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Suggest any compensation procedures and actions based on them

1. Involuntary resettlements
The main issue in involuntary resettlements is we have to use techniques to
avoid resistance from the residents who are not willing to accept the voluntary
resettlements. It can be seen that over compensation as a possible solution but
this can motivate voluntary resettles to show more resistance in turn increasing
the budget allocated for compensations.
It can be expected that reasons for resistance for each case may differ from each
other. Hence first and foremost the suggested process stared with the
investigation by case by case. The cases will be classified on the estimated
compensation value.
Three classifications based on compensation value can be made. This will enable
to allocate human resources of compensation committee based on financial
value of the claim.
Apart from the financial value of the property, impact on livelihood can be
measured separately. This will enable to provide non-financial incentives for
residents or owners of property which may motivate them to resettle.
First and foremost before proceed with the resettlements we must establish clear
communication with the involuntary resettlement owners. Most of the cases they
may have misguided by a third party which has increased their resistance. We
can arrange small meetings to converse the advantages of the project to them.
In order to get the active participation we can form small groups in each three
compensation levels and appoint a leader among each group. This will establish
a clear relationship and collaboration will be increased.
In order to motivate them to accept compensations the information obtained
through case by case investigations can be used. If the livelihood of the property
owners affected by the development project, we can provide assistance to them
to develop their livelihood in new resettled places with the help of ministry of
economics or local companies to provide them with jobs.

The remaining people after these two processes will have to be relocated with
the accepted legal and corporate responsible methods accepted by human

2. Cultural property
The expected route of the expressway project runs in a historically and culturally
valuable area. Hence it is evident that the cultural property will be affected by
Cultural value of certain items will be very high. Mainly statues and other cultural
creations will be effected by this project. The landmarks will have to be moved
and certain religious places also have to be modified.
Apart from the estimated compensation we can provide assistance in moving
and relocating culturally valued items with our resources. It has happened in the
world and we can get the support of foreign specialists to do that.










communication. With the help of ministry of culture and ministry of Buddhism we

must devise very well carefully planned communication system to get the
approval of key personnel.
By providing special equipments and resources to relocate the culturally valued
items we can secure cultural heritage. This will enable us to get the lands and
propertys cleared easily.
3. Labour issues
The issue of labour contract may have significant impact on the labour issues. If
the Labourers will be hired from other areas which will not be directly linked to
project area, the benefits will not be realized by affected area. Hence a basic
requirement to fulfil labour force by designated percentage of full labour force
from project area will enable to minimise social impacts.

The labour salaries must be regulated and must be established according to the
labour laws of Sri lanka. The salary levels should be measured after taking the
local market demand in to consideration. This will avoid any disruptions to the
local industries in project area due to shortages of labour force.
Special identification and supervision should be provide to avoid any misconduct
to the society of project area.

By allowing third party to report about labour issues the impact on social
harmony of the area can be mitigated while ensuring proper facilities for
Illegal activities will be subjected to penalties and salary cuts to motivate
labourers to behave responsibly. On the same way foreign labourers will have to
be undergo special awareness programme about local community and the
actions of them must be monitored periodically.
4. Affordability issues
Special evaluation must be carried out to determine the adverse impacts of the
low income earners. Through this evaluation alternatives to distribute benefits of
the project to low income earners must be identified.
Especially bus service can be started along the suggested expressway at a
subsidised ticket price to target groups to commute. On the same way near the
expressway entrances these low income families can be given developed
properties on rent to sell goods and services to expressway users and nearby