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Faculty of Technology and Technopreneurship

Bachelor of Technopreneurship
Business Plan
BLHC 4042
Group Assignment
The New Innovation of Inner (Under Veil)
The Vella Inner


Matric No.

Muhammad Daie Ariff Mat Isa


Mazliza Halikur Rahman


Nurul Ain Abdul Rahman


Nur Wahida Saupi


Umi Khalsum Ab Hamid








Introduction of

the company

Employment of





The innovation of
inner (under veil)







1.0 Executive summary

We, from WYN GROUP proudly present our newest or latest product in the market that none
of our competitors could ever provide or supplied to the consumers. Our company, came out
with the new innovation inner (under veil) that could help women out there, solves their hair
problems that resulting from long day of wearing scarf.
We are very confident that our product is valuable to our respected customers, which are the
women out there because, by using our product, it could solve their hair problems that they
had been suffering from time to time. Our target market is women out there that really care
about their appearance and their hair care.Since women are our target market, it is like a
bonus for us because women love to shops, online and offline and they also are easy to be
influenced by other people testimony and also good advertising and great promotions.
We believe that we are capable enough in dealing with our target market which is women,
because, that is our expertise. Before we came with an idea to produce this, we did come out
with other women apparel such as inner for neck and hands, shawls and etc. Therefore, we
used the knowledge and the expertise that we have in the inner industry that mainly targeting
the women as the target market.


2.0 Introduction of the company

2.1 Company background
Our company, which WYN GROUP company, is a well-established company that produces
inner especially for women. We are well established since the year of 2008 and since that
year, our company keep on producing inners that suits with women in this country. This
inners are suitable to wear in this country due to itscomfortably with the weather that our
country faced.

This is the logo of our company. We are the WYN GROUP. The letter w representing the
word what, while the letter y representing the word you and the letter n representing the
word need. The WYN GROUP logo shows the word GROUP to make the communities
aware that we work and move in a group which means all the members in the company could
give ideas freely without any gap or fear but still maintaining the level of respect between


The logo looks simple with a serious touch on it to shows that we really focus and serious on
what we are targeting. The colours of our logo is black with a combination grey for the
background to show that we are in a professional level and serious with what we wish to
Some people might doubt us or question us why we choose black and grey instead of any
other colours that suits women such as pink, red or purple. Well, we do believe that
similarities will make customers bored. Therefore we came out with our own identity that
makes us different. Originality is very important for us to show our differences and our
uniqueness to the consumers.
Our business is located at 86, Jalan Todak, Pusat Bandar, 13700 Seberang Jaya, Pulau
Pinang. This location has is so strategic because it is located at the city. The traffic as well
here is very good and not too crowded. Therefore we are highly confident that we can
increase our market sales and market size due to the development progression in this area.
This will be a very bright opportunities for us to gain profit and hence increasing our income.
Below is the map of directions to our company.


Below is the image of our companys building that located at Seberang Jaya Pulau Pinang.


2.2 Business Intent

Our company is well known as the majoring company in womens product since 2009such as
inner for neck and hand, shawls and etc. Our company is concern on womens problem in
their daily lives and we observe it so well to transform it into a product that could help them.
We want to ensure that they will feel comfortable, happy and satisfy whenever they wear or
use our products.
The speciality of our products is, we focus on the problems that women out there faced in
their daily life. For us, each problems that arise, is an opportunity for us to come out with
something that could help them solve their problems. As we all know, women are a bit fussy
and they will feel unhappy if there are in trouble or having unsolved problem.
Our company is aware with women purchasing power. That is why, when we about to start
up our business, we are very sure that women are target market. But, we dont want to
produce a product which the function is too similar with other companies or our competitors
because we dont want our customers to get bored with too clich of products. Therefore we
came out with an idea, which is to produce products that could help women solve their
specific problems, other than just focusing on the design and fashion only.
We believe that all entrepreneurs should understand the market and value them as much as
they could. This is important because from there the idea of a good product could generate
and end up it will satisfy the consumers. We cant focus on the profit that we will get but we
must focus on what our customers feeling after using our products.
We do believe that women love to shop. They dont mind to spend for something that they
adore and also for something that could benefit them. Check everywhere around the world.
You will find out women in shopping mall, bazaar, and even online shopping. Therefore, we
do believe that with our uniqueness we manage to capture their attention.
Our company now is well known in Malaysia as a company that provides women with a
solution that they hardly fine in any other company. From time to time, our company is
making surveys and observation in order to understand and get to know what they need from
us. We as a company base on technology entrepreneurship will try our best to give them the
best that we can.


2.3 Growth Strategies

Growth strategies are important for each and every business. The same goes with us. We do
believe that time to time innovation is important. Therefore we must plan for a great growth
strategies that could help us boost up our revenue and also make people aware of our
products and our company speciality. The strategies that we are using are financial strategy,
technology strategy and marketing strategy as well.
As for the financial strategy, similar with other companies, we will try to minimize the profit
and reduce the cost of our products. We will try attracting our customers by offering them
with the lowest price ever comparing with our competitors.
Our second strategies are technology and product development strategies. People nowadays
are so attach with items or products that comes together with technologies. This is because;
they will feel so up to date if they have something that related with technologies.
Technologies can be viewed as a trend that everyone must follow. This is included women
out there that love to compete with each other.
The idea of combining inner (under veil) with technologies such as microfiber is a brilliant
idea.We are very sure that women will buy our product to feel the difference. They will
wonder about the feelings of wearing inner (under veil) that contain technology in it and will
start thinking about how the function works. It is something new that women would love to
try and fancy.
Another strategy is marketing strategy. This is the most important strategy among the others.
Marketing strategy is not about how to market your product only, but it also means how to
advertise, promote and make people buy and aware with our products. Marketing strategy is
connecting with financial strategy regarding the budget or fund needed to make the product
well located in the market.


