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Soundscape Directions

Fill in the required portions of this document. Be sure to save it. You will submit this file with a
link to your soundscape.
1. The introduction include just a few of the many ideas for soundscapes to get you thinking
creatively. Now it is your turn. Brainstorm a minimum of three soundscape ideas in
different content areas. You should treat this activity as if you are the teacher. You are
creating a project you would have your students do. The soundscape you create will be an
example which you can use in your future pedagogy.
Content Area:

Soundscape Idea:
Students will create a soundscape of a moment when they were
truly happy
Students will create a soundscape of their favorite type of
Students will create a soundscape of one of their favorite points
in history

1. Choose the idea you like the most. Write a brief summary of your idea.
I like the reading/writing idea where students will create a soundscape of a moment when
they were truly happy. This project could come after a project where students were to
write about this moment and why it was so memorable. They will have to use a lot of
detail and description in their writing as to what was going on around them and that is
what will be transferred to the soundscape. For example, what song was playing in the
background, maybe the wind was blowing or it was raining, there may have been a dog
barking or their mom singing in the kitchen. Whatever those sounds were that surrounded
them that day will be incorporated into their writing and then made into that soundscape.
This will be very beneficial for the students as it will improve their writing and push them
to dig deeper and really pull out those subtle details that are actually very vital parts of
the story.
2. Identify the grade level, content area, and standards.
Grade level:
4th Grade

Content area(s):

Standards: Student Standards

1b. Build networks and customize their
learning environments in ways that
support the learning process
2b. Engage in positive, safe, legal and
ethical behavior when using
technology, including social
interactions online or when using
networked devices
3c. Curate information from digital
resources using a variety of tools and
methods to create collection of
artifacts that demonstrate meaningful
connections or conclusions
6b. Create original works or
responsible repurpose or remix digital

resources into new creations

6c. Communicate complex ideas
clearly and effectively by creating or
using a variety of digital objects such
as visualizations, models or
6d. Publish or present content that
customizes the message and medium
for their intended audiences
3. Brainstorm what sounds you feel should be included in this soundscape. (A bit of a project
-dog barking
-squeaky toy
-basketball dribbling
-basketball swish of net
-police sirens
-door closing
4. Now, create your soundscape. As you create, save your citations.
Citations: All of my sounds were from Garage Band except for the song, which I uploaded
from my iTunes.
Minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of five minutes
Quality editing (smooth transitions between clips, sound level is even - it doesnt fluctuate
Accuracy (content and grammatical)
Due on Monday, 11-21-16 at 11:59PM
Once your soundscape is complete, paste the link


You will also need to post your soundscape to your