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Nuclear Issues
Areas of concern and expected solution
While virtually the whole world stands against the development and use of nuclear
weapons, attitudes vary when it comes to the development and use of nuclear
energy. Proponents of nuclear energy tout it as a form of clean energy since it
releases virtually none of the harmful CO2 emissions associated with fossil fuel.
However, construction of nuclear power plants does emit great amounts of CO2, as
construction instruments and processes, such as trucks, cranes, front-end loaders,
etc., rely on other sources of energy - especially fossil fuels.
In addition, the health and environmental costs of nuclear energy are horrific. The
possibility of accidents, such as that of Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, the threat
of nuclear terrorism, the potential for horizontal nuclear proliferation, the
damaging effects from the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to nuclear
waste, all indicate that the risks of nuclear energy far outweigh the benefit.
Scheme of research
Through a thorough doctrinal research of the topic the aim is to understand the
pros and cons of the same. In the end an attempt would be made after a cost-benefit
analysis and stakeholders analysis to come to a conclusion.
Key words
Nuclear, Fossils, Energy, Environment.