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With his head bent and his eyes focused on the road, Stephan sighed because he knew
that morning would be no different from the rest. He knew as he bent the corner he would
receive his daily taunts and abuse.
Stephanie comin! Jonny shouted. Ah hungry! Ah sure mammie fix yuh up wit all dat
money allyuh ha. She wuking in office an ting, not like my modda who wukin in di market. Leh
meh ease meh modda and eat from you, han meh yuh food! Jonny demanded.
Doesnt the school provide you with breakfast? Stephan questioned.
Is answer yuh answering meh up? Yuh wuh meh take out yuh teet? Jonny screamed
at Stephan while making a cuff with his hand. Allyuh eh see how he talkin proper, playing
bright and ting! We eh smart and rich like you inno to be talkin all proper!
Jonny look Ms. Wilson comin in she kyar, leave the boy na! Jonnys friend Keith
shouted out to him.
Ms. Wilson was the principal of the high school both Stephan and Jonny attended. In
seconds Jonny and the group were out of sight. Ms. Wilson slowed down as she passed along
side Stephan. Jump in the car Stephan, Ill give you a ride to school, she offered. Stephan
hesitated for a moment until Ms. Wilson gave him an impatient look then he quickly hopped in.
Tell me, what was going on with you and Jonny a few minutes ago? she questioned.
Stephan knew if he said anything she would take matters into her hands. However,
Stephan knew that she would only be able to protect him in school.
What about outside school? She cant protect me all the time, he thought to himself.
With all this in mind he decided to keep quiet.
Nothing, Jonny was asking me a question, Stephan replied.

I hope thats the truth Stephan, Ms. Wilson said.

Stephan looked outside to realize they had reached to school. Ignoring Ms. Wilsons
statement Stephan replied. Thanks for the ride! and sprinted out the car.
On Stephens way to class Jonny confronted him. Flinging his hands in the air Jonny
exclaimed, I see yuh riding with Wilson! I hope you eh open yuh trap!
Stephan looked around to see a crowd surrounding them. Trying to avoid the situation
Stephan turned his back and started to walk away.
You walkin way from meh! I eh see nutten more! Jonny shouted. In a split second
Jonny had Stephan against a wall, wringing his hands behind his back. I go show yuh whose
boss! Jonny exclaimed.
Jonny what are you doing? Ms. Wilson exclaimed.
No Ms. Wilson I was showing Stephan karate trick, Jonny said.
Dont lie to me! I saw everything! Both of you go to my office now! Ms. Wilson
The tension in the office was overwhelming. Stephan could feel Jonnys eyes piercing at
him but he was tired of the constant bullying and torture. He decided to tell Ms. Wilson
everything. Jonny couldnt believe Stephan had the nerve to confess everything.
I dont know where to start with your punishment Jonny! Ms Wilson said. The tension
in the air was cut by the school bell. Oh now I know, youre going to start by apologizing to
Stephan in this mornings assembly, she said.
In the assembly Ms. Wilson related the tragic incidents Stephan had to go through. Both
the staff and students could not believe what they were hearing. Jonny its time for you to
apologize, Ms. Wilson said as she handed Jonny the microphone.

I am sorry Stephan and I will not do it anymore, Jonny said.

After assembly Jonny had a lot on his mind. Keith di boy make dem embarrass me
infront everybody! I gone damage he bad! Jonny exclaimed. And you gone help meh! Jonny
Keith took a step back. Jonny I kyaa help yuh inno. Meh modda like how I behavin dese
days. I kyaa disappoint she. Leave di youth na, he eh do yuh nutten, Keith said.
You forget whose yuh fren? Be by dat corner to hold Stephan while I hit him some two
by four! Jonny said with a stern look on his face.
All day Keith thought about what was going to happen that evening. He was trying so
hard to be a better person. The bell rang for dismissal. Keith knew he couldnt let such a
gruesome act take place. He ran into the office and told Ms. Wilson everything. She immediately
informed the police then hopped into her car with Keith and headed off to the scene.
So yuh thought I wudda leave yuh! Jonny shouted holding a piece of wood in his
hands. Poor Stephan was on the ground in tears. As Jonny swung the piece of wood to hit
Stephan someone held his hand. It was a policeman. In no time there were more than five
policemen around him. To his surprise he could see Ms. Wilson and Keith scampering out of her
car. As the police placed Jonny into their van he shouted, Keith yuh sell meh out! Ah go do for
Later on Jonny was sentenced for five years at the youth training center for violent and
abusive behaviour.

To begin, the variety of language used in this story covers the majority of the Creole
Continuum. Ms. Wilson speaks Trinidadian Standard English (TSE) as she uses syntax and
vocabulary associated with the standard variety. Conversely, Jonny speaks Trinidadian Creole
English (TCE). In the story, he uses some salient characteristics of TCE on the level of syntax,
for example, when he says, I eh see nutten, this is the use of the double negative as an
intensifier. There are also some salient characteristics of TCE on the level of phonology used by
Johnny, for example, when he says Yuh wuh meh take out yuh teet? In TCE there is no
voiceless interdental fricative sound (th) in words, a voiceless alveolar stop (t) is used instead,
therefore teeth becomes teet. Furthermore, a person doesnt have to speak the same language
or language variety all the time, they can code switch. For example, when Jonny yells at Stephan
he uses TCE but when Ms. Wilson joins the conversation he starts to speak using the standard
variety. Finally, even though the characters vary their use of language, there still exists a level of
mutual intelligibility.