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L. L'Abate (Ed.


Paradigms in Theory Construction
▶ Presents a hierarchical framework for constructing psychological
▶ Reviews the history of psychological theory building
▶ Compares and contrasts often confused conceptual terms

2012, XIV, 458 p.

Printed book
ISBN 978-1-4614-0913-7
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Paradigms in Theory Construction
Luciano L’Abate, editor
Without the framework of the paradigm supporting layers of theories,models, and data,
our concept of science, and its shared mode of scholarly thought, would not exist. The
concept is readily understood. But how did we get there?
Paradigms in Theory Construction classifies the collective worldviews that inform
paradigms and clarifies the relationships between them, theories, and models in
psychology, the hard sciences,and the social sciences. The book skillfully merges the
philosophy of science with the history of scientific inquiry to explain how ideas take hold
among populations,how paradigms are structured, whether they are based in logic, and
under what circumstances paradigm shifts occur. Rich with historical and contemporary
examples across disciplines, chapters examine the function of the paradigm for the
community of scholars in major arenas of scientific pursuit, among them:
• The impact of paradigms on the evolution of science.
• Paradigms in educational theory and practice.
• Artistic, verbal, and visual paradigms.
• General-integrative paradigms, including biopsychosocial, interbehavioral,
constructionism, and materialism.
• Particular-specific paradigms: humanism, behaviorism, existentialism, and others.
• The emergence of reason, intelligence, and language.
• Among all the paradigms included in this volume, information processing has
become the reigning paradigm for this century.
A novel take on how the scientific mind works, Paradigms in Theory Construction will find
an engaged audience among general psychologists and those interested in or studying
popular science or the history of science.

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