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Confidential Report

Computerized Polygraph Examination:

Hee Young Noh

Conducted April 22, 2016 (818) 883-6969

April 22, 2016

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Polygraph Examination conducted on April 22, 2016
Interested Parties:
Pursuant to a request, I conducted a computerized Psychophysiological
Detection of Deception Test (a computerized polygraph examination) with
this examinee, in regards to a 2014 incident involving 1832 Arlington
Avenue in Los Angeles. He presented California C6462186 as identification.
During a paralinguistic pre-test interview, the examinee and I thoroughly
discussed the relevant issues (listed below as questions). All terms and
words to be used in the relevant questions were understood by the examinee
and then defined by the examinee to my satisfaction.
At the conclusion of the pre-test interview, an acquaintance test was
conducted. This test was used to prove to both the examinee and to myself
that the examinee was suitable for a polygraph examination. Adequate
recordings of the examinees physiology were obtained during this portion
of the examination, so the testing continued.

A comparison-question test was then conducted using methods developed

and validated by the U.S. governments polygraph institute and approved
by three national polygraph organizations. A computerized polygraph
instrument was used to record the cardio/pulse responses, upper and
lower respiration, and electrodermal skin conductance tracings. The
instrument was functionality-checked for factory operation for the day of
this examination; all functions were satisfactory. Multiple charts were

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The examinee was asked the following requested pre-written relevant

questions on each chart (shown with the examinees given answers):

1) On January 26 2014 did you get assaulted by Mr Johnson in

front of white guy Charles house?
(Examinees answer: YES)

2) Has any LAPD interviewed you regarding your 911 call of

serious chest pain due to assault by Mr Johnson?
(Examinees answer: NO)

3) Has LAFD Captain Knighten investigated your complaint only

to end up calling your public defender to dismiss your case?
(Examinees answer: YES)

4) Have you ever touched the face of the accusing paramedic to

cause any wound as shown as criminal evidence?
(Examinees answer: NO)

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After carefully reviewing and analyzing the polygraph charts, it is the
opinion of the examiner that there was no deception indicated during this
polygraph examination.

These results indicate that the examinee was likely telling the
truth when answering the questions above in that he believes his
answers to be truthful and was not being purposefully deceptive.
If I may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
John Grogan, Senior Polygraph Examiner
(818) 883-6969

COPE #260422
28 years experience; if for a filed court matter, a current CV can be issued.

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