2.4Companys goals
Our vision is to be the first company in Malaysia that provides women with products that
could benefit them. We will not only produce products that look good in terms of the design
and the colours but we will make sure that our customers will satisfy with the functions that
we offer to them. Of course we will include adorable designs and colours in order to capture
their first impression to our products. From the first impression they will notice that our
products are more to the functions and the benefits that they could get.
Our mission is to solve womens problems by providing them with products that could satisfy
them. We want to make them happy, attractive and boost up their confident level from zero to
hero. We will make sure that our team will crash their brains with ideas that could solve their
problems. It is a must to make surveys and observations so that we will know what are their
problems and what best idea that we could generate in order to solve their problems.
It is a brilliant idea when we ourselves go out to the market to meet our prospective
customers and ask them what their problems are and what we can offer to them to make them
happy and satisfy them? Face to face communications are better than paper surveys or online
surveys because we can see their facial expression, body language and how bad they feel with
their problems.
Research and development is also important before planning of a new product. A lot of things
have to consider. This is because, women face a lot of problems and we cant solve all the
problems because sometimes their problems might sound funny or not so big and we believe
that they could solve it themselves. Only big issues and problems that really cause them into
trouble will make us think of something.
Our tag line is the confidence in you. As we mentioned before, we wish to see all women
out there communicate and mingle around in a very confident way so that they could stand up
by themselves with no problems at all. Our company is responsible to make this happened.
Women with no confidence are not perfect because they hold more than one status in their


The most important thing is now most of the women out there are career women that hold
great positions and status. They must show that they are good enough, capable enough and
confident enough in handling problems that they face by finding solutions for their problems
and we will make sure that we are capable in providing them their needs in order to solve
their irritating problems.

10 | P a g e

2.5 Swot Analysis

The strength of our product is we are the first company in Malaysia that produce inners
(under veil) that promotes inner (under veil) with technologies that could help women out
there with their hair problem. We are not only providing them with inners (under veil) that
are looking good but also we providing them we inners that could benefit them.
Other than that, our price is just the same with our competitors or maybe cheaper than our
competitors. We are very confident that once the women out there, experience the different
by using our product, they will shift to our product. This is because our product offers two in
one benefit that others cant provide with a reasonable and affordable price. Wise women will
choose to purchase inners that could give them more than just one benefit.
Since that we are the first company in Malaysia that promoting this special benefit, therefore
we dont have to be scared of losing our customers that really searching for something that
could make their hair better than ever before. In terms of the hair care benefit, we dont have
to worry but in terms of the design and the fashion and also our product brand name, we have
to get worry.

Our weaknesses are we are still new in the market compare with other well-known brand
names such as Ariani and Hajaba. Therefore, we have to invest more on our marketing
strategy to make people aware about our products. Advertising and promotions are so
important to capture the women hearts out there to get information about products and starts
to purchase from us.
Other than that, we are facing with some portion of women that more stress on the physical
appearance rather than the benefit itself. Our products do look good but not as fashionable as
our competitors because our major focus in on the hair health care. Therefore, we must try
our best at our very best to convince them regarding our products.

11 | P a g e

Every company has their opportunity to ensure the smooth running of their business trips.
Besides that, opportunities are also an important factor as well as to provide space for
companies to market their products more readily. Not only that, the company will also be
able to reap a double profit if they know how to use the opportunities that available with
The same goes for our company. We had some opportunities that could be used as a strength
for us to market our products more successfully again. As a newcomer to the industry, we
were able to create a new product. As we know, the new product is the first product is created
and no longer be found in any market. Furthermore, our products, inner (under veil) are a first
inner created with the functions of extraordinary.
The functions included in our products is can eliminate the bacteria thereby avoiding the
problem of hair loss, itchy scalp and smelly. Not only that, our inner also can absorb the
water and it will make the hair dry and not sweaty scalp. Through these functions, we are
confident that we can meet the needs and wants for all women. This is because, no more
companies that produce inner that have functions like us. So, that is why we said that create a
new product is an opportunity for our company. Moreover, with this uniqueness of our inner,
we hope we can attract more customers to use our product.
Other than that, using quality resources and cheap is also an opportunity for us to produce the
inner meets the needs of users. Therefore, we will be able to attract more customers without
regard of their standard of living because we put a fair price for our inner. So, all women
capable of having and use our inner. In addition, they can also take advantage of the functions
that are available in our inner because our products are manufactured from quality sources
which are bamboo fabric and microfiber. Accordingly, we believe we will be able to win the
hearts of all our clients because of course they will be satisfied when using our inner as not
only our inner is cheap but also have a high quality and have a functions that can provide
comfort and convenience to consumers .

