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Amanda Butts

October 27, 2016

Biography Analysis: Rosa by Nikki Giovanni

Citation: Giovanni, N. (2005). Rosa. Henry Holt and Co.
Rosa Parks is a strong African America woman who believed in fighting for what she
believed in. Rosa Parks is most known for her actions on a Montgomery bus after a long day at
work. Rosa sat in the neutral section on the bus because the black section was filled. When two
white men got onto the bus, the bus driver told Rosa that she had to give up her seat, but Rosa
said no. She was tired of the way that blacks had been treated and knew she had to do
something to change things, and she did just that. Rosa Parks was arrested that day which
sparked the Bus Boycott of Montgomery. Rosa Parks was a strong, brave, and very influential
woman, her no made history. I decided to read a book about Rosa Parks because I have learned
about her in school, but I have never read a childrens book about her. I thought that it would be
interesting to see her story told in a way that would appeal to children. I think that this book is a
great way to teach students about this serious topic without just having them read it in a
Book Rating:
After reading and analyzing my book, I have decided to rate my book a 25 out of 30. The
author does a great job giving background about Rosa Parks and using dialogue to give the
reader an idea of how Rosa spoke. The author also does a great job explaining the events that
happened that day in a way that students will understand. All of the important information about
Rosa Parks and what happened on the bus was shared, including what led up to the event and
what followed.