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Carolina Nainggolan (ID. Number: 409322001)

The purpose of this research was to find out the effectiveness of 5e
learning cycle in dynamic electricity grade X SMA Negeri 3 Medan in Academic
Year 2012/2013.
The research method was quasi experimental. The samples were divided
into classes, experiment and control class. Population in this research was all
students of grade X in SMA Negeri 3 Medan. The sample in this research consist
of two class X1 as experiment class and X2 as control class determine by simple
random sampling. The results that were obtained: (1) the post-test mean value of
the experiment class was 76.29 is good category and 69.29 was the mean value for
control class is enough category. Standard deviations for both classes were 10.31
and 9.48. Normality of the test result from the both samples was normal and
homogeneous. Therefore t test was conducted on this research. The t count was
2.94 and t table was 1.99 then the tcount > ttable. Hence, alternative hypothesis (Ha)
was accepted and null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected.(2) Furthermore, the mean
value of students learning outcomes in experiment class from affective and
psychomotor domain were 72.68 and 71.6 while in control class were 69.7 and
69.8. They were in good category. It was concluded that there were no effect
difference of 5e learning cycle and direct instruction learning model for affective
and psychomotor domain on students learning outcomes in dynamic electricity.(3)
In addition, the mean value of instruments sensitivity index in experiment class
was 0.320 that was in sensitive category while in control was 0.281 which meant
the requirement of good sensitivity index of instrument was not fulfillment. The
percentage the result of class learning mastery in experiment class was 85.7% that
was categorized passed meanwhile in control class was 57.1 % that categorized
not passed. Then, the mean value of activities observation result in experiment
class was 73.15 while in control class was 68.15 that were included in good
category. It was concluded that 5e learning cycle is more effective than direct
instruction learning model. Therefore, the effectiveness of 5e learning cycle was
high on the students learning outcomes