12 | P a g e

Behind every success there must be a barrier. These obstacles will give us the spirit to
succeed. Furthermore, through these obstacles, our company will be able to do the correction
or repair of the products that we produce. Not only that, these barriers will also be able to
increase the performance of the company as we will always try and find new ideas from time
to time just to eliminate those obstacles and ensure our business processes run smoothly.
Our first obstacle is competition from other large companies. For companies that already
have a strong market in this industry, of course, they have a wealth of knowledge, expertise
and experience. Not only has that, these companies also definitely had a loyal group of
customers in using their products. This is a threat to our emerging company in this industry.
For example, big names like Hajaba, Ariani and others become major competitors for our
company. They have produced a lot of products that have high quality and of course be able
to attract the attention of many users. Therefore, we need to install strategy to ensure our
company name is acceptable in all markets in the industry. That is why we need to make
products which has a high quality product and have unique functions as well as to attract
more consumers. Not only that, we will also ensure that we are able to provide comfort inner
to the user and is able to give an easy to our consumer in doing their activities in daily life.
Other barriers that we have to tackle is the inner (under veil) that we produce is not a
requirement that is really important for women. This means, that every woman will not buy
our inner every day because they can use our inner for a long time at each time of purchase.
Accordingly, this case gives us difficulties to maintain the same outcomes on a daily basis.
Other than that, some of the women do not know the function of the inner such as our inner.
Maybe because they do not have itchy scalp problems, smelly hair and other related
problems. Thus, they only need to use the usual inner which is far cheaper than our inner. So,
to ensure our company maintains a tremendous sales result, we have set a target of sales only
for each month. Apart from that, we also need to implement more effective marketing process
so that we can ensure our products are widely recognized. Not only that, we also need to
identify groups of women who have a problem that can be solved by using our inner so that
we can always keep in touch with them and can make them as our loyal customers.

13 | P a g e

3.0 Employment of knowledge workers

3.1 Management team
Our company which is the WYN GROUP organized our company in such ways that each
employee will know what are their role and their job scope. This is very important because
unclear job scope and role might lead the employee to difficulty to understand what they
should do. If they are blurring or have no idea what to do, it will affect the productivity of the
company. Below is a table that specifies each of the employees role and job scope.


Main Task
To plan, implement and control the
overall management of the business.
To plan and monitor the strategic
progress of the business.
To be accountable for the overall
performance of the business.
Responsible for leading or
coordinating the strategic planning
functions of the company.
Manage all administration of the
Creating and enforcing business

objectives and goals, managing

projects and renovations, employees
or the facility.
Operation Executive

Responsibility for the overall work

performance of a company and office
Gathering, adapting, storing and
distributing information within the

14 | P a g e

company by using information

Providing specialized support to other
departments and managers.
Providing specialized support to other
departments and managers and also
training and development for the
Managing quality and cost control
and service to other functions within
the organization.
Meeting with other members of
management and planning for the
future of the company.
Ensuring that human and material
resources are correctly utilized.
Marketing Executive

Organizes, plans, controls, coordinates and gives orders relating to

all the marketing activities.

Responsible for influencing the level,

timing and composition of customer
demand accepted definition of the
term based on a business size,
corporate culture, and industry

To analyse the profits the firm is

generating from various product lines
and customer accounts.

Examine each competitors cost

structure, sources of profits, resources
and competencies, competitive
positioning and product

15 | P a g e

differentiation, historical responses to

industry development and other
Design and oversee various
environmental scanning and
competitive intelligence processes to
help identify trends and inform the
companys marketing analysis.
To achieve the desired objectives,
marketers typically identify one or
more target customer segments which
they intend to pursue.
Financial Executive

Responsible for providing financial

advice and support to clients and
colleagues to enable them to make
sound business decisions.

Providing and interpreting financial

information, hence researching and

reporting on factors influencing
business performance.
Analysing change and conducting risk

Preparing accounts and reconciling

balance sheets, overseeing budgetary

control and also monitoring cash
Developing complex finance models

assessing the financial implications of

new or existing ventures.
Participating in strategic planning and
formulating long-term business plans.

16 | P a g e

3.2 Organization Chart

Muhammad Daie

Ass. Manager
Mazliza Rahman

Marketing Executive
Nurul Ain Abdul

Operational Executive
Nur Wahida Saupi


Financial Executive
Umi Khalsum Ab


Muhammad Daie Ariff B. Mat Isa

Manager of WYN GROUP

17 | P a g e

Mazliza Bt. Halikur Rahman

Assistance Manager of WYN

Nur Wahida Bt Saupi

Operational Executive of WYN

Nurul Ain Bt Abdul Rahman

Marketing Executive of WYN

Umi Khalsum Bt Ab Hamid

Financial Executive of WYN

18 | P a g e

4.0 Product Development

The innovation of inner (under veil)
4.1 Observation of problem
Normally, good ideas come from problems that had been face by the consumers. That is why
surveys and observations are important to get to know what are the consumers problem and
how we could help them solve their problems. Surveys can be done by meet them face to face
at the public by giving them surveys form and ask questions directly to them. From there we
can see their emotions, body language and facial expression on how their problems really
affected them. Surveys can be done through phone call too. Their voice and the way they
speak could make us capture what are their problems really is.
Other than surveys, we also could observe the market. What is the trend now or what is the
big issue for women right now. From the observation we will evaluate the ideas that we get
during the brain storming session. It is important to observe the market to get to know what
our competitors are doing now. We will make sure that our product will have different
functions from our competitors so that our customers could differentiate our product with our
competitors products.
Recently, we make a survey and observation regarding women who wear scarf. We get
feedbacks from the women out there regarding their problems which is they dont have time
to dry their hair before they put on their scarf. Women nowadays are very busy and have a lot
of commitment. We should understand that. Most of the women love to keep their hair long
but they dont have time to dry it because they are late for class, work, meetings and etc.
Due to wet hair, covered but their inner (under veil) and scarf, their hair will face a lot of
problems such as itchiness, dandruff, dry hair, frizzy hair, and also their hair will look
unhealthy. This is because, their hair are trapped under the scarf without air that makes their
hair cant dry by them.
Even after hours wearing scarf with a wet hair inside it, once you removed your scarf, you
will find out that your hair are still wet, the smells are awful, dandruff starts to come out and
your hair will become frizzy until you have to wash your hair again, or maybe spend a large
amount for hair treatments at the salon or maybe you will shop for expensive hair serum to

19 | P a g e

improve your hair or maybe if you cant find a good solution for yourself, you might cut off
your hair.
Even if you cut your hair short, you will still face the same problems because the problem is
not only from your hair but from your skin on your head as well. The skin will become oily
and produce dandruff that could irritate you. Once you have dandruff on your hair, you will
feel itchy and starts to scratch that could cause wound on your skin head. Other than itchy
and dandruff problems, the women out there will face another serious problems which are
hair fall or hair loss problems.
Hair fall could make them having a spotting bold hair that will make them less confident with
themselves. Yes, it is true that they are wearing scarf in the public and no one knew about
their hair problem. But, remember, they are women. They might be a wife, mothers and
sisters that they have to taking a good care of themselves so that their family members will
not look down on them. Its really stressful when your sisters have a nice healthy and
beautiful hair but you dont. This will make their self-esteem drop immediately.
Another problems they have to face is, when their head are itchy, they will feel
uncomfortable to put on their scarf in a proper way. They will feel less confident in tying up
their scarf due to the irritating itchiness head that makes them scratch their head even when
the scarf is on their head. The scarf will look messy and they have to run to the toilet to
proper the scarf.
Their inner (under veil) will smell so stink and they have to wash it every day. This means,
they have to buy a lot of inner (under veil) to make sure that they will be at least 1%
comfortable. It is a fact that when you feel itchy on your head, you will try as best as you
could to scratch it. These are problems to them if they feel itchy during hanging around with
friends, family or clients. For sure people around them will start to ask them what are their
problems and they will feel super embarrass.
All these problems caused by the limit of time for the women for themselves. They are not
lazy just they have a lot of things to do and end up they neglect themselves without even
noticing what are the consequences that they will get. The problem here now is lack of time.
But it is impossible for us to make a machine to add more time in one day. What we can do is
something that could help them take care of their hair better.

20 | P a g e

Below are few examples of pictures due to these problems.

This picture shows that this woman facing a frizzy and dry hair.

This picture shows that this woman facing a critical dandruff problem.

21 | P a g e

This picture shows that this woman is facing a dry skin on her head.

This picture shows that this woman is facing with hair lost problem.

These three pictures show most of women problems.

22 | P a g e

4.2 Solution of the problem

From the problem, we will find the best solution to help women out there solve their problem.
Unlike most of our competitors, they prefer to produce similar products with one and another.
The product that we normally see in the market to solve hair problems would be hair loss and
dandruff shampoo, serum, hair mask, and air spray. These are too clich and consumers will
feel that all the products are just the same and only different in terms of its packaging and
We dont want to produce similar products with our competitors. That is why we came out
with an idea that we found out interesting and could attract consumers. The idea is, we are
going to produce an inner (under veil) that can absorb water and have antibacterial
technology in it.
It might sound complicated and impossible to be done but we from WYN GROUP Company
will make this thing happen. If we take a look of all our competitors who sells inner, they do
sell variety fashion of inners with adorable colours just to attract the consumers without
deliver any extra functions. The function is just to be an inner that covers hair before scarf
being place.
The materials that our competitors normally used are made from cotton, lycra, and etc.
materials such as cotton and lycra are not so perfect for absorb water and prevent their skin
head from having problems such as dandruff, itchiness and hair lost problem. Materials hold
a huge responsibility but not many people realize it.
Cotton for example. Yes, it is very comfortable to wear, easy to wear and its cheap too. But
what is the point buying something that is cheap and in the end you cant wear it anymore?
Cotton could shrink from its actual size. After few washes, it can shrink and the consumers
will face a problem which is their inner become tide and this will make them buy another
cotton inner.
If we take a look of lycra, yes its looks nice, sophisticated and better quality than the cotton.
But what could this lycra offer? Lycra is more expensive than cotton because of the material.
Normally, sports attire is made from lycra. But the bad thing is, it cant absorb sweats. If it
cant absorb sweats, how could it absorb water? We cant deny that lycra is a material that
has special function which is the material is water resistant not water absorber that could

23 | P a g e

make our body free from water. But still it cant be a medium that could help absorbing the
water on the womens hair.
Therefore, our company is producing inner (under veil) that could absorb water, has
antibacterial protection to protect their skin and also make the consumers comfortable with
what they are wearing. The inner (under veil) would be the first inner (under veil) that have
several functions that could benefit them. What is the point wearing nice, adorable and cute
inner (under veil) but have to suffer with hair skin problems that could stress our lives?
Calculate the stress and the consequences than just eager to feel nice and good at the outside
look. Inside look is important too.
Below are few pictures of cotton and lycra that normally being used by our competitors to
make inners (under veil).

Pictures show example type of cotton material.

24 | P a g e

Pictures show example type of lycra material.

25 | P a g e

4.3 Technology development of the product

What makes our product different with our competitors? The difference is, our product comes
with the technology that could solve the problem that being discuss previously. Normal inner
(under veil) are made from cotton, lycra and etc with no water absorber technology. So this
could not help the consumers solve their problems.
Our inner (under veil) that we name it as Vella is made from the combination of bamboo
fabric and microfiber. Both bamboo fabric and microfiber have different functions. We
combine both to solve all the problems that we found out irritates the consumers. Our
company is the first company who combines bamboo fabric and microfiber in producing this
special Vella inner.
What is bamboo fabric? Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo
grass. Bamboo fabric is a light and strong material, that has excellent wicking properties, and
it could extent antibacterial. The use of bamboo fiber for clothing was long time ago since
20th century development, pioneered by several Chinese corporations.

Bamboo fiber resembles cotton in its unspun form, a puffball of light, airy fibers. A lot of
companies used extensive bleaching processes to turn bamboo fiber white, although
companies producing organic bamboo fabric leave the bamboo fiber unbleached. Our
company plan to produce variety colours of inner to attract the consumers to buy our product.
Bamboo fabric is suitable as the material for our Vella inner because it is very soft and can be
worn directly next to the skin. People who experience allergic reactions to other material such
as cotton and lycra, do not complain of this issue with bamboo fabric. The fiber is naturally
smooth and round without chemical treatment, meaning that there are no sharp spurs to
irritate the skin.

Bamboo fabric is highly water absorbent, that able to take up three times its weight in water.
In bamboo fabric, this translates to an excellent wicking ability that will pull moisture away
from the skin so that it can evaporate. For this reason, clothing made of bamboo fiber is often
worn next to the skin. This statement shows that bamboo fabric is just perfect with our new
innovation of inner (under veil).

26 | P a g e

When the consumers wearing the Vella inner that made from bamboo fabric, the remains
water that they dont have chance to dry it on their hair, can be dry it slowly by the bamboo
fabric because it has the function of absorbing. So the consumers will feel dryer and
comfortable to continue their daily work.

As we stated before, the Vella inner contains antibacterial protection that could protect our
scalp and bamboo fabric does have the antibacterial protection. Bamboo fabric has many
antibacterial qualities, which is able to retain, even through multiple time of washings. This
helps to reduce bacteria on clothing that could cause unpleasant or unwanted odours. It can
also kill odour causing by the bacteria that lives on the human skin, making the wearer and
his or her clothing smell more sweet and comfortable.

Imagine with one single inner (under veil), the consumers can be free from any single
bacteria that could irritates them, so no more dandruff, itchiness and hair loss problem.
Logically, when once our wet head covered with the normal ordinary inner (under veil) and
scarf, both inner (under veil) and scarf will smell awful and stinks. But with bamboo fabric, it
could solve the smell problems. It is a super awesome fabric that could solve a lot of

In addition, bamboo fabric has special functions and this will keep the wearer cooler in
summer and warmer in weather. The versatility of bamboo fabric makes it an excellent
choice for the Vella inner because the consumers will feel comfortable even though they have
to put on their scarf from morning til night. With our countrys weather that always hot and
sunny or raining, our company bet that this is the perfect inner (under veil) for them.

According to our research, some sport performance clothing pieces are woven entirely
from bamboo to aid athletes in maintaining a lower body temperature while exercising. Body
temperature is very important to help maintain and control our body temperature during
exercising from overheating. This shows that our body temperature could be maintain once
we put on the Vella inner. Bamboo fabric shows how comfortable you can be once you
wearing it. It is very useful and convenient for the consumers to have one.

27 | P a g e

Picture shows how bamboo fabric is made.

Other than bamboo fabric, we also used microfiber materials on the Vella inner. What is
microfiber? Microfiber is a very small strand of materials that can be knitted or woven
together or made into non woven fabric. Microfiber fabrics are highly versatile and highly
use for variety of functions.

Microfiber fabric is lightweight, highly absorbent and does not stain or wrinkle easily.
Microfiber fabrics that are electro statically charged can pick up small particles, such as dust,
without the use of cleaning solvents and leave no lint behind. Normally, microfiber is used in
product such as towel to dry up wet areas. This is why we combined microfiber and bamboo
fabric together because they are great combinations with different functions.

From our research, microfiber before did combine with other materials such as lycra and
tencel. These combinations are known as modern microfibers. Lycra is always used in a
blend with other fibres. It is used to make sportswear, body-hugging clothes and bandages. It
has good handle and drape, is durable, crease resistant, stretchy (more comfortable) and is
28 | P a g e

easy care. It has low warmth and is absorbent. Reminder, lycra itself didnt have the ability to
absorb water and it doesnt have any antibacterial functions.
Tencel is a 'natural' microfiber made from cellulose derived from wood-pulp. It is used for
shirts and jeans. It has soft handle, good drape, is breathable, durable, crease-resistant, easycare and biodegradable. It is absorbent and has low warmth.
From our explanation, we are very sure that combination of bamboo fabric and microfiber is
the best combination among all the combinations that had been made. Below are few pictures
of microfiber and bamboo fabrics.

This is a picture of bamboo fabric


This is a picture of microfiber material.

Below is the process of making the inner.
29 | P a g e

Microfiber + Bamboo Fabric

Bleaching process to change the materials actual colours to attractive colours

Sewing the material that had been bleach

30 | P a g e

The results from the process which is colourful inners

The picture above shows the example of the inner that result from the process above.

31 | P a g e

5.0 Marketing Programme

5.1 Opportunity and target market
Women nowadays love to shop to find new things to buy which is in trend in the world of
fashion. They dont mind spending a large number of money as long as they will look good.
If we observe in the market now, most of the business people prefer to produce womens
products because they know women loves to shop.
From the problems that we get from the consumers (women), we grab this challenge as an
opportunity to us to produce an inner (under veil) that could help them solve their problems.
The opportunity that we get from the problem we will use it wisely by producing new unique
hair care products that none of our competitors out there did.
To make this opportunity become real is we will make sure that the goods that we are going
to produce will amaze our consumers and make them buy our product continuously. For us
this is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime because it is not easy to get this brilliant
idea. Therefore, we will try our best to make this idea become real.
Yes, we could just grab this opportunity by producing a shampoo, serum and all sort of hair
products that could help consumers solve their problems but we dont want. By doing the
same thing with our competitors, it shows that we didnt do any research or improvement to
solve the problems. In other means, we are just neglected the opportunity that we just get
from the ideas that we hardly get.
Our target market is of course women especially women who wears scarf, just like we
mentioned earlier. Women can be a career women, housewives, students and etc. They have
different need, taste and style. But in this case, they might face with the same problems if
they wear scarf especially if they have to wear it for long period of time. They cant just
neglect the responsibility as a Muslim by not wearing the scarf just because the problem that
can be solved with a very simple way.

32 | P a g e

The picture above shows that women nowadays are stylish and sophisticated even though
they wear hijab.

Women when they have problems regarding themselves, they will find the best solution on
how to solve their problems. Unlike men who just ignore what problems they have. Women
will spend for large number of money until they find the solutions. We are fully confident
that they will buy our product because its really benefiting them.
Women love to try something new too. If they heard there are new things in the market, they
will find information about it and if they find it interesting, they will look for the product in
the market. If the packaging, design, colours plus with the function that could benefit them,
we are very sure that they will buy it.

33 | P a g e

Women are easy to convince. Perfect advertisement, promotions and other sorts of attractions
will make them buy our products. The best part is, if our promoters say nice things about
them, they will buy it straight with no doubt at all. Sometimes, they will buy more for their
friends, relatives and etc.

Women love to spread news faster. Once they buy new things, they will wear it the next day
because they want to show the world that she has new things that others dont. They will talk
about what they wear to their friends and mention about the quality, price, benefit and
functions as well. They are just like our coincidence promoter.

34 | P a g e

5.2 Competitors
Competitors are usually referred to other businesses in the industry which offers similar
products, substitute or alternative products or services to the same target market as ours.
Identifying competitors is important for us as a new-comer, as it helps us to analyse the
capability of our products to grow in the same industry as theirs and how we finally take hold
of controlling the market. Since WYN Group is still new in business, we have listed a few
companies that involve in business that produce inner (under veil).
Why we should list down and how to do it so? Well, the reason is, each of the competitors
have their own way to win the market and only the best of the best will remain in the market.
Therefore, we will list down at least five companies that will make us aware and careful and
start thinking of a solution that could make us to be in the top five ranks or maybe the top
three in the market. Lack of research about our competitors and too depending on the similar
products with our competitors could make us exit the market very soon. End up, we gain
nothing but a bunch of debt.
Hajaba is one of our competitors. Hajaba have studied manufactures exclusively and get the
international fashion to provide a collection of beautiful clothes, but do not expose private
parts, loose and long sleeves. Hajaba collection is inspired by modern women, professional
and active. Network options include various Hajaba beautiful workmanship, latest design and
high quality selection of fabrics.
Hajaba give an idea to all Muslim women to appear fashionable and stylish exclusivity where
it provides comfort and style and suitable to be worn every day, everywhere and in any way.
Today, Hajaba is the only Muslim women's fashion boutique with most branches in shopping
malls in the country known as the Suria KLCC Twin Tower building, Pavilion KL in Bukit
Bintang and Alamanda in Putrajaya. Hajaba is the leader in Islamic fashion industry by
opening the door to other countries, outside from Malaysia. Below are samples of pictures of
Hajabas products.

35 | P a g e

Other than Hajaba, Ariani also is the one of our main competitors. Ariani offers over 200
exclusive lid design. Besides that, Ariani used quality fabrics that are specially imported from
Italy, France, Germany and Turkey. All the designs of Ariani lid are very different and not
available in any other boutique scarves. It's a special design with refined stitching on the lid
with the durability and quality and offer very competitive prices. Ariani also offers beaded
and sekuin plain lid that can be styled with a variety of child hood which is the latest designs.
It seemed like a scarf, perfect for those who want a more modern and stylish but still
maintaining the elegant look. Son lid also made from cotton viscose fabric decorated
Swarovski stones. For those who are concerned about the genitalia, no need to worry because
the lid Ariani products are available in various sizes and cover the chest and neck. Ariani
scarf can be styled for the office, parties, engagements and weddings or other formal
occasions. Below are few of Arianis products pictures.

36 | P a g e

37 | P a g e

One of the major factors why women prefer to shop at Ariani is because Ariani is using an
approach that could convince them to buy such as by using celebrities as the ambassadors.
Celebrities such as Wardina and Ekin could convince them that once they wear Arianis
products, they will look awesome and stylish just like them.
In conclusion, the competitors for our company are very great competitors. As a newcomer in
this industry, we have more work to produce top quality products using quality sources in
order to attract more customers to use our products. Apart from that, we also need to design a
follow the current development so that we can compete with all of our competitors. Not only
that, our company's products must also meet the needs and requirements of our users.
Therefore, we can put our company brand on par with other popular brands.

