2.Background singing clips arent very useful,

2.always use clips of yourself because using

professional in their manner. Important traits

of a successful Session Singer are: punctuality,
the ability to take direction, the desire

in touch with the Singers representative, she

the email list for Singers. Union meetings and
classes are a great way to meet other working

Singer must have, according to Hernandez.

Firstly, one needs to have great demo reel. The
demo needs to display their best
workanything that stands out and catches
your attention.
so dont use those. Always use clips of yourself
singing lead. Variety is good to have, if you are
truly good at a variety of styles. If not, then
just use the clips of what you do best (i.e., if
youre strictly a jazz singer, dont try to
convince someone that you can do raspy rock
vocals, etc.)

touch with other people.

their group.

them from others is not useful.

#3 Your Final Job Description: Convince someone this is the best job in the music

industry! Write in complete thoughts and sentences IYOW. When you read this out loud, it
should be about 30 seconds.
Being a session singer is a good job because if you like to sing but you don't want to be like a
real singer or something it's a good job to have especially if you like to sing with other

#4 Best Fact to Share: Write one sentence summarizing and highlighting the best part
about this job.

I think the best part about the job is that you get to work with other people

Music Career Project

#5 Think About It
-List 3 school subjects that would be useful to know to perform this job.
1. music
2. l.a
3. art
-Would this job be a good fit for you? Why or why not? Support your opinion in complete
I think it would because i like to sing. To support my answer, i also like singing.


#6 Career Jump Activity: Quickly write down the job title and one interesting thing
about each job as you rotate through the career jump.
1. Vivian booking agent get to work with famous people
2. Carmin recording producer get to work with taylor swift
3. Hanna personal manager
4. Joe singer a lot of money
5. Jeremy Nightclub manager makes 150 k
6. Daniel Sound technician
7. Ryan Composer gets to make own music gets orchestra to play the music
8. Bryce Music website web master gets to make web sites
9. Reese stage manager sets stages
10. Kate Music producer gets to work with famous people
11. Jack rock star

Music Career Project

Best Job:

Worst Job: