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Medieval Ancestor and World Illuminated Manuscript

Document Based Questions (DBQ) require analysis of primary and secondary

sources to answer a question. In this project you build your research and analysis
skills using a variety of databases and websites to collect text and visual
information necessary to answer the DBQ.
Project DBQ: Explain how ____________ (your selected ethnicity) reflects and
influenced their geographic regions Social values, Technological
achievements, Economic resources and Political ambitions circa 1000 CE.
Illustrate Continuity and Change over Time for ________ (your selected
ethnicity) by evaluating the status of their culture in 2015.
(Translation) In other words, 1) WHY was this ethnicity important in their time? 2)
SO WHAT- Evaluate how similar human experiences influence history in different
time periods.
Part One The first page of your illuminated manuscript (coat of arms) should
explain and illustrate your family name meaning and ethnic background. For
example, Reimers is German for wise counselor. The name has its origins in
Holstein, Germany. I have included arms representing my other ancestors and
including my wifes family ancestors and our children as well.
a) Use the following resources to identify the ethnic origin and meaning of your
surname :
House of Names:
Behind the Name:
b) For the cover page, invent and illustrate your own family coat of arms using the
rules of feudal heraldry:
Part Two Using the GSTEP analysis to guide your research, discover the world of
your ethnic ancestors circa 1000CE. Illustrate manual technology. Use graphs,
tables, timelines, charts, drawings and photos to move your narrative forward.
Must have at least one illustration page for each GSTEP category.


Geography Search Terms: Climate, Hydrology, Landforms, Oceanography, Borders, Frontier, Capital City,
Region, Demography, Urbanization, Nodality, Maps, Cartography, Chokepoint, Straits, Peninsula, Insular,
Continental, Scale, Projection, Key, Orientation, Continent, Ocean, Sea, River, Mountain, Desert, Valley,
Ore Deposits, Oil Fields, Arable Land, Desertification
Society Search Terms: Family, Friends, Ethnicity, Language, Music, Dance, Art, Class, Gender, Sexuality,
Location, Time Era, Religion, Nation, Method of Production (Agrarian, etc), Manners, Mores, Norms,
Folkways, Taboos, Psychological Needs

Technology Search Terms: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Writing, Photography,
Audio, Video, Climate, Geology, Medicine, Construction, Architecture, Logic, Ecology, Botany, Computing,
Transportation, Storage, Manufacturing
Economics Search Terms: Physiological Needs, Economic Wants, Barter, Land Use, Natural Resources,
Consumption, Production, Investment, Supply, Demand, Surplus, Shortage, Scarcity, Feudalism,
Entrepreneurship, Risk, Reward, Profit Motive, Labor, Employment, Jobs, Work, Mercantile Capitalism,
Industrialism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Finance, Currency, Stock, Bond, Corporation, Credit,
Gross Domestic Product, Economic Inequality, Gender Wage Gap, Poverty, Unemployment, Black Market,
Smuggling, Contraband, Embargo, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Depression
Politics Search Terms: Anarchy, Tribe, Chief, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Aristocracy, Theocracy, Republic,
Democracy, Dictatorship, Code of Laws, Subject, Citizen, Parliament, Crusade, Jihad, War, Strategy,
Tactics, Army, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Navy, Political Party, Rebel, Revolution, Independence, Tax,
Draft, Levee, Nationalism, Colonialism, Racism, Militarism, Alliance, Genocide, NGO, Humanitarianism

Part Three Using the GSTEP analysis to guide your research, illustrate

CONTINUITY AND CHANGE OVER TIME in the world of your ethnicity

circa 2015CE. Illustrate using digital technology. Use graphs, tables,
timelines, charts, drawings and photos to move your narrative forward.
Must have at least one illustration page for each GSTEP category.

****Additional Notes If you dont ethnically identify with the medieval origin of
your last name, research the meaning of the last name for your family coat of arms,
and then research the ethnic group that you identity with for your GSTEP analysis
and illustrations. For example: If you are ethnically African and have a European
last name, research both the last name for the family crest, and a West African
society from the middle ages (i.e. Kingdom of Ghana, Mali Empire, or the Songhai

Planning Guide.
Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try. -Yoda

1) Select an ethnicity associated with your family

a. Due__________
2) Find a reliable source of information, complete MLA Bibliography
entry (x5)
a. Due__________
3) Complete a GSTEP analysis of the source (x5)
a. Due__________
4) Compile a MLA bibliography
a. Due__________
5) Complete GSTEP Writing Guide
a. Due__________
6) Complete Rough Draft
a. Due__________
b. Peer Review Due___________
7) Complete Second Draft

a. Due_________
b. Peer Review Due___________
8) Complete Glossary
a. Due_________
9) Complete Costume
a. Due_________
Complete Final Draft and Assemble Uberpacket
a. Due________
DUE DATE: December 1st with your Project Packet