38 | P a g e

5.3 Marketing or promoting strategies

Promotion strategy is used to disseminate information about our products or services with the
purpose of attracting the target market. In order to increase the people awareness of the WYN
Group existence, we have chosen a few strategies to outcome these:
a) Printed Media
Business Card
b) Outdoor Advertisement
c) Web Advertisement
Company website

As for the promoting strategy under the marketing strategy itself, we will organize a
promotional season to attract the consumers to buy and feeling to buy. Customers love
promotions such as discount, buy two free one and etc. therefore, even though they dont feel
like buying, they will still buying it due to the price cutting. Promotions that we organize, we
will ensure that we will advertise it rapidly so that the consumers will get information about
our product and starts to buy our product.

39 | P a g e

5.4 Market Survey

Mark () at the box given.

Do you wear a scarf?



If yes, do you face any hair problem?






If yes, what kind of hair problem do you faced? (You can tick only one)


Frizzy hair

Hair fall

Dry hair

In your opinion, what are the main causes of your hair problem?

Wearing a scarf in wet hair (Proceed with question 5)

Unsuitable shampoo


If wearing a scarf in wet hair is your problem, why its happen?



Do you like to have an inner (under scarf) that couldabsorb water from your hair?


40 | P a g e

The analyses from the finding were shown below.

In this survey, we have give questionnaire a group of 25 respondents that includes students
from City Campus of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. We have discovered that from 25
respondent, 20 of them wears scarf and the remaining 5 respondent did not wear scarf. The
table and pie chart below showed the number and percentage of respondent that wearing or
not wearing a scarf.

Number of Respondent


20 people


5 people




Figure 3.1: Pie chart shows the percentage of student that wearing scarf

From the table below and bar chart shown at next page, we found that 18 people have hair
problem. This hair problem was caused by reasons such as itchiness, fizzy hair, dandruff, hair
fall and dry hair.

Number of respondent that have hair



18 people


2 people
41 | P a g e



Percentage Of Respondent That

Have hair Problem



Figure 3.2: Bar chart shows the percentage of respondent that have hair problem

According to the figure 3.3 at next page, about 3 people experienced itchiness, 2 people
who each have fizzy and dry hair, 5 have dandruff problem, and lastly, 6 of the respondent
experiences hair fall. Table below shows the type of hair problem that respondents face.


Number of respondent


3 people

Frizzy hair

2 people


5 people

Hair fall

6 people

Dry hair

2 people

42 | P a g e

Types Of Hair Problem


Frizzy hair



Hair fall

Dry hair



Figure 3.3: Percentage of type hair problem that been faced by respondent.

15 people from 18 people, who have hair problem, choose wearing scarf in wet hair as the
main cause of why most of the hair problem occurs, while the remainders choose unsuitable
shampoo as causes of hair problem. All 15 of them respond that busy lifestyle as the main
cause why they wear scarf in wet condition. Table below and bar chart at the next page
shown the main cause of hair problem that been faced by a respondent.

Main cause

Number of respondent

Wear scarf in wet hair condition

15 people

Unsuitable shampoo

3 people

43 | P a g e


Unsuitable shampoo


Wearing a scarf in wet hair




Figure 3.4: The main cause of hair problem that been faced by a respondent

The same 15 people respondents like to have an inner that can solve their hair problem
because mostly of them wanted to get rid of their personal hair problem and have a healthy
hair conditions.

Planning the evaluation system

We decide to use the potholes as the guidelines to evaluate the idea of inner scarf in our
company. Potholes are the skill of a product developer to foresee big obstacle that have
possibility to arise during the development of the new product. In this case, we would think
of any issue that may become a hurdle for our company to realize the idea of developing
inner scarf.
We think that may be the customer would consider twice before buying the inner from our
company because the price for the scarf is quite high compared to the market price for the
normal inner. This is because the cost of manufacturing our companys inner is high due to
the microfiber technology that was inserted in every scarf. A normal scarf would have raw
material that is easy to find while our company scarf have added material that is the
microfiber which is expensive and hard to produce.
44 | P a g e

Other than that, customer might not like the combination texture of bamboo fabric and
microfiber fabric which too soft and had to be hand washed. Since our target customer is
individual who life in busy lifestyle, this issue might be a hitch to them in choosing our inner.

45 | P a g e

6.0 Financial Projection

6.1 Profit and Lost Projection




Net sales
(Cost of goods sold)




Gross profit




Salaries and wages
Payroll taxes
Building rent
Office equipment lease
Loan interest
Other bills
Total expenses
Net profit before tax
Income taxes




Net profit after tax




Gross sales
(Returned goods and discounts)

46 | P a g e

6.2 Cash Flow Projection

Cash balance at the beginning of the


End of first year

End of second year

End of third year




























Cash flow from operating activities

Net income
Increase in account payable
Increase in account receivable
Increase in inventory
Cash flow from investing activities
Purchased of office equipment
Cash flow from financing activities
Issuance of common stock
Issued note payable
Cash balanced at the end of the year

47 | P a g e

6.3 Performa Balance Sheet

End of first year

End of second year

End of third

Account receivable
Office equipment
Total assets




Liabilities and stockholder's

Notes payable
Account payable
Salaries payable
Unearned revenue
Total liabilities




Stockholder's equity
Common stock
Retained earnings
Total stockholder's equity







Total liabilities and stockholder's


48 | P a g e

6.4 Production account

Production account for 2013

Cost of raw material


Purchase of raw material


Transportation of raw material


Insurance of raw material




Cost of labor


Prime cost


Cost of overheads
Salaries for executive











Production cost


Cost per item


Cost for sales

Profit per item


49 | P a g e

Production account for 2014

Cost of raw material
Purchase of raw material



Transportation of raw material


Insurance of raw material



Cost of labor


Prime cost


Cost of overheads
Salaries for executive











Production cost


Cost per item


Cost for sales

Profit per item


50 | P a g e

Production account for 2015

Cost of raw material


Purchase of raw material


Transportation of raw material


Insurance of raw material




Cost of labor


Prime cost


Cost of overheads
Salaries for executive











Production cost


Cost per item


Cost for sales

Profit per item


51 | P a g e

6.5 Financial Statement Analysis Ratios

Liquidity and Efficiency


+ +


52 | P a g e


53 | P a g e

Liquidity and efficiency

Current ratio






= 2.42

= 2.25

= 2.17

For the year 2013, the current

ratio is 2.42 times. It means
that our company invest too
much on the current assets.

For the year 2014, the current

ratio is 2.25 times. The
amount decreases because we
invest more on current
liabilities from the previous

For the year 2015, the current

ratio for our company
decreased to 2.17 times. The
amount decreases because we
invest more on current
liabilities and less on current
assets from the previous year.

Acid test ratio







= 2.22

= 2.04

= 1.95

The ability of short-term

debt-paying is 2.22 times that
is more than 1. It means our
company can clear our debt

The ability of short-term

debt-paying is 2.04 times that
is more than 1. It means our
company can clear our debt
without selling our inventory
but get less profit.

The ability of short-term

debt-paying is 1.95 times that
is more than 1. Our company
can pay our debt without
selling our inventory like
previous year but gain less

54 | P a g e



= 16.01

Account receivable


= 18.68



= 21.35

The efficiency of our The efficiency of our For this year, the account
collection is low because this collection in this year receivable
is the first year of our increase compared to the year increase gradually.

Inventory turnover


= 12.34



= 13.55

It shows that our company It shows that our company

hold inventory before selling hold inventory before selling
is 12.34 times.
is increase that is 13.55



= 14.06
It shows that our company
hold inventory before selling
is 14.06 times. A high
turnover show that our
company get a strong sales.

Total assets turnover



= 1.76



= 2.05



= 2.35

In this year, our company In this year, our company In this year, our company
ability to use our assets to ability to use our assets to ability to use our assets to
generate sales is 1.76 times
generate sales has increase generate sales is 2.35 times
that is 2.05 times

55 | P a g e

Debt ratio





= 0.50

= 0.46

= 0.53

It express the total of liability It express the total of liability It express the total of liability
as a percent of total asset that as a percent of total asset that as a percent of total asset that
is 0.46 over 1
is 0.50 over 1
is 0.53 over 1

Equity ratio






= 0.54

= 0.50

= 0.53

It provides complementary
information by expressing
the total equity as a percent
of total asset that is 0.54 over

It provides complementary
information by expressing
the total equity as a percent
of total asset that is 0.50 over

It provides complementary
information by expressing
the total equity as a percent
of total asset that is 0.53 over

Debt to equity ratio


= 0.84


= 0.99


= 1.14

A larger debt to equity ratio

implies less opportunity to
expand through use of debt

56 | P a g e

Profit margin ratio





= 8.64%

= 3.40%

= 15.74%

It means that the ability to

earn net income from sales is
increase from 2013 to 2014
And from 2014 to 2015, the
profit has increase from
3.40% to 8.64%

Gross margin ratio




= 52%

= 49%
Gross margin in this year is


= 56.4%

Gross margin in this year is Gross margin in this year is


Return on total assets


= 5.98%


= 17.75%


= 36.94%

The overall profitability of The overall profitability of The overall profitability of

assets in this year is 5.98%
assets in this year is 17.75%
assets in this year is 36.94%

57 | P a g e

6.6 Breakeven Points


5 2.56


Q =65614units
Sales in RM = 5 x 65614 units
= RM 328070

58 | P a g e


5 2.4


Q =65384 units
Sales in RM = 5 x 65384 units
= RM 326915

59 | P a g e


5 2.18


Q =60283 units
Sales in RM = 5 x 60283 units
= RM 301415

60 | P a g e

7.0 Conclusion
As a conclusion, we, from WYN Group will try our best to keep improving and innovating
our products from time to time to meet the customers need. How to meet the customers need?
Well, it is easy as ABC. We just need to observe the market from time to time to get to know
what is the market trend right now and how this trend could wins the heart of the customers.
Not all the trends in the market are acceptable by the customers out there. This is because;
some of the trends are not suitable with them in terms of its culture, functions and also
We will also always asking or accepting feedbacks from our customers to serve them better.
Customers are always right and they are the king of the markets. Therefore, their opinions are
important to us to come out with a better product. Our future is in the hand of our respected
customers.Our future plan is, we will come out with other products that could attract not only
women, but also men. In other meaning, we will produce products that could be used by both
genders such as a cap that could generate some benefits to them. This is a big opportunity to
us because we could increase our market and share profit.
Our market or industry will be larger because, we are going to focus on both genders. We
will use all our expertises to make our future plan comes true. If needed, we will hired or
outsource new employees to help us in developing this new amazing products.
The conclusion is, as for now, we will make sure that our product which is the Vella inner is
acceptable by the women out there. If we manage to make them accept our product, than, we
could proceed with our future coming plan which is to produce a cap for both women and
men use. To make our current plan succeed, we must follow the entire marketing plan and all
the strategies that we stated in the business plan report. The important part is, our product
meets the customers need and also our business could generate income and profit that could
benefit us and also can give us back our actual capital of investment for this product.

61 | P a g e